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    Hi just purchase xtouch ( 8 channel ). I have upgraded to the latest version of Cubase 11 pro and updated the firmware to the latest one on the website. 1.2.1.


    Alot of the buttons are not working.

    Click track button

    Had to program it using function keys.

    Utility save , undo

    marker track

    midi track, input, audio track, aux , busses, ouyputs, user buttons all not working

    solo button not working

    drop button not working


    Is there a new firmware update being created so this product will actually work with daw programs



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    • AcrobatStar
      DaveMorrison Unless you have a Ryzen processor, there seems to be no reason to upgrade to 1.21. I haven't yet because all the posts on this forum have been negative regarding 1.21. Of course that means nothing and I really ought to try. I'm still sticking with 1.15 though. The X-touch is a clone of the Mackie Control and it works very well (at least in Logic Pro). However, all the functionality is provided by the host DAW. MCU mode generally has more support than HUI. I bet the Cubase forum will provide you more information on Mackie Control support than this site.
      • Apr 7
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    Hi everyone, 

    My band  just purchased an xtouch to be used as a daw controller,  (logic pro x) we are currently using the x32 as a controller but of course I have limited options , both have 8 faders Q:, can I use both together so I will have 16 faders for mixing, and if so do I have say to logic which one is the boss so to speak, or is it to complicated and just use 1 or the other. 

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hello everyone! 
    first I wanna say how much I love my new X-Touch! It is a long dream come true and After going through so many subpar daw controllers, the X-touch is blowing my mind! It works flawlessly with logic pro latest version, big sur latest version and more importantly with the new m1 macs! 

    there is one tiny thing though that kinda really annoys me and i spent days searching that corners of the web but to no avail!

    how can I sort, edit and re order the plugins list  that appears on the scribble lcd when i insert a plugin on a channel strip straight from the xtouch unit?

    My current problem is that that list is not at all the same as in the logic plugin manager. But even weirder, it shows me logic pro legacy plugins that are not even in logic anymore (ie; Fat eq, dj eq and Averb) and that long list of legacy plugins is alway on top and i have to scroll that encoder forever to reach the actual logic plugins and even further down for my 3rd party plugins! Now is there any way to edit that list?? 

    So to recap: I'm running logic pro 10.6.2 on a m1 mac mini with Big sur 11.3 and the Xtouch unit has been updated to that latest firmware 1.21 and I'm operating the xtouch on MCU mode! 

    any pointers would be immensely appreciated as that would make the unit a truly flawless control unit that goes from 9.5/10 to 10/10! 

    thanks everyone!!


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    Hope someone can help advise I am interested in the customisation features of the X Touch Extender,

    and was wondering what exactly could be done with the customisation software, in particular with regards to

    its use with the rotary encoders numbers 9 - 16.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to use the customisation software to permanently set  these rotary encoders into fx sends 1 - 8, so that they can be used to constantly adjust effect sends to what ever channel is selected at the time.

    I would be really grateful if someone could clarify for me as to whether this can be done or not using this compact DAW control surface. 




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    • JusRoc1
      PedroRodrigues Hi JusRoc1 please consider that the X-TOUCH COMPACT is a controller unit and the software control and customization stage is performed on a DAW or any other control software you wish to implement.
      It is on this stage where you customize and implement the type of control you are required to control any specific encoders on this unit.
      I would suggest checking some DAW and MIDI developers to find specific customization solutions for the encoders you mentioned.
      Thank you
      • Aug 1
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    here is a quick question

    I was wondering if i were to buy an X Touch Compact, how many xtenders could I combine with the master unit in total?

    Would I be able to connect enough to control 24 or 32 channels in total? Is it possible to connect even more? so as to give control for even 48 channels?


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    • JusRoc1
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi JusRoc1, If connecting via the limit is 254 devices as this is dictated by the protocol. However, if you were to use the X-TOUCH and X-TOUCH extender and connect via ethernet In theory the number of devices is unlimited. However, in practice, this would never be able to be proven.
      • Jul 30
    • JusRoc1

      Hi Chris, thanks for your reply and info. I was a little confused with regards to the question. Not so much due to the limitations of the MIDI protocol, but more so to do with the limitation of the HUI restrictions. Although perhaps the channel basic controls isn't included in this? I am not sure. Thanks again

      • Jul 31
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    I am currently testing Logic X in conjunction with a Behringer X-Touch and 2 extenders.
    Is it normal that some green level indicators on the X-touch extendes keep illuminated even tho there is no sound playing?
    They even stay illuminated when switching banks.

    When I click once on the  desktop and back on Logic, the lights are reset?!
    Is there a fix for this ?

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    • ansolas
      DavidKnighton Hello ansolas,
      This could very plainly be an issue with how Logic communicates with the X-Touch. Have you tried any other DAWs to see if it does the same thing? It's not a show stopper by any means, so long as the meters work as expected otherwise.
      • Jun 29
  • DNovin
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    Hi everyone,  

    I apologize if this has already been answered, but I searched and didn't see an answer.  

    I have the XTouch One, and I'm having a GREAT time with it.  However there is a feature I thought would be automatic that doesn't seem to exist, or I simply don't know how to configure it.

    When I use the Channel buttons on the XTouch One, it moves and controls the tracks in the mixer without issue.  However, if i select a track in Reaper, I was expecting the XTouch One to "jump" to that track, but it does not.  This seems like an oversight, or something that is "Wrong" in my eyes.  Having only one fader, it makes sense that the XT1 would jump to the selected track to help with workflow.

    Is there a setting I'm missing, or something I haven't done correctly to make this happen?


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    Is the X Touch controller compatible with Ipad (IOS) as I use Cubasis.




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    • chuckster101
      DavidKnighton Hi Chuck,
      I think the true question you're asking is, "is the X Touch compatible with iPad (iOS)"? The short answer is yes, but it gets a little complicated. The X Touch can output MIDI data to the iPad via a MIDI to Apple-connector-of-the-week cable. For example, you can use the MIDI to Lighting adapter here: The same brand also has a MIDI to USB-C connector in an adjacent link. MIDI is a standard protocol, meaning it's the same language for any device or software. You will likely need to program Cubasis to recognize the incoming MIDI data, or as most folks will call it MAPPING the hardware to the software. For more information on this, I would suggest jumping on a Cubasis forum and see what the broader community has to offer. Check out this thread here:
      • Mar 8
  • DNovin
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    Hi all,

    In Reaper, you have the ability to hide tracks in your mixer that you may not be using to mix, for example, midi tracks that output to other channels.  If I hide them in Reaper's mixer, the XTouch one still selects them as I use the Channel buttons.  Is there a setting I can use/configure, to have the XTouch one ignore/skip hidden tracks?

    Easier still, simply follow the tracks as they're laid out on screen?  In Reaper, you can mix with folders, and certain views allow you to move all of the folders to the LEFT of the mixer.  However the XT1 simply rolls through the channels as if nothing has moved.

    I hope this is clear, and I appreciate any help you can offer.  Thanks!

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    • DNovin
      DavidKnighton Hi David Novin,
      I'm not too familiar with Reaper, but my guess here is that when hiding the track, it's not actually removing it from the virtual mix desk. I.e. the track is still there, you just can't see it. With this in mind, the X Touch is only relaying the data that Reaper is portraying. Since the hidden track is technically still there, the X Touch is going to display it regardless, since it has no logic in the sense of hidden tracks. What I would suggest is moving these hidden tracks to the far end of your virtual mix desk so that they are all clustered together and out of the way.
      • October 21, 2020
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    Hey heroes,

    Question; we're using Behringer XTouch compact in a big european show for Ableton and triggering all kinds of cool things (graphics, AR, screens, lighting, etc...) we<3MIDI

    And now we're wondering if there's a way to send all midi data that's sent to the USB port, simultaniously to the midi-out DIN port on the XTouch Compact.

    It switches between modes 'USB' and 'Stand-Alone'.
    In USB mode all data goes to USB only. 
    In Stand Alone mode all data goes to MIDI DIN out.

    For redundancy reasons we'd like to try and make them (USB and midiDIN out) work at the same time.
    Another solution would ofcourse be DIN out > THRU box and split from there.
    If anyone knows how to make them spit out midi data simultaniously; hit me up!


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