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    Hey heroes,

    Question; we're using Behringer XTouch compact in a big european show for Ableton and triggering all kinds of cool things (graphics, AR, screens, lighting, etc...) we<3MIDI

    And now we're wondering if there's a way to send all midi data that's sent to the USB port, simultaniously to the midi-out DIN port on the XTouch Compact.

    It switches between modes 'USB' and 'Stand-Alone'.
    In USB mode all data goes to USB only. 
    In Stand Alone mode all data goes to MIDI DIN out.

    For redundancy reasons we'd like to try and make them (USB and midiDIN out) work at the same time.
    Another solution would ofcourse be DIN out > THRU box and split from there.
    If anyone knows how to make them spit out midi data simultaniously; hit me up!


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    I am new here and hoping some of you can help me with thoughts/advise on using the X-Touch (8 fader) controller with Reaper. I am considering buying this controller. I am running the latest version of Reaper on a Mac Mini that is running the latest (Monterey) OS. I've heard rumers of the faders being very loud when running automation. Is there a Reaper overlay for the 8 channel X-Touch? I saw a video showing an overlay for the X-Touch One and the setup looked very simple. Are there any issues I should be concerned with? Thanks!

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    • billyg
      NicJonesMT Hi BillyG.
      Unfortunately the overlays are for the XT1 only, however there are a few third party companies that sell these for the full size model.

      With regard to Fader noise, Personally I dont think they are that loud. There is a motorised noise however i dont find it obtrusive or distracting.

      The best thing I can recommend would possible be to look on youtube at user reviews or people actually using the controller.
      • Nov 21
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    I would like to use my x touch mini to control my x32 Rack via the x air edit software. Specifically I'd like to use it in a live setting to have individual output volumes asigned to the rotary knobs. Thanks!



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    • RobertKelly
      Paul_Vannatto X-Air Edit will only work with the X-Air and M-Air consoles. You need the X32-Edit to control an X32-Rack.
      • Aug 17
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    just like to say that i have been fault finding over the past week or so 

    in order to try and work out why the new x touch i have just brought for

    controlling cubase 11 pro, doesn't always work as it should


    what happens when it malfunctions is that the faders appear to work

    more like (digital inputs) toggle buttons than (analogue inputs) rotary encoders 


    from what i can work out, i think that it is a USB related problem

    perhaps power related 


    i can't say. but thought i would surrender my thoughts in hope of helping

    hope it helps behringer (and other users)


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    THis control surface had been working seamlessly with Presonus Studio One 5 on my Macbook Pro running Mac Os Mojave. I recently purchased a Mac Mini 2018, which came with Mac Os Big Sur already installed. I have since reconnected all of my audio and midi hardware to the Mac Mini and come to find that the Xtouch Compact is no longer responding in Studio One 5. Presonus states that the issue is with Behringer and that many third party developers are having a challenging time with Big Sur compatiblity. Has anyone else seen this issue with the Xtouch Compact and Mac Os Big Sur?

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    • bobbyval
      PedroRodrigues Hi bobbyval, please consider that when it comes to implement any of our units on MacOS11 / Big Sur, consider that, at this moment none of our units is compatible and when interfaced with this OSX version will lead to issues. and my not work.
      However, USB audio/MIDI function of our products is fully USB 2.0 compliant and should keep working under CoreAudio as before.
      • Mar 9
    • bobbyval
      bobbyval I have an update to this thread and issue! It is not a Behringer Xtouch problem and Big Sur, Mac Mini, etc! It is a Presonus Studio One 5 and their support of Big Sur issue, even though they have continued to deny it! Here is how I have come to this conclusion. In an attempt to reproduce the non-responsive Xtouch Compact on my system, I took the liberty of downloading Cubase 11 (which I already have a license for ) and installed it on this computer. After a few clicks in the studio setup dialog, the Xtouch Compact came to life with all faders and lights active! I wasted so much time with Presonus and them telling me quite convincingly that it was Behringer's problem.
      • Mar 23
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    Hello. Is it possible to use X-touch Extender with X-touch One?

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    • Olenga
      PedroRodrigues Hi Olenga please consider that the X-TOUCH EXTENDER was designed to work and an extension of the X-TOUCH and the X-TOUCH ONE was designed to work as one fader control to offer a smaller solution to control your DAW, never the less it may be possible to implement both unit considering that you may have duplicated functionalities on each. To assist you on this matter please check this video guide present on the link below
      • Apr 26
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    I have recently purchased a Xtouch Universal control surface. 


    I have managed to link the device to Cubase using Mackie controls and assign tools to the function buttons. There are issues with the transport, global view, automation and utilty buttons not doing as written. The buttons themselves show a MIDI input level when pressed. 

    I have updated the controller to the 1.21 firmware.


    Please help!!


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    • Ashleykeyte
      DaveMorrison The X-Touch is a Mackie Control clone. Your best resource is the Cubase forums. Pretend the XTouch is a Mackie control unit and learn what a real MCU would do. Then do that to the X-Touch.
      • Aug 1
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    My X Touch arrived yesterday. Incredible device!

    I've succeeded in connecting it to Cubasis on my iPad (via Bluetooth Midi) and the XR18 (via Ethernet RTP Midi). 

    X Touch is running firmware 1.21  

    There doesn't seem to be a way to configure Ethernet for Xctl and Midi for DAW control. I have to turn off rhe X Touch and use either MC/Midi or Xctl/Network. 

    Am I missing something?





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    I've just puchaged a X-Touch one and pluged it in my Asus Zephyrus G14 ZEPHYRUS-G14-GA401IU-110T.

    It's an AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS on Windows 10.

    The USB driver crashes with an error code 10.


    I'v seen the incompatibility in a post and a workaround for the X-Touch with the ethernet connection.

    But it does not work for the X-Touch One (no ethernet).


    This incompatibility is old and ther is a lot of AMD pcs out there.

    Is there some workaround ?

    It there some info on a fix release or work in progress ?


    Thanks for your help !

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    Hi guys, I worked on my XTouch with Daw (Magic Samplitude) some weeks ago, everything was fine. But I wanted to start a mix now and discovered that the scribble scrip, channel meter, timer (SMPTE) screen not working. Faders and other buttons worked.... every means of getting it working failed. What could have been the problem and likely solution pls?

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    • AyobamiIsrael
      Dale_M Can you advise if the scribble strip works in normal operation outside of the DAW? Are you saying this is a hardware fault?
      • Aug 18
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