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    For the Perform series of products: What is the maximum diameter for the microphone stand that these devices will mount to? 

    Any of my stands are too big, so I need to find something that will work.

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    • jmossman1
      PedroRodrigues Hi jmossman1, thank you for your post.please consider that the diameter for the microphone stand that these devices will mount to will be 3/8 inches around 9.525 mm. Thank you
      • October 21, 2021
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    My Voiceplay3 just powers up to a white screen, factory restet thru the headphone jack changes nothing. I've spent the afternoon trying to load voicesupport to my Mac but can't connect to a real TC Helicon download site and don't trust non genuine download sites.

    I suspect my firmware has become corrupted. 

    If i cannot get the maintaince screen, is it still possible to reload the firmware thru the usb port?

    Any other solutions or suggestions would be welcome


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    • pmulldoon
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi pmulldoon, If you have not yet done so I would recommend opening a technical support ticket for further assistance on this matter.
      This can be done via the support tab at the top of the page.
      • May 6
    • pmulldoon
      PedroRodrigues Hi pmulldoon, I'm sorry to barge in on this conversation, but in these cases you must perform the full Firmware update process after factory reset via the headphone jack is concluded. Please follow the link below to access the all the tools and guidance for this process. I hope this helps, Thank you
      • May 14
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    I have a play acoustic, and the power adapter, stopped working, so ive been trying to find a new one but they are ridiculously hard to find i was wondering if anyone knew where to find one?

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    • Txler39
      Dale_M Please go to the SUpport tab above and submit a parts ticket so the team can advise you.
      • Mar 14
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    While adjusting my Voice Live 3, I accidently moved aomething that is preventing my AUX plugin that inputs my Rythem machine into the mix. What did do and how can I fix it. Apparently the Reset button under the head phone hole does not work

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    • ByronJohnston
      PedroRodrigues Hi ByronJohnston, thank you for your post, please consider that Aux input and Monitor input are mutually exclusive. Only one may be used at a time.
      If you sing to pre-produced tracks and don’t have a guitar or MIDI keyboard connected, VL3X will read key/scale information from a music signal present at the Aux jack – this might be a song from an MP3 player or smartphone. Finally, VL3X can also read key/scale information from the Monitor In jack.
      To use USB audio as an Aux, simply connect VL3X to your computer using a USB cable and designate it as the audio output device in your computer. With this setup, a stereo audio signal will be streamed to VL3X that you can sing/ play along with. This audio signal will also guide NaturalPlay if no guitar or MIDI signal is present.

      Use the Aux Gain parameter to control the level of the signal received at the Aux input jack. If you are getting distortion when connecting an external music source to the Aux input, try turning this control down. Aux Vocal Cancel Parameter When you activate Aux Vocal Cancel, VL3X will attempt to remove vocals from recorded stereo music coming into the Aux input. Please note that the ability for Voice Cancel to “work its magic” is highly dependent on the mix of the incoming music. Stereo recordings with vocals directly in the middle and instruments panned far to the left and right tend to work the best.

      Use the RoomSense Auto-Detect parameter to add the RoomSense microphones built into your VL3X to the available NaturalPlay sources.
      Parameter settings:
      ► On: VL3X will “listen” to the RoomSense microphones for Key/Scale information if no Guitar, MIDI or Aux signal is present.
      ► Off: VL3X will ignore any music “heard” by the RoomSense microphones

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • Apr 3
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    I do live, and filmed, live looping. Any suggestions for adding drums to my live looping performances? I believe i can midi connect to drum machines but not sure of the choices I have. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I found the switch-6 setting on the Voice 2 but I also bought a switch-3.  How do I get to replace the switch-6 on the Voice 2?

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    Does anyone know when TC Helicon will begin fulfilling orders to the US?  Guitar Center told me that they haven't had any VoiceLive Touch 2 units since last year.  What's the hold up?  Does this shortage go beyond the US?

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    Perform VG does not hum when my lips touch metal mic.

    Otherwise, always hum.


    Ideas? Thanks!

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    • thebluebutcher
      RexBeckett Hi there, I suspect that your sound system does not have a ground connection. Check your power cables.
      • September 20, 2021
    • thebluebutcher
      PedroRodrigues Hi thebluebutcher , I would first suggest to perform a reset to your unit .To reset the unit back to factory settings, press and hold the Vocal Echo and Harmony buttons while powering up.
      It may a result of a faulty XLR cable or like RexBeckett mentioned below not having a ground connecting but can also be generated by the Roomsemse Mic, as this tools is most unpredictable of the key/scale trackers, since the room dynamics and chord information is most easily obscured and generate the issues you are reporting.
      • September 21, 2021
    • thebluebutcher

      SOLUTION... For all who are here.... Just putting the amp and all electronics into one outlet solved the problem... I guess the two outlets I was using are on different circuts....? Anyway, thanks to Pedro and all.

      • September 21, 2021
      • Background HUM
        AshleyKitson It's all about GROUND. Some/most units are happy to share ground. Mic input split into 2 for stereo will normally share ground (aka earth). Some units don't play nicely on GROUND. I have a TC Helicon VL3 and 'other' FX units. VL3 wants it's own power supply and ground. Supposed to be an 18V input, but it don't like sharing that input from a power supply for the rest of the board. So yes - try sharing a multi adaptor (your solution) or try separating. It's all about GROUND ;-)
        • October 1, 2021
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    I have a voicelive 2 and want to download the 500 preset pack, and also to upgrade the firmware.

    When I turn it on it shows: 

    VoiceLice 2 with VLOOP

    1.4.02 Build 127

    Sun: 1109  AVR 27

    I cant find any video or instruction online to show what cable to use. I assume its a printer cable that I use if anyone could kindly confirm? USB into my PC and then the printer cable square end thing into the Voicelive 2?

    I have downloaded the Voice support 2 stuff and Im ready. Just want too make sure Im using the right cable as I dont want to wipe the machine of mess it up :) 

    Also - is there a way of changing the effect assigned to the shortcut for a preset?


    Thanks in advance :) 


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    Has this pedal been retired? I can't seem to buy a new one anywhere


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    • rookiepedal
      WilliamR Hello, WIlliam from Musictibe here. Regretfully, the Voicetone harmony-g XT is discontinued.
      • December 23, 2021
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