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    I hope Behringer don't mind, but I found the Quick-start guide little more than safety instructions and labelling of the controls. So, using the original Pro-One manual as a base, I've written an Operation Guide for the Pro-1. It's more logical for beginners and helps to explain the flow of sound in the synthesiser. For people new to synthesisers I think it will help them get started and get the sound they envisage much quicker.

    It's free to download at

    I love the synth by the way. My second after the Crave.

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    • CoolCatUkes
      TC-Mike thank you for the effort ! much appreciated .
      • December 10, 2021
    • CoolCatUkes
      formaldivergent I don't think it can be overstated how appreciated your efforts with this truly are. Having a more thorough guide for this synth can only benefit its user base. I've been digging into it as I deepen my knowledge of synthesis, and it's also provided me with a better understanding of the original this is modelled after. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to develop this.
      • Feb 23
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    Hi Tribe,

    I have a weird Midi sync problem with the following setup:

    RD-9 as clock master, connected to a Kenton Midi Thru 5, with the individual thru's connected to a TD-3, a Deluge and a Prophet Rev2. All running in sync without any problems.

    But when I connect an additional TD-3-MO on the Kenton, the TD-3-MO's sync is completely out of wack. Start/Stop delayed, tempo not in sync and all changes randomly on each start/stop.

    Only way to get it synced is by connecting the TD-3-MO with a sync cable to the RD-9, which is somehow not what I want. And USB it no option as I have a midi equipped TB-303 connected to the TD-3's midi out/thru. Since the TD-3 does not forward USB to midi, I have to use midi :-/

    Everithing is working like a charm. Both TDs sync perfectly on their own with the rest of my equipment until there's a TD-3 AND a TD-3-MO in the midi setup. Really weird...

    Any advice highly welcome





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    Great news - SYSTEM 15 and SYSTEM 35 are now shipping from the factory, while SYSTEM 55 will come a week later.
    We know it has taken much longer than we expected, but we finally got the missing parts so we were able to complete the production. Hopefully we'll have some more good news soon:-)
    Thanks for your patience. Much appreciated.
    Collaborate with our synth developers, share your ideas and get a chance to win free synthesizers by participating in our activities at our “Synthesizer and Drums Behringer Music Tribe" FB Group. We’d love to see you there!

    If you are a passionate and experienced mixed architecture hardware or embedded software engineer and would like to join the leading musical instrument team, please send your resume to [email protected]

    #WeHearYou #behringer #MusicTribe #synthesizer #synthesizers #drummachines
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    I've asked about these issues in a support ticket but am raising them here too in case anybody reading has the answers and/or could find the information useful.

    I've recently bought an RD-6, a Crave and a FLOW 8 which I'm using with a Korg Monologue for DAW-less analogue fun.

    I need to update the Firmware for the RD-6 and Crave but can't use the Windows or Mac SynthTribe software - there isn't a Linux version/port of SynthTribe (yet?) and the Windows version doesn't work under WINE.*

    Firmware Update SysEx files

    Uploading the Firmware Update Sysex files to the Crave and RD-6 should be fairly straightforward via MIDI - I did it a few times with various bits of gear back in the '90s. I think I'd also need the SysEx command to tell the devices that a Firmware Update is coming, though that might be taken care of by the Firmware Update code itself. I'm not sure - it's a long time since I've done this sort of thing!

    How can I get hold of them? Firmware Update files can usually be downloaded from manufacturer websites but the only things on the relevant sections of the Behringer site are the Windows/Mac SynthTribe installers and the Quick Start Guides.

    I need a few other bits of SysEx info for the Crave but will ask about that in another thread.

    SynthTribe Android App

    Does anybody know where the SynthTribe Android App is hiding? The iOS version is in the Apple store but I can't find the Android version - the SynthTribe link on Behringer site goes to the Windows installer nstead of the Android app.


    * WINE runs Windows applications on Linux. The only things I really use it for are glorified SysEx editors for music gear. Of those I've tried the editors for the Alesis V61, Roland A-PRO series and AKAI LPD8 work, the Korg Monologue installed and loads but can't find the synth, SynthTribe won't install at all.

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    • PrimevalMudd
      NicJonesMT Hi PrimevalMudd.
      Just to let you know I sent you an email earlier today.
      Please check your Spam/Junk as sometimes our emails can be filtered to here.
      • Feb 20
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    My equipment was used amateurs and quite rarely for 2.5 years. Suddenly he fell silent. After two weeks it turned out that the cost of repair in the Beringer service with the transport of the motherboard from GB to Poland is the cost of a new device. After talking to the service, I was glad that the service will try to fix the gear on its own. And after a week and paying 1/4 the cost of the new Neutron, I turned it on and it turned out that both filter switches for both channels did not work this time. I contacted the Beringer service and found out that I have no warranty for a new damage, according to them, and I have to pay for the repairs of new defects. I have already received the equipment with this new fault from the service and now I do not know what to do. Repair again ?, in which case it may turn out that the filters will already work and something else will stop working.? Behringer's service claims that it is a complicated device - read it, "we/service/ can earn a lot money on it  - after the warranty".

    So I warn against devices from this company, especially if they will be after the warranty. I didn't play with the Neutron for a long time, which is a pity because I could do it earlier during the warranty :( It's cheap but only for first 2 years


    Regards Robert.

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    • Roberto99
      NicJonesMT Hi Roberto.
      Sorry to hear you have had issues.
      Can you send me your Case number with our service team and I can look into this for you?
      • June 18, 2021
    • Roberto99

      Hello Nic my case number is RMA_2034_2021_Neutron_S180603072CM5 . Company Warsaw Poland. Official Behringer service in Poland.

      • June 18, 2021
    • Roberto99
      Roberto99 II contacted the service again and they propose another paid repair. I asked: what if they fix what has gone out as before and the equipment is still out of order? They replied that they were not clairvoyants. Does anyone know another company that may not be a Behringer service and can guarantee that the assembly after the repair will be 100% functional and I will not need to pay a lot of money in subsequent repairs and the equipment will still be out of order?
      • June 22, 2021
    • Roberto99
      Roberto99 Short History of Neutron. I will update it regularly.
      • June 22, 2021
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    When entering Patterns into a Track, I have noticed that the TD3 seems to almost randomly choose which Pattern and more importantly Pattern Section is to come after the most recently inserted Pattern, and I don't understand why.

    By way of example, say I want to enter 3 patterns, numbers 1, 2 and 3, all in Pattern Section A, in Pattern Group I. Set up for Track 1, start the sequencer running, select Pattern 1, Write/Next, then sometimes the TD3 stays on that Pattern ready for next insert into the Track, but other times it selects the next Pattern for me (by what I logic I do not know), and this is where I'm baffled, because it sometimes jumps to Pattern Section B and a Pattern of its own choosing.

    I can obviously change Pattern to the one I want (so in this example, Pattern 2 in Pattern Section A, Pattern Group I) but I would like to know why the change in Pattern Section happens, so if possible I can avoid it happening.

    Part of the reason for wanting to understand this is to prevent me not noticing the change in Pattern Section when inserting a Pattern into a Track, and inserting a pattern from Section B rather than Section A, and confusing myself when I play back the Track.

    I did just this and inadvertently inserted from B not A, and the inserted Pattern (from B) was empty. t was only when I noticed the LED light up to show me which Pattern Section the Pattern to be inserted was coming from, that I realised (1) what was happening and (2) why the Track was not playing back what I thought I had entered :)

    Of course, paying attention to what the TD3 is showing me is the next Pattern for insertion is the right thing to do, but I found it easy to make a mistake, and would like to avoid that, if possible.

    Anyone else see this happening, and if so, how did you fix it?

    Many thanks


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    I opted to buy a demo model of the 2600  - less money, less waiting. It's great.

    Understandably there's a big green "DEMO" sticker on the original box, but also curiously, a UPC label specifying an ID of "BEHR2600d2 Demo". So, it seems that specific units from the factory were designated demo units and I wonder if there are any differences, maybe having not come from the general production run, or revisions or something, I don't know. Just curious. I do know the filter mode switch does not change the sound under any conditions. Also, the colors are a bit off - more like dark grey and brown rather than black and orange (I kinda like it though).  Other than that it's a joy. 

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    I'm looking to buy one from the batch that has already been produced. 


    Behringer!! Help!!


    I'm dying to review this thing on Youtube!!

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    Is there such a thing as a factory reset for the TD-3 AM?  Just wondering if you can restore the factory patches after you have over written them.  Just a newbe here so thanks for your help.

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    Hello Behringer team,

    since the Model D came up I own quite a lot of your equipment, which you can see on the pic.

    I admire Uli's philosophy to make music and instruments available for everyone.

    My project is Triangle Cross and could be found on or Journey to Space Borders (electronic music / Berlin school) - YouTube.

    From the few available information yet, I guess the upcoming Edge might fit perfectly to my equipment. Just one question, will the Edge have the same  (or similar) ratchet function like the Crave?

    And whenever you need somebody to test new upcoming equipment, just let me know...;-)

    Thanks and take care


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