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    Ive seen some vids on how to do it with Logic but since i only need to controll my MR-18, I dont have software at this stage. How do I replace the Function buttons with Bus 1,2,3,4 etc?




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    Is there somewhere a Changelog for the Behringer X-Touch and extender Firmware?

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    • ansolas
      JonBackman I was wondering the same about the v1.10 firmware for the X-touch One. There was a changelog for v1.07 but not for v1.10.
      • Aug 26
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    Second attempt as this message as first one crashed, probably due to the amount of time and words it was taking.

    Purchased the X Touch and very dissapointed. Great looking and good feel but implementation very poor. Basic stuff works out of box but that leaves a stack of buttons that dont send the command they are labelled with or just dont work. I fail to understand this as the majority of the buttons on the X touch are found in Cubase. Things like undo, save, cancel, shift, click Etc are all mapped to something totally different and cannot be changed. Other controller I have and have had over the years came with software which would allow remapping of the buttons, X Touch does not. OK i though i will simply remap them in Cubase using the excellent generic remote functon. I have used this on loads of gear in the past with excellent results, not with X Touch. While Cubase will accept button presses and save them, they cant be remapped to send to another command. Never had trouble like this in the past other than my last Behringer purchase, the FCB1010 foot midi controller. Again out of the box this was fairly useless and not until I purchased a third party firmware chip was it really usuable. Oh how I wish some clever person would create a custom firmware for the X Touch. This unit is a few years old but still liiks modern and is still for sale under current items on the Behringer site. Therefore I would love to think they actually cared about customers and would release another firmware to fix everything, perhaps creat templated which we can choose upon setting up?

    Failing that a software editor should be available. Its like getting in your car pressing the horn and your wipers come on. 

    Ihave seen there is a guy that has created some scripts in PureData to try to work around the many short comings of the X Touch, however its not a simple task to install so I am hoping there is another way to get this to function as it should. They should not be allowed to call it universa. The scribble strips dont change colour unless used with another Behringer product, the cursor buttons dont light, infact there are several buttons that dont light even though the website shows they are lit. 

    I am now going to look at the possibility of using Midi software to intercept the data from the X Touch and convert it to the correct data for that particular function Etc.

    If anyone has Cubase and has this workiing better than it did out of the box I would really appreciate some advice otherwise it will be sold and will be the last Behringer purchase I ever make.

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    Salve,please have you keep spare parts for Behringer BCR2000?

    This is the potentiometer with switch of the Bcr 2000. I am attaching pictures. If you also have a knob, you can add it to your purchase. I think the pot is 19/20Kohm, diameter 6mm and height 25mm: But surely you will have a pattern with part serial number.


    Fabrizio Danieli

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    • Izio72
      Nigel67 Hi Fabrizio, for spare parts, please go to the support tab at the top of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the new page that opens and submit a spares ticket via the spares tab. A colleague will then be able to get back to you with pricing and availability. Many thanks
      • December 14, 2020
      • Spare parts Bcr2000
        Izio72 Done, very thanks!
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        • December 15, 2020
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    xtouch with last fw (1.21) hooked up with x32 rack (last fw).

    Xtouch in xtcl mode and static ip.

    Connection works fine but.....there's some ways to change Scenes fron xtouch??

    Is it possible to know real value of volume fader channel? (-80 to +10)

    Is it possible to have a DCA group in the first bank fader?

    As default xtouch is unusable in my opinion!!

    I wrong something or this item is not good as I hope?


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    I've got an X-Touch and an X-Touch Extender both in HUI mode.

    When I push the "PAN/SURROUND" button on the X-Touch, pans for stereo tracks of the X-Touch change their side (left to right or right to left) but NOT on the Extender! Everything else is getting the right commands (like when I solo a track on the X-Touch the other tracks go muted on the X-Touch and on the Extender as well, same for "FADER BANK" button the tracks are well routed on the X-Touch and the Extender channels), the only thing that doesn't work is the PAN/SURROUND button that doesn't send the command to the Extender. What am I missing?

    Thanks for the help.

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  • BryanHenry
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    I am using my BCF2000 to control audio functions in vMix, and as I was mapping shortcuts, I saw that the push button function of the knobs came up as the same note on two different knobs.  Pushing on the #4 and #5 knobs, each came up as note 36 (vMix recognizes the button pushes as MidiControlChange).  It seems like knob #5 button push should be note 37; is there a way for me to correct this in the BCF itself?

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    Hi, I just bought X-Touch Compact. On the internet I found only a quick start guide, and on YouTube there are no videos with detailed explanations. Is there a complete guide for setting up the Compact with Cubase? I need to use it with the faders mapped via Behringer's Editing Software. What I need is to create a preset where the 8 faders control the CC11 on 8 different channels (this is just an example). I created this preset but I can't get it to work. Among other things, if I use the standard mode in the software I can map everything, but in MC mode I can't. But unfortunately I can't find a guide or tutorial (even video). Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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    • TheEngraver
      john0121 Hi Corrardo, if you using the X Touch Compact in MC mode then this is a fixed protocol, it's a emulation of Mackie Protocol and can't be changed in the X Touch. So if you want to use your own settings then it needs to be in Standard mode- you can then either use the MIDI editor to change control parameters or Cubase MIDI learn function. If you need more help with this then I would recommend to submit a technical support ticket via the support button.
      • November 1, 2020
    • TheEngraver
      TheEngraver Thanks. Yes, I know. I don't know anything about Mackie Control because this is my first time using external hardware with Cubase. I hope that with the MC standard there is the possibility to edit the Compact from within Cubase. Meanwhile I use it in Standard mode. The problem is that the editing software is not very intuitive and I can't find a detailed guide on the internet. The Readme file present in the Software folder only gives some indication. For non-English speakers like me it is difficult to understand certain things. For example, the difference between "fader-foot" and "fader-touch". Also I would like to know if once a channel is assigned to a fader there is the possibility to change channel on the fly, perhaps with the corresponding knob. Do you know if there is a detailed guide to using this software?
      • November 4, 2020
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    I am using an X-Touch Mini with Pure Data, receiving and sending MIDI data to and from it. Mostly, it works very well, but it has one behavior that keeps it from being truly useful for my music.

    The LEDs in the buttons can be controlled by sending the appropriate MIDI notes and velocity values, but only if their layer (A or B) is currently selected. E.g. I can send a MIDI note-on of 1, velocity 1, and the first button will light up, *if layer A is selected*. Now, if I switch to layer B and send the same note-on (1, velocity 1), I would not expect the first button to light up, because the first button of layer B is controlled by note-on 25, but I would expect the *state* of the first button in layer A to be updated to 'on' so that when I switch back to layer A, it is lit up. This is not the case, however. Apparently, the note-on is ignored if it is not in the currently selected layer.

    Because of this, it is not practical to use the two layers consistently.

    Is it feasible to fix this?


    Thank you,



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    Behringer : X touch one 

    DAW : Ableton 10


    Wondering how to use the faders with automation rather than just volume on projects ? 

    csnt seem to find anything online is there a link you could direct me to for mapping this template ?

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    • Soph123
      NicJonesMT Hi Soph123.
      You may need to direct this question to the Ableton team, as you would be better of using a MIDI learn function in the DAW. You can then assign the functions to the fader to record your automation, just ensure you remove these learn settings before proceeding with your mix.
      • September 17, 2021
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