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  • robykock
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    Reset X-Touch


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    • Babkine
      RobbyWingfield Hi Babkine, this is Robby with Music Tribe, there is no factory reset on the X-Touch. Please submit a support case at the link above and we can help get your X-Touch up and running!
      • Jun 17
    • Babkine

      Thank you, but the machine is broken and I will wait for the next one, I will keep you informed if the situation does not change. thanks again. Best regards.

      • Jun 17
  • Kallikantzaro
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    May I connect the X-Touch One with the Behringer UMC204HD on the usb hub?

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  • robinkle
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    Initial thoughts:
    I'm one of those who have a small home studio surrounded by synthesizers. But there are a couple of things that most people need, and that is something to plug it all into. Now, there are plenty of Mixers and Audio/midi interfaces out there. But what I'm looking for is a more optimal solution for the synth heads. Behringer seem to bring affordable synths to the market at massive rates never seen before, and synth heads like myself are living the dream! But some of the issues are space and cable management, we can't escape that reality. So I want to share some ideas for a new IO device. Or something that essentially is a ..."Smart Mixer"?


    What's needed:
    1. Enough Analog inputs.
    2. Pro Grade Studio Effects.
    3. Enough Midi IO.
    4. Small footprint.
    5. Computer Integration.
    6. Multiple sizes to choose from.
    7. More stereo channels.

    A product example:
    - Fully featured analog Mixer with knob per function. And level faders of course.
    - 8 - mono channels with XLR/jack -hybrid connectors, compressor(knob) and phantom power.
    - 14 - stereo channels with limiter switch.
    - 4 - Effects processors, midi-syncable and accessible to every channel strip.
    - Musical EQ's for every channel strip.
    - Multitrack recording to DAW. 36-in/38-out(Master included) audio-interface.
    - Thunderbolt connection. (High sample rates, low latency, enough bandwidth).
    - Midi IO at the back of the unit.
    - Powered USB 2.0-interface at the back, to connect other devices to the computer.

    Description & Summary:
    Sounds like a big chunk of hardware doesn't it? Well not necessarily. Remember on most mixers, most inputs are mono. But stereo inputs doesn't take any extra physical space, and most synths have stereo outputs, so to us synth heads, this makes sense (at least to me it does). The few mono channels do come in handy though, some may want to record vocals, drums, or even drum machines with individual drum outputs, like the RD-8. On the stereo channels I would like a limiter, some analog gear can break speakers, and some has a lot of variation in amplitude, leveling it all out will come in handy. About EQ's, I do really like asymetric ones, anyways good EQ's are important. 4 effects processors should be sufficient, and they can be routed to any channel strip. Add reverb to the whole mix, add some flanger to the piano, some delay for the lead and a chorus for the Pad, very handy. In addition to being a mixer with more than the usual amount of stereo channels, comes the ability to record all channels into a DAW, and then played back from the DAW and through the channels where it can be remixed. There are a few mixers out there who can do this, but not thunderbolt and not this many channels. I know some computers doesn't have Thunderbolt or USB 4 for that matter. But there could be a smaller version of this product with a USB 2.0 as well. Thunderbolt has some advantages that are needed to support all the features of this particular example. With 36 inputs, enough bandwidth is needed at high sample rates. Not to mention the last bit, MIDI and USB-interface. All this put together will make this Multitrack Mixer the center of the synth heavy studio. You only need one cable to the computer, and all the synths are connected to this product, making the cable management very easy.

    So to everyone at Behringer, thank you for having me on the community, and thank you for listening!
    Sorry if I posted this twice, the first disapeared after correcting some typing errors.

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  • New
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    One of my installations of an X32Rack is experiencing scene memory recall issues. I instructed them to make sure they return to a basic scene for their daily operations before they shut down each time, to make it easy for everyone to just turn it on and go. However, some channels that are supposed to be muted come up unmuted, and levels are mysteriously changing and causing feedback issues. I've donw updates of firmware, and plcing the scenes at new locations to try to alleviate the probelm, but it eventually follows to the new locations with the same result. The unit has been in place for 5 years now, and I'm wondering if there's a fix for this issue.

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    • DouglasDimeler
      RexBeckett Hi Douglas, are they forcing the configuration to be saved by using Setup -> Shutdown after loading the basic scene?
      • Jun 25
  • New
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    Guys i need 32bit Behringer 32bit usb driver...


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    • RobertAthlet3
      DavidKnighton Hello RobertAthlet3,
      Every product we sell will either have a dedicated driver or will use ASIO4ALL. These drivers will be available on the product page of the Behringer website.
      • Jun 9
  • glenrandolph
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    Just got a new umx610. I was told all I had to do was plug the usb into my computer and sounds would come from the speakers. All is hooked up according to Manuel, but there is no sound. How do you fix this???

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  • loquillo12
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    Just a simple question, offline editor for the wing is there is one or plans to develop one. like the one for the X32?

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  • Presstino
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    A tribe for those of us who come up with the words that musicians sing – and listeners sing along to.
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  • Ebowlover
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    Taurus style bass pedals would be a great addition to any keyboard setup especially an all in one unit, great for guitarists and bassists as well! Love and am fascinated by all the wonderful synths you've done! As soon as I have made up my mind on what to get I am starting my own collection!

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