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    Is it possible to save different profiles, where the levels persist between the different profiles? As in, say the mic level is moved to 75%, and when I move to a different profile, to keep that number. Ideally, I'd only alter the fader setup/lighting, not any of the other options. 

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    • jffry101
      PedroRodrigues Hi jffry101 Please consider that any profile you create will be able to store all the settings you need,how you require for any particular tasks. You will not be bale to share the MIC level between profiles but you must set up the same MIC level on each profile.
      • Sep 14
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    Can someone tell me the best way to record audio using Blender on PC or Android phone  ( not garageband) ? i have tried apps and software including  ...audacity,wave pad  etc...they recognise the usb drivers but still does not record???


    Anyone recommend what to use and how to go about it!!


    Many thanks and God bless

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    When plugging in my headphones to my GO XLR Mini, i hear a constant static/buzzing noise coming through. I know it's not my headphones because they work just fine with other devices. It's not my microphone because I can still hear it even when I unplug the mic. I've tried moving it's position, moving the other electronics away from it, but nothing is working. I've also tried plugging the device into different USB ports on my computer. The static/buzzing seems to go away whenever I put my hands on the microphone or the GO XLR Mini itself for some reason. Please get back to me when you can.

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    • cre5cendo
      Mazards Sounds like you might need a Ground Loop Isolater. They are like $12 on amazon and you should plug that in either the headset or microphone line in/out to cancel it out. If I am thinking of what you are talking about.
      • December 29, 2020
    • cre5cendo
      AndreasPeters I have the same issue but not constant. It is some sort of buzzing zirping ( Brzzzt -- tdt tdt tdt) which seems to occur in some irregular periodic time. It is even heard when the mic is unplugged. Any ideas?
      • Mar 6
  • Dexxa
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    The GO XLR is almost perfect.
    What is missing is an equalizer for the music channels
    Can this still be built into the software?

    that would be really great


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    • Dexxa
      john0121 Hi Marcus, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it along to the relevant team for consideration.
      • October 11, 2020
    • Dexxa
      Dexxa Hello, John,

      that would be great and I hope you can do the equalizer
      • October 13, 2020
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    i have one 1 question.

    i have the TC HELICON GO XLR and there is a Problem.

    everytime when im starting the Hardtune on the Board is there sometimes a sound bug.

    with my voice sounds like Pikachu.

    and i want to ask u why it is like that :)

     Thank u ahead.

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    I can't get my GOXLR to work, I just bought it, I went to the discord to get the best help I could. A few people tried to help troubleshoot but it did not work. My mic is unable to work so the item is basically useless at this time. There is limited support here and I would just like to send it in for service. Can anyone help me?

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    Hi all

    Wondering if any is kind enough to help.

    Im having issues getting any sound from my blender. I have drivers installed and can see it is connected via the app. Using Win 10 and Ableton 11. Trying to get some Korg Volcas to 'sound' but nothing. In fact since buying it I have only ever been able to use it via headphones.

    In truth I dont understand this at all. Struggling with connections for a wide range of kit.

    So how does anyone using this kit for ableton and external synths get sound in ableton?



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    • cow1970
      NicJonesMT Hi Matthew. Can you please submit a technical support ticket and we will then be able to advise you further.
      Simply click support at the top of the page and scroll down to the tech support option.
      • Jul 8
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    Hi, I would like to record with Cubase Elements on a PC. I intend to sing and play acoustic guitar through VL3X and directly go into the computer. Currently, I have taken the two output channels from VL3X and put them into my Scarlet 18i8 which goes into the Computer with Cubase on it. It works. The voice sounds well. But the guitar does not sound well. It is quite "thin" and sounds "differently" from what is e.g. coming out of the headphones. I have no effects plugged in in my cubase. It should record the incoming signal without any "enhancements". 

    Is there any way to take a smarter approach? Use the Audio function of VL3X?

    I am happy for any advice (that will save me time).

    Thanx in advance!


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    • AndreasUthmann
      PedroRodrigues Hi AndreasUthmann, please consider that the VL3X performs a ADC like your sound card therefor if you set up your signal as you mentioned you will suffer form over signal conversion and will have several issues on the signal arriving to your DAW. My suggestion is to connect your VL3X directly to your computer via USB.This is established through the USB-mini port in the back of your VoiceLive 3 connect that to your computer using the included USB cable, same as you would for a firmware update. User-added image. USB audio in VoiceLive 3 only supports 2 channels
      This means you unfortunately cannot do crazy multi-tracking with simultaneous separated auxiliary, backing track, stereo vocal, and stereo guitar channels. But we have included multiple modes for different uses to make the most of these 2 channels.
      There are three different input modes for VoiceLive 3 to receive USB audio from your computer, which are selectable in the Setup menu on the Input tab under the USB Mode parameter:

      STEREO USB audio from your computer is received with its panning intact, as a stereo signal. Incoming USB audio competes with the backing track player (Extreme only), and levels can be edited in the VoiceLive 3's "Mix" menu. USB output back to your computer is locked to a full stereo mix (wet vocals and wet guitar together)
      DAW TRACKING Incoming USB audio is stereo and one-way, as in VoiceLive 3 does not return the USB audio coming from your computer back into the computer
      DAW INSERT For applying VoiceLive 3's effects to dry audio from your computer. USB audio received from your computer is expected to be panned - audio panned left will go through VoiceLive 3s vocal path, and audio panned right will go through VoiceLive 3s instrument path

      There are also a couple output modes for how your VoiceLive 3 sends its audio (your vocal and guitar signals) into your computer, which are selectable in the Setup menu on the Output tab under the USB Output Mode parameter:

      STEREO USB audio output to your computer is a stereo mix of wet vocals and wet guitar
      SAME AS XLR The two left and right USB audio channels (1 and 2 respectively) sending to your computer mimic the two main XLR outputs from the VoiceLive 3
      DRY VOX L / GUITAR R Mono dry vocals are sent to your computer on channel 1, and mono dry guitar is sent to your computer on channel 2

      If you want to essentially use your VoiceLive 3 as a USB hardware plugin with your DAW, we recommend using the DAW INSERT input mode and the SAME AS XLR output mode, with the XLR Output Mode set to Dual Mono.
      With this setup, audio from your DAW panned left will be fed through VoiceLive 3s vocal path and back out wet in mono to channel 1, and audio from your DAW panned right will be fed through VoiceLive 3s guitar path and back out wet in mono to channel 2.
      On Windows machines, VoiceLive 3 is not compatible with ASIO drivers. We recommend using a native Windows driver like DirectSound, WaveOut, or Wasapi, which of the two gives you the lowest latency.
      If your VoiceLive 3 is not showing up as a selectable audio device in your DAW, please see this page.
      On Mac computers, VoiceLive 3 is class compliant and does not require additional drivers. Please be aware that upon release VoiceLive 3 did not support USB audio, this feature was added in an update (Build 336 - 9/2/2015). If you haven’t already, please use our VoiceSupport 2 application to update your VL3 to the latest available firmware. I hope this helps
      • Feb 17
      • Record in Cubase Elements with signals form VL3X
        AndreasUthmann Thank you, Pedro! I work on windows and my cubase does not recognize the VL3X. I suppose that has to do with the Asio drivers or whatever. (I have the most current firmware.) It still seems somewhat away form a "plug and play solution". I encourage TC Helicon to further work on the audio functions and make it easier (also for windows and without running into latenzy problems). For the time beeing - I am afraid - I will have to work differently. Although I saw a video on youtube which gives a good outlook. He probably works on a mac.
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        • Feb 21
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    Hi All,


    I have a client who has brought me a Go-XLR with a faulty headphone out which is whistling constantly. The reat of the machine is operational without issue. 

    My question is can I get a circuit for the headphone part of this machine only or is it a replacement CCT board to repair.?

    I have no issue with surface mount components so a repairs is not a problem.

    Can you help me please got one of your unit back to the client and working again..?

    Besr Regards,



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    • Finalizer50
      Nigel67 Hi Alex, I am really sorry, would love to be able to help you, but we are not permitted to distribute circuit diagrams. If the unit is brand new, is there any chance that the client would be willing to get the unit repaired under warranty? If it was purchased under 30 days ago, then they could claim DOA with the shop they purchased it from, or if it is over 30 days, then they could contact us via a Technical Ticket using the Support tab at the top of the page and get it repaired by us under warranty.
      • December 14, 2020
    • Finalizer50
      Finalizer50 Nigel thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to say my client bought this item second hand so warranty is not on the cards ... Could you at least tell me the headphone driver chip id as it appears to be obscure...? Other wise this item will be consigned to the door stop cue because a cost effective repair is not avaliable.
      • December 14, 2020
    • Finalizer50
      Finalizer50 Hope you can help ...
      • December 14, 2020
    • Finalizer50
      Finalizer50 Regards
      • December 14, 2020
    • Finalizer50
      Finalizer50 Alex.
      • December 14, 2020
      • Circuit Diagram
        Nigel67 Check IC16 (4521) pins 27, 28 (Out L-, L+), 29 and 30 (Out R-, R+). If they are clean try pin 1 of IC4 (L) (33078) pin 7 (R) of same device. If clean there, try C18 (L) and C35 (R)
        • December 15, 2020
      • Circuit Diagram
        Finalizer50 Nigel, you are a super star .... I'll Have a look in the next 24-48hrs ... Best Regards Alex.
        • December 15, 2020
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    Hello! I currently need help configure my goxlr to live stream on bigo. I already can hear music and mic on my earphones. Problem is there is no music coming out of the livestream. Usb on pc. Wired input on phone. Mic on xlr input. That's my current setup. 

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    • Direk666
      PedroRodrigues Hi Direk666 please consider that the GOXLR was designed to be interfaced with a computer as it requires the drivers for a stable operation. Please interface the unit with a computer. Thank you
      • Mar 17
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