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    Hello people,

    I want to upgrade my vocal effect section. My main need is to switch customized vocal effects by midi, send from a daw midi backing track.

    I want the full range of vocal effects the voicelive series delivers. But which of both systems (Voicelive 3 extreme / Voicelive rack) can handle my needs the best?



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  • Cstotland
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    I'm wondering about the vocal gender settings in the harmony tab.  There's no mention of these in the reference guide, or on any of the videos I've seen.

    What do the numbers represent?   What does going positive or negative do?

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    • Cstotland

      The number represents the frequency shift applied to the formants. A negative number shifts the formants down, and a positive number shifts the formants up.

      The formants are a set of resonant filters in the human vocal tract within a fairly well defined range of frequencies. The formants are also specific to particular sounds - notably vowel sounds.

      The smaller and tighter the vocal tract, the higher the formants - so children have very high formants, women are slightly lower, and men lower still.

      When pitch-shifting a voice, formant correction is required to avoid making the shifted voice change character too much (the chipmunk effect when pitching up). Voicelive harmony automatically applies formant correction, and then you can tune the corrected formants by shifting up or down to achieve a specific effect (male to female, female to male, female to child, male to basso profundo).

      Good formant correction is hard - it can be achieved by taking a FFT of the frequency domain FFT (cepstrum analysis) to identify the relatively-static frequency elements of the formants, and then using that information to move specific frequency elements in the frequency domain FFT higher or lower.

      I don't know what the specific numbers in the Voicelive harmonizer mean, but at a guess I think it means FFT bins shifted, which means a frequency shift of some discrete amount based on the number of samples in the fft and the sampling frequency, neither of which I know. 

      • May 1, 2020
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    I have a Voicelive 3 and when it is powered up in just stays in the Loading mode. This is my 3rd VL3 EX. It took me a while to get the sounds the way I like and I can't seem to dial my others in to get the same sound. How can I get my sounds off the unit? Computer Desktop somehow? 
    also can I return it for repair?

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    • B4Hand
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Michael Please follow the link below to access our list of Partners, Resellers and Service Centers so you can select the option closest to your location you
      • December 11, 2020
    • B4Hand
      B4Hand So.... No real solution or advice other than go to a service center....
      • December 12, 2020
      • Voicelive 3 Extreme stuck in “Laoding” mode
        PedroRodrigues Hi Michael, based on your description the only solution for your unit is to be inspected, therefor my suggestion is for you to contact a service center to quickly resolve this matter. Please follow as advised d an contact a service center by following the link below to get your unit inspected. Thank you
        • December 14, 2020
    • B4Hand
      B4Hand I looked at your supplied map of Authorized service centers and it doesn’t look like there are any Service centers anywhere near me . I am in Shirley, NY 11967.. Can you tell me if you have any service centers close to me.
      • December 14, 2020
    • B4Hand
      B4Hand 4 days and No reply. This Site is some of the worst customer support that I have seen for any gear site..
      • December 17, 2020
  • OlavRøssland
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    Anyone who have the latest MIDI SysEx Manual for VoiceLive 3 extreme? @TCH-Spencer@VoiceLiveEditor ?
    The latest manual I have is Version 2.0.00: Mar 11, 2016: firmware release 2.1.01 (Build 355)

    ....and the latest firmware for VL3 extreme is 2.2.00 build 366...

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  • cyberg2001
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    My son and I just purchased a VoiceLive Play, and we are confused about how the presets are supposed to work. After watching all the tutorials it seems to us that the preset should be active and processed when selected without pressing the Hit button. For example, if we selected Bari White as our preset we expected our voice to be altered by default, but it is not. The Bari White preset is only output if we press the Hit button. It is our understanding that the Hit button was used to apply secondary effects to the active preset. We have poured though all the settings, but there appears to be no global setting for changing the preset behavior. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    • cyberg2001
      kiskadar69 1.Select the Barry White preset
      2.Press the EFFECTS button.
      3. Go through all the effect blocks (uMod, Delay, Reverb, Harmony, Double, Hardtune, Transducer) and where the CONTROL parameter is HIT, set the CONTROL parameter to ON.
      4.Press the STORE button and save the new Barry White preset.
      • July 15, 2020
      • VoiceLive Play presets only work with Hit button on
        cyberg2001 Thank you so much for the response.
        • July 15, 2020
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    I just bought a TC Helicon Perfomance VK and I would like to know how to do the connections on a digital soundcraft ui16 soundboard. 

    I'm using my keyboard Roland FA-O6B with an inhalambric Shure microphone. I'm an amateur singer and piano player at church. 

    I love the Perfotmance VK, works great for our small church, but I don't know how to do the connections correctly...

    Anyone can help me? 

    Valeria (From Barcelona)

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    • valeriajuez2020
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Valeria, please take a look at the attached photo of the setup diagram from the user manual (this can be downloaded here Where the mixer is placed circled in red would be your ui16, you will simply need to run from the L&R outputs of your Perform VK into 2 of the combo inputs on the ui16. Hope this helps.
      • November 12, 2020
    • valeriajuez2020
      PedroRodrigues Hi Valeria the TC Helicon Perfomance VK should be connected as you can see on the picture, I hope this helps
      • November 12, 2020
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    The Play Acoustic (PA) and Switch 3 (S3) I ordered are on back order. The estimated time to ship will be mid March, 2021. I'll want to assign functions to the Switch 3 pedal. I notice I have the option to set one of the switches to "HIT" which turns harmonies and effects assigned to the "Hit" button on and off. Just like the "HIT" button on the PA. But there's also a Harmony setting you can assign to a button. I'm assuming this turns just the harmonies on and off. Does not turn any effects assignerd to "HIT" on and off.

    So theoretically, I can assign High, Higher and Delay to "HIT". Then assign "Harmony" to one of the S3 buttons. Now I can add just harmonies when I activate the S3, or harmonies plus delay when I activate the HIT button on the PA. Would this work?

    Also, some people have complained that they sometimes accidentially turn on the talk funtion when they activate the "HIT" button on the PA. Turning on "Talk" kills all effcts and shuts off the guitar. Not good if you're in the middle of a song. If I assign "HIT" to the S3, will this also activater the talk feature if you press the button too long? Or is talk a feature on the PA only?




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    • HaloRecordings
      PedroRodrigues Hi, HaloRecordings, when it comes to the Custom setting, you can assign functions to the three footswitches on a Switch-3 from a list.
      Simply press the soft button next to “Switch 1”, “Switch 2” or “Switch 3” on the right side of the display and use the Control Knob to define the function the respective footswitch should control.
      The available settings are:
      Loop Rec/Play
      Loop Stop/Clear
      Loop Undo
      Loop Start/Stop
      1 Btn Looper
      Tap Tempo
      Set Key
      Preset Down
      Preset Up
      Harm Moment
      Delay Moment
      Gtr Amp
      Gtr Boost
      Gtr Compressor
      Gtr µMod
      Gtr Delay
      Gtr Reverb
      In regard to the Harm Moment and Delay Moment, when you have selected the Custom setting, two menu items work slightly differently from the others: Harm Moment and Delay Moment.
      With “Harm Moment” and “Delay Moment”, the respective effect (harmony voices or delay) is active only as long as you press down the footswitch. Some users prefer the precision offered by this mode.
      The 1 Btn Looper (1 Button Looper) setting is a convenient way to control all relevant Looper functions using a single footswitch. This allows you to assign the two remaining buttons on a Switch-3 for other features (e.g. Hit).
      With no loop present, tap the footswitch once to record.
      Tap the footswitch again to define the loop length and switch to loop playback.
      Tap the footswitch again to overdub during playback.
      Hold the footswitch to undo the last overdub.
      Hold the footswitch again to restore (redo) the last overdub.
      Tap the footswitch twice quickly to stop. Please note that when stopping, a short portion of audio is recorded.
      Tap the footswitch to play or hold to erase the loop.
      If you prefer to have a Play Acoustic up on a music stand, you can use “Preset DN”, “Preset UP” and “HIT” as your custom Switch-3 assignments to replicate the footswitch controls.
      Connecting a Switch-3 (optional) to your Play Acoustic will give you permanent access to looping without having to use the DOWN and UP footswitches. It frees up those footswitches, so you can assign them to key/scale selection. This will also allow you to change presets without having to go in and out of Loop mode.
      The Switch-3 buttons are mapped as follows:
      Stop/Erase (Hold for Erase)
      The benefit of having the Undo feature assigned to a separate footswitch is the ability to perfectly time your undo instead of waiting a moment for a “hold” to be registered.
      When a Switch-3 is plugged in and Switch-3 mode is set to Looping, key/scale selection is automatically assigned to the DOWN and UP footswitches of your Play Acoustic.
      When the Switch-3 is unplugged, the DOWN and UP footswitches revert to whatever the UP/DN setting was prior to connecting the Switch-3.
      I hope this helps gives you a better idea of what you can do with SWITCH-3

      Thank you
      • Feb 10
      • Harmony vs Hit
        HaloRecordings Thank you Pedro. I did read the manual. So I'm assuming my assumption is correct.
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        • Feb 10
  • Redhill
    Contributor - Level 2

    Is there a official store for TC Helicon in the Philippines?

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    • Redhill

      Hi @Redhill ,

      Our Phillipines distributor is Showtec:


      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!  

      • December 18, 2019
    • Redhill

      Hi! I have seen the the website you have told me. All I see is TC Electronics with only two items that they're showing, no VK.

      It's so frustrating that you need this tool that it's not available in your place or country.

      • December 18, 2019
    • Redhill

      Hi @Redhill , 

      You could always order from Amazon, or one of several other distributors which offers worldwide shipping:


      • December 18, 2019
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    I need change maindboard please 

    from peru 

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    • Gaonamusica00
      WilliamR Hello Jose, please contact us by submitting a Care Ticket. Click on the Support link at the top of this page. On the Support page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Technical Support to get started.
      • December 10, 2020
  • PaulSijben
    Contributor - Level 2

    Looking at Sam Perry's equipment video ( he is using a guitar tuner to actually make sure his voice is in tune before starting his loops. This seems like a great idea.

    I have both the voicelive 2 and the  touch 2, both have a tuner, but on the guitar channel. How would it be possible to have mute & tuner mode on the voicelives?


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    • PaulSijben

      Hey @PaulSijben,
      Sorry to say that the tuners in both those products are exclusive to the guitar path - there's no way to get your voice into them unless you're physically plugging your mic into the guitar input.  They do both however have pitch correction in them, so you can use that to be sure you're in tune.  Cheers!

      • November 21, 2019
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