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    Hi there!

    - separate polarity flips on a stereo channel - so U could fix problems easily
    - delay balance/ separate delays on stereo channel - so U could add color and/or fix problems
    - ability to turn on/off a send from a specific channel  - definable on user keys
    - more accuracy on output delay knob (matrices,mains) - hard to time align sources, turning knob cranks up the value to fast
    - DL15X "AES B" option for 48k operation
    - more "swing" for the balance on stereo sources (+/-9 dB is not enough)
    - ganging
    - on sends page, when selecting buses 1-8 buses 9-16 should be displayed along with the matrices and the other way round
       when selecting buses 9-16 buses 1-8 should be displayed along matrices when on sends page
    - solo in place should include side chain listening


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    • MaciejKamil
      Nigel67 Hi MaciejKamil. Many thanks for your customer enhancement requests. I will pass these on to the Design Team for further discussion and implementation. I have one question about your DL15X request. Is this so that you can connect boxes up in series similar to the DL/S32, DL/S16 stage boxes? Many thanks
      • Jun 13
      • Behringer WING feature request
        MaciejKamil Yes, thats it!!! Maybe if this is not possible due to HW conditions, it would be possible to end a chain of boxes with DL15x ??? I tried it but does not fully work. Connected DL32 and then DL153. Inputs from DL153 where coming trough, but no access to gain or phantom power. Also outputs were unresposive. Even with Heritage D firmware.
        • Jun 14
    • MaciejKamil

      The R7D Team have come back to me with some questions and comments.

      The polarity can be set individually for stereo channels (each source has a polarity switch)

      The output delays can be set accurately if you turn the knob slowly. The resolution is 10cm steps

      It is unlikely that any changes to DL15X will be implemented as it uses a different protocol which doesn't allow daisy-chaining.

      A stereo imbalance of more than +/-9dB, which is 18dB between left and right should really be fixed elsewhere

      Please provide more information regarding the sends page issue. The buses have 16 sends in total and these are shown.

      Please provide more information regarding the side chain listening request. At present you could either put the side chain in solo safe or directly use a bus (which stays active during SiP).

      Many thanks
      • Jun 15
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    Hi all.

    I'm setting up my X32 to use it in a sport palace/gym space where i have this speaker configuration:

    2 (1xL and 1xR) speakers full range that i want to use mainlyfor the music but also to speaked part
    4 speakers mounted on top of the stalls the i want principally use for the speaked output but also some music.

    The speakers are so arranged as the environment is very reverberant and therefore in order to have a good reception of the spoken part, speakers installed close to people are necessary but they are not able to reproduce the music well enough, which therefore wants to be reproduced. big main speakers.

    So what i need is that the "Music Speaker" to output some of the speaked part and also the stalls speaker to output some part of the music mainly played on the "music Speaker"

     This speaker configuration is done like this because the environment

    From the begenning i setted up my main L/R output to the "Music Speaker" and a Mixbus 1and2 to the stalls speaker.

    With this configuration i'm able to send the music to the stalls speaker and adjust it as i want indipendently of the main ouput but i can't adjust how much "microphone" i want to output to the music speaker.


    How can i setup a configuration as described in whic i can manually define how much of every input goes the the outputs?

    An idea was to us MixBus1and2 for the music speakers and MixBus 3and4 for the stallsspeaker but i don't known if is the correct setting.



    Input 1: Microphone

    Input 2: Music

    Outputs have to be:

    Big Speaker: Music 80%, Microphone 20%

    Stalls Speakers: Microphone 80%, Music 20%


    Sorry for my very bad english and thanks


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    • andreaconfa
      Paul_Vannatto Make sure the channel sends to mixbus 1/2 are pre fader. Then you will have independent control of the channel signals for both the Main LR and Mixbus 1/2
      • December 22, 2021
    • andreaconfa
      KevinMaxwell The way I would do this that I think makes it easier to operate and give you more flexibility is as follows. Use a Mix Bus for your microphones (post fader) and use another Mix Bus for your music (post fader) you can use 2 for music if you want. Then use a Matrix send for your Big Speakers and use another Matrix send or 2 for your Stall speakers. Then send the different Mix Bus sends to the Matrix that is feeding the Big Speakers at the percentages that you want and you can do the same thing with the Mix Bus sends to the Matrix that is feeding the Stall speakers.

      Think of the Matrix as a mixer in a mixer that you can send the Mix Bus sends to in the percentages that you want. This may at first seem more complicated than it really is but if gives you the flexibility to make it sound the way you want with the ability to add more inputs to the Mix Bus sends and then to the matrix outputs as needed.

      I would also suggest that you use the delay capabilities of the Matrix outputs and delay the Matrix that is feeding the Stall speakers. This is called time aligning the speakers. If the sound to the Big speakers and the Stall speakers are coming out at the exact same time it will cause more of an echo in the room. The sound from Big speakers takes time to (acoustically in the air) reach the stall speakers so if you delay the sound feeding the Stall speakers so that it matches the time it takes for the sound of the Big speakers to reach where the Stall speakers are it will sound a lot better. In the X32 the delay settings are in the routing menu and are ties into the XLR outputs that you will have the Matrix outs assigned to. The delay settings are displayed in the X32 as Feet, Meters and milliseconds. Measure the distance from the Big Speakers to the Stall speakers and set the delay time for the feed to the stall speakers to that distance. This will get you close to the right delay needed.

      Once you have this setup right you just have to bring up the inputs and they will be going to the Matrixes in the way that you want them to. And if you want more things going to the different speakers you can use more Mix Bus sends for different things and route them to the matrix in the percentages that you want.
      • December 22, 2021
    • andreaconfa
      andreaconfa I setted up the mixer with four (L and R) mix busses. two for the big speaker and two for the stalls speaker. with this setup i can route everything i want and decide the levels of the mix busses.
      With this setup i can route the mix busses directly to the output. Why i also need to use matrix?

      Is possible to use la main LR fader to tune the volume of all my 4 mix-busses? this will be the perfect setup i think, because now pratically my LR master fader doesn't do nothing
      • December 23, 2021
      • Need Help to setup multispeaker output
        KevinMaxwell As you learn more you will see the advantages of the method I suggested. One of the reasons to do it that way that I didn’t mention was on purpose because I didn’t want to overwhelm you all at once. It is related to system tuning.

        I assume since the Big speakers and the Stall speakers are different so you will want to EQ them differently to get them to sound the way you would like. And the best way to do that is to tune them to sound as natural as you can using the EQ in the Matrix, you can also insert a graphic EQ from the Effects section into the Matrix to do that. If you use a Graphic EQ pick the TruEQ version. If you do that then the music will sound nice thru them. And then in the Mix Bus that you feed the mic or mics to will want to EQ that more aggressively to give you the best gain before feedback.

        Another thing – whichever way you do this you will not be using the L/R masters so the best way to have a master over the whole system is to use a DCA. I use DCA8 as my master. Assign the Mix Bus(es) that you use to DCA8 and I like to name it MASTER and use RED as the color for DCA8 scribble strip.

        I hope this helps you to understand this better.
        • December 23, 2021
    • andreaconfa
      Paul_Vannatto whamil, this has nothing to do with the original poster's topic. Please start your own discussion (above) and delete these posts you made. Starting a new discussion will allow you to attach files such as zip files.
      • December 27, 2021
      • Need Help to setup multispeaker output
        whamil I'm sorry, I thought it did, though I couldn't attach the relevant scenes, which give flexible control to individual hardware outputs, as I thought kevinmaxwell is writing about with the matrix. I can provide these ready-to-go scenes, if there is interest.
        • December 27, 2021
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    Hello everyone,

    I discovered a small problem with my Flow 8 mixer. I use the mixer for two different setups: homerecording and live.

    I saved all setting in two different snapshots on the mixer and into the snapshot library. The channels in both setups have different names because I use different mics. So when I'm in my homerecording setup and I then load the live setup from the library the channel names remain from the homerecording setup. I think this is a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

    Also it is a bit frustrating that I can save mixer snapshots on the mixer itself but have to save them into the snapshot library of the app as well because they get deleted when I update the firmware on the Flow 8. Is there any way to save the mixer snapshots from the Flow 8 seperately? That way I could load them back into the Flow 8 after a firmware update.

    I'm looking forward tp your feedback.

    Many greetings





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    • JJmusic

      Hi there, firstly yes this is a software bug the design team are currently working on a fix, secondly, no once a unit is reflashed its snapshots will always be wiped so always best to back up to USB as an insurance policy.

      • Feb 16
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    Hi There,
    Just got a Flow 8 and so far I really like it!
    Formfactor and functionality is pretty much perfect for my little modular synth live setup.
    It even takes Modular Levels without a problem : )))

    There's just this one thing that really annoys me:
    Some reviewer on youtube explained that there are two Stereo Jacks for the two monitor busses.
    Turns out, they are mono! I mean, they are TRS, but balanced mono.
    I know, you can linkt them. but still:I need two stereo busses.

    That's (to some extend) kind of why I bought the mixer.

    Maybe there's a feature request in here :)
    Those really should be two stereo outs for mon 1 & 2
    If the Hardware really is TRS, maybe this can be upgraded with a firmware update?

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    • nemoy
      Paul_Vannatto TRS mono physical outputs are an industry standard, not stereo outputs. So that will not change. All Behringer and Midas consoles (both digital and analog) uses this standard for all their Aux outputs.
      • May 16
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    When will the DANTE card for Wing go on sale?  The salesman told me they weren't.

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    • Strbacka
      GaryHiggins Are you asking about the internal card? My guess is it will not be any time soon. There is already a backlog on the external version due to many well documented factors. That would be priority to get filled imo. That said there are many users that have installed Brooklyn II 64 ch Dante cards from other manufacturers themselves with great success. Do some digging and you may get rewarded.
      • September 23, 2021
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    Hello to anybody who can help:

    I've broken the micro usb socket off my flow 8 circuit board by accident and lost it - now the flow 8 is at a repair workshop and they don't know which exact micro usb socket to use that will fit the board. I bought one from an electronics shop assuming there was a standard to the design but apparently not. 

    Can anyone from behringer find out what the part is? I don't know where else to go from here but I really want that mixer back.



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    • OscarRichardson
      WilliamR Hello, If you click on the support tab above and create a parts case, we can get this part ordered for you.
      • November 2, 2021
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    • jonb
      KlausMock First of all, it would be extremely nice when you stop shouting so loud (ALL IN UPPERCASE means shouting in the internet). Second, you should examine system logs in thethe event viewer (eventvwr.exe). This might give you a hint, why the application is stopping right after you start it. Maybe it is caused by some security settings or a positive false alarm of your virus scanner. But first task is to look at the system logs.
      • November 21, 2021
    • jonb
      Paul_Vannatto I agree with Klaus (don't use all uppercase). Another possible solution is to delete the X-Air-Edit folder found at c:\Users\username\Application Data\Roaming (replace username with your username), then run the X-Air Edit app.
      • November 21, 2021
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    I just wanted to post a big thumbs up for the Flow 8 mixer. Yes the QSC Touchmix is more robust but the features and price point of the Flow 8 filled a void in the market for my needs perfectly


    Thanks for the great work!

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    Hello Music Tribe ,

    Please I need support as soon as possible !!!!

    I trying to get in touch with the intenational  Behringer sales distribution for my region which Tahiti .

    I use to use Eufill but it seems like it is not operate anymore so I need help from Behringer .

    We will appreciate if somebody could respond to us as soon as possible .

    Thanks !




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    • Posi1979
      KevinMaxwell Is this something that other users might be able to help you with. It might be the fastest way to get some help. Unless your problem is a broken device.
      • September 18, 2021
    • Posi1979
      john0121 You'd be best to submit a pre sales case via the support button (top of the page) a member of the team can then direct you enquiry correctly.
      • September 19, 2021
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    Are there any plans to have a desktop app for the Flow mixer (OSX, Windows)? Decided to do some recording with the flow today (since it has sat in a peli case for 6 weeks from new not getting used as the pre / post send issue hasnt been resolved yet so is of no use to me live yet), and find it very restricting whilst working on Logic to have to also use my phone to adjust inputs etc etc. a desktop app next to logic would be invaluable when recording (probably the same for streaming etc as well)





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    • DavidThomson1
      PedroRodrigues Hi DavidThomson1 thank you for your post at this moment we do not have any plans to release a specific desktop version of the Flow 8 App, nevertheless I would suggest to keep an eye on our social media of any news on our products. Thank you
      • October 30, 2021
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