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  • CCT_DJNewton
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    Hello! Some speaker advice please. We currently have 2 F1220D speakers that we stand-mount and use as our main speakers, to project the band to the room. Appreciate that these are 'stage monitors' but they have served us well and have given us lots of flexible event use over the years. 

    Our band has now expanded, so we need to add some additional stage monitors to our equipment, to help the expanded band hear themselves. My options are a) the purchase of 2 new stage new monitors, (F1220D or B205D) to add to our collection, and continue to use our existing F1220Ds as our main speakers. Or b) use our our existing two F1220D as the newly required stage monitors, and purchase say, 2 B210Ds (or similar) to be the main house speakers. I guess my questions is for main house sound projection what is the comparison between the F1220D and something like the B210D(or similar, B212D, etc) - is it simply shape and size of speaker or are there sound quality differences?

    (We use a XR18 as our mixer, FYI)


    Thanks, Graham

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  • berniealonge
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    The Main 1 slider has an issue that the left side of the stereo signal is getting cut.  In Mains mode I get no signal on the left side and nothing from the A power amp output.  I was wondering if there was a way using the Main 2 outs into the power amp inserts that I can trick it into working.  I don't understand how these sends and inserts work well enough, or what patch cables would be safe to even attempt it.  

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  • AlexLane
    Community Manager

    Klark Teknik DM Series Part 2 - Distance Conferencing Webinar


    (view in My Videos)

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  • Citrusblu
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    I'd like to put foward the idea of a composers tribe. Currently I'm in a widely familiar situation being a single man band composing, producing and (sometimes) performing. Ofcourse I'd rather have a band but I haven't put out ads in search of one yet


    One thing I'm fascinated with is composition which will vary throughout rock-band to films, animations and games music. Currently we're thin on any quality discussion regarding composition for video games and I believe to embody the whole subject of composition which could be seen as an entierly different subject than 'musician' we could get into the nitty gritty of discussing and analysing our favorite composers be they Daniel Licht types or Serj Tankian to Damon albarn.


    Perhaps we could share transcrips and talk about the descisions they made in attempts to capture a particular feeling?


    Let me know what you think anyway, I'd be quite happy to contribute thoroughly to this tribe since currently my MA degree is focused on composition and theory.

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  • RaymondCronin
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    Hey guys,

    We bought an audio interface so our church could have quality livestreams and whenever I used the UMC202HD with my Mac in conjunction with Ecamm Live it makes both audio and video skip and cut out. This doesn't only happen on livestream but it happens on the recording files as well. I tested Ecamm with only the camera and my internal mic and the issue is gone when I stop using the interface. I'm thinking there's a miscommunication between the Mac and the interface. In addition I wanted to check to see if it was a soundboard issue, so instead of running the main out into the interface I used one of the microphones to see if the issue would persist and it did. So I've narrowed it down to my audio interface and my Mac having problems. Anything would be helpful. We've triple checked the audio interface and it is not clipping. Phantom power is on and I've yet to test if that's the issue, but I'm not near the audio interface at this time. Some help would be greatly appreciated. The interface is halting our ability to livestream at the moment.

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  • jsm1847
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    I have services recorded at church that I need to do some editing on.  So i brought everything home, tried to play, but nothing.  So I exported a scene to usb and loaded the church FOH to my x32 (compact).  No sound.  I have a few levels bouncing, but I recorded entire band, and no sound.  Im sure what i'm trying to do is possible, but seems as though routing is giving me problems... 

    At church, the set up is

    1-8 - AES50 A

    9-16 - AES50 A

    17-24 - AES50 A

    25-32 - User 



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  • kennythor
    Contributor - Level 2

    Good day to all,

    We are learning how to live stream on the fly, like a lot of churches are. My question is:

    Is there a was to save my live stream settings (ie vocals, busses, eq, matrices, etc) so that when we change songs through the Snippets tab that I don't have to go back and re do everything.

    I have tried to put the channels in SAFE mode and that does not work, so being new to the board I am trying to make the transitions easier.







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  • cyguitar
    Contributor - Level 1

    My guitar sound in the FOH is loud, but in my IEM's I can barely hear my guitar. I have to slider on my guitar pushed almost to the max. Ideas? Thanks.


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    • cyguitar

      Hi Curtis (@cyguitar),


      Welcome to the forum. It is likely due to a master fader (of a bus, etc.) that is turned down. I would suggest you export your scene to a file, zip it and attach it to your next post. Then we can have a look and better advise.


      • April 28, 2019
  • New
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    cab somebody halp me , |I am looking for tye drivers for the behringer umx 49. on the site from behringer there are no working links

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    • pigro
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi pigro, the UMX 49 uses the ASIO4ALL driver. A link for this can be found on the product page via our website and alternatively can be download directly from their website. Please see the link below:
      • Mar 25
  • serenetydawn
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    Talking with Domenico at SXSW about FOH and the British Music Embassy

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