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    Hello Team,

    This is Husnain from Pakistan and i have 100 audio processors Model: DMA-8500 each piece is for each classroom of different universities. Can anyone please help to suggest how can i use all input channels as i have 8 mics in each classroom. 

    Senerio is like i have 2 speakers which are connected with amplifier 2 seperate channel. Microphones connected with Digital Audio Processor work with first 2 channels but other channels are not working as it has to be configured. I would appreciate if anyone can share configuration mannual so all 100 devices can be configured accordingly. Thanks



    Email: [email protected]

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    Hi guys,


    My DN6000 has suddenly gone darker on the left side and a message saying "low battery" appeared. 


    I changed the battery (2430) and there is no low battery message any more but the screen is still dark on one side.


    I'm attaching a pic, can anyone shed a light as to what's happening? (excuse the pun) Thank you.

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    • mblackuk
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please click on the support link above and create a support ticket and an agent will contact you ASAP to help you out.
      • September 29, 2021
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     Ive installed the DN32 live card in my M32C, updated firmware, installed a pair of sd cards, formatted both, and can't get signal to or from the card. 

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    • staceyhainey
      Paul_Vannatto Assign the signals you want to go to the SD cards in the Routing, Card screen (typically the same as the assignments in the Routing, Inputs screen (in Record mode). To play from the X-Live, in the Routing, Inputs screen select the Play mode and assign the Card banks of 8. Then in the X-Live setup screen set the routing to Automatic.
      • Feb 14
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    Reading the product manual for the KT-2A leveling amplifier, found this written:

    "The controls on the 2A-KT consist of a Pre-Emphasis trimmer which adjusts the compressor / sidechain interaction. When set fully clockwise, the sidechain responds to the full frequency bandwidth of the incoming audio. As the trimmer is turned counterclockwise, the compressor responds less to the signal's high frequency transients."

    Shoudnt be the opposite for counterclockwise rotation? Meaning the compressor reacts more to high frequency acting like sort of a de-esser?

    Why to react more on the lows and ignore highs?

    I ask this because this is the functionality I know the older LA2A units have...

    Many thanks for reply and clarification.


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    I managed to grab a DN3600. I added it to my guitar rig. It does a worderfull job :)

    However I cannot manage to add it to my midi setup. I use a Roland midi as HUB and use a 5pin to 3pin cable to connect the EQ to the HUB.

    The manual is not clear if it respond to regular midi message as a standalone device or if it require a specific setup (as of the master/slave section). I tried the omnichannel and different channel setups... it doesn't respond to any messages.

    Anyone have any idea ? 


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    • mheroux
      Dale_M Many thanks for your post, the midi is not used outside of the DN3600 world, please see the statement from the user manual.
      • December 28, 2021
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    Just received my DN9650 and KTDante64 card and I've been trying to get things to interface with my Pro2.

    I have the Pro2 connected to my DL251 via AES50 on ports 1&2. I'm using AES50 ports 4, 5, & 6 to connect to the DN9650. I have adjusted settings in the DN9650 configurations page and things look like they are showing up correctly and everything is recognized by the Pro2.

    When I open up Dante Controller, I can only see the DN9650 when I click on the "Device Info" tab and then I can double click it and what it tells me is that it is "retrieving model information - please wait.." It has been attempting to retrieve this information for well over an hour at this point with no changes. I have checked all of my IP addresses and everything is in the range, I have removed unnecessary things from the network to try and keep things minimal and be able to locate where the problem might be occurring.

    I would love some help and/or opinions on the matter.

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    My DN9650 with USB card was working fine with my Mac and Pro1 until I moved it. It is kept in a rack with 2 DL153 stageboxes. Once it was hooked up in the new location, it does not recognize AES50 connection. After checking and swapping cables around I determined that the cable is not my problem.

    The led just flickers on the back of the unit and the Pro1 does not recognize it as connected.

    I am hoping for someone to give me some pointers for troubleshooting this issue. 
    The DN 9650 has never toured. In fact it has only been moved one time. It is very pampered

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    • JeffreyBridges
      JeffreyBridges I am proud to admit that the problem was me! I had plugged the Duracat into the “Control” port and NOT the #1 aes50 port.
      All is fine
      • December 19, 2021
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    I'm trying to submit a Technical Support Care Ticket for my DN32-LIVE Card which is in my Midas M32R Console.

    But always when I try to submit it, at the very bottom it says: "Please Fill Required Fileld"

    (Also seen in the Attachment)


    Can someone please help me what am I doing wrong?

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    • GianniboyPianist
      Dale_M It may be the top field, just select one of those rather than two, if it doesn't work try another web browser.
      • Mar 9
      • Can't submit a Care Ticket
        GianniboyPianist Hello Dale,
        thank you for the response, I answered to it few days later but now I see it didn't go through....
        I tried your suggestions, but unfortunetely both did not work.
        • Apr 23
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    Can i plug my dl 32 directly to dn9630 and then to my  DAW over usb and use the dl32 and the dn9630 like and interface

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    When will these be available again? I've been waiting over a year with Sweetwater it's backordered



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