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    Hi, I have two questions:

    1) Is there any difference between the TC Helicon Voicelive Play and the Play Acoustic, besides the Play Acoustic having the guitar input (for key detection and efxs) and guitar effects? So does this mean both versions of the units have "exactly" the same vocal effects?

    2) On either unit, cans Voicelive VoiceSupport2 software be used to pre-program the keys of invidual presets that can be then sent to the VLP units? ...or is the VoiceSupport2 software basically for only backing up, copying, and changing order of presets?

    Thanks for you help in advance!

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    • sanelso2
      JoeRivers96 Hi, thank you for your contact. The vocal fx on these two units are the same - you will see some different presets on the Play Acoustic due to the guitar input.

      Unfortunately internal settings cannot be edited on VoiceSupport 2. This software is purely for preset management and firmware updates.
      • May 8
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    Will the VL3X detect the harmony key from a loaded backing track? If so, what setting does the harmony setting need to be on (i.e natural play, scale, etc.)? 

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    • MikeMuellerleile
      MikeMuellerleile Wow, every question answered except for mine.
      • Jul 9
    • MikeMuellerleile
      PedroRodrigues Hi MikeMuellerleile please consider that the VL3X can detect harmony key from the Guitar input/MIDI or USB port/Aux input/RoomSense microphones but not form the from a loaded backing track but it will provide the user with information of the key present on the the files loaded. Thank you
      • Aug 4
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    Hi, using Perform VK with Nordstage 2 keyboard. I often tranpose the keyboard, from song to song on live performance, but the Perform VK does not receive transpose information, so Harmony mode doesn't work when transposed (it plays non-transposed harmonies even when keybard has been transposed).

    I wish to use MIDI only, for sound quality.

    It works fine with the Aux in/out, but sound is bad quality (microphone loops). Using MIDI link only, Harmony works well, even with low volume keyboard. But only non transposed.

    Could someone tell me how to get the Perform VK to receive transpose data from my keyboard ?

    Many thanks

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    • Goyavette
      PedroRodrigues Hi Goyavette please consider that the PERFORM-VK responds to Control Change (CC), Program Change (PC) and MIDI Tempo (not MIDI Clock) information. To block incoming CC and PC messages, hold the Set button while powering on. Note data will still be accepted in this state.
      For convenience, we have mapped many PERFORM-VK CC’s to the Behringer UMA25s controller keyboard.
      The “UMA25s Mapping” column shows the button or control on the UMA25s related to each control.
      MIDI PC Messages The product’s 3 presets correspond to Program Change Bank 0: 125, 126, 127
      MIDI CC List The following chart shows a list of all available control changes.
      The MIDI channel can be set by holding the Set button and pressing a note on a connected MIDI keyboard.
      The MIDI channel on which this note was sent will be used as the MIDI receive channel.

      Regarding the RPn/nRPn Implementation, the RPN 0: Pitch Bend Sensitivity. This is a standard way to change pitch bend range.
      When it comes to MIDI Tempo, the Perform-VK responds to incoming MIDI tempo and will adjust system Tap Tempo accordingly.
      When controlling harmony via MIDI, in either Notes mode or NaturalPlay, it is sometimes desirable to have one section of the keyboard designated to sending that control information. It could be the area that your left hand is, to play chords of harmonies.
      In order to designate an area of the keyboard to respond to, a Split Point is set.
      Any notes, either above or below the split point, are deemed useable by the system. Notes outside the range are rejected.
      To set the Split Point, hold the SET button and press the note on your keyboard that you want to act as the split note.
      Then, to choose a split ABOVE that note, release the split note and press a note ONE SEMITONE ABOVE your split note.
      To choose a split BELOW, release the split note and press a note ONE SEMITONE BELOW your split note.
      This creates a split, above or below, with no transposition.
      In order to set a split point AND transpose the incoming MIDI notes, you will choose a different note in place of the ABOVE/BELOW notes mentioned above. It will seem a bit confusing, but does allow you to make both a split above/below point AND transpose either up or down.

      In the chart below, “X” is the split note, the point at which you want to split the keyboard, as explained previously.
      To facilitate things like “split above, but transpose down” we need to have settings both above and below your split point, that is where the chart comes in.
      For example, if you want to split ABOVE middle C, typically known as C4, but transpose DOWN so that C4 is actually C2, you’d do the following:
      1. Hold SET
      2. Press middle C (C4)
      3. Press the note 6 SEMITONES DOWN from middle C (F#)
      If you want to split BELOW middle C (C4) and transpose up so that C4 is C6, you’d:
      1. Hold SET
      2. Press middle C (C4)
      3. Press the note 2 SEMITONES DOWN from middle C (A#)
      You may need to experiment a bit to figure this out, but it does give you the ability to set your split point, split direction and transposition very quickly.
      I hope this helps.

      Thank you
      • Mar 2
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    Hello, i have a Tc-Helicon Voice Prism Plus that is having an issue it has been stored for a good many years and when i turn it on it has power but the splash screen never changes from the intro message none of the knobs or effects work either, does anyone here no how to fix this issue or do the even still support or service this unit i have read about others that have the same issue with this same model, Is there a factory restore for this unit any ideas or advice would be apreciated

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    Hello guys :) I love voicelive 3 but it’s been a while that l m waiting for an upgrade , so here is the question …is VOICELIVE 4 coming out soon?

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    • OPANOS
      PedroRodrigues Hi OPANOS please consider that at this moment we cannot provide any information on this matter, please keep an eye on our social media for any news on new units. Thank you
      • Sep 14
    • OPANOS
      OPANOS What about this? ?
      • Sep 15
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    I just purchased a Perform VG and tried to attach it to my mic stand.  I think it must only fit  the upper portion of the mic stand, but this still seems to be too large.  Mine, and most I have found are 5/8" diameter.  I have an older one that has an upper tube of 1/2".  This seems to fit well.  

    So which size should it best fit?  Will I break this if I try to attach it to the 5/8" tube?  

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    • MartyCansler
      PedroRodrigues Hi, MartyCansler I would suggest to use a mic stand with 3/8" diameter to use with the Perform VG
      • Jan 12
    • MartyCansler
      MartyCansler Thank you for your reply. Do you know who makes a mic stand with this size?
      • Jan 12
      • Mic Stand Mount size for Perform VG
        PedroRodrigues Hi Marty I'm sure you will find a few solution on Thomann
        • Jan 13
    • MartyCansler
      MartyCansler Thank you Pedro. Just does not seem common to find this 3/8” diameter and no one list these specifications online.
      • Jan 15
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    Hello I'am looking for the TC helicon Voicelive Rack MIDI System exclusive.

    I cannot find the codes of the Sysex for Voivelive Rack



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    I have a VoiceLiveplay and the internal power connection is done. Tried a new power adapter with no success. 

    I started a service request but, I have no idea how to find it or what to do next. Can anyone point me towards how to get this dealt with or what is supposed to happen next?


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    • ChrisPotter1
      RexBeckett Hi Chris, if you submitted a Care ticket for Service Repair you should get a confirmation email. Keep watch on your email spam/junk folder in case it ends-up there. It could be a few days before you get additional emails about the case. You should also be able to see the status of your ticket by clicking on Support at the top of this page then scrolling down and selecting Care Portal.
      • November 27, 2020
    • ChrisPotter1
      ChrisPotter1 Thanks Rex
      • November 29, 2020
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    Hello... is there a way to pan my vocals to the right channel (output to mixer) only so I can monitor the left channel (output to monitor) without hearing my vocals?

    Im using back tracks and hear my vocals in the ear monitor louder than the click track (left channel).




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    • JoseRGonzalez
      PedroRodrigues Hi JoseRGonzalez to be possible to reply in more detail please state what unit what you are referring to. Nevertheless generally on TC HELICON units that will not be possible but please confirm the unit you are referring to so I can provide the options available. Thank you
      • Jan 12
      • Vocal Output Panning (L/R)
        JoseRGonzalez VL3X. Sorry about that. I am using background tracks and need to monitor the left channel with in-ears, but my voice also comes out on the left channel and doesnt let me hear the click track. Thanks!
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        • Jan 12
      • Vocal Output Panning (L/R)
        PedroRodrigues Hi Jose, please be aware that the metronome is always on, even when it's not. It's constantly ticking away in the background, so even when you have the metronome set to Off, it's still going internally to calculate things like delay.
        You can go into the Mix menu and customize the headphone output - it's possible to make this just the metronome output by turning everything else down. You can change the metronome's tempo, but it must be done manually, either by going into the looper's Met menu, or you can button map an effect switch to Tap Tempo and dedicate one of your effect footswitches (either guitar, vocal, or both) to metronome tempo. Either way, when you go to tap in a tempo a window will pop up showing the current tempo, and you can use the preset up and down footswitches to edit the tempo 1 bpm at a time (or just tap it in). All the individual levels are adjustable as well, you have control over a Main Mix, Headphone Mix, Effects Mix, and Loop Mix.
        If I understand your situation, you want to be able to stop the loops and have silence for an indeterminate amount of time, then be able to stomp the loops back on and have the 1 beat of the metronome right when you press the footswitch. Unfortunately, I don't think this will be possible with the inclusion of the metronome through the main outs.
        It is possible to isolate the metronome to the headphone out jack via the Mix menu, so you'd be able to hear it. This would be a substitute for you looking down at the flashing metronome light when singing.
        • Jan 13
      • Vocal Output Panning (L/R)
        JoseRGonzalez Hi Pedro... I dont use the metronome. I create my own backing tracks and import them into the voicelive3 extreme. The backing tracks I make have the music I want people to hear in the right channel. The left channel has a click and some cues to help me during the song. When I play the track in the VL3x, the right channel comes out my PA, and the left channel goes into my ear monitor. The background track works great, but my voice comes out of the VL3x out both channels, so because of my voice coming out of the left channel also, I cant hear well what I have in the track. If I lower the microphone levels, it would lower the volume on both channels so then the vocals would be too low on the mix. What I did last gig was to just connect my microphone directly to the PA so I didnt have to hear myself on the track, thus leaving the VL3x used as a track player.

        One way I tought of fixing this is to recreate all of my backing tracks so that the left channel is higher volume than the right. Thats gona take a long time.
        • Jan 13
  • Floh1954
    Newcomer - Level 2


    which affordable expression pedals work best with the VoiveLive 2?

    That means, that there are no "dead" areas from toe to heel position.

    I learned, that most pedals with a 25 K linear pot in TRS-configuration work fine as an expression

    pedal, but I do not know the correct brands ( the pedal should be durable).

    Thanks in advance, regards,

    Florian Schneider

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    • Floh1954
      JasonB81 Hello Florian - This is the pedal I use for all my TC products - I highly recommend it.
      • August 14, 2020
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