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  • Rafa78
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    Hello, how can I update the firmware of the wizard series finalizer plus.

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  • New
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    I have a KT-2a and am wondering what the small Stereo Link trim pot does? I am mainly using the KT-2a for tracking and am wondering what it should be set to?



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    • RichardPenrose
      KyleJohnson Hi Richard, Kyle here with Music Tribe. The 2A-KT units can be Stereo linked via a TRS cable so that you can use a pair of them. The Trim is there so that if you see inconsistencies on the gain reduction meters between the 2 units you can correct them with the Trim.
      • November 13, 2020
    • RichardPenrose
      RichardPenrose Hi Kyle. Thanks for the info. Where should the stereo link trim be set when using a single KT-2a for tracking?
      • November 14, 2020
      • Klark Teknik KT-2a - Stereo link trim?
        KyleJohnson Thank you for your patience. Keep it at the Default/0 setting when using a single unit.
        • November 16, 2020
  • New
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    Trying to wrap my head around how to use the compressor section on the DCX2496. I understand it's intended to be used for ducking & de-essing. But has anyone figured out how to use it as an overall "mix-bus" so to speak? If I left the EQ flat and engaged the compressor, would that work?

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    • ZachMalinowski
      DavidKnighton Hello Zach,
      are you asking how to use compression in general or how best to use it with the actual product? Compression is generally used to the audio peaks down while lifting the soft audio. Ducking is a type of compression that pulls the audio down when another source is playing. Example, a bingo hall wants to play music, but they also need to announce. The announce mic will trigger the ducker to lower the music so the announce is more prevalent in the mix. If you want to just use a compressed audio, then it's possible to do so, just don't engage any of the other elements, such as EQ, Crossover functions, etc.
      • February 12, 2021
      • Compressor Section on DCX2496
        ZachMalinowski Sorry I'm just getting back. I understand how Dynamic EQ works. I just want to use this function as a compressor. I've attached photos on how 's currently set up--- Basically have a low shelf that I pulled to to -7dB. Then I have the threshold at -15dB, ration at 6:1. In theory, since I didn't pick out specific frequency bands, It technically should act as a basic compressor, yes? I am using the limiters, but I wanted some compression to glue the low end together, and didn't want the limiters to have to brick-wall everything.
        • February 25, 2021
  • New
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    Hi KT team, I've followed a previous post from before Xmas and contacted suppliers re availability of a pair of 2As in a bundle I need.

    Thomann replied with "sold out and not expecting any more". Please can you advise if 2A has been discontinued, I'm ready to order a pair of 2As, a pair of 76s and a dimension.


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    • AudioForge
      PedroRodrigues Hi Audioforge, please be aware that I can confirm that the units are not discontinued, in regard of availability I would advise you to contact another reseller to request that information about these product as we do not have access to information of third party company that distribute our products. Thank you
      • January 14, 2021
      • KT2A / 2AKT
        AudioForge Great news, thank you
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        • January 14, 2021
  • New
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    Last year I bought a Shark FBQ100 from my local vendor. Estimated delivery time were January this year. When January came, the delivery date got moved to April. The month came and went without and update.

    I contacted the vendor this month, and the response was that it isn't on stock in China. Other vendors abroad have either removed it from their sites or has delivery dates many months into the future. No specifics were available regarding production status.

    So, I try to seek an answer, hopefully from a more direct source.

    Has this become a discontinued product? Any status regarding production?

    Some clarification would be appreciated.

    I apologize, had trouble finding an e-mail to contact, or an appropriate channel to direct this question.

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    • samaron
      Paul_Vannatto Good chance that they have been held up due to the chip shortage, like many other electronic devices and automotive vehicles.
      • May 18, 2021
  • New
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    Hi folks.

    Is the KT-2A going to be available again? I'm keen to have one, but if not I will look at other options. Thanks.

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    • willowsam1
      john0121 Unfortunately as we do not directly sell products to end users we are unable to provide any information on pricing and availability of products. You will need to instead directly contact one of our resellers/partners and they will be able to advise you further. You can find the details of our international retailers/partners at the following link:
      • November 1, 2020
  • New
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    I was recently made aware of the bypass on the 76-KT, and was wondering if the KA-2A has an option?


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  • V61Church
    Newcomer - Level 2

    Hey guys, I am trying to set a limiter on the Main Out of my XR18 to boost my stream broadcast mix and protect it from clipping. The only limiter FX on the XR18 is the 'Precision Limiter' which doesn't have a threshold to set. Does anyone know how this Precision Limiter works? Also, the GR meter doesn't engage on the Xair iPad app.


    Are there any ways around this FX Plug in or anything I can do to have a make-shift Limiter on the XR18?


    Feedback to Behringer on the XR18 - could you add another standard Limiter plugin on the XR18?

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    • V61Church
      RexBeckett The Precision Limiter does work in a strange way. I generally use the in-bus compressor. This has all the controls you would expect on a compressor/limiter.
      • October 2, 2020
  • eddydunlapsteelguitar
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Is there an A&R person for Klark Teknik or is it all under the Berhinger/Musictribe personel? I've got a KT-2A and EQTP-KT and have made multiple tags in my instagram stories and posts with their gear in use and have tried to contact someone about purchasing more directly from them. If anyone has any info on who to contact, please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Raggydoll
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    I have filled in a ticket completely for registering my 76 KT. When I click on register nothing happens.
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    • Raggydoll
      Dale_M Have you received any email confirmation or a ticket number?
      • July 1, 2020
    • Raggydoll
      Greene Can I register a product on the mobile app?
      • September 20, 2020
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