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    Please provide a link that lists the Behringer Odessey's MIDI capabilities along with how to.... The manaul shows the few MIDI implementation possibilities, but then it goes on to state that there is more information on Behringer's site.  The site page is what I am requesting.


    Thank you,

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    I get a really annoying Digital-Noise (quite gently but audible) when my Pro-1 is connected via USB to my Computer. In the moment I disconnect the USB Cable the noise disappears. I also have a K-2 and a TD-3 which I connected with exact the same setting (same, cables, same inputs, same power-plug)  and here I don't have the problem. So is it a specific problem with this synth or do I have a faulty model?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    • aktivomat
      RobbyWingfield Hi Ivo! This is Robby with Music Tribe. Have you tried using a USB cable with a ferrite bead? If you have and the problem still persists please submit a Technical Support ticket by clicking on Support above.
      • January 5, 2021
    • aktivomat
      aktivomat hello,

      thank you for your reply. it occurs on every constellation. but usb hum seems to be a common issue with many synths. i was just confused that it is lot more audible with the pro one than with the k2. so i gave a usb isolator a chance and this little tool did the job. sad to purchase a further tool to make it work proper but ok…

      kind regrads,
      • January 30, 2021
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    my output level of the Behringer Poly D is much lower than all my other instruments? Do I have a broken one or is this a known issue? So do I have to trun up my gain or is there another solution? (Perhaps headphone output instead of main output?)

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    Hermann was gracious enough to provide incredible support for the development of our Wave synthesizer, which is now in its final stage. We spent over two years of intense development to recreate the sound of this iconic instrument.

    Here's what Hermann has to say:

    "My first Impressions of the new Blue Machine. I've had the honor and fun to play with the beta of the upcoming Behringer Wave for some time now. Putting it on top of its great-great-granddaddy, the PPG wave 2.2, which it is currently modeled after. It’s a much smaller form factor, mostly thanks to the 4-octave keyboard. I'd have preferred the original's 61-key layout, but the 49 full-size keys are OK, professionals will have a big controller or master keyboard anyway. For most purposes, 4 octaves are enough. The smaller overall size is no problem; the controller elements work quite well - they are large enough, with enough space in between, (former) PPG owners won't need much time to readjust, newcomers will find it easy to work with.
    The display is quite similar to the original, the various pages (Analog, Digital and Tuning) look and work precisely like the original. I couldn't help grinning when I saw that they included the Mod Wheel setting on the Analog page in the same way I did in my V8.3 for the original, hehe... nice touch, Behringer;-)

    The Program page is a bit different and doesn't have exactly the same feature set, while some things are implemented in a different way, like the relatively hard to use sequencer of the original. OK, back then, the complete operating system of the PPG Wave had to fit into 24k; a very tight fit. Oh yes, there's a little oscilloscope display beneath the main display. It works quite well.

    Now regarding the most important part, the big question:

    "Yeah, but does it sound like a PPG?" - I think they pretty much nailed it. I've played through all of the factory programs I know and love since many years, and it reproduced them dutifully and very much in an authentic way. Editing new sounds should be no problem to anyone already familiar with the PPG Wave, and the results match the original to a really high degree; complete identity is unreachable anyway, since each and every PPG sounds a bit differently, thanks to the analog chips and the "tuned by ear" filters. But it comes really, really close. Plus, it already got some features surpassing the original, and I'm sure more will be added over time, once the basics are fully working. The OS still needs to be fully completed, but the sound is already fully there in my opinion. Well, that's it - these are my first impressions on a new Blue Machine in my arsenal. Of course, a WaveTerm app is planned in collaboration with Behringer when the unit is ready for production. Really exciting project and I enjoy being part of this revival."

    Collaborate with our synth developers, share your ideas and get a chance to win free synthesizers by participating in our activities at our Synthesizer and Drums Behringer Music Tribe FB Group. We’d love to see you there!

    If you are a passionate and experienced mixed architecture hardware or embedded software engineer and would like to join the leading musical instrument team, please send your resume to [email protected]

    #WeHearYou #MusicTribe #synthesizer #synthsforall #synthesizers #drummachines

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    Hi I have a small original ARP 2500 set up but only have one 1004 T Oscillator. I have been trying to buy a pair of these new Behringer 2500 1004 Oscillators to add to my system. I can not find them. Behringer folks..can you help me? I would buy them today!!  You can see that there is a spot in the rack for a pair of oscillators.  Really hoping to get a pair of these soon.  Thanks  Mark Ricgardson  [email protected]

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    • alchematic
      DavidKnighton Hello alchematic,
      Your best bet is to contact Sweetwater (USA) or Thomann (Europe) for ETA. The product was launched fairly recently, so the distributors likely need to place their orders from manufacturer. It can take weeks/months before first shipments clear customs and arrive on store shelves.
      • February 15, 2021
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    Hey Guys,

    my Rd-8 came up with a quiet uniqe problem, there is noise or humming witch after checking all other options is brought up by the usb connection of my rd-8!
    It is very high frequent and super annoying, it doesn´t matter if the rd-8 is turned on or off or disconnected from its power device!
    The only way it stops making noise is when i deplug the usb cabel!

    Every cabel has been changed every other connection has been changed, it definitly is the usb.

    I personaly never had noise issues with usb so i dont know what to do!
    It maybe is a problem within the rd-8, maybe a transistor noise or somthing like that!

    Thank you guys already 
    best regards

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    • gustiwho
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. It sounds like a ground loop issue. Try to make sure everything that is inter-connected is plugged into the same power strip on one outlet. one way to verify this is to plug it into a laptop that is not plugged into a power outlet and see if you get the same hum. If you don't, then it is a ground loop issue. You can get a USB ground loop isolator to help this.
      • May 18, 2021
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    I ordered one through Sweetwater and really like it. Got the cutoff put up a bit from 9khz to 15khz. VCOs are all tuned properly from the back, to correspond with front.

    However I’m having a very strange issue with the hold button. In basic mode with no fx or anything engaging...After pushing any notes, there is a faint sustain or hold of the note. I have API pres that have plenty of gain. So I ramped it up. Well, it showed up on my VU meters on my Rosetta. So I pushed hold on and off. The low sustained note went away! Pushed a note again, release, and there’s the very low last note I played. I put the arp on, and boom note disappears.

    In short, it seems any note I push with hold off, actually holds my last note on all VCOs, but very faint. VCOs are not lit during this issue. You probably wouldn’t hear it in a mix or notice at first. But with silence and headphones, it’s a wtf is going on moment. After testing its obvious something is engaging some kind of hold all the time. That only shuts off if you engage arp on then off, or hold on and off to go away.

    One user told me it’s possible VCA bleed happening. Which seems to be common with analog synths. Some need to be calibrated, if not done at factory. I’ve not messed with a VCA before. So I’m not sure if I’m turning it on the back till the noise bleed disappears. I just don’t want to effect anything else. As I can see tuning, and the Filter Cutoff on an EQ for basic calibration. Not so much with this. It’d really be going by ear.

    The ARP on, seems to gate the noise even when playing a single note and not sustaining. So that is the only place, it’s not showing up as an issue.

    Any other owners with this issue? Or experienced synth owners that would have an idea? Everything else with this synth is great!

    Edit: Also noticed when setting any of the 4 VCOs to Pule Width or PW. It’s gone until I turn up the Pulse Width knob. Then it comes back unless set to 0. So seems it’s bleeding into all wave forms. Unless it’s in ARP mode. No bleed in ARP mode on single notes not sustaining. So that part seems fine weirdly, and not effected. It’s mostly noticeable more on high notes, and different wave forms that are brighter...well it’s way more prevalent.

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    • MattG082
      PedroRodrigues Hi MattG082 thank you for your contact please consider that to be able to assist you on this matter with more tools please submit an assistance request directly with your Tech support Team by following the link below Thank you
      • June 5, 2021
      • Monopoly Note Bleed/ anyone have this issue or insight?
        MattG082 Thank you, and after months I found the issue, as posted on GearSpace. Users compared first round productions, and found this to be the issue. The one without a wire users will have the issue I mentioned above. It seems newer runs were revised with this wire solders in as the fix. This should be covered for free under warranty correct? See pics listed below… circled on with wire is fix, and one without it is the original batches some people got with the issue. These are not my pictures by from Gearspace where they were able to find the source issue. Users have reported sending there’s one for gigs fix under warranty.

        • Jun 7
    • MattG082
      MattG082 This is the ones without the fix like mine that create the VCA note/noise bleed.
      • Jun 7
    • MattG082

      Sorry for multiple posts as the site is acting up. But seems like a quick fix, and as it’s under warranty. I would not feel comfortable having someone else do this. And I would not want to fiddle with anything. I trust Begringer to be able to fix this.

      • Jun 7
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    Secodn unit, blue version, MS1 not 101, purchased couple days ago.

    Both units have similar problem - when sending midi clock (either through THRU port or OUT midi port) - they create syncing issue. The next instrument connected via midi in getting sync information from MS1, drifts... and simply get out of tempo.

    This is very random could not happen for 20-25 min, can happen for the next 5 minutes non stop.

    Switching reseting upgrading to newest OS - no help, stil the problem.

    When the device is last in the midi chained setup - and just receives midi data - it's ok, it's synced, and plays music well.

    Problem happen when the midi (or sync) is sent out of MS1. 

    I tested barebone setup, unplugged everything in my studio, midi and audio, and just plugged MS1 and Behringer TD3.

    Tested both units sync-wise, first as a master and then as a slave.

    When MS1 ia a master clock (either MIDI connection or via gate out/sync in patches) it always creates sync issues.

    Has a problem to keep sync. When MS1 is slaved to TD3, either way - midi or patches - it is perfect, MS1 follows the tempo without any issues or drift.

    I can record video of the issue. Contacted already with the seller/distributor in Poland, and they are trying to help me with that.

    Seems it's a problem with this units, when used in a chain with other devices, MS1 makes a midi havoc on it's midi out/thru.

    TO the extent, when it was in my semi-complex system, I noticed it does SEND MIDI CC data(!)

    it shouldn't in theory, right but it does send randomly value of 0, midi channel 1, midi CC0. It also sends start stop to my other sequencers randomly (juno 06a, elektron), simply when inserted in my midi setup, it made some real chaos, like everything in my setup was perfectly working, and now, randomly things go crazy....

    When MS1 unplugged from the setup - everything is perfect as it was.

    I can use it as a synth engine and avoid sequencer, midi out, only midi IN

    Behringer, it is serious problem, not some small issue, most users can't probably notice that problem until they plug it into more complicated system with many midi devices.

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    • tresporros
      tresporros if you could help me attach video, I created showing that issue, that would be very helpful
      • December 14, 2021
    • tresporros
      tresporros I am going to upload it on youtube and share the link if it's possible here
      • December 14, 2021
      • Behringer MS1 - serious syncing issue
        Nigel67 Hi tresporros. Please can you raise a Technical Support ticket and someone from the team will respond to your issue. You will also be able to attach a video, or if the video file size is to big, add a link for download. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
        • December 14, 2021
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    My behringer Crave stopped being able to save sequences. It is about 1 month old and was saving fine, but now it won't. 
    I can record something and attempt to save, but then if I switch to another pattern and back or turn it off, it's gone!

    I use it primarily as usb to DAW on a Mac.

    it is updated to latest firmware  

    Any ideas? 

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    • rddestyr
      RonaldFigura Same firmware as before? Any thing different in the DAW. Try running it disconnected from the DAW and see if it will save after that. Be sure to power cycle the Behringer 1st.
      • October 30, 2020
    • rddestyr
      rddestyr Same firmware. No luck even when it’s running solo without the daw
      • October 30, 2020
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    Also here I insert the same message from the "Odyssey" section hoping that someone can reply. Only sound, regardless of the context of use.

    I know the Odyssey (the old ARP) directly but not the 2600 (only concerts and records). Is the Odyssey "contained" in the 2600 or are they still two different machines, even with sounds from the same family?

    In other words, does it make sense to have both?

    Many thanks, Giovanni, Italia.

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    • giosanta
      DavidKnighton Hello giosanta,
      Some things to consider. Less features on the Odyssey, however the Odyssey does have some extra features that the 2600 doesn't have like osc sync, dedicated lfo and hpf. 2600 is patchable, has a preamp, spring reverb, extra oscillator, lag processors. Odyssey doesn't have those features. Also the Odyssey comes with a built in keyboard and sequencer, where the 2600 does not. You can see they are very different machines, so you may want to consider what else you need when you make your purchase. For example, if you don't have an external keyboard or sequencer, you'll need to buy one along with the 2600. This makes the Odyssey a good choice for newcomers, and especially a cost effective purchase for those on a budget, because the keyboard control is built in, and you don't need to worry about external controllers.
      • April 3, 2021
      • 2600 and Odyssey
        pedroflute Sorry David... you said: "however the Odyssey does have some extra features that the 2600 doesn't have like osc sync, dedicated lfo"... BUT THE 2600 DOES HAVE ALL OF THOSE AS WELL [in fact BOTh OSC 2 & 3 HAVE "SYNC" On them,,, I use them all the time... they sound fantastic!!!! ...only, you are right on that the 2600 does not have a HPF, but that can be addressed by creating an HPF [and a BPF, believe you me!!!] by mixing an inverted version of whatever original audio signal fed into the LPF... many videos on that on Youtube... Cheers!!
        • August 19, 2021
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