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  • JohnDiNicola
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear All,
    We are happy to announce that the official X32-Q for Android app is now available. X32-Q for Android adds full personal monitor mixing capabilities to the X32 Digital Mixer. Each musician can control their own monitor mix with full access to all 32 input channels individually or through BEHRINGER's exclusive MCA (Mix Control Association) faders. Each band member can group inputs to four MCAs allowing for one-fader control over a group of channels, greatly simplifying the mix during performance.

    You can download the app free of charge from the Google Play store at this link:
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    • JohnDiNicola
      Roblof Cool.....!
      • October 9, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      PatrickGMaillot Thank you... Now I cannot get the app to work properly (as I would expect) with a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 (10"). The app is correctly setup, out of demomode and connected to the X32 (standard, FW2.08).

      Moving faders on the X32 have no feedback on the app, and vice versa. The meters are working though i.e. the meters move on the app as they do on the X32.

      Now for the funny part, when also (simultaneous connections) connecting with a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, the app connects to the X32, correctly shows animated meters (as displayed on the X32) but again, fader moves on the X32 are not reported to the apps. BUT moving faders on one app shows on the other app but not on the X32 !!!!

      Any clue???

      I guess I'll stick with Mixing Station which work in every situation.

      • October 9, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      BrianMonroe Finally! The people rejoice.

      Patrick, Remember this app only mixes Bus Sends. Unless you have Sends on Fader pressed you're not going to see any changes on the desk. (my best guess for your issue)
      • October 10, 2014
    • JohnDiNicola
      PatrickGMaillot Ah, that explains it then!, OK. I'll check/test it that way then. What I don't get then is why waste all that precious screen space with rather wide faders strips for all the channels if they can't be moved nor follow the deck faders?

      Oh well...

      • October 10, 2014
  • JoeSanborn
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear Paul Vannatto,

    On behalf of MUSIC Group we would like to offer you our congratulations on your 5,000th post!!
    This is an incredible milestone and we want to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks for all you do for the forum community.

    Your experience and selfless willingness to help so many others in the community are to be commended. We have experienced good times and challenges and truly appreciate your positive attitude and helping hand. You have always managed to respond to others with respect and offer solid guidance for those seeking help.

    We are eternally grateful for all your contributions and look forward to many more to come in the future!! We will be sending you a very special Gift as a token of our appreciation.

    Congratulations on behalf of MUSIC Group.
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    • JoeSanborn
      Paul_Vannatto Thanks Joe. It has definitely been an adventure. Having the opportunity of helping others worldwide through this forum has become very fulfilling.
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      Roblof Yeah, he must sleep with his computer and x32 with one eye open Smiley Tongue.

      I'm only close to 2000 posts so I have long to go...

      Congratulations Paul!
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      Michael_Lapke Way to go Paul!! This is incredible, congratulations! Smiley Very Happy
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      PatrickGMaillot Yes! Congrats Paul! makes all of us feel like babies
      • April 10, 2015
    • JoeSanborn
      MarioVano Yay for Paul!!!

      • April 10, 2015
  • ZachariasZachar
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I'm thinking of upgrading to Win10 from Win7 in July. Will the current drivers for both USB & Firewire be compatible with the new operating system? Will there be a new driver for win10?

    Just want to be reassured that's all.

    Thank you,

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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator

    2015 marks the 3-year anniversary of the X32 Digital Mixing Console and we have some very exciting news to share with the forum community, see below.

    5/10/2015 Los Angeles – Behringer today announced a major reduction in the U.S. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of the Company’s best-selling X32 and X32 COMPACT Digital Mixing Consoles, and their respective Touring Packages (TP). The new pricing takes effect on May 15.

    “Sales of our X32 Digital Mixing Console have far exceeded our expectations, with the X32 rapidly becoming the industry’s best-selling digital mixer of all time. The X32 mixer has revolutionized the market and until today offers an unprecedented audio quality with Midas designed preamps and connectivity with the P16 Personal Monitor system. High profile customers include Earth, Wind & Fire and the famous “Whisky a Go Go” club in Los Angeles,” stated MUSIC Group Senior Manager, Experience Joe Sanborn.

    “We decided the best way to celebrate X32’s 3-year anniversary was to make it even more affordable. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to all who have put their faith in the Behringer brand. This new pricing puts the vast X32 feature set within reach of even more musicians and sound engineers.”

    The new U.S. MAP will be: X32 ($2,299.99); X32-TP ($2,699.99); X32 COMPACT ($1,799.99) and X32 COMPACT-TP ($1,999.99). All models are covered by Music Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.
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  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Dear All,

    We're glad to announce that the latest v1.21 of the X AIR App for Android is currently now available for download from the Google Play Store! See the official release notes below:

    BEHRINGER X AIR Android app for X AIR Digital Mixer Series

    The X AIR Android® App allows you to control all mixing, processing and effects functions of BEHRINGER's X AIR digital mixer series right from your Android® tablet or smartphone.
    X AIR version 1.21 delivers comprehensive control for the X18, XR18, XR16, and XR12 mixers. The user interface is configurable for either simplified access, or expert level editing, for mixing 18 input channels to 12 buses. Control is also provided for the 4 internal stereo effects processors – all of which feature the critically-acclaimed BEHRINGER X32 audio processing engine.

    The X AIR app provides the mobility to go where you need to get the most out of your system, enabling you to adjust your house mix from any seat or fine-tune monitor mixes from on-stage. Since all BEHRINGER's X AIR mixers feature internal access points, setting up the X AIR app couldn’t be simpler – just select the X AIR network and connect your Android® device to it. Upon opening the app, your X AIR mixer will show up as a controllable device, and will even allow you to lock your Android® device to that specific X AIR mixer. You can also run the X AIR app in demo mode without connecting to your BEHRINGER X AIR series mixer. Additional hardware is not required, making the X AIR Android® App the ideal solution for seamless remote mixing applications.


    Control all Input Levels, incl. Preamp Gain, Low Cut, Phase, Phantom, Stereo Link
    Channel Parametric EQ Control – fine-tune EQ from anywhere in the room
    Configurable RTA overlay on the EQ editing screens
    Metering Overview – whether you use the Android® tablet or smartphone remotely or at the console, all levels at a glance

    Control bus send levels of input channels conveniently from their channel faders
    Detailed Preamp/Configuration, Gate, Dynamics, EQ and Bus Sends pages
    4 Full Effects editing screens for Hall Reverb, Vintage Room Reverb, Modulation Delay, and Dimensional Chorus, or more than 50 other studio quality effects

    Use single bus-send mode for personal monitoring application without risking to affect any other signal path


    Support for XR12/XR16 USB recorder functions with i/o metering
    Show and Scene storage in the app
    Faster data synchronization between X AIR mixer and application
    Improved IDCA performance


    Compatible with Android® devices running Android® 4.0 or higher, display sizes larger than 5" recommended
    X AIR 1.21 requires X AIR series mixer firmware V1.09 or higher, or can be used in demo mode
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  • PhilGates
    Contributor - Level 2
    Hi all,
    My name is Phil Gates, and I'm happy to have become a new member of the BEHRINGER team.
    I don't want to post a resume or anything, I just wanted to say "Hi" and introduce myself.

    I have experience with analog and digital mixers, guitar products, guitar amplifiers, analog and digital recorders, a variety of the usual suspect DAW software platforms, etc. I've designed, and built rigs for folks, set up studios, and in general have been around the block a few times when it comes to audio and gear.
    I know the X32 mixer as a hands on user, as well as the P16 family of products for monitoring and in ear use. Love 'em!

    I've also spent a fair amount of time over the years touring internationally as an Artist, and have worked as a FOH engineer.

    I'm here to help, and will be jumping in here on the forum to do just that.

    Thanks for your time.
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    • PhilGates
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Phil,

      Welcome to the forum. Glad to have to onboard.

      • August 21, 2014
    • PhilGates
      Roblof Jupp, Welcome!
      • August 21, 2014
    • PhilGates
      GlennAdams Any relation to Bill?
      • August 22, 2014
    • PhilGates
      BillYekel Hi Phil!!

      WELCOME!Smiley Happy
      • August 25, 2014
    • PhilGates
      PhilGates Thanks for the welcome everyone! No relation to Bill, but I have a feeling that I'd have a lot more gear if I were!
      • August 25, 2014
  • JoeSanborn
    Contributor - Level 2
    Real Name Policy

    Dear BEHRINGER Forum User,

    In the interest of a more professional, courteous and respectful atmosphere we are converting our forum user registration names to “Real Names” from artificial user names. Kindly review the policy stated below to better understand why we are making this change and how you can change your user name to your real name.

    BEHRINGER Forums “Real Name Policy”

    Thanks for your interest in the BEHRINGER forums. Before you can post you’ll need to set up an account using your real name in your profile. We use a “Real Name” policy as a means of preventing spam, distasteful or disrespectful posts and other content that is contrary to the stated objectives of these forums. We want this to be a place where BEHRINGER owners, users and prospects can talk about their experiences and share their knowledge with one another.

    What’s In a Name?

    When we say “Real Name” we mean the name that everyone knows you by; not necessarily what’s printed in your passport. Of course your last name (family name) needs to be as printed in your legal ID but your first name might be a shortened version or derivative. Or, it might be a middle name that is how everyone knows you. Either way, the intent is that if your real name is “Jonathan Edward Smith” you could list it as John Smith, Ed Smith, Edward Smith or Johnny Smith if that’s how people know you; you just can’t call yourself “Johnny Appleseed”.

    When registering, make sure to format your username as two capitalized words, such as "Joe Sanborn", as opposed to "joe sanborn", "JoeSanborn" or "jsanborn"

    For those of you with unusual first or last names, or that typically use initials, this will help keep your registration from being deleted. We get dozens of SPAM registrations per day and usernames rendered as one word in all lowercase are virtually impossible to distinguish from the SPAM accounts.

    What If I’m Already Registered with a Pseudonym?

    You will need to edit your profile to update your current name to your real name. Your login name will therefore be your real name and will appear on all posts and responses. You may use up to 30 characters, including spaces so you may include a middle name if space permits.

    Thank you for your continued interest in our forums.
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    • JoeSanborn
      JoeSanborn Our Guide to Forum Etiquette

      Your Reputation, Image and Behavior

      Too often, the anonymity of the internet is exploited. Internet users behave in ways that they would not behave in face to face situations. As forum users we need to employ greater self-awareness and sensitivity to the tone and presentation of our posts.

      We must not forget that we are talking to real people! We are all participating in a fast-paced environment where we lose the subtle advantages of body language to read intentions. This absence of indicators, which normally helps us to decipher tone and intention, can pose problems. In the absence of these valuable traits (voice tone, facial expressions, body language and other social cues) the judicious use of emoticons and well considered language can help make tone and intention clear and polite to our fellow forum users.

      Good etiquette shows respect for others. The anonymous, distant nature of the internet should not encourage a disregard for the importance of mutual respect and good manners. Being curt with someone, offering clipped responses, using abusive or derogatory language to demean a fellow user or their opinions or showcasing bigotry, vulgarity, racism or profanity should not be considered acceptable behavior. Remember: you may be anonymous but every post you make contributes to your online reputation and image. Don’t do yourself a disservice by behaving otherwise to how you would behave in face-to-face situations.

      MUSIC Group Forum is an open minded and progressive platform to discuss audio technology, products and most of all helping other users. No one opinion is “right” or “wrong” and debates which aim to prove or disprove another’s point of view, is futile. It’s far better to embrace the freedom that a forum offers to openly share in different perspectives and opinions.

      Most importantly: have courtesy, respect, a sense of humor and try not to take things too seriously. The forum should be enjoyable for everyone and even the most controversial and serious of topics can be explored with a light heart.

      On the forums, as in real life, proper etiquette is essential to getting far. Not only does it reflect upon the type of person you are but it also reflects on the clan you are in, if you are in one. Proper grammar and spelling does not only benefit you but it also makes reading posts easier on others, on your peers. Although this might seem like an asinine guide, it is needed.

      Use correct spelling

      I know that the forums consist of many different people from all over the world, many of whom do not have English as a first language. Typos happen and are an acceptable fact of life but if you can just read over what you wrote before you post it you can save everyone a lot of time and yourself a lot of trouble. If your post is filled with spelling errors chances are multiple people will say something about it, usually requesting you to change it. Make your life easier!

      Use an open mind

      Just because you disagree with someone does not mean you should go off flaming them and spamming on their thread. Be considerate! No one likes a flamer/spammer!

      Use the search tool

      Before posting, take a second and use the search function to see if anyone else has already posted about this. If you use the search button no one can blame you if your's isn't the first post after all.

      Use private messages

      When you need to talk to one person specifically don't post a post directed to them and only them. Send them a private message! Not only is this easier on you and them and keeps a thread 'cleaner' for others to read.

      Use relevant material

      Pretty much stay on topic. If for some reason a post goes off topic, don’t join in. If you want to talk about something off topic, create a new thread in the appropriate board. Out of context stuff should be just that, out!

      Use your eyes

      Read what other people have posted. Don’t look at the first post on a ten page thread and reply strictly to that. Read some of the more recent posts in that thread. Hand-in-hand with this is to not restate what someone else already posted. If someone answers a question on the Q&A board, don’t reply unless your adding to what was already said. Repetitive posting is just a waste of time.

      Do not flame

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      Do not spam

      Repetitive posts by one user, or posting a new thread when one is already easily accessible can be considered spam. It's hard enough to let players easily track this forum's community as days go on, they don't need to wade through two dozen threads about the same new weapon every day. Try searching, or at least making sure there are no fitting topics in the news or on the first page of the forum you're in.

      Do not use obscene/vulgar language or pictures

      This is self-explanatory. Purposeful violation of any bad language filter set up is grounds for serious sanctions.

      Critiquing posts

      The forum invites critiques from members on an array of topics and this is a wonderful learning tool if handled properly. But remember, criticism must tread a fine line. If criticism is aggressive, belittling or dismissive of alternative opinions it may dissuaded people from sharing their thoughts. Equally, if criticism is dishonest or intentionally biased it works against truth and no one will learn. Both extremes defeat the purpose of the forum.

      If you are being critiqued: do not take the criticism personally. It is opinions and ideas that are being critiqued, not you personally. With all criticism, evaluate it objectively and decide if you can use it to further a discussion. If you can't, then put it totally out of your mind.

      Absolutely no personal attacks under any circumstances. Do not feel compelled to defend your honor in public. Egos should not punctuate forum conversations. Posts containing personal attacks will be removed and may result in an account being suspended.

      Etiquette in threads

      Do not “hijack” threads by disrupting a current line of discussion among members. Interrupting the course of a discussion by breaking it up with sequential links to articles or raising a divergent topic for discussion is in poor form. If you’d like to discuss a different issue or post a stream of links to new articles, it’s best to start a new thread.

      Never target a fellow forum participant with derogatory, belittling, aggressive or personal remarks. You may not agree with their opinion, but that does not permit you to behave inappropriately towards them.

      If a user has a problem that they’d like to address with another individual, it’s best to discuss the issue off-forum rather than in the public setting. All differences should be worked out politely and respectfully.

      Never make derogatory remarks about the forum, its staff or formal editing decisions on the public boards. We invite feedback from all our users however, this needs to be done via the private messaging system or the report functions. And please remember, there’s a fine line between constructive and non-constructive criticism.

      Censorship and Legal Actions

      While we actively post-moderate our forum messages, due to the nature of the Internet sometimes things can get "out of hand". People may start to attack others in a personal often alarming manner. In these instances we will do our best to cancel/remove the account of the perpetrator. Your own perceptions of "what is offensive" do not apply.

      We will cancel/remove accounts at our discretion only. Do not threaten us with "legal action" in any form or shape as this will result in immediate cancellation of your account. The forums are public places of debate, if you do not like someone's message then ignore it. We will not support any legal activity or claims unless specifically directed to us by a solicitor / law firm or law enforcement agency. We and we alone decide if a forum post violates our terms and conditions and it is left up to us if we should remove such a post. The majority of the time we will respect your wishes, but we and we alone make the final decision and there is no appeal process.

      Dealing with a violation as a user

      Scenario: You're minding your own business reading a thread or scrolling down the Recent Topics list and you come across what looks like spam, a troll, flaming, off-topic discussion etc. What do you, as a user, do?

      The answer: Don't get involved. Involving yourself in a violation results in both a continuance of the violation and the possibility that you might end up violating the forum guidelines too. Above each user's post, there is a small button that says "Report." If there aren't any moderators around, go ahead and click it. The team will deal with the matter as swiftly as possible.

      Administrators and Moderators

      We’re here to help.

      We’re all approachable and we’re here to keep the forum a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, today and into the future;

      • Respect the decisions of the team; they have been made objectively to uphold the forums’ policies and protect the experiences of our users;
      • Do not publicize private conversations between yourself and staff or fellow users. It’s only polite to uphold discretion.
      • March 2, 2015
  • Michael_Lapke
    Triber Moderator
    Hi everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing great! I'm very happy to announce that starting today we are running a special promotional offer for the U-PHORIA UMC202HD computer audio interface. This opportunity is only available for a limited time to our customers in the USA so be sure to act fast while supplies last.

    If you are interested in participating in this promotional offer then you can follow the link below to purchase one for only $59.99** (Normally a $149.99 Value) and includes FREE Shipping.

    Click here more information:


    The incredible U-PHORIA UMC202HD bridges the gap between your creativity and your fans.

    An ultra-fast USB 2.0 studio in a box, the UMC202HD connects your mics, guitars, keyboards and other instruments to your computer so you can record your next masterpiece in mere minutes. And for editing, mixing and sharing your music, the UMC202HD comes with a free download code* for Tracktion – a world-class professional, fast and easy-to-use Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

    With the UMC202HD, and your talent – the sky truly is the limit!

    * Free Tracktion download requires product registration at
    ** While quantities last
    ** USA Customers Only
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  • rovi-mortell
    Community Manager
    25 2,758
    • rovi-mortell

      That would be Sunday (US)

      12 noon Eastern

      11am Central

      10am Mountain

      9am Pacific

      I think...but who's checking  Looking forward!

      • November 15, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Hey Gary @GaryHiggins , the earth turns the other way around. Germany gets the sun before we do. So it would mean midnight (12:00 am Monday) Eastern time, 1:00 am Central, etc.


      • November 15, 2019
    • rovi-mortell
      So is it out yet?
      • November 16, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Hi Paul. Announcement is 6pm or 18:00 German time meaning Gary's correct. 

      I'm guessing those times in the US mean a lot of church techs going to be listening to something other than their pastor's sermon. 

      • November 16, 2019
    • rovi-mortell

      Do we sign up somewhere? I'm confused. 

      • November 16, 2019
  • JohnDiNicola
    Contributor - Level 2
    Dear All,
    We are happy to announce the release a new firmware for X AIR XR12 and XR16 Digital Mixers, version 1.10. You can find the update available for free download on the XR12 / XR16 product pages here at This update addresses the following:

    - linking of line input gains fixed
    - correct indication of 0 dB fader position
    - XR12 ch 1-4, 10-12 phase fix
    - XR16 ch 1-8, 14-16 phase fix
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    • JohnDiNicola
      MelLyon After 3 years of use suddenly today my XR12 Is Not Connecting To The Mixer Software on my Laptop... Could it be windows or Macfee blocking?
      I have tried 3 different laptops and the the mixer is not generating a SSID signal during rescan. So no connection is happening. I am having problems connecting XR12 To software laptop. Purchased June 5 2017 and the unit has had minimum hours of use in my home studio. Watch the video and Any solutions offered would be appreciated.
      • December 23, 2020
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