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  • djsalo
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I have a bcd3000 controller.

    I bought a new laptop with windows 10.

    It isn´t possible to play with this windows.

    How can i solve this?

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  • RationalGuy
    Contributor - Level 1

    How do you turn off / disable / bypass the crossfader?

    If a channel is assigned to the A side and another channel is assigned to the B side, are the other channels blocked or passed through to the output section?

    What if only one side of the crossfader is assigned to a channel?

    What if the same channel is assigned to both sides?

    Where are these cases and behaviors specified?

    (User Manuals for all other Behringer mixers with crossfaders, also, do not specify these cases.)

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  • Law89
    Newcomer - Level 1

    How do you sync a TD-3 with a DDM4000 via midi please. 

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    • Law89
      PedroRodrigues Hi Law89 please be aware that the MIDI implementation on the DDM4000 is limited and more focused to control DJ and sequence software but you ca try. Please see the pictures below with the DDM4000 MIDI implementation, I hope it helps
      • September 3, 2020
  • hiztory
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi does any have or know where i can find the midi map tsi for the ddm4000 to use with traktor pro 3

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  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    One of the channels phono output volume  is very low. I need to have the master, the channels own volume and also the gain all on maximum. What could be causing this to happen?

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    • Haz075
      WilliamR Hello, Have you tried a different set of cables yet? If this does not solve the volume issue, please open a tech support ticket from the support link above and a specialist will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • Apr 18
    Newcomer - Level 1
    So my wife bought me the CMD Studio 4a for our anniversary. I went to download the Decadance LE Software, but Cakewalk is no longer accepting new accounts, so I'm out of luck there. What can I get that's reasonably priced, since Virtual DJ costs more than the controller? I'm still new to this technology since I'm from the old school. Turntables & vinyl.
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      GERARD90 hola oye yo tengo el mismo problema ya lo solucionaste el mio lo conecto a mi pc y me aparece error en el controlador
      • July 28, 2020
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I am trying to register a new product but the drop down box for the product name does not work and as a result I cannot input the product number. Am I doing something wrong?

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    • snapian
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. First, I'd recommend you clear your cache and cookies, and try a different web browser. If you continue to have issues, try submitting a different type of ticket like presales or tech support and put a note in that you are trying to register a product.
      • Feb 16
    • snapian
      snapian Thanks Kyle, Did as you suggest and tried a different browser but product name drop down still not working. Tried to submit a different ticket but drop down product box not working and it seems to be essential that it is completed.
      • Feb 17
      • Registration problem
        KyleJohnson It's working for me, so I imagine it's something to do with web browser/settings. Did you try clearing your cache/cookies in your browser? Are you registering on a Mobile device or a Desktop computer?
        • Feb 17
    • snapian
      snapian Using a desktop and two different browsers with no success. However, tried my Android tablet and everything worked. Every day is a school day! thanks for your input.
      • Feb 18
  • Adel
    Contributor - Level 2

    I install windiws 10x64 and my dj controll not working, because drivers not working in windows10. And windows not repair them. Where i can get drivers for behringer cmd studio 4a for windows 10x64. On official site of support only for win7.  Site of care did not work properly too, care ticket not working.

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    • Adel


      First make sure that every required field in your profile is correct. Missing or invalid information can apparently cause the Care ticket system to fail. It is also important to fill-in every required field in the Care ticket form (marked *). Make screenshots of the completed Care form before you submit it. If it fails again, send a PM to @AlexLane with the screenshots embedded (use the Photo button) and he will be able to help.


      BTW: It is not necessary to start a new thread each time. You can reply to your original thread.

      • May 23, 2020
    • Adel

      i fill all required fields. screenshot. in file

      • May 23, 2020
    • Adel

      @Adel wrote:

      i fill all required fields. screenshot. in file


      In case you did not send a PM to @AlexLane , this post will notify him.

      • May 23, 2020
  • djgas55
    Newcomer - Level 1
    I have just purchased 2 X1 infinium crossfaders, I have tried both in My DDM4000, but neither of them work. Do they need to be configured? Or should they work straight out the box as a plug and play. Not sure if they are any good as they were both customer returns from DV24/7. The faders both light up, but do not mixer front one deck to the other. I believe these units are both faulty, and the previous returning customers either damaged or had the same issue with them. Can anyone help.
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  • New
    Newcomer - Level 3

    I bought an Infinium X1 crossfader (serial number S200900032954) as a replacement for my DDM4000 mixer (serial number S1500259167, date code 1503).

    The installation instructions look straight forward, though getting the three-cable plug into the spare socket the DDM4000 has for a replacement crossfader is a bit fiddly.
    However, once installed it does not work: It lights up, but moving the crossfader has no influence on the audio signal between the selected channels of the mixer.
    There is one post here from about a year ago which desribes the same problem but it unfortunately received no answer.

    I submitted a support ticket to Behringer three days ago but have not heard back from them.

    There are many post on various online forums describing this exact problem (and also reporting that the non-functioning crossfader is getting very hot when connected "as is"). People claim that you need to cut the two outside wires of the three-wire cable and switch them around before connecting the Infinium X1 with the DDM4000.
    Surely, I do not have to do a DIY soldering job to connect a genuine Behringer spare part with a Behringer mixer?!?!?!
    What is the problem here? Has the socket on the DDM4000 been soldered on the wrong way around in the factory or is the plug at the end of the wire of the X1 soldered on the wrong way around?

    What is the solution, please?


    PS: The marketing blurb for the X1 says "Complete installation instructions and a dedicated toolkit are provided for your convenience."
    The installation instruction contain a picture (see attached) which says "Possible only with DDM4000" which is difficult to interpret. I think it's meant to show that the DDM4000 has a spare socket to connect the cable, but I am open to hear other interpretations.
    Also, the "dedicated toolkit" is a flathead screwdriver, when in fact all screws you need to losen and tighten for the job on the Behringer equipment are Phillips. The documentation even shows all screws and the screwdriver to be Phillips, not a single flathead as the included screwdriver.... Bizarre.
    Is this whole product a bit of a cock-up?

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    • Yemsky
      Nigel67 Hi Yemsky. I am sorry, but I do not have this information to hand, but have asked our Service Team if they can provide details.. As soon as I have the information, I will pass it over to you.
      • Jul 13
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