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  • Heineb
    Contributor - Level 1

    I have a new pair og Tannoy Legacy Arden. They came with some vax for maintenance. However it did not come with any instructions on when and how to use it. Could you provide some guidelines and tips?

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    • Heineb

      Hi, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, there is no set times or guidelines as to when to use the wax.  Personally i would just dust your speakers with a soft cloth andmaybe one or twice a year give them a soft waxing to keep the cabinets in a tip top condition.

      • May 13, 2020
  • DaleM
    Contributor - Level 1

    Just purchased  a Behringer EP2000.  I would like to power two(2) 10" subwoofer externally from the sub pre out: what needed between the home reciever and the EP2000 to match the impedence?

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  • Ratnaguna
    Contributor - Level 1

    I'm trying to set up my new equalizer but have discovered that the RCA inputs are a little too wide for the plugs! Which means that the plugs slip out of the inputs. Should I return it, or is there a remedy?

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    • Ratnaguna

      Hi Gary ( @Ratnaguna ), 


      Welcome to the community. This is usually caused by a worn out cable not the input jacks themselves.  Can you take a picture of the plugs and jacks so we can have a look? 



      • November 21, 2019
    • Ratnaguna

      When this happens to me , I take a pair of needle nose pliers or a pair of small wir cutters and put a slight kink/bend in the RCA plugs outer shell in order to get a tight fit.  The RCA plugs center pin usually fits tight enough to not bother with. 

      • February 10, 2020
  • bnobre69
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi there, 

    can someone please tell me were can i buy a pair of plinths for a pair of tannoys dc10t? 

    Best regards


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  • chubanina
    Contributor - Level 2


    I am currently set with Tannoy RX8F. I Would like to ask what size of cable (mm2) will be enough to power them for 2 meters run? I mean 2x1mm2 or 2x2mm2 or 2x4mm2 etc...


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    • chubanina


      Hello Tsvetomir, welcome to the forum.


      For a 2 metre run, the 1.0mm2 cable should be OK. 2.0mm2 cable is theoretically better but you probably would not be able to hear any difference. 

      • November 11, 2019
    • chubanina


      Thank you for the answer. You might laugh but I currently use 4mm2 and I notice too much low frequencies...

      I think it's an overkill to use such a thick cable...shall i change it? 

      • November 12, 2019
    • chubanina

      @chubanina wrote:


      Thank you for the answer. You might laugh but I currently use 4mm2 and I notice too much low frequencies...

      I think it's an overkill to use such a thick cable...shall i change it? 


      The thicker cable should not cause a problem with the sound. These speakers can give too much bottom end in small rooms. If you have the space, you could try moving them away from walls and corners. 

      • November 12, 2019
  • Evantv
    Contributor - Level 1

    I purchased this new, but been in storage and have lost owners manual. How can I get a manual. My primary question is "does it have a cross-over or filter/do I send it a full spectrum audio signal?

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  • MagicHands
    Contributor - Level 1

    I am looking at an NX6000, I need to know if it can accept and output various waveforms, like sine, square, sawtooth etc

    and what frequency range it has ie 0.1 hz to 25mhz,no details are inlcuded in the manual.

    Also how does warranty work if needing repairing? do I have to use couriers to send back?, if so I need a local dealer (I am in Doncaster, England)

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  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi can someone help me. I've purchased a behringer umc22 and a tonor tw820 wireless mic system to do karaoke using YouTube karaoke songs. I've set both devices as per instructions but I'm not getting any sound from the mic. My Mac recognises the umc22 and lights flash when I speak into the mic but I can't hear my voice. Am I doing something wrong. Any help is much appreciated 


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    • mickange
      Nigel67 Hi Michael, If you press the Direct Monitor button, can you hear the microphone through your headphones? We need to confirm that your MAC can definitely see the UMC22. Can you do the following;
      To check that your MAC is seeing your device connected to it via a USB connector, the following procedure will help.

      Plug your unit in to the MAC, and power both on
      Press the CMD + Spacebar at the same time to open a search bar.
      In the search bar, type 'system information' and select this option when it appears in the search.
      A new page will open and in the column down left hand side select 'USB'
      The right hand side of the page will now show all the USB connections the MAC has.
      If the MAC can see the unit that you have connected, it will be listed in the right hand side of the page under one of the USB connections.
      If your unit is listed, then the problem will more than likely be an incorrect setting in the software you are connecting to.
      If the unit is not listed, then check all connections, power and cables and if possible try another computer.

      Are you using the original USB cable. What DAW are you using? Can you confirm that for recording and playback, you have the UMC22 selected? What OS is the MAC running. Do you have another computer that you can try?
      • December 13, 2020
      • Umc22 Mac set up
        mickange Hi Nigel thank you for your response. I have since opened GarageBand on my Mac and can get sound through that. I had no idea I needed software to hear the mic. I assumed I could open YouTube on safari and just sing to the songs. GarageBand is difficult to understand for a novice like me. Can you suggest an easier way to get my mic to run with YouTube. Thanks for your time Nigel.
        • December 14, 2020
      • Umc22 Mac set up
        Nigel67 Hi Michael. I am sorry, but I have never made a You Tube video so am not really in a position to be able to give you any advice. There are plenty of videos on You Tube showing you what software you would need. You could try Audacity, which is probably easier than Garageband and it is also a free software.
        • December 15, 2020
  • danlynch37
    Contributor - Level 1
    I have tried to raise a support ticket three times tonight and it keeps saying there is an error.
    I have a Tannoy TS2.8 Sub (Serial Number 80006580160115806811) which has no sound coming out of it. The led on the back is flashing red and I have tried a different power lead and cable but that has not made a difference. The fuse is OK. It is still in warranty and I have attached proof of purchase. Can you resolve it remotely or will it need to be returned?
    Kind regards,
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  • TubeGod
    Contributor - Level 1

    I'm interested in using Lake Processing LM-44 for my home audio stereo setup that required one crossover point at 200hz (high pass @12db and low pass @24db)

    I have few questions.

    First, does the LM-44 have built in volume control for attenuation?? Since the LM-44 has 2 pairs of analogue XLR outputs, can I assign one single AES digital input connected to the Music Server and set the crossover at 200hz with one pair of analogue output for above 200hz and the other for under 200hz??



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