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    I recently had to repair the output jack on my polytune 2 blacklight. While I was working on it I decided to update the firmware from the website to version 2.6. Now, the strobe display mode on my tuner is screwed!!!!!!! Everything works as it should except that when I use the strobe mode the display is garbled. The only thing that is identifiable is the note I'm playing. Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone have a link to the OLD version polytune 2 firmware.... the one before 2.6 that screwed mine up. I love this tune and want ot keep it, it has been with me everywhere! Please, anyone that can throw me some help it would be most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless and happy new year.

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  • MaxWhite
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    Hi - do we know when Polytune Clip will be available again in the UK - I know there were some supplier probelms back in July?

    I need a new tuner and would rather wait to get what appears to be the best than settle for a lesser device if they will be available soon :-)

    Will there be both black and white models avaialble when they are back on sale?

    Many thanks!

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    • MaxWhite
      MaxWhite I see some shops are indicating over 3 months expected wait, and others 4 or 5 weeks.
      • September 15, 2020
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    Device wont come on with a battery or adapter.

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    • dblbogy007
      TC-Marcus Howdy William!
      Please be aware that the PolyTune line of pedals won't turn on unless you have an input jack inserted. This is to conserve power when pedal is unused (i.e. when there is no cable inserted).
      • December 28, 2020
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    When I power my polytune clip on I get two arrows moving away from each other. No other function. Is there a reset to this???

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    • Boboji
      JoeRivers96 Hi Robert, unfortunately it sounds like there as an issue with your unit here. Please fill out a service request using the SUPPORT option at the top of this page.
      • October 30, 2020
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    Just purchased a TC Polytune 3

    Not arrived yet.

    To save me taking my pedal board appart to get acces to the power cables i'm considering using a battery with this.

    Does anybody know whether the Polytune draws power whilst connected - even when the unit is off?

    Whilst connected, how long will a standard alkaline battery last during constant use (true bypass mode)



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    • Chedmus
      PedroRodrigues Hi Chedmus, please consider that the Polytune 3 will draw voltage even when off , it draws lower voltage but it does draw energy. Thank you
      • August 30, 2021
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    Can someone point me to the FAQ on how to get the Polytune out of boot mode? I tried to update the firmware, but it got stuck and now I can't unstick it. 

    I downloaded the "PolyTune_SWUPdater" and "setup" file, and followed all the instructions on the release notes page

    The issue seems to be that the SW Updater is designed to work in Windows XP, not Windows 10. I tried to run various compatability settings (like running the program in compatability mode for Win XP), but it doesn't let me run the SW Updater, so I can't update the firmware (and its now stuck in the boot mode).

    I read that you can run the SW Updater program from an old Windows XP computer and get it to work, but I really don't have any of those around, or know anyone who does.

    Can someone please help?

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    • kongo
      NicJonesMT Hi Kongo.
      Could you please click Support at the top of the page, and submit a technical support ticket. From there we can then advise you further.
      • September 17, 2021
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    I recently learned about sweetened guitar tuning (tuning each string a few cents flat to accoomodate for fretting chords etc for optimal intonation during play) and wonder if the Unitune can be used to do this (tune a string anywhere from 4 to 12 cents flat, varying by the string).

    I was able to do flat tuning with a Korg CA (essential for African instruments) but want a clip-on for guitar and am wondering which one to get. I prefer the Unitune otherwise, but am unsure about the tuning increments. It looks like a line of lights is an interval of some kind, so I wonder if it's 1 cent, or more than that, perhaps 5 cents?


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  • AlanDavis
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    I own a polytune clip (original silver color).  After more than 3 years, I am catching on that there is a problem with this unit.  I have an Acoustic (Taylor) guitar.


    1.  First of all, it is impossible to tune all strings together on a guitar.

    2. Tuning the A string, one often see's "F" when it is in tune.


    I like the tuner, use it in preference to any other for it's accuracy, but the functionality is somehow lacking.  It certainly is not all it's cracked up to be in the manual, etc.  


    I thought I would buy another to find out whether this is a real problem, or something of my own usage.   I now see a "Polytune Clip Black" on the market.  Didn't see them before.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find one online---most sites say it is back ordered.  Amazon has them, but at an elevated price, indicating it may be gouging in response to a supply issue. 

    Any ideas about these issues?  

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    • AlanDavis
      PedroRodrigues Hi Alan, thank you for your contact, can you please state if the issue that you mention on your Polytune Clip happens since you acquire the tuner or the issue is being happening more recently? Regarding your second question, please adress the information request to the respective reseller, as we do not have access to any stock information for any third party company such as resellers or distributors. As a manufacturer we do not sell directly to end users and and we have no information of any issues with distributors for any unit. Thank you
      • October 16, 2020
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    I just obtained a PolyTune Clip Black, and need a quick sanity check: The instructions say that it turns off automatically after 5 minutes, but I assumed that this meant it would turn off after 5 minutes of disuse. Mine turns off after 5 minutes, even if I'm actively using it. Is this normal?

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    • Loner
      WilliamR Hello Loner, This function would be normal. It does turn off after five minutes regardless if you are playing or not.
      • February 16, 2021
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    I'm trying to decide between the regular Polytune 3 and the Mini version, I like the Mini's size, and that it has the switches on the outside, but is it possible to upgrade the Mini's firmware?  I don't see anything like a USB connector like the regular Polytune 3 has, and there don't seem to be any software updates on the product page. 


    Thank you!

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    • MTGuitar
      Dale_M Hi there, no there is no software updates available for the mini as it does not have a USB port, only the full size Polytune 3 offers this advantage.
      • August 31, 2021
      • Is it possible to update firmware on Polytune 3 Mini?
        MTGuitar I figured that was the case, I just wanted to confirm. Thank you for your response!
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        • August 31, 2021
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