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    Hello what Behringer items use the 70hu rack ears and which ones uses the 80hu.

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    unit powers on, but no sound through the Phones jack, despite twiddling all the knobs

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    • sweetmountain
      Dale_M Hi sweetmountain sorry this has been your experience, we would advise going to the Support tab above and opening up a Technical ticket with us so we can assist.
      • November 10, 2021
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    Hi. I was wondering if anybodys got access to some famous 303 sequncer file import patches for easy programming and back up of some well kmown classic Acid lines. I know you can get the patches in one form or anather and program them in yourself but I thought it'd be handy and time saving if somebodys got a link to a resource with a folder that someone might of already put together?



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    I am trying to poly chain my td-3's together. The manual has poor instructions on doing this. Your faq page also has no answers. The internet serach came up with nothing. I believe I am the first person in the world to poly chain the td 3 "lol", even on you tube I could not find any videos on doing this. Does anyone at behringer know how to poly chain the td 3 please? I have five of them. Thanks.  

    Here is the instructions the manual had to poly chain, very limited. How do I use and find the synth tool exe? 

    TD-3 Poly Chain Function MIDI information System Mode POWER LED Mode Amber Normal Mode Red Poly Chain Mode (not playing) Green Poly Chain Mode (playing) Please use the “SynthTool.exe” to configure the Poly Chain mode. The POWER LED will turn red during Poly Chain mode.


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    Hello.  I purchased a neutron a couple of months ago and have only recently started using it.  I've used it about 3 times since and got great sounds out of it. Then the following day,  I turned it on and it and the Lfo knob was "stuck." I could physically move it but it wouldn't change shapes. Then I noticed the Osc 1 wave shapes wouldn't switch either.  I did the three button hold and power on to do the reset/calibration but it would just boot up normally.  I updated to the recent software and that didn't fix it either.  Like I said,  I've only used it about 3 times or less and it's no longer responding.  I get noise out of it, but only drones. I did the initial patch and I could barely hear it. Thank you in advance! 

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    • davidpavid
      DavidKnighton Hello davidpavid,
      For this type of issue, please click the SUPPORT link at the top of the page and submit a TECH SUPPORT inquiry.
      • June 21, 2021
    • davidpavid
      flumpjumper same issue. as other people. any solution?
      • July 12, 2021
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    I updated my Crave to the most recent version and now the random arpeggio setting is not actually randomized when using 2, 4, or 8 notes chords. All other combinations are sufficiently random, but 2, 4, and 8 note arpeggios have specific patterns.

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    Regardless of the key priority setting with SynthTribe for the 2600 synth, only "last" is functional. However, the pitch setting works and I don't have this problem with the Neutron. Does anyone have the same problem ? Is there a solution, or is it really a bug ?

    Thank you

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    • Bob290
      Bob290 I answer myself, maybe this can help anyone ... this behaviour is when in Duo mode, so simply switch to Mono mode. In Duo mode, use the Upper voice output.
      • October 27, 2021
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    I tried changing note priority using the synthtribe app but is doesn't seem to have any effect? Seems like it's stuck in Low and I want Last.

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    I can chain Neutron (2.0.2) -> Neutron (2.0.2) -> K-2 (1.0.4) -> Model D

    I can chain Model D (1.1.1) -> K-2

    I can chain K-2 -> Model D

    I cannot chain K-2 -> Neutron

    I cannot chain Model D -> Neutron

    The neutrons have a different polychain behaviour; unlike the K-2 and the Model D you don't set the number of synths that will be in the chain, and each neutron that must pass the signal down the chain needs to be set to polychain. They can reserve 2 notes if they are in paraphonic mode, and the first note always hits the first neutron. On the K-2 and Model D, it's a round robin between the synths when you play the same single note repeatedly.

    Are all these units compatible in polychain mode, in any order, with the firmware versions listed above?

    If not, are there any plans to align how they work so that we can mix and match the units?

    Thanks for reading, hopefully I am just being silly.

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    • plumpnation
      scottpig Hi plumpnation, I realize this isn't any particular help to you as well as being a dollar late and a day short, but I did a bunch of testing last night with two Neutrons, a model D and a Pro-1 and found exactly the same results you did. Neutrons can pass notes to the others but won't receive notes from them in poly chain mode. And I saw the same round robin behavior. It certainly would have saved me some time figuring things out if I had found your post first.
      • November 30, 2021
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    “Modded Out” Analog Bass Line Synthesizer with VCO, MIDI-Controllable VCF and Sub-Harmonics Oscillator
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