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    Sequencing Pro-1 with Polyend Tracker produces drone sustain for all notes, whereas all other synths here are keying off and working fine. What can I do? I have the latest firmware update. I have written Polyend as well. Thanks. 

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    I just got my DeepMind12.  A couple of questions.  1. where to register? 2. I plan to use it a lot.  is there a problem with having it on all day long or for hours at a time, every day?  what do you suggest for best care of the unit?  is the Fan speed able to be brought down to minimize sound in the control room?   what would be the minimum suggested fan setting.


    thank you very much

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    • lovebean101
      NicJonesMT Hi LoveBean101
      I can't really advise on keeping it on all day. I can't see any issues with doin this but it depends on how stable your power supply is, if your using surge protectors etc. In the office we have had our DM12 on for extended periods of time and it did work fine.

      To register the unit click support at the top of the page and then scroll down the page and select product registration.

      With regard to fan speed, in the setup menu there is an option to adjust this. It goes from 0 (Minimum)to 244 (Maximum). I would recommend experimenting with the fan speed to see what suits your needs.
      • Jan 20
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    Where can I find the right app to connect my deep mind 6 with my iPad?


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    • drvague
      DaveMorrison The Deep Mind 12 app is supposed to work with the Deep Mind 6. While the app does lots of cool things, it ha lots of bugs. I think it still scrambles your programs (presets) if you use the librarian and has connectivity issues. Would be cool if they fixed the bugs.
      • Mar 24
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    Die Bedienungsanleitung des DM 6 spricht von einem Produkthandbuch, aber wo finde ich das?

    Warum ist das nicht dokumentiert?

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    • drvague
      RexBeckett Hi drvague, you can download it by clicking on Documentation on the right side of the product page and then selecting Manual, English:
      • Mar 27
      • Deep Mind 6 Produkthandbuch
        drvague Hi Rex, thank you for this information. I guess I was expecting something in German since Behringer is a German brand originally and the short manual has many languagres, too. But I will get by with the EN version, too.
        • Mar 29
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    Hello everybody, on the Neutron's manual page 13 the supported MIDI note range is 24 (C1) to 96 (C7) but on the Neutron application the Key range is C0 to C6, do you know why? Also is there a way or a mod to extend the midi note range on the Neutron.

    Cheers Tribers ;-)


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    • Miitr0n
      DavidKnighton Hello Miitr0n,
      I'm not too sure about the manual vs application. Will need to investigate into that. As for a mod, I don't believe that would be possible, at least not without a firmware update. It's possible the engineers decided it was better to have C0 - C6 rather than C1 - C7 based on customer feedback. If so, then they should have edited the manual to reflect this. I'll see if I can get a clear answer.
      • Mar 16
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the world of synths so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. I have a simple 4-step pattern and all of the notes have slide enabled. When I play the pattern the volume gets softer and softer until it is no longer audible. If I modify the last note in the pattern to not have slide enabled then the loop plays fine.

    Has anyone else seen this before? I am on the latest firmware patch and I'm not using any MIDI with it - the audio output is going directly to a bass amp. I have check this again with headphones and confirmed that the issue is with the synth and not the audio out jack.

    Is there something obvious that I am missing? Thanks in advance!

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    • mdinstuhl
      Poker909 This is normal. You can’t have a slide on every note or the gate will not reset. Same with all other analog sequencers.
      • November 1, 2020
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    is TD-3 working with myvolts ripcord ??

    Thank in advance :-)

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    • fifo
      Mrturtle I have two myvolts rip cords that were supposed to power my ms-101 neither did. They both work with my microKorg and other gear but not the 101. I have recently blown my Behringer mains power supply for the 101 purchased a myvolts one that was supposed to be for the 101, it arrived today and again will not work with the 101 but will power my zoom, microKorg and other things, so beware myvolts. Their customer service is good their products are not.
      • Apr 9
  • Behringer
    Triber Moderator
    The brilliant Loopop ( demonstrates 10 hidden #deepmind12 gems, in this informative and inspirational review. 
    We Hear You
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    using protools 12 with digi 003 and synthtribe software, i’m not able to sync via any option to set sequencer and lfo speed on sessions tempo. And this sync in doesn’t work with just a click coming in? 

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    • RobinAlexanderv
      DavidKnighton Hello Robin,
      The sync is probably looking for a 5 volt signal at the least. I'm not sure a click has enough beef to trigger the sync. See if you can load up an LFO in Pro Tools and run a square LFO at really high volume, or try boosting the click as loud as you can.
      • Jan 26
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    Hello, I´m a new DM12 owner and I was trying to connect a pedal so I can send a MIDI message for Mainstage to change the patch.

    I am using the sustain input for a sustain pedal, but using my second pedal for changing the sounds is essential for me..
    In the global settings there are only some options for this pedal, but none is sending a MIDI on/off message out.

    Is this possible or any trick I could use to achieve this????

    Thanks is advance

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    • pabloevaristo
      DavidKnighton Hello Pable Evaristo,
      Firstly, be careful when you say DM12 because that's the model of a Midas mixer we sell. You'll get everyone confused using that abbreviation for a DeepMind. No troubles here though. The port labelled Pedal/CV is going to be a control voltage input that can be used to change individual parameters, such as Mod-Wheel or Expression. It will not handle anything related to MIDI. You'll need to use the MIDI ports for that, and you seem to already be using the MIDI IN port from MainStage. What I would suggest is try and find a USB footswitch controller for your MainStage computer and see if you can trigger the MIDI note from within MainStage as opposed to from the keyboard. Check out the link below and tell me if this is something that could provide a solution.
      • November 23, 2020
      • Deepmind 12 External pedal for MIDI control
        pabloevaristo yes, I have a bluetooth pedalboard for that. But I also have a dual pedal that I like to use, because it allows to control both parameters (sustain and CC).
        Thanks anyway, you answered my question, so I can´t use that pedal input in Deepmind for my purpose.
        • November 24, 2020
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