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  • jsm1847
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    As mentioned in the post, livestream was a trainwreck.   We had it working great yesterday afternoon while we practiced,  then this morning it blew up. 

    1. X32 #1 (FOH) and #2 (slave @ livestream) disconnected or somehow lost connection.  Might this be because salve has updated firmware and foh has older firmware? We didn't want to change FOH yet due to new screens etc.

    2.  Livestream X32 wont connect iPad and when it does, is extremely buggy.  Glitches and such, frozen screen, connected with ghost fades unable to be moved or selected. 

    3. I suspect the board is glitchy.  My fix is to change out full size X32 to compact X32. Am I going to have problems?

    Got to fix this in a hurry. 


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  • New
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    I recently bought the deepmind 12, the software doesn't work someone could help me?

    I attached a picture below 

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  • heppy1
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    Hi I'm trying to achieve an in ear monitor mix from the head phone out on my  xenyx q802 desk

    i am running in to the desk from a Tc-Helicon voicelive play running on duel mono backing tracks from right output and vocals from left out .into the mic ins on the desk.  How can I set up so that i can blend the levels of the vocals and the tracks in my in  ears  without  affecting the levels going to the main outs to front of house 

    any help advice would be much appreciated

    thanks heppy1

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  • New
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    This just started happening. My unit is probably 3 years old. When I start adjusting settings or changing things while editing things like amp eq... drive settings,, reverb.. really anything. My screen splits up into different sections. like if you looked in a mirror or thru a glass window that was broken. part od the screen is on top, the rest of the screen is on the bottom of the display window. Or, the 2 sides of the screen are fine and the middle has it's own section above or below the rest of the screen. Nothing is cracked or broken on the screen. To fix this , i simply turn off the uniy and back on and it is fine. It may last 5 min. or 5 days. Or as long as I use it normally and don't change any perimetors ,,, its fine. Can this be fixed? Has anyone else had this problem?, thanks,, Don

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    • DonHogan
      Nigel67 Hi DonHogan. You could try a factory reset, but if this doesn't work, you will need to send the unit in for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. This will open a new window. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks.
      • Feb 7
  • Jelle
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    I want to buy a behringer xenyx x2442usb but I want to know if you can control the main outputs (Left, Right) separately because there is only 1 main knob. If so can you explain how ?

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    • Jelle

      Hi @Jelle,


      Welcome to the forum. The Main LR fader is a stereo fader and is not possible to control left and right separately. Is there a specific reason why you need to do so?


      • March 22, 2019
  • SprayLife
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    Hi Guys, can someone help me. I'm at the first settings with the motor 61 with my DAW Logic pro 9. IF I connect it via usb with the MAKIE CONTROL protocol everything is ok and it works. My problem is that I have to use three motor 61 at the same time on my Logic pro 9 for live performance and therefore the three motor 61 must drive three tracks of a project separately and then set with the motorized volumes in the last saved position. I tried setting the faders via midi but the engine I can't manage doesn't move. Anyone have advice to give me. Thanks!

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  • TomE_1971
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    Want to get my 11 year old beginner microphone and speaker for him to continue his interest in beatboxing.  Thinking of Behringer XM8500 microphone...can anyone recommend a speaker, and the cables I'll want?

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  • elvis
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    For those looking to get a bit deeper into the tech issues with using equipment, why not have a tribe?
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  • Lindaawilsoon
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    I know that not all vpns support mac. Do you know a good vpn with an awesome native app for mac os?




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  • Yozzer
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    Hi everyone, 

    would this be a site where I could flog some of my used studio gear? And is it permitted.

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