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    Do you think we'll see native support of M1 Macs for Clarity M plug-ins??

    That would be amazing, because I need to use Rosetta2 mode only for my Clarity M :(



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    I have a Clarity M set up as AES input 1.

    Aes is connected to the Clarity via the included cable and adapter.


    When My Clarity M is off I have to disconect the AES cable to be able to power it on, or switching on my AES interface after the clarity M.

    If AES signal is present my Clarity M won't power on...


    Is it a normal behaviour ?


    Swithing AES signal level from professional to consumer doesn't change anything

    Using optical spdif in place of AES does works great, but I have to use AES...


    Thanks for your help

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    Hi, i just purchased the Clarity M, and i am having issue to have it set up with the optical cable. I cannot use it in AES, because it's not available. I only option to Adat. Can Someone help please?

    It only says:"Optical No Lock". 

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    • jcave55
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcave55, thank you for your post, please ponder that the Clarity M via optical does not supports ADAT, the optical connection must be via S/PDIF . Thank you
      • May 11
      • Clarity M
        drvibb Doesn't support fiber optic ADAT? That is ridiculous. It is an industry standard on converters. I am having the same issue.
        • Jul 7
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    Hey guys,

    just wanted to check in if there is an update for dialog gated measurement including BS-1770.1 planned at all.

    There is a rising number of Netflix productions coming our way and I am tired of using VST Plugins for metering. Any chance for an update on this?

    Greatly appreciated,


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    • hendrix97
      PedroRodrigues Hi hendrix97, thank you for your post, the BS.1770-1 from 09/2007 was superseded by BS.1770-4 form 10/2015.
      The P/LOUD group, to what TC ELECTRONICS belongs to since it’s foundations, which is part of The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), has defined the RI 28 standard based on ITU BS.1770.
      The group also added tools such as a relative gate that ensures even more consistent loudness across genres and types of program material. Some of these tools have been implemented in the updated version of ITU's recommendation: ITU BS.1770-4
      Basically, the R128 standard builds on 4 tech documents: EBU Tech 3341, EBU Tech 3342, EBU Tech 3343 and EBU Tech 3344.
      The Clarity M operates with the followings standards, ITU BS.1770-4, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, TR-B32 and OP-59.
      Thank you
      • Feb 10
      • Dialog Gated / Netflix Preset for Clarity M
        hendrix97 Hi Pedro, thanks for the reply.
        I do understand R128 and the background of loudness measurement all coming from those EBU Tech documents all the way to ITU BS.1770-4. And I am happy that is included in the Clarity M standards.
        Unfortunately there are delivery specifications directly asking for different measurements. One of the biggies is the Netflix Specification which states to mix to "-27 LKFS (+/- 2 LU) dialog-gated using ITU-R BS.1770-1". This has nothing to do with R128 we all know from mixing for german television for example. The Netflix Specs can be found here:
        #h_01ESQ5ZVNHAQH0ZVPPJ5N3B793" target="_blank" title="">

        Other meters have adapted and provided different presets to mesaure to these specifications.
        Any chance tc would be willing to adapt, too?
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        • Feb 10
    • hendrix97

      ok, so no mixing for Netflix using the Clarity M. Thats a bummer.

      • Feb 10
    • hendrix97

      Yes Bummer. Would be great if a firmware update could fix this issue.

      • Jul 16
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    How can I connect my clarity M stereo to Motu M4? This interface doesn't have spdif, only line outs (RCA).

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    • vpn19
      PedroRodrigues Hi vpn, the Clarity M Stereo does not offer an analogue input so you would not be able to connect your Motu M4 directly to the Clarity M . The unit offers AES3 and S/PDIF inputs as well as it can operated via Plug-in mode on your DAW. I would suggest to check a few S/PDIF converters that any help you on this set up and output form your monitor out on your M4 and inputting on the Clarity M via S/PDIF. I hope this helps. Thank you
      • November 17, 2021
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    i am using x-touch one (Firmware 1.10) with FL Studio 20.9.

    My problem is that i can use only Master + Channel 1- 8 at Channel 9 its over and not usable.

    I tried different MIDI settings but its allways the same.

    Where could be the problem?

    Thank you!

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    I purchased a Clarity M on eBay from a 3rd party vendor. Unfortunately I did not test the unit for a few months after receiving it due to relocating my studio. When i finally plugged the unit in, I noticed the screen blurred and froze after a few minutes. I would have to guess it's a lose chip inside. Can someone recommend a place I can send it to get repaired?

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    Hello, I would like to know if I can use the Clarity M Stereo as a stand-alone measuring system.

    I need to connect it to my mixer output in order to evaluate any kind of signal coming out of it. Is it possible without using a DAW?

    Many Thanks


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    • stefanoinjun
      PedroRodrigues Hi stefanoinjun, thank you for your post, please take in to account that the Clarity M can be used as a stand-alone measuring system via AES using the SUB D cable supplied with the unit or via S/PDIF using the digital connection on the unit. For more detailed information on this matter please follow the link below to access the manual for this unit : Thank you
      • Mar 28
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    I just got a Clarity M Stereo and was looking for some guidence. I have an Apollo 8/Dangerous D-Box Setup with an additional Apollo16 for synth inputs. I was wondering what would be the best way to setup the Clarity M to be able to see whats going on when I sum through the D-Box? I'm not sure it's possible but thought I'd ask.


    Thanks in advance!

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    • ADV

      Hi ADV, thank you for your post, I would suggest to feed the signal to your Clarity M via S/PDIF, please confirm if your unit offers S/PDIF out. If this is not possible you can also set up your Clarity M via AES. To connect your unit to an AES/EBU-based device, a BNC-to-XLR adapter will be necessary, we recommend the Neutrik NA2FBNC adapter for this purpose, the BNC-to-XLR adapter is included with your unit, I hope this helps. Thank you

      • Mar 18
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    Hey guys the library button on my clarity m is not working i just bought it 7 months ago and I don't understand 

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    • lazarusmusiq
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this, please go to the support tab above and select Technical for us to assist you.
      • August 2, 2021
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