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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Hi everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing great! I'm very happy to announce that starting today we are running a special promotional offer for the U-PHORIA UMC202HD computer audio interface. This opportunity is only available for a limited time to our customers in the USA so be sure to act fast while supplies last.

    If you are interested in participating in this promotional offer then you can follow the link below to purchase one for only $59.99** (Normally a $149.99 Value) and includes FREE Shipping.

    Click here more information:


    The incredible U-PHORIA UMC202HD bridges the gap between your creativity and your fans.

    An ultra-fast USB 2.0 studio in a box, the UMC202HD connects your mics, guitars, keyboards and other instruments to your computer so you can record your next masterpiece in mere minutes. And for editing, mixing and sharing your music, the UMC202HD comes with a free download code* for Tracktion – a world-class professional, fast and easy-to-use Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

    With the UMC202HD, and your talent – the sky truly is the limit!

    * Free Tracktion download requires product registration at
    ** While quantities last
    ** USA Customers Only
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  • NSomerville

    Midas LIVE Webinar: What Goes On Tour... with Chris BraunMidas LIVE Webinar: What Goes On Tour... with Chris Braun

    WEDNESDAY 13th MAY - 3:30pm CEST/2:30pm BST/9:30pm HKT

    The Midas Live Webinar series continues but this time we are mixing things up a little!
    Brand leader for Midas and driving force behind the Heritage-D console Peter Sadler will be joined by sound engineer Chris Braun for a live discussion around touring life, mixers and all things audio! 

    Chris Braun has been a Sound Engineer for over 15 years. Working his way from making coffees as a studio assistant to working on Grammy and ARIA Award-nominated & winning records and touring around the world. 
    For the last 10 years, Chris has spent most of his time at Front of House and touring with the likes of All Saints, M.I.A, Portugal. The Man, Jon Bellion, Sheppard, Chet Faker, GOTYE, The Rubens, KIMBRA, Allen Tousaint, Dean Lewis and so on.

    While in the forced downtime that we’re all experiencing due to COVID-19, Chris is using the time to up-skill in many areas of our industry from brushing up on new mixing techniques and skills to putting in some solid time as part of the MIDAS HD96 and WAVES beta teams.

    WEDNESDAY 13th MAY - 3:30pm CEST/2:30pm BST/9:30pm HKT

    Register here:

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    • NSomerville

      Has this been posted anywhere yet? I missed some of the stuff they said about I/O box compatibility.

      • May 15, 2020
  • HenrikMidtgaard
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    Dear customers,

    Welcome to the new home of the TC Helicon forum!

    As previously announced, we've moved our forum onto this new one, featuring a lot of the other MUSIC brands.

    You should receive a welcome email within the next few days, with all the details to on-board you onto to the integrated experience. We request you to reset your password that will open door to a wealth of information related to all MUSIC brands and collaborate with a broader group of MUSIC customers.

    At the moment some links appear as text, but we are working to resolve that at the moment.

    Warmest regards
    Your TC Helicon team
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  • ChaseMcKnight
    Triber Contributor
    Dear All,

    We are excited to announce that we have a Live Broadcast happening next week from our Music Studios location in Los Angeles. This session will consist of a short presentation followed by a live question / answer session where you will have the opportunity to see your questions answered in real-time by our product specialists. The details for next week's session is below, all you need to do is click the link at the start time. Note that you will need to be signed into a YouTube / Google account in order to participate in the Chat. Hope you can make it!*

    Date / Time: Thursday 1/14 4PM PST
    Topic: M32 Digital Console
    Description: In this Live Broadcast, we present the M32 Digital Console. We will cover the basic feature set of each model before opening the floor for a live question and answer session with our product specialists.

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  • Virn
    Community Manager
    Take a quick look at the new features in the video below.
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    • Virn
      TonyBuenger Hello
      • June 12, 2020
    • Virn
      DwayneAasberg this is not see whats new. this is more confusion.
      • June 14, 2020
    • Virn
      HomerWentz I agree. More confusion
      • June 14, 2020
    • Virn
      Ab4471 Hey gang
      • June 15, 2020
    • Virn
      Ab4471 I’m a bit confused by all this, new joiner, is this a Behringer site? I have technical questions about my x32 rack software upload onto
      • June 15, 2020
      • The New Music Tribe Community is Live!
        ChuckNH I'm in the same boat. I just signed up yesterday. Cumbersome process and totally confusing. Spent $800 dollars on one of their products and now can't even update the firmware or get a straight answer as to when their migration to new server will be complete.
        • July 2, 2020
  • rovi-mortell
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    • rovi-mortell

      That would be Sunday (US)

      12 noon Eastern

      11am Central

      10am Mountain

      9am Pacific

      I think...but who's checking  Looking forward!

      • November 15, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Hey Gary @GaryHiggins , the earth turns the other way around. Germany gets the sun before we do. So it would mean midnight (12:00 am Monday) Eastern time, 1:00 am Central, etc.


      • November 15, 2019
    • rovi-mortell
      So is it out yet?
      • November 16, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Hi Paul. Announcement is 6pm or 18:00 German time meaning Gary's correct. 

      I'm guessing those times in the US mean a lot of church techs going to be listening to something other than their pastor's sermon. 

      • November 16, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Do we sign up somewhere? I'm confused. 

      • November 16, 2019
  • JohnDiNicola
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear All,
    We are happy to announce the release a new firmware for X AIR XR12 and XR16 Digital Mixers, version 1.10. You can find the update available for free download on the XR12 / XR16 product pages here at This update addresses the following:

    - linking of line input gains fixed
    - correct indication of 0 dB fader position
    - XR12 ch 1-4, 10-12 phase fix
    - XR16 ch 1-8, 14-16 phase fix
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    • JohnDiNicola
      MelLyon After 3 years of use suddenly today my XR12 Is Not Connecting To The Mixer Software on my Laptop... Could it be windows or Macfee blocking?
      I have tried 3 different laptops and the the mixer is not generating a SSID signal during rescan. So no connection is happening. I am having problems connecting XR12 To software laptop. Purchased June 5 2017 and the unit has had minimum hours of use in my home studio. Watch the video and Any solutions offered would be appreciated.
      • December 23, 2020
  • New
    Music Tribe

    Today I turned 60. Please allow me to share a few words of gratitude.
    I grew up in a little town in Switzerland in a musical family, learning to play piano from the age of four. My father taught me electronics and as a teenager, I set about putting my knowledge into practice by repairing our neighbors’ radios and TV sets. Combining electronics with my passion for music would set me down the path that would define my future. I spent every free minute in music stores, playing the latest synths and drum machines until the owners would kick me out because I couldn’t afford to buy any of these instruments. Later, during my studies as a sound engineer, I played piano in bars and coffee shops to earn a living. I quickly learned the struggles of a working musician, especially when I tried to build my own recording studio because the university didn’t have much equipment. That’s when I discovered that many of my friends shared the same challenges, which inspired me to start building my own equipment in my living room and share them with my friends for the price of only the components. These life experiences defined my purpose and passion for making audio equipment affordable for everyone.
    Looking back, I have been extremely fortunate. Amazing people helped me along the way, without whom I could have never traveled this journey. I can’t count the many mistakes I made and how many times I fell on my face – and often I felt like giving up. But my passion and belief that there is always a solution, together with the help of wonderful people, got me back up and running. Today, I believe that dreams, passion and discipline are the keys to success while setbacks are the best lessons in life.

    I have had truly amazing mentors, friends and employees in my life who helped me along the way, but also grounded me when they thought my ideas were wrong. Success is never measured by your bank account, job title, or the car you drive – but by the impact, you have on the people you serve. And you never achieve success alone – it’s always the people who have helped you that deserve all the credit. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by people I love, respect and admire – people that truly inspire me.
    When you enter the last third of your life, you learn to put value on your time and focus on what matters. In my twenties, I thought driving a fancy car and wearing a nice suit were the definitions of success. Little did I know how meaningless these things are. Over the years my priorities have changed and I have since become an extreme minimalist – a feeling that is truly liberating and enlightening, providing me with peace of mind and happiness.
    For many years I neglected my piano. I have now started to play again and I also spend much of my time learning and mountain biking as they have become a big joy in my life. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in my life and my special gratitude goes to the family, friends, employees and Customers who believe in me. I couldn’t have done it without you and nothing is more fulfilling than pursuing your dreams and being surrounded by people who stand by you, no matter what.
    On my birthday today, I’d like to give myself a gift, which is to support two organizations whose cause I deeply believe in - to provide musical education for underprivileged children in remote areas. These organizations do truly amazing work so please support them too if you can.

    Thank you for everything.

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    • Music Tribe

      Happy Birthday, Uli :-) Wish you all the best ,Everyday surrounded with Happyness,Love and success :-)
      • April 13, 2021
    • Music Tribe

      Happy birthday Uli Behringer My hero for making the gear I want at a price I can usually afford. Don’t listen to the haters just keep on doing what you do best.

      Oh and while I have your attention there’s a man called David Knighton works for music tribe here in the u.k. he is a great asset and ambassador for your company who has helped me out with problems for the last two years, you might want to consider him for a promotion or at least a pay rise as he exemplifies everything you have strived to achieve at Behringer.

      Happy Birthday once again. Stay safe and virus free. Steve
      • April 14, 2021
    • Music Tribe
      portionofspace Happy Birthday Uli. I turned 64. yesterday. we have the same birthdate. and for my birthday, my wife got me a brand new 2600, which arrived today. thank you for sharing the joy!
      • April 15, 2021
    • Music Tribe
      Ntrsn Happy birthday Ulrich . Thanks for all the great products and passion for music . Greetings from the German Hollandian border yes not so far from the old Behringer adress;)
      • April 26, 2021
  • New
    Music Tribe

    Thomann and Music Tribe to Enter Super Partner Relationship

    Hans Thomann, CEO of Thomann GmbH and Music Tribe’s CEO, Uli Behringer today announced the entering of a strategic relationship. The focus of this Super Partner relationship is to deliver an obsessive Customer Experience with unique collaborative opportunities to realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to learning and education as well as a unique supply chain integration to ensure all products are always in stock and readily available.

    Hans Thomann commented: “The Super Partner relationship between Thomann GmbH and Music Tribe is unprecedented in the industry. However, it is a continuation of decades of close and trusted relations between our two companies. What unites us is that we are both owner-led companies that focus on our customers, characterized by flat hierarchies resulting in the ability to make decisions quickly and flexibly to the customers’ benefit.

Music Tribe with its retail brands Behringer, TC Electronic, TC Helicon and Bugera, etc. has become our no.1 selling brand while also offering one of the highest product quality levels. It is also rooted in a close personal relationship between two visionaries in the industry. Music Tribe's famous speed and flexibility in developing new products and optimizing existing ones meshes perfectly with Thomann's renowned spirit of innovation in customer service and dedication to getting their customers the best deal possible in terms of both support and prices.

    Thomann supports customers in their buying decisions with a 400-strong team of sales agents who can draw on detailed product expertise and state-of-the-art training to advise them in 24 languages and are available through all current means of communication. A staff of 300 exclusively provides after-sales services from instrument and equipment repairs and maintenance to supply of spare parts, with a dedicated separate call center offering rapid and straightforward assistance in twelve languages.

    The newly launched Super Partner relationship will build on the excellent two-way communication between Thomann and Music Tribe. In the past, both companies have frequently cooperated in determining production quantities and flow of supplies. Now, they will enter into co-development of new products and optimization of existing ones. Thomann is known for putting the customer first and will do everything to enable Music Tribe to react even more immediately to customers' desire for new and optimized products, while Thomann will achieve greater availability of Music Tribe's portfolio at significantly reduced prices for the customer.

    The most vital goal for us as an MI retailer is to preserve and enhance musicians' enjoyment by advocating for them and providing them with the best possible service and an unparalleled customer experience, and to constantly improve our efforts in doing so. In this endeavor, Music Tribe is an ideal partner, since we share the vision to always get the best deal to our customers; we can and will build on this vision. We strongly believe in the quality of Music Tribe's portfolio, and we are overjoyed to now enter into a new-level partnership with Music Tribe to meet the constantly growing demand in a forever evolving market. Working closely together to coordinate the production and availability process promises benefits in greater availability, efficient costs structures and more attractive prices.

    With this Super Partner relationship agreed, we look forward with a great sense of optimism to the future: a shared future in which we will be even better able to satisfy the demands and fulfil the wishes of our international customers.”

    Music Tribe’s CEO Uli Behringer commented: “Hans and I have a personal relationship for more than three decades. We are both extremely passionate to take this great relationship to an unheard-of level, in order to serve our Retail Customers. For decades, Thomann has been leading the industry through unsurpassed Customer Experience, which perfectly matches Music Tribes’ Customer Obsession Vision. This strategic relationship will now open the door for a deep integration and collaboration – all for the benefit of the Customer we all love to serve.

    How will the Customers benefit from this new Super Partnership?

    1. Product Availability.
    Music Tribe is one of the very few companies in the industry that manufactures nearly all its products in-house ( This allows us to ship all our products from our China and Malaysia factories directly to Thomann’s warehouses, saving huge time and cost resources. Our Customers will enjoy much faster access to new products, all at reduced pricing. 

    2. Innovative Solutions.
    Thomann’s tremendous product and market knowledge will enable huge opportunities around co-innovation for new products. With Music Tribe’s 8 global Innovation Centers and 400+ world-class engineers, we will be able to turn around product ideas in record time. We’ll soon be rolling out a Customer Co-Innovation application that will allow our Customers to directly participate in the definition and design of new solutions, products and features. 

    3. Product Marketing.
    Both Thomann and Music Tribe will collaborate in the creation of digital learning and education content in order to help Customers to maximize the usage of Music Tribe’s products. In the coming year we will be launching our Music Tribe Academy, an interactive Learning Management System, where our Customers and Partners can co-create courses and other content. 

    4. Customer Service. With the setup of this new strategic relationship, Thomann will now directly be supporting and servicing all Music Tribe products through its own Call Center and inhouse Service Facility. Music Tribe will serve Thomann with global support services as well as spare parts supply directly from our factories, hence drastically improving the product turnaround time.

    Music Tribe’s Retail products do enjoy an industry-leading 3-year warranty upon registration at Music Tribe’s Community (”

    Music Tribe’s COO David Hunter added: “We are truly excited about this wonderful relationship with Thomann, while now taking it to a complete new level. We’re currently reinventing our whole organization by means of extreme digital transformation and automation of all repetitive processes. Our objective is to become a highly strategic and insight driven organization, and we’re currently investing over US$ 50m in fully automating our current China operation. Last year we acquired 50 acres of land in Malaysia where we’re planning our second fully automated manufacturing plant.

    We’re very proud to have entered into strategic relationships with Microsoft and Siemens around a state-of-the-art 4.0 factory ( in line with our relentless execution on our Customer and Digital Obsession Vision.

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  • rovi-mortell
    Community Manager
    In part 2 of this Klark Teknik, Lab Gruppen and Tannoy webinar, we'll be discussing recommendations for loudspeakers, amplification, DSP & control solutions. Click any of the session links below to register to your preferred webinar schedule: Session 1: June 19, 2020 - 10:00 AM Europe/Berlin • Session 2: June 19, 2020 - 9:00 AM America/Los Angeles • Session 3: June 22, 2020 - 10:00 AM Europe/Berlin • Session 4: June 22, 2020 - 9:00 AM America/Los Angeles • Be sure to include any questions you have with your registration so we can answer them live. See you there! #KlarkTeknik #LabGruppen #Tannoy #LIVEWebinar #Part2 #loudspeaker #DSP #Controlsolutions
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