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  • AlessandroBoero
    Contributor - Level 2

    Voicelive  4..when it ready on the market????   tc helicon... 

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    • AlessandroBoero

      Now that Mr Behringers in charge, It will probably be released soon, and be an expresso machine...

      Cos,y'know "..the core demographic of 17 to 25 year olds drink coffee."

      • May 24, 2019
    • AlessandroBoero

      I'm sure it will be before they provide any of the talked about updates for the VL3X.


      They prefer to release new gear than making existing gear better.


      The switch6 pedal being able to trigger 6 different loops, but not in serial mode, makes it pretty useless.

      • May 25, 2019
    • AlessandroBoero

      I am considering the Headrush looperboard to replace my voicelive 3. Assuming Voicelive 4 is enver going to happen...

      Have you tried it?

      • June 25, 2019
    • AlessandroBoero

      Thanks for your excitement about the VoiceLive line! We’ve got a team working hard to figure out how we can improve on the features that the VoiceLive 3 currently offers, as we are always looking to improve upon what we’ve built before! As I'm sure you understand, the process of developing new gear in the music tech industry is a long one - beyond the mechanics and engineering work that begins years before a product is released, there is also a period of time during which testing and corrections take place until the product meets our requirements - all of this happens before the product is ever announced or manufactured. 

      For this reason, we do not project release dates for products that are in progress. We prefer to offer accurate estimations, something we cannot do when a product is still in the development or testing phase.  

      We appreciate your curiosity around upcoming products, and are regularly checking in with our community on MTC. There is an interesting community discussion with some VL4 speculation and requests, check it out at this link: 

      • July 31, 2019
    • AlessandroBoero

      Given that this thread is dead and the link in @TCH-Rob post no longer works, I'm not holding out much hope for a VoiceLive 4. It's a shame to see Berringher run this product into the ground.

      • September 27, 2021
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi, I have two questions:

    1) Is there any difference between the TC Helicon Voicelive Play and the Play Acoustic, besides the Play Acoustic having the guitar input (for key detection and efxs) and guitar effects? So does this mean both versions of the units have "exactly" the same vocal effects?

    2) On either unit, cans Voicelive VoiceSupport2 software be used to pre-program the keys of invidual presets that can be then sent to the VLP units? ...or is the VoiceSupport2 software basically for only backing up, copying, and changing order of presets?

    Thanks for you help in advance!

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    • sanelso2
      JoeRivers96 Hi, thank you for your contact. The vocal fx on these two units are the same - you will see some different presets on the Play Acoustic due to the guitar input.

      Unfortunately internal settings cannot be edited on VoiceSupport 2. This software is purely for preset management and firmware updates.
      • May 8, 2021
  • davidmck
    Newcomer - Level 1
    Just purchased used VL3. (2nd July 2020) Trying to update firmware, but Voicesupport says no internet connection to TC Helicon server? Have now tried on three different computers and same message, Sometimes get message to say VL3 being used by another program (it isn't)
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    • davidmck
      PlamenPenev I have the same problem. After a reset of VoiceLive 3, Voicesupport 2 does not connect to the Internet. And this for several days now - there are no answers, and I can't work.
      • July 3, 2020
    • davidmck
      SpyderZA I am having the same problem with Voicesupport and Voicesupport 2. My Voicelive Touch 2 is pretty useless now and I have also got work to finish.
      • July 3, 2020
    • davidmck
      FabioValdez If you were using it before, just disconnect from internet and start the program, then you can connect again. If it's a fresh new installed then there's no workaround because it requires connection to the server for first time running. In the first post they said that is because they changed the server so it does't connect to the new server yet.
      • July 4, 2020
    • davidmck
      davidmck Already tried disconnecting from internet, starting program, and then connect to internet - made no difference. Also getting message saying "Voicesupport is unable to load required control files"
      • July 5, 2020
    • davidmck
      vic91218 I can't connect to the voicesupport as well.. bummer. Guess I'll return this thing
      • July 5, 2020
  • lana22
    Contributor - Level 1

    I powered down and accidentally powered up a few minutes after... shouldn't have bothered it, but it powered back up with a blue screen. 

    It is version 1.2.00 build 61
    I'm using VoiceTouch on my Mac.

    VoiceTouch says it's being used by another app. I've done everything a person can do on my Mac (privacy settings in Chrome, system preferences...) to make that not the case, to no avail.

    I can't see the screen, so I can't do anything like a factory reset - because I can't tell what's happening.

    I, of course, have a gig tonight.

    Please help me.


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    • lana22

      @lana22 wrote:

      I powered down and accidentally powered up a few minutes after... shouldn't have bothered it, but it powered back up with a blue screen. 

      It is version usps tracking 1.2.00 build 61
      I'm using VoiceTouch on my Mac.

      VoiceTouch says it's being used by  another app. I've done everything a person can do on my Mac (privacy settings in Chrome, system preferences...) to make that not the case, to no avail.

      I can't see the screen, so I can't do anything like a factory reset - because I can't tell what's happening.

      I, of course, have a gig tonight.

      Please help me.


      I am also facing the same issue here. Help is highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

      • July 8, 2019
    • lana22

      Hey @lana22 and @BrianLowe,
      Both of you will need to get in contact with our support team via this link.  Good luck!

      • July 9, 2019
    • lana22


      I'm currently facing the same issue on my unit. Suddenly only blue screen, device doesn't boot up. Downloaded Voicesupport 2, as some older internet posts suggest, but on both operating systems (Win & OSX) I get the same result: "Device in use".

      Also, provided link doesn't work. Please help!

      • January 1, 2020
    • lana22

      Hi @kantefier ,

      You can receive help from the "support" tab on


      • January 3, 2020
    • lana22


      This is not good!!! I'm facing the same issue on my unit. I see only a blue screen. I Downloaded Voicesupport 2, as some older internet posts suggested.  I got the same results: "Device in use". 

      Please Help!

      • January 7, 2020
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 2

    I'm doing some recording with Ableton.  I'm about to buy a condenser mic, probably a Rode NT1 or Aston Origin. Both require 48v phantom power. Will my Voiceplay live support this or do I need to buy another Audio Interface?

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    • stephensmiles
      stephensmiles Actually I seem to have discovered that it does:-) Next question. Is there a flat (no effects) setting on the Voicelive play?
      • November 4, 2020
      • Voicelive Play Phantom Power
        leah Hello Stephen,
        The VoiceLive Play has a "Talk" mode where you can quickly bypass the effects from the current preset. This is done by holding down the HIT footswitch.
        If you'd like a dedicated preset with zero effects applied, you can either transfer a "Blank Preset" style to your device using VoiceSupport 2 or simply build a new preset with all effects off within the device.
        Hope this helps. Thanks!
        • November 4, 2020
      • Voicelive Play Phantom Power
        stephensmiles Thank you.
        • November 4, 2020
    • stephensmiles
      RexBeckett Hi Stephen, according to the specifications, Voicelive Play has a 48V phantom supply when enabled through the Setup menu.
      • November 4, 2020
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I have a TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2.  It has always worked well, and this morning I thought I would see if there was a firmware upgrade.


    I'm on a Mac (Catalina OS).


    I downloaded the VoiceSupport2 app for Mac, and everything seemed OK, at first. My computer recognized the pedal plugged in via USB and said it needed a firmware update.  It started through the process and then it errored out.


    I have tried everything from rebooting the Mac (with and without the pedal connected), and nothing works.  The pedal is not even recognized my the Mac in the System Report. The pedal still powers up but does not work at all. 


    Is there a way to directly add (or reset the original) firmware without VoiceSupport2?  Is this pedal bricked because the firmware update and VoiceSupport2 will never allow the computer processor inside of the pedal to ever work again? 


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    • burkeingraffia
      burkeingraffia Also, the very poor VoiceSupport2 software offers me a link to a page that is no longer there:
      • January 23, 2021
    • burkeingraffia
      PedroRodrigues Hi, burkeingraffiaI would suggest performing first a factory reset followed by a firmware update.
      To restoring the factory preset in the Mic Mechanic, first you must downloading the VoiceSupport application. Then simply click the first preset in the list and SHIFT and click the last preset in VoiceSupport, and then press “Apply Changes” to start initialization of the program.
      Warning! This procedure will return all of the settings to the values when the Mic Mechanic was shipped from the factory. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Restore the Mic Mechanic to the Factory Preset” was useful.
      To assist you on the firmware update process please follow the link below and confirm that you are connecting your unit to a USB 2.0 PORT:
      Thank you
      • January 28, 2021
  • Dale11
    Contributor - Level 1

     I own a perform V  however it does not fit on my microphone stand and it is very difficult to change the effects during a performance.  I am considering purchasing a mic mechanic or a voice live play.  I need something very simple that I don’t really need to change the settings on too much. I sing popular type rock. 

     Can you please make a suggestion for me? I know they perform V has doubling  I don’t see this on the mic mechanic and not really sure if I need it. Mostly I want tone, pitch correction and a little fuller voice with a very small amount of reverb/echo.  I am not a pro so I need something very simple. Please help, thank you 

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    • Dale11

      Hey @Dale11,
      It sounds to me like the Duplicator is the pedal for you.  It has doubling, reverb, pitch correction, and Tone.


      Also in regards to your Perform-V not fitting on your mic stand, please check out David's rant.  You might just need to put some muscle into it, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to break the plastic on the Perform-V's mic clip by forcing it on there.

      • October 11, 2019
    • Dale11

      The Duplicator looks pretty darn nice....and SIMPLE...which is good.  I really love my VoiceLive Play a lot though.  I like having presets.  Truthfully I don't end up using much more than what that Duplicator can do, but I have found it beneficial, as a backup singer, to be able to totally disable my mic with a muted preset, for songs I don't sing on, for example.  I don't see how this unit would let you adjust the gating sensitivity, for example, where with the VoiceLivePlay you have more options to configure how all that stuff works. 


      • November 5, 2019
  • Henko
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hello, i got a TC Helicon voivelive 1 from a friend.

    I would love to know how to do a factory reset on this unit in oder to use it for myself.

    Can`t find anything on the internet

    Hope someone here can help me out.


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    • Henko

      Hi @Henko ,

      I asked around here at the TC Helicon office and it seems that there might not be a global factory reset function on the original voicelive, and if there is, we don't know how to do it! 

      That said, you can reset individual presets and songs in the Voicelive's settings; you can find more information on how to do this on page 44 of the Voicelive user manual. Hope this helps! 

      • February 28, 2020
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I am thinking about buying a Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme unit.  I downloaded the manual and see where I can send MIDI CC messages to the unit to turn ON/OFF various effects in the unit.

    I can see that I can specifically turn ON/OFF harmony.  I want to know if I can change the unit's harmony preset before turning ON and OFF that harmony.

    The reason I ask this is that my band uses MIDI for our rhythm and bass section.  I would like to use a MIDI channel to select a preset, control the harmony via MIDI notes on one of the MIDI tracks, and turn ON/OFF those harmonies at selected times in each song.

    Thank you in advance.

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    • rmwestjr
      PedroRodrigues Hi rmwestjr the MIDI implementation in VL3 is essentially the same as the VoiceLive 2…
      There can be up to 500 presets loaded into a VoiceLive 3, and it’s possible to navigate between these presets with an external controller sending MIDI Control Change (“CC”) and Program Change (“PC”) messages. The VoiceLive 3 can receive CC and PC messages via MIDI from sources like keyboards, footswitches, DAWs, and more. For the controlling device to send a MIDI message to VL3 it needs to be using the same MIDI channel as the VL3, typically this is channel 1 but you’re welcome to change it. Also make sure you aren’t misusing the MIDI input filters, and ensure that the MIDI input is set to be either “USB” (for the USB-mini input) or “MIDI Ports” (for the 5-pin MIDI input) depending on how you're connecting. These settings can be changed in VL3’s “Setup” menu, on the “MIDI” tab.
      To change Presets via MIDI, first tell the VL3 which Bank to look in, then tell it which Preset in that Bank you want to change to.
      Bank select: To specify the desired bank, issue an LSB Bank select message (CC#32) with a value of 0-3.
      Preset Select: After specifying the Bank, issue a PC Preset select message with a value of 0-127.
      MSB LSB VL3Bank Program Change (PC) VL3 Preset #
      0 0 0 0-127 1-128
      0 1 1 0-127 129-256
      0 2 2 0-127 257-384
      0 3 3 0-115 385-500

      The internal number associated with a Preset isn’t exactly what you see on the VL3’s screen, they’re actually all off by 1. This is because internally the list of Presets actually starts at an index of 0. This means that 0 = Preset #1, 1 = Preset #2, 2 = Preset #3, etc. It’s like your presets are saved from 0-499 but are displayed as 1-500.
      There are 4 Banks in VL3, and each Bank contains 128 Presets. Therefore the Preset selection number that goes to VL3 needs to be between 1 and 128. So for a Preset above 128, you need to subtract the number of the first Preset in the same Bank to get the MIDI Program Change info.
      The 9-digit message for changing to a preset is in the format of:
      MSB LSB PC#
      Or, you can first send a CC#32 of the Bank you’re looking in, then a PC value of the Preset you want.
      Here are some examples:
      Preset #5 would be: 5 - 1 = 4
      000 000 004
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 4
      Preset #100 would be: 100 - 1 = 99
      000 000 099
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 99
      Preset #208 would be: 208 - 129 = 79 (because Preset #208 is in Bank 1, which starts at Preset #129)
      000 001 079
      or CC#32 value 1, then PC 79
      Preset 259 would be: 259 - 257 = 2
      000 002 002
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 2
      Preset 322 would be: 322 - 257 = 65
      000 002 065
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 65
      Preset 491 would be: 491 - 385 = 106
      000 003 106
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 106
      Preset 500 would be: 500 - 385 = 115
      000 003 115
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 115

      When you try to address a Preset that does not exist (either an empty spot or one outside the 1-500 range), there is no built-in warning system, VL3 just won’t do anything. So if you can see the “MIDI” indication on the VL3 appearing when you send commands, but are not getting the Preset to change, ensure you’re not referencing an empty or non-existent Preset location.
      If that all seems too complicated for you, consider using Steps instead of Presets. Steps are essentially Presets within a Preset, and you can have up to 10 Steps all in the same Preset. If your current Preset contains the Steps you’ll be using, it just takes a single CC message to choose your Step…
      CC 115 = Step
      Value represents Step Number, i.e. 1 = Step 1, 2 = Step 2, etc.
      So sending a CC#115 with a value of 2 will take you to the second Step in your current Preset.

      Sources: I hope this helps ......Thank You
      • March 14, 2021
      • Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme MIDI Control Question
        PetGerbil I don't know if it's a "permission" issue, and you can access it but we can't. But those links you posted don't work..(except the sweetwater one.)
        I get a "Server not found" error message.?
        • March 14, 2021
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    It was available for backorder on Guitar Center as of 3/17/2021, however Sweetwater and some others say they no longer have that product.


    If you can find a unit out there, is there software support for it?


    Is there an update or a Touch 3?

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    • MarqueeMusicGroup
      nneptune5 I'm also looking for this on 3/17/21, and I can't find one anywhere! I'm so disappointed. I've been waiting months to buy one. I hope an answer comes soon. I'm in America, and the only sellers are in Japan for an extremely high price. Help!
      • March 17, 2021
    • MarqueeMusicGroup
      DavidKnighton Hello Marquee,
      The TCH VoiceLive Touch 2 is not discontinued. Production is a bit slow since the beginning of pandemic.
      • March 18, 2021
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