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  • 2020-01-01

    Hi folks in this community, and hi to the forum admins!

    I'd like to know the power in watts of the Bugera BXD15A. I'm looking for a specification of the power after RMS signal measuring, and not the peak power. The peak power is declared to be 1000 watt.

    Furthermore, can somebody provide me with infos about the acoustic pressure (Kennschalldruck)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    • Christian Green
      Paul Vannatto

      Hi Christian @crystal 

      Welcome to the forum. Is there a particular need for these specs? If you are looking for a guitar amp that will blow dry the audience, please reconsider your needs. Far too often, I have to ask new guitarists to turn their amps down (or else) during soundcheck. Usually their response is that they have to have it loud enough in order to get the tone they are looking for. But many of the pros are now using amps with mcuh lower peak wattage, but with amazing quality (and the audience and sound engineer is much happier with).


      • Jan 1
    • Christian Green
      Christian Green

      Hi Paul,

      thank you for your helpful answer. Of course you're right reflecting these concerns. I guess that I'm rather careful with such matters, but sometimes my band collegues complain about my bass being not loud enough.

      It's true, I want to compare bass combos with each another. My reason is to know not only the quality, which is surely excellent with the Bugeras. But to be able to compare the possible power and loudness when playing along with my collegues. We are definitely not up to fill great music halls, but pubs or open-air stages with perhaps about 50 people of audience.

      I should be happy with good quality and sound, but beeing able to regulate down the master control, cool as a cucumber.

      • Jan 1
    • Christian Green
      Paul Vannatto

      Hi Christian @crystal 

      With the bass, the reason why your collegues may be complaining that they can't hear your bass is due to their proximity to the amp and the wavelength of the bass notes you play. For example low E is 41Hz which has a wavelength of 27.4 feet. If they are standing/sitting any closer than that, the sound level will likely be less and they could actually be located in a dead spot (due to reflection from a small room). Quite frequently the bass player is standing 5 feet in front of his amp (which is pointed at his knee caps) and typically turns it up, because he says he can't hear - which in turn is far too loud at the audience position. No level of power can fix this. Sorry.


      • Jan 1
    • Christian Green
      Christian Green

      This is very helpful advice to me, thank you. I feel that your thoughts must be true, for I hear such seemingly irregular sounds and loudnesses when we practice in our studio.

      • Jan 1
    • Christian Green
      Paul Vannatto

      @crystal wrote:

      This is very helpful advice to me, thank you. I feel that your thoughts must be true, for I hear such seemingly irregular sounds and loudnesses when we practice in our studio.

      You are most welcome. If I find one of the posts that explained it to me enough to understand the scenario I will post it here for you. It has been awhile since I last read them. So it may take awhile to find them.


      If you have one of those wireless guitar adapters, walk away from the amp about 30 feet and have a listen.


      • Jan 1
  • 2019-05-18

    Hello, I purchased a Bugera 6262 Infinium guitar amp head from Adorama Camera. It was shipped to me and arrived when they said it would. Upon plugging everything in the first time I found the lead channel to be very faint and almost completely inaudible. The clean/crunch channels work great but I am not paying for an amp that only halfway works.


    Now, that being said: I contacted the dealer and was told to get in contact with Bugera as Bugera would send me a retube set. I called the support number and got an automated voice directing me here, which is completely ridiculous. Human interaction is needed for some cases, even in today's tech savvy society. 


    I have an email out to support and figured I'd post here, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    • Chris Arnold

      Hey my name is eric. Register your amp serial number and all and bugera will pay for amp to be serviced in maryland usa for have to go thru process you have a 2 year warrenty

      • June 7, 2019
  • 2019-12-17

    I've emailed they responded to my email and they give me the sum number and tell me the call me back within 1 business day and I have not had one any calls I need the same fixed it's four months old it's something to do with the effects loop. Can somebody please help me out

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  • 2019-07-09

    Why is so hard to find a BT210TS 2x10 bass cabinet?

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  • 2020-01-23

    Hello out there,

    i am living in Germany and want to by a Bugera 112TS but it is not available by all dealers with Mus!c Tribe products. Is it possible that anyone can tel me when it is available again ?

    Thanks for answes and with kind regards

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  • 2019-09-24

    Have questions about the Bugera Veyron Tube version. Wanting to use it for tracking demo's but that's something I normally do at home. I live in an apartment. I know a straight tube amp would require a speaker connected to the load to not fry the circuits. Is the tube version straight tube or is the output itself solid state? From my research if the output is solid state then I'm fine not to have a load connected and could just use the post eq di out to my audio interface. Is that safe with this model? Should I looked for a load box? Does anyone make a load box that would handle the 500w @4ohm rating? I enjoy the head but trying to get more use out of it besides rehearsal studio and gigging. 

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  • 2020-02-12


    I'm a newbie, so my question may seem stupid, but

    There is the only one tube replacement light on Bugera V5 Infinium. So wich tube it is associated with: 12AX7 in preamp, or EL84 in output? In other words, which tube should I replace when the light lit?

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    • Roman Brodovinsky
      Roman Brodovinsky

      Am I right in thinkin that this super popular forum is the only one form of technical support of Bugera? Well, bravo 

      • Mar 2
    • Roman Brodovinsky
      Rex Beckett

      @brodromal wrote:

      Am I right in thinkin that this super popular forum is the only one form of technical support of Bugera? Well, bravo 


      Hello Roman, no that is not the case. This is a user forum and, while some of our experienced members can often help to solve problems, we are not the only way to get technical support for Music Tribe products.


      You can request technical support through the Care ticket system. Click on Support at the top of this page and then click Create a Care ticket. This is only possible if you have completed all required fields in your profile. Also make sure to fill-in all the required fields in the Care form. Keep an eye on your email spam folder - some members have missed responses from the Care team when they ended-up there.

      • Mar 2
  • 2019-12-19

    My FX loop is causing little to no sound and I'm not getting any response from bugera or anybody regarding my warranty all I want is the RMA form so I can take it to a registered bugera technician and have my amp this is ridiculous they told me they'd be a hold of me one day here we are going on a week I want my amp fixed I don't know what's so hard about that issue in the RMA form so I can go have this fixed. Anybody else having this issue or is there a way around this am I missing something please help happy

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  • 2019-12-29



    I'm a new user to the 1001T. The manual doens't give much as far as real uasge and set up. I have a couple questions-


    Has anyone changed tubes and was it worth it to change?

    Please explain your set up relationship between the gain knob,volume and master.

    I've played for many years but I'm a novice to compression. Please send me some basic settings to try and if possible please explain how it works. 








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    • Richard Gulden
      Joel Spooner

      I have a trirec. I'm not sure what a bugera 1001t is never heard of it. Mines in the shop right now so I really can't tell you anything besides I'm pissed off about it

      • December 29, 2019
  • 2020-01-16

    I need a Bugera 12ax7c tube. Anybody want to get rid of theirs?

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    • Gidge K
      Gidge K

      I loved the low quality sound of the Bugera 12ax7c.

      Which one should I get to replace it if I can't find a C? Bugera 12ax7? Bugera 12ax7A? Bugera 12ax7B?

      • Jan 26
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