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    I want to use SYNTHTRIBE V2.5.5 for saving and creating patterns.
    However my settings never save, and i cant save a pattern to my device.
    Please help

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    • Folke
      Folke It is also stuck to this screen when trying to update.
      The patterns i saved beforehand are still in the td-3
      • September 13, 2021
    • Folke
      Folke Solved when updating rd-8...
      • September 14, 2021
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    From what I have read not sure how true this is but the keyboard version went through not only firmware updates like any other synthesizer but it also has gone through at least from my knowledge some hardware or circuitry changes maybe minor but did occur.  Would anyone know when the last hardware revsison was made to the keyboard and desktop versions?

    I am also having a hard time for Sweetwater to get a keyboard version manufactured at least in 2020 they seem to have old stock 2019 dated maybe from some of their daughter warehouses not sure?  My question is are there deepmind keyboards manufactured in 2020 ans 2021 or not?

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    I'm about to receiving my Behringer ARP 2600, yay! (ordered in October last year, Germany lags a bit behind in delivering this cool monster)

    I want to use this device for experimenting with patches, guess this is what it's made for...

    I also plan to try some random or 'uneducated' patches, so my question is: Can some internal circuits or elements be harmed when doing stuff that wouldn't necessarily follow common sense? Or would then just happen nothing, i.e. no output at all?

    Just want to be aware whether certain limitations need to be obeyed when starting to experimenting with patches...

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    • Muederkrieger
      WilliamR Hello Muederkrieger, William from musictribe here. You don't have to worry about damaging your 2600 when you are experimenting on the face of the unit itself. Only if you go crazy patching stuff could you even get close to "breaking" it and even then that would only be if you were patching other stuff into it that was a different voltage. As long as you don't mess with the internal circuit board, you can't damage the unit trying to create patches and tones. , if you discover a cool sound, take a photo before you forget it. The worse thing that can happen is you might dial in silence.
      • February 11, 2021
      • Behringer ARP 2600 - idiot save?
        Welch I broke an original ARP 2600 in 1976 somehow with a patch involving the voltage processor section. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I think the event scarred me for life. It is like dropping your newborn on its head. I may still plug those connections when I receive mine in the next week.
        • April 23, 2021
    • Muederkrieger
      Muederkrieger That‘s super helpful, many thanks & good to know. So let‘s get into sound design... ?
      • February 12, 2021
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    My Behringer Crave crashed durring a firmware update. The unit is now stuck flashing the red yellow green colors it was while in firmware update mode.

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    • ianlcain
      Steelewolf Shut it off then turn it back on again and retry updating the firmware.
      • April 15, 2021
    • ianlcain
      PedroRodrigues Hi ianlcain, please make user that you are using the late version of SYNTHTOOL and make user you are connecting the unit to a computer via USB 2.0 and you do not have anything else connected to the computer and also confirm that you do not have any software such a DAW running. When you confirm these steps please attempt the Firmware update again. Thank you
      • April 16, 2021
    • ianlcain
      ianlcain The synth is not responding at all. It's in perpetual firmware update mode regardless of my trying to factory reset, or to power on and off.
      • April 18, 2021
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    Can I use the 5 pin midi out of my odyssey to control a synth like the pro-1 with it's midi in?

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    How do I change the midi channel on the Neutron whilst it's mounted in a eurorack case i.e. not in the original case?



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    • BillBorez
      BillBorez So, after and afternoon of messing around trying to change the channel with MIDI-OX and sysex messages ( non of which worked ) I resorted to pulling the Neutron out of my Eurorack setup, installing it back in its original case, connecting it all up, firing up the app, changing the midi channel and then re-installing it back in my eurorack case. Utter pain to do. I can't believe you can not actually change the midi channel on either the Neutron the frontpanel in Eurorack configuration. Bonkers.
      • December 12, 2020
    • BillBorez
      ThorstenBösing Why don´t use the Synthtribe App for this? there you can change it in seconds. :)
      • December 13, 2020
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    When I patch the Afterpressure on the back of the Poly D to the Filter, I get no aftertouch response whatsoever; Am I missing something? Is there another setting/switch/knob? 

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  • JeffPorrello
    Contributor - Level 2
    I have a love/hate relationship with MusicTribe, particularly Behringer. I own a LOT of Behringer gear, most recently most of the Synthesizer line. While I enjoy Behringer products (mostly because of price to performance ratio), I find Music Tribe to be too ambitious overall. For example the new "Support/Community" website is a mess. It's hard to navigate, slower than molasses, most of the links don't work, there is an exceptional amount of support documentation MISSING, response times can be very long, etc. I could go on, but you get the idea. Another issue (most recently for me with the synths) is the lack of proper User Guides. A quick Start Guide is fine if you just want to pull a product out of a box and try some basics, but not being able to "deep dive" with a synth is a travesty! Not even a signal flow chart?? Regarding the Neutron, I've had two units which have died in the same manner, and what caused their death is shocking. One wouldn't think that doing a proper "Factory Reset" would trash a synth, but that is exactly what happened, TWICE!! I created a ticket the other day for the second unit, and the response asked me to make a YouTube video to send to the programers. How about an RMA number so I can get the unit exchanged?? They couldn't fix the first one, so I'm assuming they'll do the same again. I need a new unit, and don't want to be a YouTube Star! Making a video is fine, but help me with the repair!!! Call me paranoid, but I'm expecting an issue with them verifying the Serial Number of the second Neutron because I only registered the original unit, not the replacement. I don't want to have to go through a big rigamarole getting the second unit repaired/replaced. Scary stuff! As for the company getting too big too fast, I have many thousands of dollars worth of Behringer gear for my small Live Sound Reinforcement company. I'm a technical person, so I read and reread all of the manuals so I know how to get the most out of my gear. There are soooooooo many typos and general errors and contradictions in the various manuals it's not funny. I do NOT understand why things are done in such a rush-rush way. Either there are to few employees to do a proper job, they don't really care, or there is great disorganization (possibly turnover) within the ranks. This could really be an outstanding company if they would only SLOW DOWN, take a breath, and be more attuned to the details. I envision thousands of harried individuals running around at Music Tribe with no one actually being given the time or space to do a proper job. That's my humble opinion.
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    • JeffPorrello
      NicJonesMT Hi Jeff. Firstly let me apologise for the delay in my response. Unfortunately we are having a few system issues which is causing a delayed response. Our teams are looking into this to see if they can get things running smoothly again. I will pass your comments along with relation to the community and general system issues.

      With regard to your support cases, the reason that we ask for videos is so that we can visually and audibly assess your issue. This is extremely helpful as we can see all physical parameters, connections, and other devices used in your system, as well as the behaviour of the device. The reason we ask is because it really helps us with identifying the issue quickly and to come to a resolution. We can also then share these videos with other departments where needed, such as our innovation and development teams or Root Cause Analysis technicians.
      Although you may have experienced this issue with a previous device, we still need information on usage and behaviour of the device to raise the RMA, and a video is the quickest and easiest way to do this (It tends to tick all boxes in one go, rather than backward and forward responses). This is also to prevent your device coming in and No fault being found, which could incur inspection charges for you.
      Alternatively if the issue has already been reported and resolved, we can then swiftly provide you with how to resolve the issue quickly.

      With regard to User Manuals, these have currently been placed under review to investigate new and innovative digital solutions to provide our users with a better experience. As above these are still in development and investigating alternative options, but if you have any general feedback or improvements that we could make to our QSG's or future manuals, I would be more than happy for you to send this over and I will pass it on to the relevant teams.
      I have managed to find your details on our CRM system with your cases, so I will contact you directly so that you have a direct contact to feed this information on to.

      Again I can only genuinely apologise for any inconvenience.
      • June 25, 2020
    • JeffPorrello
      JeffPorrello Hi Nic! I want to thank you very much for the detailed response! You seem like a real standup guy (possibly an American expression) in that you truly care about your customers and your job! I now understand more fully the importance of the videos and will endeavor to do a better job in the future. I've already sent the Neutron in once given the RMA number, but can assure you that in my case, there wasn't a lot to see. There were no physical connections to the unit except headphones. The LFO SHAPE selector knob was pointing at one shape with the dial, but a completely different shape was lit up as far as the LED was concerned and turning the knob did not change shapes. The LFO SPEED was stuck in the slowest position even though you turned the knob, and, as far as the OSC 2 Shape knob, you are able to turn the knob, but the shape itself is stuck (sometimes with one shape LED on, sometimes with two). This happened to me twice now, previously with the original unit. The video would have shown these anomalies, but I don't believe you would have learned anything by me turning the knobs beyond what I just described. I do really appreciate your attitude and help on this matter!!
      • June 26, 2020
    • JeffPorrello
      NicJonesMT Hi Jeff

      I had a quick look on our system and can see that a member of our US team has been sorting you out with the Neutron (Correct me if I'm wrong!).

      You've got my E-mail address so drop me a message if i'm wrong and I'll ask a member of the team to jump on it.
      • June 29, 2020
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    Hello, everyone!

    I am huge newbie in this sphere and just purchased my first synth (Behringer Odyssey) and can't make it produce a sound. What I tried:

    1) Just Behringer + headset, sliders set per manual (VCO-1 up, sawtooth; VCF FREQ up, VCA up) = no sound, although I hear clicking or popping in headphones
    2) Behringer + my Focusrite SOLO Cherry, sliders set per manual, tried headset in both Behringer and Focusrite - no sound.

    Ofcourse I checked my headset and sound volume. 

    I also have a bass amp but not sure if it will work in any way or form.

    I can make photos and will take any help! I don't know what I am missing or doing wrong here. 


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    A track created using the model D and Crave, both using Valhalla Supermassive Reverb in Ableton Live











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