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    Hello I was wondering can you hook more than 4 Behringer X-touch touch extender via the ethernet port and if so what ethernet hub do you recommend doing this with ?

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    • tazzboy
      NicJonesMT Hi Tazzboy.
      Yes you can use more than 4 but it is dependent on your DAW. Some DAW's will limit you to a set number of controllers. If I remember rightly Pro Tools will only allow 4 HUI controllers at the same time.

      I'd recommend you check with the DAW developer before you jump in Purchasing Multiple Extenders.
      • Mar 21
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    Bonjour. Je viens de faire l acquisition d un Xtouch one. J ai fais le tour du net pour trouver une solution mais hélas. 

    Je suis sur cubase 10.5 . Firmware 1.08. 

    Je n arrive pas a assigner les 4 touches F1 F2 F3 F4 . Si quelqu'un sait comment se y prendre, je suis preneur. 





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    After e-mailing Behringer numerous times and not getting a reply (customer service really sucks) I've decided to ask the group. Has anyone managed to convert the X-touch to run off 12V DC?

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    • BalRayat
      DavidKnighton Hello BalRayat,
      Are you emailing directly or are you submitting inquiries via the SUPPORT tab? You can't email support directly with new inquiries, you must first submit the inquiry via the SUPPORT page. Also, check your SPAM/JUNK folders as often is the case when you don't hear from the support team. As for running the X-Touch off of 12V DC, that would be extremely difficult to pull off. You would have to isolate the 120V AC SMPSU circuit and find where the DC voltage branches off to the rest of the system. It appears that the majority of the system runs off 5V and 3.3V DC, since the whole device is just data/control mechanisms and there's no audio opamp circuitry.
      • July 13, 2021
      • 12 V DC
        MikeHudson Get a power inverter.
        • August 2, 2021
  • FrankGNitty
    Newcomer - Level 1

    How to color change ss in mcu does anyone one have any idea?

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    • FrankGNitty
      DaveMorrison Short answer: You can't. Unless you want to send custom MIDI messages to the Xtouch, there is no color in MC and HUI modes (Only Xctl mode).
      • January 4, 2021
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    I have new lap top with Monterey OS. Logic latest version. 

    My X-touch control surface do not work properly. Communciation seems to be only one way from X-touch to Software.

    Information from Logic are not reaching X-touch (display does not show anything, feader position does not update and so on).

    Any one can tell me where is the issue?



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    • atouchofmusic
      DaveMorrison I often have to restart my X-Touch so I can both send and receive data. Sometimes I have to delete the control surfaces (Mackie) profile (Icon???) when I can't connect.
      I'm running Monterey with the latest version Logic. I'm running an intel machine though.
      • December 21, 2021
  • JDAtkinson
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    Is everything working between the 2? I don't want to upgrade Logic Pro and lose the use of my X Touch. Thanks.
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    • JDAtkinson
      DaveMorrison I have used LPX 10.5 with my X-Touch and X-Touch Extender. It seems to operate the same.
      • June 13, 2020
      • X Touch One & Logic Pro 10.5?
        JDAtkinson Thanks Dave. I have read on other forums that the bank select stopped working with the new LPX update.
        • June 22, 2020
    • JDAtkinson
      ioguti07 Hey my XTouch keeps on disconnecting from Lpx everytime I navigate away from the window when I come back to Logic the control is not responsive any ideas ???
      • June 16, 2020
      • X Touch One & Logic Pro 10.5?
        DaveMorrison Under "Preferences : Control Surfaces". Is the "Bypass all while in Background" Checked?
        • June 19, 2020
    • JDAtkinson
      shutteraxe So should the x touch be running in Mackie or HUI mode when using with Logic Pro X?
      • July 6, 2020
      • X Touch One & Logic Pro 10.5?
        DaveMorrison Mackie Control. Logic has the best implementation of MC on any DAW (probably because they wrote it).
        • July 6, 2020
    • JDAtkinson
      shutteraxe I'm still having issues with the new Logic 10.5 and my X-touch. The X-touch doesn't show as officially supported. Also it's a bad sign that there have been no firmware updates in a long time for the X-touch
      • July 26, 2020
  • PatrickCorrigan
    Contributor - Level 1
    The documentation shows that USB is supported in this mode. If I select MC mode I do have the USB option, and I can connect to my DAW in that mode. If I select Xctl/MC mode I only have Network and MIDI options and cannot connect to my DAW via USB. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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    • PatrickCorrigan
      DaveMorrison In Xctl/MC Mode, The DAW is alway connected by USB; thus, there is no choice. The Xctl section has the choice of Network or MIDI DIN to connect to the mixer.
      • June 30, 2020
      • X-Touch No USB option in Xctl/MC Mode
        PatrickCorrigan MC is how I'm connecting to the DAW over USB. Xctl connects to my XR18. As I said, if I select MC only, I have a USB option, which connects to my DAW. If I select Xctl/MC, I only have Network and MIDI options, and I cannot communicate with my DAW via USB.
        • June 30, 2020
    • PatrickCorrigan
      DaveMorrison I under standyour connection scheme and it is correct. If the system is working correctly in Xctl/MC mode, your DAW is supposed to connect using MC protocol over USB. The transport buttons will control the DAW and the faders change depending on SMPTE/beats button. If it's not working, something is wrong with your X-Touch.
      When you're in Xctl/MC mode can your computer see the USB device (you can check in "system report")?
      • June 30, 2020
    • PatrickCorrigan
      ChrisJanton Have you pressed the "SMPTE/BEATS" button on the right of the display? That switches from XCTL to MCU
      • July 17, 2020
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    I am trying to find out a way to change the footswitch function to punch in/punch out.

    Behringer has a program that allows this for the regular X Touch, but it seems there isn't one for the X Touch One.

    I haven't found any documentation for this, can anyone help me?

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    • Robbinsegg1
      WilliamR 1. The device ID for x-touch one is 0x41
      2. Make sure the x-touch one is in MIDI or CC mode, otherwise it will behave like a Mackie unit with emulation of the 8 fader blocks
      Protocol in MIDI/CC mode:
      X-Touch-one MIDI mode implementation:
      Buttons (standard MIDI mode):
      - Note on #0..34 (push: velocity 127, release: velocity 0)
      Buttons (MIDI CC mode):
      - CC #0..34 (push: value 127, release: value 0)
      Button Leds:
      - Note on #0..34 (velocity 0..63: off, velocity 64: flash, velocity
      65..127: on)
      - CC #0..34 (value 0..63: off, value 64: flash, value 65..127: on)
      - Control change 70 (receive and transmit)
      Fader Touch:
      - Note on #110 (touch: velocity 127, release: velocity 0)
      - absolute mode: Control change 80 (value 0..127)
      - relative mode: Control change 80 (increment: value 65, decrement: value 1)
      Encoder Ring:
      - Control change 80 (value 0..127)
      Jog Wheel:
      - Control change 88 (turn CW: value 65, CCW: value 1)
      Meter Leds:
      - Control change 90 (value 0..127)
      Foot Switch:
      - Control change 64 (push: velocity 127, release: velocity 0)
      - sysex (hex) F0 00 20 32 41 4C 00 cc c1 .. c14 F7
        - cc: bits 0-2: backlight color (black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white)
        - cc: bit 4: invert upper half of LCD
        - cc: bit 5: invert lower half of LCD
        - c1..c14: ascii characters (1..7: upper half, 8..14: lower half)
      Segment Displays:
      - sysex (hex) F0 00 20 32 41 37 s1 .. s12 d1 d2 F7
        - s1..s12: segment data (bit 0: segment a, .. bit 6: segment g)
        - d1: dots for displays 1..7 (bit 0: display 1, .. bit 6: display 7)
        - d2: dots for displays 8..12 (bit 0: display 8, .. bit 4: display 12)
      • February 19, 2021
    • Robbinsegg1
      Robbinsegg1 I thank you for replying. Sadly I’m not savvy on how to implement all of this info you’ve kindly supplied. The unit works as normal except for the footswitch, as far as I can tell. The way it behaves when the pedal is pressed is it goes into a rapid play stop, play stop, over and over. The only way to stop it is to unplug the pedal. I Logic Pro I tried to learn the pedal for record Toggle, but the same thing happens, just flashing repeated rapid record/stop instead.
      • February 19, 2021
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    Hi just purchase xtouch ( 8 channel ). I have upgraded to the latest version of Cubase 11 pro and updated the firmware to the latest one on the website. 1.2.1.


    Alot of the buttons are not working.

    Click track button

    Had to program it using function keys.

    Utility save , undo

    marker track

    midi track, input, audio track, aux , busses, ouyputs, user buttons all not working

    solo button not working

    drop button not working


    Is there a new firmware update being created so this product will actually work with daw programs



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    • AcrobatStar
      DaveMorrison Unless you have a Ryzen processor, there seems to be no reason to upgrade to 1.21. I haven't yet because all the posts on this forum have been negative regarding 1.21. Of course that means nothing and I really ought to try. I'm still sticking with 1.15 though. The X-touch is a clone of the Mackie Control and it works very well (at least in Logic Pro). However, all the functionality is provided by the host DAW. MCU mode generally has more support than HUI. I bet the Cubase forum will provide you more information on Mackie Control support than this site.
      • April 7, 2021
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    Is it possible to have the select buttons on the X-touch select channels on the Xair edit app? and the same in reverse when you mouse to another channel on the Xair app, couldnt the select button on X-touch light up on the approproiate channel?


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