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  • mixedmindz
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    I have an Ultratone KX015 4 channel keyboard combo amp.

    It recently stopped working.

    When I power on, all the LEDs on the EQ all blink in a fade-in-fade-out manor.

    When I turn off power it looks like the capacitors maintain this blinking for 1 or two blinks.

    This happened before but just started working.

    That leave it alone trick isn't working now.

    Any Ideas what I can try?

    Already tested the Fuse which has continuity.

    Thank you!

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  • New
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    We recently updated our X32 to version 4 and as with most updates nothing looked the same and there was a moment of fear when we realized that the backup that we had stored on a flash drive wasn't as recent as it should have been ( actually months old).  One of our crew has had to much time on his hands with the covid slowdown and jumped the gun without backing things up the day on the install.  Our X32 is hooked to S32. We have 11 bus mixes to individual IEM and a mix for stage wedges and a mix for the drums. All of our inputs on stage came back, but for some reason the output for the monitors didn't click. On initial install we had got some help from here so I didn't hesitate to come back for more help. One of the new features of version 4 is 1 to 1 user patching. No more groupings of 8 at a time. You can now set channels in and out one at a time.. We chose to go ahead with that routing since we had the option.  After sending a request to one of the moderators that had helped before, I had an answer in a couple of days that took care of my routing issues.    All this is to preface a couple of things. First  backup ...backup ...backup. 

    Second. These are a great group of people that are here for you. People who are like me and you that have learned from their mistakes, but have chosen to go an extra mile and share their experiences and time to make our lives a bit easier. 

    Lastly. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone here for you. Whether it's a moderator or just somebody that came here for a different reason and happens to see your problem and knows a possible solution. One thing you can know for sure. Always pay it forward, it always comes back when you help someone.

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  • stevemay1969
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    When sharing a loop from a Garage band project it sticks an extra 4 seconds of silence on there, rendering it useless when i copied it to my VL3X, This issue is referenced specifically in the VL3X manual and the solution is presented for Reaper Software, BUT NOT GB ,anyone got any ideas, I am exporting using the cycle only option and can find no render setting as is referred to in the manual for Reaper. 


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  • New
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    Hi. Would really like to replace my BG250-112 with a 210 but it seems they aren't available anywhere. Anyone know where I can get one, please..? Cheers.

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    Newcomer - Level 1

    where to download the driver for mac to use perform vk as interface?

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  • greglena0866
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    On the ip2000 can the tops and the sub be split or sent separate singal

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  • 83Dog
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    Just bought a vd400 pedal works a treat on mains adapter but hums & is not very effective on battery should I send it back or is this normal


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  • New
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    Hi Guys

    I wanted to know the best settings to use on my Sub'n'Up pedal to get as close as possible to emulating the Bass guitar sound on tracks such as Jet Harris' Besame Mucho or Diamonds which are instrumental hits from the 1960's.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks


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  • AaronHenager
    Newcomer - Level 1

    It's driving me crazy - my MIDI controlled Nova Drive is making a rythmic chirping noise though my amp. If I unplug any of the 3 ends of the Y cable, it stops.

    Please someone help me! lol

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    • AaronHenager
      NicJonesMT Hi Aaron. If possible could you open up a Tech support ticket and we can go through some trouble shooting with you to try and find a resolution.

      You can do this by hitting support at the top.
      Can you please ensure that you provide the following in the subject field;

      • Can you please detail any other devices that are being used in conjunction and exactly how these are connected to your device?
      • Can you please detail how parameters on the device are set?
      • What firmware are you using (if applicable)?
      • Have you tested the device using an alternative audio source?
      • Do you have access to alternative cables?
      • Have you tested the device with an alternative power source?
      • Are any LED’s or lights on the device lit up or behaving erratically?
      • Do you have a similar device that you can compare the behaviours of?
      • Can you please provide a detailed description of how the device is behaving and any other trouble shooting steps that you have undertaken?
      • Is the Issue Intermittent or constant? If it is intermittent is there a specific setting that needs to be used to cause the issue?
      • August 7, 2020
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I have an ip1000 that I gig out with every other week. The last 2 weeks, after about an hour of playing the sound slowly started to go out. After another 30 minutes it went out completely. 

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    • ShaneRehberg
      KyleJohnson Hi Shane, Kyle here with Music Tribe. I recommend you contact us directly for assistance. Please click on Support at the top of the page, then scroll down and select Technical Support.
      • November 13, 2020
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