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  • 2020-07-07
    What is the best way to insert outboard processing equipment? I want to insert an outboard digital EQ & processor on my L, R, & S. Those outputs are feed via my digital snake out of my DL32. I found YouTube videos online but I am worried about not being able to feed my outputs via my digital snake. I am worried if I feed my outboard gear at FOH via the Aux In/outs I will not be able to send my L, R, S signal down the digital snake. On a normal console, I would just use the Insert connector located on the back of the console. Is it possible to use an insert cable out of the Aux Out port o the outboard gear?
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    • Stephen Reichenbach
      Dr Paine In short, Yes you can. You can use the Aux Jack sockets on the rear of the console. You can use a maximum of 6 Inserts. To assign, simply select the channel (i.e. Master), Then, in Home or config you can turn the insert on. In the config tab select the insert assignment (normal defaulted to internal effects). Scroll down to find Aux 1-6 and select accordingly. Stereo channels will map consecutively i.e. 1 = 1&2.
      • Aug 4
  • 2020-07-01
    Hello everyone. I have a DEQ2496, when the turn on, LCD show " errorcode 12 [1] ". If anyone know what error code 12 [1] or that there is an error code table of DEQ2496, please help me.
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    • Hai Nguyen
      Hai Nguyen help me please
      • Jul 2
    • Hai Nguyen
      Leah from Music Tribe Hello haisun, if you haven't already, please submit a Care Ticket using the Support link above. We'll be glad to assist you. Thanks!
      • Jul 9
      • Help me, DEQ2496 LCD display " Error code 12 [1] "
        Hai Nguyen I created a Ticket Number: CAS-115557-V6Y9D1 from July 1, but still have not received assistance. Please help me !
        • Jul 20
    • Hai Nguyen
      Hai Nguyen Thank for your interest. I created a Ticket Number: CAS-115557-V6Y9D1. Please support me.
      • Jul 11
  • New

    I have a Behringer deq 2496 at one time it said it needs a up date now the screen comes on but it is blank is it worth getting fixed it is over 10 years old.

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    • John Procacci
      Paul Vannatto Hi John, it may cost more to repair than to purchase the latest version. Is there a specific purpose you intend on using this product?
      • Mon at 7:32 AM
  • New

    Hi all

    Does anyone know the polarity of the ext. power?

    I have a generic power supply but I don't know if positive is in the center or not; living in italy is very diffult ti find an original one


    Many thanx



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    • Adriano Francesco Torraca
      Adriano Francesco Torraca oh, damned T9 ....
      • Mon at 9:40 AM
    • Adriano Francesco Torraca
      Rex Beckett Hi Adriano, the power connector is a 3.5mm TS jack with tip positive. It will work with a supply of 8-32 Volts dc at very low current. Use 24-32V if you want to run it at pro signal levels (max 14dBm).
      • Mon at 10:08 AM
  • 2020-07-03
    Hello.can anny body help me about my DN360. I can hardly hear the audio out when tried use last week. If the DN360 is off there is a audio coming out possibly its because bypassing signal trough relay.but if i switch on then the audio is hardly to hear.
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    • Dionesio Gallo
      Nigel Turner Hi NujCGallo. Is this a brand new DN360 that you have just purchased. if so, then it is possibly because you have wired your cables up unbalanced as Pin 2 Hot, whereas the DN360 is Pin 3 Hot. if this is not the case and you have had it working previously, then there are a number of possibilities such as power supply or relays. It will probably be best for you to submit a Support ticket using the Support tab at the top of the page.
      • Jul 3
      • Klark teknik DN360
        Dionesio Gallo Hello Turner.! You are correct the the hot is pin 3. I have another question about dn360 wich is correct in the input signal is pin 2 hot or pin 3 hot also.? Thank you for the help.
        • Aug 12
    • Dionesio Gallo
      Dionesio Gallo Thank you for the help i wil try to submit support ticket.
      • Jul 3
    • Dionesio Gallo
      Dionesio Gallo anyone recognize this unit if this is clone by china or original but made in china.?
      • Aug 7
      • Klark teknik DN360
        Nigel Turner Its very hard to identify clones these days. From the looks of it though, this is one of our units manufactured in our factory in China
        • Aug 24
      • Klark teknik DN360
        Nigel Turner The SQ1 graphic in pin2 hot unlike the DN360 you were originally asking about which is Pin 3.
        • Aug 24