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    I have a synthesizer shop in Cincinnati Ohio and I want to become a Behringer dealer. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    in years of Jazz streaming (9500 tracks per month), specially Italian, I noticed that very few musicians are using synths and the production across a decade needs new colors, new tunes and vibes.

    I would like to promote an initiative through our radio to innovate the talent of musicians buying a synth, embracing the synth challenge.

    Among the manufacturers your brand is offering really affordable and flexible devices, machines to think sounds not only to use snappy presets and midi stuffs.

    So here I am, as music selector, to inspire the brain of young jazzmen to make the choice to extend their brain with a synthesizer.

    I work with all of them, I spin all their tracks and often I try to push them to buy a synth and to do new sounds.

    I had not other chance to try to contact Behringer but this one.

    I hope that we can propell a new thing together.


    Mariano Equizzi

    Music Selector @


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    Hello what Behringer items use the 70hu rack ears and which ones uses the 80hu.

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    unit powers on, but no sound through the Phones jack, despite twiddling all the knobs

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    • sweetmountain
      Dale_M Hi sweetmountain sorry this has been your experience, we would advise going to the Support tab above and opening up a Technical ticket with us so we can assist.
      • November 10, 2021
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    Hi, I've been trying to sync Deepmind12 module to RD-8 rythm designer, without success.  I have been trying to sync via midi thru but also midi in-out but nothing works, I've also changed number of setting in the Rd-8s midi/clock setups but non working.  NOTE, this is a non-computer connected, just the two machines i'm trying to sync on their own.  Hoping to receive some "magic reply" ... :)

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    Is there a way to sync two TD3s together so that they are playing the same pattern?


    How would I do this?

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    • Tlcdan
      WilliamR If you run midi out from one of your TD-3s to the midi in of your second TD-3, you should be able to trigger what is playing from the first TD-3 into the second one. If you are unsure how to do this, feel free to click the support link above and create a tech support case. One of our specialists will get in contact with you ASAP.
      • Jul 14
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    Hi. I was wondering if anybodys got access to some famous 303 sequncer file import patches for easy programming and back up of some well kmown classic Acid lines. I know you can get the patches in one form or anather and program them in yourself but I thought it'd be handy and time saving if somebodys got a link to a resource with a folder that someone might of already put together?



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    • davenoz1234
      RICILOC13 I have higher state , Confusion , Sandstorm (acid version) & a couple others I can't remember off hand ....
      • Feb 27
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    What messages do I need to send to my Crave to select sequencer patterns in the Crave?

    I've tried standard Program Change messages and full MSB/LSB messages but to no avail.

    Recording the Crave's MIDI output while changing patterns gave me no clues.

    I'm using an Arturia DrumBrute Impact, a Korg Monologue and Volca Keys, and a Behringer Crave and RD-6, for squelchy-bleepy-beaty jams with some electric guitar thrown in.

    The Monologue responds to standard Program Change messages and the DrumBrute Impact responds to messages per the MIDI implimentation in the attached screenshot, taken from Arturia's website:

    I've not been able to find the equivalent document for the Crave (or the RD-6!)

    The Volca Keys doesn't respond to program change messages for its patterns but I don't tend to use its sequencer so that's not so much of a problem.

    I do use the Crave's sequencer but changing patterns while playing guitar is somewhat tricky!



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    • PrimevalMudd
      NicJonesMT Hi PrimevalMudd.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket. We can then raise this with the development team
      • May 8
      • Program Change/Sys Ex message to select the Crave's sequencer patterns.
        PrimevalMudd Hi Nic,

        I'm sorry for the delay replying. I'm trying to submit a ticket but I've no idea what to select under the various 'Symptom' drop-downs.

        I'm asking for the Crave's Program Change syntax/commands rather than raising a technical issue.

        I'd like to submit a feature request too (recording sequencer patterns live) but am facing the same drop-down confusion!
        • Jul 5
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    Hello everybody and i hope someone can fix my problem?

    When i connect the TD-3 through the USB port to the Roland DJ808 NO sound..

    When i connect a Roland TB-3 through the USB port to the DJ808 everything works fine!

    So why is the TD-3 give no sound....Thnx

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    • cRIESis
      WilliamR The USB on the TD-3 only transmits and receives midi information via PC. The USB does not transmit any sound.
      • Jun 18
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    I am trying to poly chain my td-3's together. The manual has poor instructions on doing this. Your faq page also has no answers. The internet serach came up with nothing. I believe I am the first person in the world to poly chain the td 3 "lol", even on you tube I could not find any videos on doing this. Does anyone at behringer know how to poly chain the td 3 please? I have five of them. Thanks.  

    Here is the instructions the manual had to poly chain, very limited. How do I use and find the synth tool exe? 

    TD-3 Poly Chain Function MIDI information System Mode POWER LED Mode Amber Normal Mode Red Poly Chain Mode (not playing) Green Poly Chain Mode (playing) Please use the “SynthTool.exe” to configure the Poly Chain mode. The POWER LED will turn red during Poly Chain mode.


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