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    Hi, this is Paul from Music Tribe. We have been recently made aware that people have been questioning Uli Behringer’s promise to donate 1,000 synthesizers to Children in Need around the world.

    I am personally in charge of this project, as it is not only very dear to my heart but also incredibly important to Uli. We have been diligently working on this project for months, and will absolutely deliver on our promise to provide synthesizers to children’s charities and foundations. We have even increased the amount from 1,000 to 1,500 synthesizers to serve all of the many organizations below.

    Selecting the right organizations together with our global partners and going through proper due diligence, whilst overcoming the challenges of Covid this year, hasn’t been a simple task. This project has taken longer than we would have liked, but I can assure you that we have been very carefully selecting and approving charity organizations, which I am more than happy to share with you.

    We’re currently working directly with over 100 organizations around the world, many of which I have listed below. Given the nature of the charities and their commitment not to engage in any commercial activities, whilst also protecting the identities of the children they support, we did not want this to be turned into a marketing exercise, hence it all happened quietly in the background and without any publicity.

    I am personally saddened that this has now been turned into a public event. In order to verify any of my statements, please feel free to directly contact any of these organizations about our partnership. I am also very happy to facilitate any communication should you wish to: [email protected]

    Music Tribe Charity Partners: 

    • Nordoff robins
    • Playing For Change Foundation
    • Soundabout
    • Banardos
    • Hope for children
    • Music for all
    • Songwriting charity
    • Scholas ocurrentes (fundacion papa francisco) capital federal
    • Scholas ocurrentes (fundacion papa francisco) rosario (pcia de sta fe)
    • Scholas ocurrentes (fundacion papa francisco) cordoba
    • Orquesta escuela papa francisco
    • Escuela de musica de buenos aires (emba) 3 escuelas
    • Fundacion cultural “la escuelita” cordoba
    • Escuela de musica “la colmena”
    • Escuela de musica de la ciudad de bs as publicas y gratuitas
    • Escuela provincial de musica de santa fe
    • Instituto superior de musica del litoral
    • Escuela municipal de musica “j b  massa”rosario santa fe
    • Fundacion “el aula de musica” de corrientes pcia de corrientes
    • Taller de musica y arte “del yesso”en corrientes, pcia de corrientes
    • Escuela de musica orfeo  Mendoza pcia de mendoza
    • Escuela de musica “el faro”mendoza pcia de mendoza
    • Centro de expresion artistica “pinkanta” pcia de san juan
    • Fundacion “fundartis”pcia de salta
    • Fundacion musicarte  Pcia de salta
    • Escuela de musica “el puente” santa rosa pcia de la pampa
    • Academia de musica “los sonidos” santa rosa  pcia de la pampa
    • Fundacion crecer con musica y sonidos neuquen pcia de neuquen
    • Escuela superior de musica de neuquen pcia de neuquen
    • Fundacion luminis escuela de musica neuquen pcia de neuquen
    • Escuela de musica “alturas”rio gallegos pcia de santa cruz
    • Escuela municipal de musica rio grande tierra del fuego
    • Escuela urbana de musica y artes ,ushuaia tierra del fuego
    • Fundacion “nep”escuela de musica en ushuaia, tierra del fuego
    • Escuela de musica “ ulp” san luis pcia de san luis
    • Escuela municipal de arte la rioja, pcia de la rioja
    • Instituto superior de musica en san miguel pcia de tucuman
    • Projeto som + eu (two schools)
    • Projeto guri
    • Projeto praticatatum
    • Asmb – ação social pela música do brasil
    • Grupo cultural afroreggae
    • Projeto música para todos
    • Sabra – sociedade artística brasileira
    • Aasjn – associação ação social jesus de nazaré
    • Projeto som do morro
    • Comunidade católica servos e servas da santíssima trindade
    • Projeto sol maior
    • Projeto música & cidadania
    • Orquestra de guaraci
    • Projeto visão mundial
    • Projeto música encantada
    • Projeto educando com arte
    • Projeto tonekids
    • Projeto som e vida
    • Projeto orquestra criança cidadã
    • Projeto ateliê dj
    • Reciclando sons
    • Associação musical alegro
    • Projeto social show de bola
    • Projeto cidadão do futuro
    • Instituto anelo
    • Projeto conviver
    • Prima – programa de inclusão através da música e das artes
    • Projeto acorde
    • Projeto escola harpa de davi
    • Instituto santa cecília
    • Projeto música e cidadania
    • Samba para todos
    • Projeto favela brass
    • Ação musical
    • Arte do protagonismo
    • Notas & canções
    • Amigos da orquestra
    • Música e cidadania
    • Projeto candango musical
    • Construindo música
    • Potências sonoras
    • Instituto cultural grão de areia
    • Projeto cultural waldir azevedo
    • A música salva
    • Sons de um resgate
    • Sonoro despertar
    • Uma nota musical
    • Projeto acordes mágicos
    • Bem me quer paquetá
    • Orquestra jovem paquetá
    • Amor e esperança
    • Scar – música para todos
    • Scar – orquestra jovem
    • Instituto água viva
    • Tocando a vida
    • Projeto música vital – multiplicando talentos
    • Pracatum – escola de música
    • Música em ação
    • Projeto social dentro da música
    • Projeto social a música do lixo
    • Comunidade musical
    • Instituto baccarelli
    • Harmonicanto
    • Ong atitude social
    • Programa guri
    • Projeto locomotiva
    • Projeto novos sonhos
    • Aacamus
    • Aebas
    • Ipdae
    • Orquestra jovem do rio grande do sul - ojrs
    • Projeto ser criança - cpcd
    • Violão solidário
    • Ong instituto árvore da vida
    • Quabales
    • Asafe
    • Poc – pequenos obreiros de curuçá
    • Ong aldeia da fraternidade – educando com arte
    • Neojiba
    • Acelera jovem
    • Afrape
    • Projeto renascer
    • Incase – instituto canarinhos de sergipe
    • Iasa – instituto amigos de santo andré / projeto ambiente musical
    • Projeto santo antônio
    • Projeto educarte – lar das crianças
    • Projeto casa verde - osses
    • Projeto melodia em movimento
    • Favela mundo
    • Projeto viva música
    • Projeto missão criança
    • Projeto primavera social
    • Projeto musical
    • Ong verde vida
    • Escola nazarena de música
    • Alma de batera
    • Sementes musicais
    • Ilha de música
    • Geração da chico
    • Orquestra maré do amanhã
    • Projeto banda escola
    • El tejano
    • Taita
    • Quelavi
    • Escuela nacional del folklore jose maria arguedas
    • Centro de educacion especial luis braille
    • Sinfonia por el peru " nucleo manchay"
    • Centro social musical barrios altos
    • Conservatorio nacional de musica
    • Estimada amiga te pase la relación de las instituciones que se destinaría los productos/controladores a donar
    • San jose esposo
    • San isidro
    • Fundacion guadelupe
    • Hogar albino luis
    • San jose
    • Santa elena
    • Aldeas infantiles sos
    • Adra paraguay
    • Hogar de ninos
    • Hogar de ninas el puente
    • Lourdes xiomara garcia
    • Yessie angelina godoy figueroa,
    • Fundadela
    • Fundación remar
    • Fundación adentro
    • Creamusica
    • Street kids direct
    • Gama music
    • Fundación de sistemas de orquestas de guatemala
    • fundacion de creadores de música
    • fundación jesús castillo love e iglesia vida real
    • Fundación red educativa arquidiocesana rea
    • Fundación nueva vida, de la arquidiócesis de guayaquil
    • Centro de terapia los robles, villa alemana
    • Escuela: “juan segel” comuna de freire 9° región
    • Clases de música gratuita “proyecto de formación musical papageno”
    • La academia de música el centro
    • Establecimientos comuna de freire 2020
    • Ong intermundos, caribe ( santa marta, palomino y taganga)
    • Fundacion cultural arca, bogotá
    • Fundación cantares, sincelejo
    • Fundacion vivat, medellin
    • Fundacion arte y parte, cali
    • Fundacion de los planetas, bucaramanga
    • Fundacion bambarabanda arte movil, pasto
    • Fundación batuta, cobertura nacional
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    Introducing the 'Synth Wizards' sound bank for DEEPMIND series Synthesizers.

    Consisting of an entire bank of carefully crafted sounds, inspired by synthesis legends, we are thrilled to provide this free sound bank, bringing a inspiring new palette of iconic sounds to your DEEPMIND.

    Featuring stunning pads packed with motion, electrifying sequences, massive leads, this collection is loaded with textures and sounds that will transform you into the next Synth Wizard!

    Available for free and exclusively for the Music Tribe Community. 

    We Hear You. 

    View Attachment
    5 4,846
    • Behringer
      Behringer To download the sound bank, simply click the 'View Attachment' link. We hope you enjoy your new patches!
      • Feb 18
    • Behringer
      domklein Thanks guys !
      • Feb 19
    • Behringer
      JohnSeigman Thanks! Looking forward to hearing how they sound.
      • Feb 19
    • Behringer

      How many patches are supposed to be in the bank?

      • Feb 19
      • Free 'Synth Wizards' Sound Bank for DEEPMIND Series
        Behringer Hi bomarm - There are around 70 new patches in the Synth Wizard Sound Bank. Many thanks - Dan
        • Feb 21
    • Behringer

      Thank you for the free patches!

      • Feb 21
  • marco_m_berlin
    Contributor - Level 3

    Hi, I am sure, Ulli Behringer is interested in every BUG in a TD3.

    i think he will never know - due to this non working ticket system.

    1. The slide function is not accessable via midi control.

    2. Slide speed is 4 times faster than with a tb-303 or any other clone in the world.TD3_vsTB03_CV_slide.png


    We need a firmware update. AND A FEEDBACK THAT YOU HEAR IT.
    Marco Mueller / Berlin / Germany

    4 2,618
    • marco_m_berlin

      they dont hear, and they dont want to hear. I will return the td-3.. 

      besides the slide behaviour is the smallest of the bugs..

      no1 is that writing of linked patterns is not working.. essentially crippeling the device to a one bar motiv only device.. inferior to the original 303, that does 4 bar motivs, and all good clones that do even 8 bars.. What is especially important on real time tap input, since this alows longer recording times and long held notes.. 





      • December 23, 2019
    • marco_m_berlin

      and just too add a few more.. in case i am wrong and they really have a look here.. in this most deserted forum on the globe..

      no2 heavy bug)

      wrong handling of the pitch memory.. 

      On the original 303 each bank shares a pitch memory.. each pattern has its own start within the pitch memory.. when the number of pitches is exceeded by the time infos, the rest if the pitch buffer is used.. parts of neighboring patterns.. That results in musical usefull results.. as longer you write one bank as more likely all pitches fit harmonical. even your own style gets visible in the additional pitches used. Thats part of the musical ghost of the 303.. the td-3 just inserts low c notes in any case it dont knows what pitch to use.. thats unmusical programming that leads in 100% of the cases to unmusical results, that need manual edit/ repair. A big workflow killer, that makes stage writing too risky to be performed. 

      3.2) transpose flags of pitch memory get lost when leaving write without doing a time write/edit routine

      4) pattern transpose not working when leaving write mode without stopping

      5) tap write in external sync bug





      • December 23, 2019
    • marco_m_berlin

      New Firmware 1.2.4,  Slide Speed is correct now. Thanks to Behringer!

      Slide via Midi Control is still not availabel.  





      • January 6, 2020
    • marco_m_berlin

      Yes please make for us a update.. Uli ❤️

      • January 19, 2020
    • marco_m_berlin

      where do you download firmware from?


      thank you

      • January 28, 2020
  • HeikoKnuettel
    Regular Contributor - Level 1

    It should let me configure the D, the Odyssey and the VC340.


    VC340: Synth found, but update not possible ("Failed, check network and press to retry")

    Model D: Synth is not found

    Odyssey: Synth is not found


    All synths are present in the device manager and can be played via MIDI or USB.


    0 2,276
    • HeikoKnuettel

      It has nothing to do with the synths themselves but with some computer systems. I had the same problem. I closed all other audio us-drivers in the device manager, than the synths were recognised, I could update, I opened all drivers again...fine.

      I opened a case for it, the asked me for all details, they are aware of it and they are working on it. 

      Hope this also works for you. 

      • October 2, 2019
    • HeikoKnuettel

      Thank you very much, that worked!

      I hope they get rid of this auto-selection of synths. Even if it worked (which obviously isn't the case) it is annoying if you have more than one synth, you always have to turn the others off.

      • October 2, 2019
    • HeikoKnuettel

      It's not working here for me either. The Synth Tool sees that my Model D is connected, but when I click on "Update" all I see is version 1.1.1 and a box beneath that which says "Loading".

      Nothing happens for about a minute, then I receive the same message: "Failed, check network and press to retry."


      I've tried this on two separate PC's, both connected to the interent, and I get the same result on both machines. One is running Windows 10 64 Bit (latest version) and the other is running Windows 7 64 Bit (latest version). 

      • October 3, 2019
    • HeikoKnuettel

      Update doesn't work for me either, on none of the 3 synths. Deactivating other drivers helped so that the tool at least found them.

      I added a rule for the windows firewall, but to no avail, updating doesn't work.

      My D is on Firmware 1.1.1 too.

      • October 3, 2019
    • HeikoKnuettel

      It see's my Odyssey and I can change all the settings and sequences but when I go to the update page I just get ("Failed, check network and press to retry")

      Please release the OS updates seperately till the synth tool is fixed, and the rest of the settings as sysex

      • October 5, 2019
  • Hans-Georg
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi All,

    Does anyone knows, how the COPY, PASTE buttons work on the TD-3?

    I appreciate your reply.

    Kind Regrads

    0 2,145
    • Hans-Georg

      1.Mode: Write

      2.Function:normal mode source pattern

      4.while  pressing FUNCTION Button  press ( 1.copy 2.destination pattern 3. paste)

      5. release FUNCTION button happy

      Grüße, Marco


      • January 8, 2020
  • Supa_Nubi
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi, Does anyone know where I find on my Deepmind 12D, the place where I can set Deepmind to receive an external clock source (via din midi in) , from an external hardware sequencer so that I am able to sync both devices tempo ? Cheers

    0 2,110
    • Supa_Nubi
      RonaldFigura From a search of the PDF manual...
      • June 13, 2020
      • Deepmind 12 External midi clock setting ?
        Supa_Nubi but will revisit this. once again. thanks.
        • June 13, 2020
    • Supa_Nubi
      RonaldFigura "MASTER BPM SOURCE ("MIDI" in the example diagram) - The Master BPM can be generated internally (shown as "INT"), or the DeepMind 12 can synchronize to an incoming MIDI clock signal from the MIDI IN socket (shown as "MIDI"), or USB ports (shown as "USB"). If the letters are inverted (white on a black background) then the clock is synchronised to the external source. If the letters appear as normal text the external source is not present and the DeepMind 12 will use its internal Master BPM until the external source is present. Note: The settings for the MIDI SYNC can be found in the EDIT page of the ARPEGGIATOR described later in this document.
      • June 13, 2020
    • Supa_Nubi
      Supa_Nubi Thank you for your response Ronald, much appreciated. I had looked at the manual, sorry should have said in my post and this still wasn't happening for me. Some patches did synchronise others didn't. I tested with 3 other external midi sources and 3 other cables. Still no joy. I fathomed it maybe an arpeggiator issue onboard the Deepmind. Since then I have not actually used the patches that wouldn't sync.
      • June 13, 2020
    • Supa_Nubi
      RonaldFigura Interesting that in this day and age of BPM , MIDI clock sync, backing tracks, etc., that Behringer let this one get away from them. Have you tried the support section that allows you to open a support ticket? Behringer can't fix these things if they don't know about them. Not sure if they have people monitoring the forums. Support might be worth a try.
      • June 13, 2020
    • Supa_Nubi
      RonaldFigura What is the "external hardware sequencer" you are trying to sync with". I have a Kronos I can try it with if I get a few free minutes.
      • June 13, 2020
      • Deepmind 12 External midi clock setting ?
        Supa_Nubi better news, after finding friends with external midi out gear..i finally found one that electribe sampler.. which gave me the white lettering on black background symbol and i can even change the bpm on the deepmind screen by turning the bpm on the electribe..this weirdly but happily for me seemed to kickstart my deepmind where i can now change and/or use the bpm from external still is a wee odd in that paired with some external devices, the bpm numerals on the deepmind screen do not change even though the actual sound has slowed or speeded up. but heh ho
        • June 17, 2020
  • jstck
    Contributor - Level 2

    (cross post from a different forum section, thinking this is probably the more appropriate one)

    I recently got a Behringer Crave, and I want to play it with a wind controller via MIDI. I want to use some MIDI CC message from the breath pressure to control the filter cutoff. I can set this up by having the "Assign" CV output to a suitable CC (such as channel aftertouch or modwheel, I can use either), and patching "Assign" to "VCF Cutoff".

    However, when doing so, the filter modulation is very "chunky", it appears as if the CV value output is only updated on every sequencer step. I don't have the sequencer actually running, but turning the tempo knob changes the update rate (from "every couple of seconds" to "a couple dozen times a second"). Still, this is not nearly often enough to create a smooth filter sweep, and I would expect the CV value to change every time a MIDI message comes in, and not "quantized" by the sequencer.

    If I use a separate MIDI-to-CV converter or another synthesizer instead of the Crave MIDI in, and patching that to the CV inputs of the Crave, everything plays just fine and the filter sweep is nice, smooth and responsive.

    The other issue I have is with regards to pitch bend. When you play a note and then bend it, everything works fine. When you release the pitch bend wheel, it goes back to "zero bend". However, if you hold the pitch bend wheel and then play a note, things get weirder. Let's say you have the Crave set to the standard +/-2 semitones, and hold the pitch bend wheel "full down". When you play the note, it starts out at -2 semitones, but as soon as you move the wheel a little bit, it jumps down to -4 semitones. Releasing the wheel (still playing the note), it moves to -2 semitones, and "full up" will then take it to 0. It's very obvious if you release the wheel and keep the note going, it's still stuck at -2 (even though pitch bend is centered), releasing the key and pressing it again will give you a different note (the "unbent" one). Not sure how well I explain this, but it's obvious if you try playing a note with the pitch bend wheel already "bent".

    Both of these seem to me like they could be firmware issues dealing with the incoming MIDI data, and maybe something that can be fixed. At least the pitch bend issue seems like it can't be intended behaviour. About the CC/Assign issue, I haven't seen anything in the manual that could control that behaviour, or if it is the intended one, but it seems off to me.

    I discovered these issues on firmware version 1.0.4, but they have persisted through a couple of updates up to 1.0.8. I have only tried "plain MIDI in", not USB, but I've tried with a couple different MIDI controllers (and compared with other synths), and the issue is isolated to the Crave.

    Does anyone else experience the same issues, or know of any way to get around them?

    1 1,963
    • jstck

      Update: After working a ticket back and forth with customer support, from firmware 1.0.9 (via SynthTool 2.2.0), both the pitch bend and the "assign out" issues have been resolved. It now plays soooo much better with my wind controller.

      • December 3, 2019
  • shushstudio
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi there, I have a major problem. The first time I used my Deepmind 12 connected via USB midi (I had previously used it not connected to check out the sounds) there was some kind of malfunction as it played itself, and even when I pulled out the USB midi lead, it continued to play.) I thought it might have been a problem with the synth itself so, I tried it again and eventually decided to update the firmware but to no avail. This was cured by trashing Logic X preferences so bad midi instructions must have been being sent. This fixed the autonomous strange play problem. I then noticed that the patches had changed in there sound and were not correct. So I restored the synth using the PROG WRITE key commands on startup restoring all steps 1 -5. Again it made no difference. I downloaded SysEx librarian and ran and installed the factory combined presets using SysEx librarian. However, the original factory sounds have not been re-instated instead I still have the messed up sounds after the midi problem incident.   

    Can anyone help me get the synth back to the original factory patches, it is working fine now apart from this, but sadly is of little use to me as the sound patches are now unusable. Thanks Dx

    0 1,830
    • shushstudio

      Your manual shows you how to reset your DM12 to factory defaults, this will reinstate all patches.

      • June 6, 2019
    • shushstudio

      Make sure when you are restoring that the USB cable is disconnected from your computer.

      • July 5, 2019
  • New
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hello all,


    Does anyone know if the production of the MS-1 hast been discontinued?

    It seems that all (German) retailers - Like Thomann, Music Store etc. are not offering it anymore.


    Thanks and regards,



    0 1,771
    • RainerDoeffinge
      Dale_M Looking at the product page the M1 has NOT been set to Legacy (normally it will say Legacy product in red at the top of the page) most likely due to the global semi-conductor shortage/Covid aftermath there have been numerous supply problems which is likely causing the issue.
      • November 10, 2021
  • diegojacuinde
    Newcomer - Level 1

    To anyone who could be of assistance,

    I'm new to synths as a whole for background. I recently (less than a month ago) bought a new behringer poly d. I'm trying to use a keyboard to amp setup and am having issues getting it to make any sound. 1/4 inch TRS cables and the power supply are connected. The light at the top left of the synth lights up when I push a key as well but the only thing I hear with the volume loud enough is the faintest, soft pop from the keyboard amp. I'm running into the same issue with headphones as well. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




    0 1,732
    • diegojacuinde
      JoeRivers96 Hi Diego, Please ensure the following:

      You have switched your oscillators on using the red switches
      You have turned the volume up of each oscillator
      The filter mode is set to LO and the Cutoff frequency is up
      The main volume is turned up
      You have tested all outputs and headphones
      • October 9, 2020
      • Behringer Poly D: No sound issue
        diegojacuinde Hey Joe, I’ve done all the following and have made some progress. I still don’t have the sound coming through but instead of the faint pop in my amp, I can hear a “white noise” like humming whenever I hold the keys. Same frequency of him regardless of low or high note key. I’m not sure what else it could be. Thanks again for all the help.
        • October 9, 2020
      • Behringer Poly D: No sound issue
        diegojacuinde Wait I got it to work thank you so much!
        • 1
        • ·
        • October 9, 2020
    • diegojacuinde
      RonaldFigura RTM?
      • October 10, 2020
    • diegojacuinde
      brianbfine Hey Diego - I work for Musician's Friend and I'm working with a gentleman that has the same exact issues that you described with his Poly-D - curious as to what finally made the Poly-D produce sound for you.
      • October 15, 2020
    • diegojacuinde
      RonaldFigura There are usually patch settings in the manual that should produce results.
      • October 29, 2020
    • diegojacuinde
      imsk111 My first guess. Distortion volume is very low (switch off distortion first). Oscillator Volumes are not fully turned up and output volume is only halfway up. Fixing all this should do the trick. In general go for the simplest sound first = no effects (distortion, chorus).
      • December 20, 2020
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