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    Can someone help me figure out how to connect my turntable to my Behringer XR18 amplifier/Mixer?

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    • TravisQ7
      RobbyWingfield Hi TravisQ7, this is Robby with Music Tribe, you would connect your turntable like any other audio device. The key difference is that most turntable outputs will be fairly quiet so you will have to apply more input gain to the channel s on your XR18 than you would for other sources.
      • Apr 19
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    I just bought a MP76, I downloaded the update to my Voicelive play to be able to setup the MP76. My problem is that when I press the Upper button on the mic, setted on the Hit button of the VLP, no effects come in.   I did all the setup on the VLP, selected the functions etc. so that all the effects should comes when I press the mic. When I press the mic, The Hit button lights up but no effects comes in.  Discouraged, the mic is new and I cannot send it back to the store.  Anyone had the same type of problem? THanks

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