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    I am trying to run guitar and bass through an FX2000 via a Focusrite 8i6 and have tried multiple connection options all to no avail. The best I'm able to get to my DAW (Logic Pro X) is a dry signal when running the guitar to 8i6 #1 input then out from 8i6 #3 output to fx2000's input. Thanks KHweg

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    • KHWeg
      PedroRodrigues Hi KHWeg please consider that the FX2000 must be set up via XLR,1/4" TRS or via MIDI to your sound card, please confirm that your soundcard offers the routing requirements for the FX2000 and also confirm how you have set up the routing on your DAW to allow the signal that outputs form your DAW is allowed to input again. Please check the link below that may help you on this set up Thank you
      • April 20, 2021
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    Добрый день!!! У меня испортился эфект в микшере xenyx 1002fx!!!! Испортился ATmega8 которая загружает пресеты в процессор эффектов!!!! Что бы поставить новый ATmega8 нужна программа (прошивка) для ATmega8!!!  

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    • nissan62
      Dale_M I am afraid we are unable to share such files, we can advise on a warranty repair or a replacement PCB? If you wish to choose either of these pleae go to the Support tab and select Service or Spare parts.
      • Jan 20
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    got here via tried to contact parts dept. i need 4 knobs, lefti side, and the 4 shafts as just bought this piece and these parts are missing. any info much appreciated.

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    • r3iii
      NicJonesMT Hi R3III
      If you select Support at the top of the page, and then scroll down you will be able to submit a Spare Parts Ticket.
      • June 6, 2021
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    Ich betreibe den 3D FX2000 speziell für die Elektro-Gitarre.

    Ich möchte nun die Effekte I.074 Crunch und I.075 Blues zusätzlich mit den Effekten Reverb und Delay versehen.

    Wie muss ich dazu vorgehen?

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    • antares20
      PedroRodrigues Hi antares20 please consider that the FX2000’s MIDI editing options are shown on seven pages. Enter SETUP mode.
      With the help of the 1st EDIT CONTROL, you can select seven different MIDI functions. Data input is always carried out with the JOG WHEEL. the following pages can be selected:
      OMNI: The second page gives access to omni mode. In this case, the unit receives MIDI data on all 16 MIDI channels. “ON” appears in the display. With the Jog Wheel, select “OFF” to deactivate omni mode.
      DR.EN: In this mode, the FX2000 can receive SysEx data from another MIDI device. To load this data, turn the JOG WHEEL slightly so that the display blinks. Start your sequencer, and all of your settings, including preset parameter settings, are received by your VIRTUALIZER 3D.
      Data transfer is interrupted by turning the JOG WHEEL slightly so that “----” appears in the display. ◊ During a SysEx data transfer, all audio functions of the VIRTUALIZER 3D are inactive.
      To store all presets outside the VIRTUALIZER 3D, you can use a special form of MIDI communication called system exclusive data (SysEx).
      With SysEx, the VIRTUALIZER 3D sends information about its manufacturer, unit type, and all parameter settings for all presets to a sequencer or MIDI file recorder.
      To activate this very practical function, press the SETUP key in SETUP mode. Turn the 1st EDIT CONTROL to select “DUMP”.
      Your VIRTUALIZER 3D is now ready to transfer your system exclusive data. Select a track on your MIDI sequencer, get ready for recording, start the recording and turn the JOG WHEEL.
      The data transfer is indicated by a “GO” in the display.
      To load the data back into the FX2000, select “DR.EN” in SETUP mode .
      Turn the JOG WHEEL until “DR.EN” blinks.
      Now, start your MIDI sequencer and the preset data is automatically transferred to the FX2000.
      In this mode, information sent from the MIDI sequencer is automatically stored while receiving, without asking for confirmation.
      For more detailed information on this matter please follow the link below to access the unit’s guide

      I hope this helps

      Thank you
      • August 11, 2021
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    Where would this be put in a Pedalboard Chain? 

    FX loop?

    Thanks in advance.


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    • Stillgrinning
      Stillgrinning The other pedals I have are NUX Looper, Behringer Chorus and a Tuner.
      • March 18, 2021
    • Stillgrinning
      DavidKnighton Hello Stillgrinning,
      I would put the tuner before everything else so that you have clean tone for tuning, and then put all the effects in front of the looper so that you can loop the effected signal. Example, Guitar>Tuner>Chorus>FX600>Looper>amp.
      • March 18, 2021
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    Does anyone know how these two units compare? I know the rev2496 is discontinued, but any comparison information between the two would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Regarding the above case number.


     I sent you the guitar pedal by your return courier service Hermes. That was on the 25th February and to date I have heard nothing back yet. 

    Please would you bring me up to date with what is happening please as this is the only way to contact you as you have turned off your email 




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    • kevyoung50
      WilliamR Hello Kev, I've reached out to service directly. Someone should be in touch with you ASAP.
      • Apr 22
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    I have a Mackie mixer with 4 microphones going in. I want to use the line level effects out loop of the mixer into a DR600 to add reverb to the voices. Does the DR600 accept line level input into the 1/4 jack or just guitar level input?


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    A post in the FB-Group "Behringer Synthesizers User Group" about a Reissue of the Roland RE-201 had over 300 likes in one day.
    Do you hear us? 

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    I guerss it's possible to combine two or more settings, but I'm stumped at just how to do it. For example, if I wanted to combine reverb with the AM Radio effect...what are the step by step procedures to do this?

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