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  • stan2000
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    how do I extend the pattern while copying it?

    If I have a beat and I like to extend it. After the extension the next bar is empty. For live purposes this could be a bit unhandy.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Bduck
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    I'm trying to use the rd-8 as master and send midi clock to an external synth sequencer.  It sends clock but also sends midi note data from the given pattern, triggering unwanted notes in the external synth. Is there away to shut off sending midi notes? I only want to send clock from the midi out

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    • Bduck

      Found a solution by setting the rd-8 midi out to different channel than the synth's midi input. It appears midi clock is still transmitted globally from rd-8 out.  

      • January 25, 2020
  • s_a_p
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    Hi everyone. I got tired of waiting for the US vendors to get the RD-8 in stock, so I ordered one from I got my RD-8 this week, and noticed there was no sound from the headphone outs or the main mono output. Figuring that a return to Germany would be annoying at best, I opened it up to see if I could spot any trouble. Sure enough, it looks like there was a hardware fix soldered on to the output board. The solder job was botched pretty badly, and looks like the beads of solder are touching. There is a transistor on the board that also looks like it was burnned. It was burned badly enough that I couldnt see the entire part number on the chip.

    So here is what Im hoping to accomplish. First of all Im not upset and dont feel like this is some sort of injustice. I understand that Behringer was trying to get these things built en masse and for a price point. So from that standpoint its all good. Other than the output board kludge it actually looks to be pretty solidly built and of good quality.  What I am hoping to get is a replacement output board for my RD 8 so that I can get that installed and get this thing working.

    While I would like to do it on a reasonable time scale, Its not exactly an emergency as I own a real TR-808. I am keen to get started with the wave designer and the newer sequencer features though, I would even be willing to just outright buy this output board and not even mess with a warranty. Seriously, I want to be cool about this and just want a working unit. I have otherwise been super happy with the behringer gear, and have a K2 and the 303 ordered.(also will buy the RD9 as soon as available). So MusicTribe, How can I get my RD-8 fixed? working?

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  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi, i've just purchased a Behringer RD8, connected it via USB to DAW Ableton and clock sync works great. (DAW is master clock)

    My question is, i have USB master clock coming from my DAW into my RD8 and i would like to connect another synth from the MIDI OUT 5 pins port of the RD8 to the MIDI IN 5 pins port of this synth, is it possible? How do i do that? I have tried it, but doesn't work (the DAW sends clock to the RD8 via USB and works fine, but the RD8 doesn't send clock via MIDI to the other synth).

    What can i do?


    Thank you!


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    • guidop83
      JAMIE2 hi - goto settings, press 2, hit TAP 3 times and it says FWD usb to MIDI - select and then make the 5 pin connnection. :-)
      • Mar 12
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi guys, it is possible to change pattern via midi in RD8?

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    • RobertoF
      PedroRodrigues Hi RobertoF, please consider that is not possible as the RD-8 cant respond to CC or PC the only process to change pattern is by press the Length button and use the arrows to select the pattern range.
      Use the step buttons to set the length of the pattern.
      Please visit the link below to access a set guide for your RD-8 that will help you with this unit:
      Thank you
      • Mar 24
    • RobertoF

      Where is the problem to implement something like that? this is a maximum of one one-liner in the code, which does nothing but this button !!! I can only shake my head about such statements.

      • Jun 11
    • RobertoF

      And by the way, something was mentioned directly by you in the manual:

      „The RD-8 can be controlled by a DAW if required. Songs and patterns
      exchanged, or individual sounds triggered by the DAW sequencer.“

      And now I ask you explicitly: How does it work? What did you promise?

      The same issue applies to the RD-9.

      • Jun 11
  • davidpgil
    Contributor - Level 1

    Is there a way to hear the effect of the Wave Designer without unplugging individual outs? My RD-8 is plugged into a mixer via multiple TRS cables and I noticed I can only hear Wave Designed voices if I unplug the voice I am wave designing and listen via main output. Soling the voice doesnt work. Any other ideas?

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    • davidpgil

      I believe the wave designer and filter are only present on the main out bus. Using the individual out removes that instrument from the main bus. So no, you can't hear the effect of the wave designer on an instrument routed through the individual out.

      • January 24, 2020
  • HeikoKnuettel
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  • New
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  • poneymagik
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    Hey, my RD-8 freezes at random times, when it happens i have to restart to unit, is there anyway to fix that or should i send my unit back ?


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    • poneymagik


      same here. Got this last week. Updated to new firmware but it keeps happening.

      Any updates on this? Any chance this could be looked into and fixed in a firmware update?



      • May 6, 2020
    • poneymagik

      Same happens to me....
      it could be at any time, can we fix this? because it is imposible to work with this issue.

      • June 9, 2020
    • poneymagik
      michaelgorbache This is a ridiculous issue and makes me want to sell the unit because the intended purpose is unusable especially when you are using USB to clock sync the unit... I have been asking about this issue also since May, I am not sure if they are faulty units or all are defected. I am trying to get the unit replaced, but Behringer so far has been unresponsive to this serious issue.
      • August 24, 2020
  • Altruit
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi Everyone,

    We would like to send the snare of the RD-8 to a Reverb pedal and give that sound more space. How can I do this using the send and return on the back of the drum machine?

    Thanks in Advance!

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