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    Hello, could someone please provide me an German Bedienungsanleitung pdf for my VoiceLive. I couldn't find it on official sites! There is only availability from VoiceLive 2 on? Thank you in advance. Best regards Peter

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    • HitPit01
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Peter, unfortunately, there is not a German translated manual available for the VoiceLive, however, I have included a copy of the manual for you in the following link in the hopes this may be of some help.
      • November 17, 2020
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    Hallo ich suche verzweifelt einen Weg Backingtracks per Midi zu starten. Ich benutze das tc helicon voicelive 3 extrem. 

    Auch wenn ich den Start auf ein Taste lege, die sonst über Midi steuerbar ist, verliert diese Taste ihre Midi Fähigkeit. 

    Meine Host App ist songbook+ auf dem iPad. 


    Hello I am desperately looking for a way to start backing tracks via midi. I use the tc helicon voicelive 3 extreme.

    Even if I put the "start" on a key that is otherwise controllable via midi, this button loses its midi capability.

    My host app is songbook+ on the iPad.


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    • SHML18
      TC Helicon Hi SMHL18. If you need assistance with your TC Helicon products, the fastest and most effective way to directly reach our technical support team is at:

      - Diego
      • Jul 23
    • SHML18
      PedroRodrigues Hi SHML18, please consider that the below works successfully when triggering VL3X from Linkesoft Songbook via iRig MIDI2 interface.
      I hope this helps.
      Triggering commands are entered on the Songbook edit page which operates in chord pro hence {} brackets.

      {midi:CC32.# PC#}
      Where CC32 is the bank number and PC is the program preset

      Bank 0 runs from 1 - 128
      Bank 1 runs from 129 - 256
      Bank 2 runs from 257 - 384
      Bank 3 runs from 385 - 513 Note VL3x only has 500 presets

      Also note midi starts at 0 and not 1
      This is important when you want a particular preset. The PC entered needs to be -1 from the preset you want

      Example for preset 1
      {midi:CC32.0 PC0}

      Example for preset 129
      {midi:CC32.1 PC0}

      Example for preset 257
      {midi:CC32.2 PC0}

      Example for preset 385
      {midi:CC32.3 PC0}

      Calculating presets:
      If you want preset 208 on the VL3x
      208 - 129 (which is starting number in the bank 208 falls into) = 79
      So syntax would be {midi:CC32.1 PC79}

      If you want preset 494 on the VL3x
      494 - 385 which is starting number in the bank 385 falls into) = 109
      So syntax would be {midi:CC32.3 PC109}

      Its worth again noting on the VL3x the preset needs to be active to be selected. If there's nothing on preset 498 then the VL3x does not change when command is sent from the page on songbook you have chosen.
      • Jul 28
    • SHML18

      Hi, Mr. Rodrigues,

      I already understand the way to send midi commands from my app to the vlx3 and it works for functions like Chorus or Echo.
      Unfortunately there is no midi command to start the playback of a backing track via a midi command sended from the host app,
      to start a playback on vl3x in sync with the Text-Scrolling on the host app!? Is there a workaround? Is it possible to start
      the playback automatically while opening a preset initiated by the host app? (I know how to select a preset on the vlx3 via the app!)
      Best regards

      • Jul 28
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    I've been using my acoustic with my VL3 into a PA.  I decided to try using my strat with the VL3 into my Fender DR, but the unit creates a loud, high-frequency hiss even with the amps and cabinet simulations turned off.  It doesn't matter what else I adjust, it creates a constant hiss.  It's not as loud with my solid state amp, but still very noticeable.

    Anybody experience such noise issues?

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    • Dragonfly1
      PedroRodrigues Hi Nick, please be aware that the VL3 was designed to be connected directly to a Mixing desk or to a PA as you mentioned. When you use the output connecting Guitar TRUH the output signal does not transport any of the effects via 1/4“ TRS phone jack.
      • November 30, 2020
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    Mostly just a curiosity but can anyone tell me if the audio that comes into the aux input remains analog on its way to the headphone output?

    if it doesn't hit a adc and dac in its travels, is the same true for the guitar input if your not using the built in digital effects? 

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    • Sircates22
      PedroRodrigues Hi Sircates22 please consider that regarding to the Aux input, when a signal is detected here and no guitar is plugged in, Play Electric will use the music signal to figure out key and scale information, in the case of having a Guitar the unit will use this signal instead to figure out key and scale information. This means that I any case digital processing is always involved on this unit operations when it comes the input stage.
      • Apr 3
  • EricRyan
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    Direct link to VL3X latest firmware update (366?) please - I have no internet on my computer and must transfer the file from my phone to computer, then transfer it to new mini hd drive, then put drive into VL3X. Brand new unit sat in box, dry, cool environment unused for years due to long drawn out family tragedy. Now getting blue screen of doom. Starting from scratch with new HD drive

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    • EricRyan
      leah Hello @EricRyan ,

      We'd love to help! Please submit a Care Ticket by clicking the Support link at the top of this page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Technical Support to get started.

      • October 13, 2020
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    Is there any chance that the voice live play product could be upgraded to be able to store loops? That would be a great feature!!

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    2021-03-16's a question for you.
    I want to have the metronome sound on any preset that I have a loop assigned to. That's the easy part.
    The hard part (so far) is getting the metronome to shut off when I switch to a preset that doesn't have a loop assigned to it. It stays on the previous presets loop, hence the metronome is still going.
    I can get around this by creating an empty loop with the metronome off and assign it to that preset, but this seems a bit silly and wasteful of a whole loop slot.
    I've been all through the manual, but so far no luck. What am I missing?
    Thanks as always!
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    • JeremyGorman
      PedroRodrigues Hi JeremyGorman I presume you are referring to the VoiceLive 3 Extreme right, if you are please Keep in mind that tempo/metronome settings are saved with each Loop. Accordingly, triggering a Loop using a remapped footswitch will invoke these settings therefore the metronome will still be active. What I might suggest is based on your suggestion of having an empty loop you can try to see if works by If you set the Met Follows Playback parameter to ON, the Metronome will mute and unmute automatically whenever the Loop is playing, this will prevent the metronome from continuing after you press STOP and might not work on a empty loop. On another point I would also advise you to check the metronome sub-menu on page 138 of the manual that may offer a few more options that may help you achieve your creative intents. To access the product page where we have the manual available please follow the link below Thank you
      • Mar 16
      • Metronome question
        JeremyGorman Hi Pedro....first, thanks for responding! So no, I have the VoiceLive 3, not the Extreme and the issue is I need the metronome on for the entire time I am playing the song. That way I know I'm maintaining the tempo when the loop isn't playing, so the 'Met Follows Playback' feature won't work for me. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to have the metronome stop when I call up a preset that doesn't have an assigned loop. All of my presets that do have loops are fine, it's the ones that don't that are the issue. Any suggestions for that? Right now I have assigned an empty loop to those, to have the metronome off, but that means wasting an entire loop slot. Thanks!
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        • Mar 16
      • Metronome question
        PedroRodrigues Hi JeremyGorman please consider that if you are running the last FW available for the VL3 the implementation is exactly the same between both unit. Unfortunately there are some limitation when it comes to the Metronome implementation. I would suggest to follow the link below to confirm on the manual for your unit if any other implementation ight work for your. Please follow the link below :
        • Mar 17
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    buonasera domanda si puo registrare solo la voce collegandosi al pc se si come si fa grazie.........

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  • Sferna
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    Hi has anyone in UK tried to power their harmony singer (v1) via batteries or a power bank? I've got some busking in the next few weeks and looking for what equipment to buy to make this happen. 

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