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    Hi need help can’t find app for mr18 edit app for Samsung tablet

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    • Pauldouglas68
      Paul_Vannatto Search for Mixing Station and get the X-Air version. The Pro version is well worth the small cost IMO.
      • Jun 19
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    We have Midas M32 at our church and recently the guys complained that they can hear everything i'm doing in their IEMs and i changed the settings of the console mix output configuration to 8+4+4 (which is 8pre(post EQ) + 4subgroups + 4post) whereby the 8 is for the band on stage and 4 i'm using as sub groups for band then the last 4 i'm using for FX,now the issue that i'm having is both me and the band we are able to adjust the mixes but we can't adjust the overal volume fader of their mix sends can anyone help me how i can change the mix main fader to work again and be able to adjust the levels of IEMs..


    Thank you

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    • Wils0n
      Paul_Vannatto Go to where you have the mix outputs assigned (probably the Routing, Out 1-16 screen) and change the taps of each of the taps (for the musician's IEMs) to post fader.
      • Sep 16
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