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  • corriganama
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi everyone,

    I have the TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 and the LCD display screen cracked and is now unreadable. I think it's a pretty simple fix to replace it but I obviously need the replacement part. I submitted a ticket but haven't received a response for two weeks now.

    Anyone know what I can do to try and get a replacement part?


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    • corriganama
      john0121 Hi Amanda, could you let me know the case number please and I will have the team respond as soon as possible.
      • October 1, 2020
      • Replacement LCD display for VoiceLive Touch 2??
        corriganama Thanks John! It's case #CAS-140838-R3C3T1
        • October 1, 2020
    • corriganama
      DAVECORESH Hey Amanda, I had a similar issue and wanted to hear if you got the problem resolved.
      • December 24, 2020
      • Replacement LCD display for VoiceLive Touch 2??
        john0121 Hi Dave, have you submitted a case for this? do you have the number please?
        • Jan 3
    • corriganama
      GHRoberts Hi there - got same problem too. Have you got any reply?
      • December 28, 2020
      • Replacement LCD display for VoiceLive Touch 2??
        john0121 Hi Glyn, could you let me know the case number you have for this?
        • Jan 3
    • corriganama
      davespiess How can I order a new screen?
      • Jan 21
      • Replacement LCD display for VoiceLive Touch 2??
        john0121 Hi Dave, you can fill out the spare parts request form via the Support button at the top of the page. A member of the team will then let you know pricing and availability.
        • Jan 24
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I just got a voicelive 3 and it's a beast and I'm totally in love with it. My only real issues with it are ergonomic, but given the amount of features it packs, this was clearly well thought out. I use it in composing, post production and live performance environments. MIDI is a heavy part of everything I do, and I was disappointed to see the limited MIDI capabilities. I know you've discontinued it, but I really feel that this piece has the capability to capture the imagination of every electronic music producer out there......if only it had full MIDI implementation for all parameters.

    Will there ever be another firmware update? And if so, I have so much to add to that conversation ;)

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    • BenjaminCleek
      PedroRodrigues Hi Benjamin, please be aware that you can follow the link below to access the VOICELIVE 3 Manual for this unit and please check the following pages to access the full MIDI implementation

      -Page 71 to access MIDI SYNC
      -Page 140 to access the Looping and MIDI Sync
      -Page 151 to access for MIDI TAB
      -Page 175 for MIDI CC List
      The he MIDI implementation in VL3 is essentially the same as the VoiceLive 2…There can be up to 500 presets loaded into a VoiceLive 3, and it’s possible to navigate between these presets with an external controller sending MIDI Control Change (“CC”) and Program Change (“PC”) messages.
      The VoiceLive 3 can receive CC and PC messages via MIDI from sources like keyboards, footswitches, DAWs, and more. For the controlling device to send a MIDI message to VL3 it needs to be using the same MIDI channel as the VL3, typically this is channel 1 but you’re welcome to change it. Also make sure you aren’t misusing the MIDI input filters, and ensure that the MIDI input is set to be either “USB” (for the USB-mini input) or “MIDI Ports” (for the 5-pin MIDI input) depending on how you're connecting. These settings can be changed in VL3’s “Setup” menu, on the “MIDI” tab.
      To change Presets via MIDI, first tell the VL3 which Bank to look in, then tell it which Preset in that Bank you want to change to.
      Bank select: To specify the desired bank, issue an LSB Bank select message (CC#32) with a value of 0-3.
      Preset Select: After specifying the Bank, issue a PC Preset select message with a value of 0-127.
      MSB LSB VL3Bank Program Change (PC) VL3 Preset #
      0 0 0 0-127 1-128
      0 1 1 0-127 129-256
      0 2 2 0-127 257-384
      0 3 3 0-115 385-500

      The internal number associated with a Preset isn’t exactly what you see on the VL3’s screen, they’re actually all off by 1. This is because internally the list of Presets actually starts at an index of 0. This means that 0 = Preset #1, 1 = Preset #2, 2 = Preset #3, etc. It’s like your presets are saved from 0-499 but are displayed as 1-500.
      There are 4 Banks in VL3, and each Bank contains 128 Presets. Therefore the Preset selection number that goes to VL3 needs to be between 1 and 128. So for a Preset above 128, you need to subtract the number of the first Preset in the same Bank to get the MIDI Program Change info.
      The 9-digit message for changing to a preset is in the format of:
      MSB LSB PC#
      Or, you can first send a CC#32 of the Bank you’re looking in, then a PC value of the Preset you want.
      Here are some examples:
      Preset #5 would be: 5 - 1 = 4
      000 000 004
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 4
      Preset #100 would be: 100 - 1 = 99
      000 000 099
      or CC#32 value 0, then PC 99
      Preset #208 would be: 208 - 129 = 79 (because Preset #208 is in Bank 1, which starts at Preset #129)
      000 001 079
      or CC#32 value 1, then PC 79
      Preset 259 would be: 259 - 257 = 2
      000 002 002
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 2
      Preset 322 would be: 322 - 257 = 65
      000 002 065
      or CC#32 value 2, then PC 65
      Preset 491 would be: 491 - 385 = 106
      000 003 106
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 106
      Preset 500 would be: 500 - 385 = 115
      000 003 115
      or CC#32 value 3, then PC 115

      When you try to address a Preset that does not exist (either an empty spot or one outside the 1-500 range), there is no built-in warning system, VL3 just won’t do anything. So if you can see the “MIDI” indication on the VL3 appearing when you send commands, but are not getting the Preset to change, ensure you’re not referencing an empty or non-existent Preset location.
      If that all seems too complicated for you, consider using Steps instead of Presets. Steps are essentially Presets within a Preset, and you can have up to 10 Steps all in the same Preset. If your current Preset contains the Steps you’ll be using, it just takes a single CC message to choose your Step…
      CC 115 = Step
      Value represents Step Number, i.e. 1 = Step 1, 2 = Step 2, etc.
      So sending a CC#115 with a value of 2 will take you to the second Step in your current Preset.

      I hope this helps
      • Jan 11
    • BenjaminCleek
      PetGerbil None of those musictribe "Sources" go anywhere/timeout... Because this site is "Proudly powered by Potato!"
      • Jan 11
      • Voicelive 3 - full MIDI support please!
        PetGerbil And, No. there will be no more firmware updates.
        • Jan 11
  • New
    Contributor - Level 3

    After playing saxophone with the VL3, i use it now with the Blues Harmonica.
    Sometimes when I play a very high note on the harp, the sound from the VL3 begins to "clink" oder "stutter". 
    I uploded a file to demonstrate.
    Then it don't stop, even if a change the preset. The only way to stop that sound is to shut down the VL3 and start it again.

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  • DavidStewart
    Contributor - Level 2
    Seriously, this is the *new* forum? It's impossible. There's no way to view new activity without seeing everything, including full posts. I never need to see everything.
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  • DannyG
    Contributor - Level 2
    In my first year of owning a PerfomVK, Helicon replaced it twice because of defects. Very nice of them to honor the Warranty, aside from the inconvenience of shipping, and being without the unit for several weeks.

    Has anyone else had Reliability problems with the VK model? or any of the Perform V series?
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  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    I just bought my tc helicon voicelive touch version 1 and when I plug into mixer, there is no sound or signal coming out of the helicon. I'm not sure if there something wrong but I would really use further assistance.

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    • Steveosays
      Nigel67 I would first of all perform a factory reset, and then connect to voicesupport and upgrade the unit to its latest version. This is all detailed in the User Manual
      Once you have done this sing into the unit, turn up the input level control and see if the signal and peak lights come on. If they do, then you are getting signal into the unit. Does your microphone require phantom power? If you then plug some headphones in and turn up the level control, do you hear anything in them? Which outputs are you using on the rear of the unit. What sort of jacks are you using. Are there any conversion connectors. Are the cables balanced or unbalanced to the amplifier?
      • November 3, 2020
      • TC Helicon Voicelive touch not working/no signal
        Steveosays I’ve tried holding the octave, low and bass bottoms and no reset has worked. It would just say ready.
        • Jan 13
      • TC Helicon Voicelive touch not working/no signal
        Steveosays I’ve had this thing for almost a year now and have yet to play it. Heard amazing things and because I do not have a job that allows me the brand new voicelive touch, I had to proceed with the version 1. Which was not cheap and spent time saving in order to acquire. It’s really sad.
        • Jan 13
      • TC Helicon Voicelive touch not working/no signal
        Nigel67 Have you tried connecting it to VoiceSupport and seeing if you can upgrade the unit? Please could you answer my original questions about the signal LED and microphone, etc. This will hopefully help identify the issue. You mentioned that none of the buttons worked when you tried the reset. Have you taken the protective film covering of the front of the unit as this could stop the buttons from working? If pressing the buttons still doesn't work, the the unit will have to be serviced. In which case please submit a service ticket by going to the Support Tab at the top of the page.
        • Jan 14
  • DannyG
    Contributor - Level 2
    It appears that none of the Reverb, nor Echo effects from VoiceSupport2 will work on the Perform VK. Is this because those buttons already exist on the Perform VK?
    Effects appear to download correctly, but the Blue Hit is not enabled for the button(s).
    All other VoiceSupport2 cloud effects can be downloaded to the Blue hit buttons.

    PVK firmware 1.2.02 build 132
    connected via USB to Windows 10 PC
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    • DannyG
      TCH-Spencer Hey Email,

      First let me thank you for including the firmware and OS you're using, not many people think to include that and I appreciate that, even if it isn't the reason for your issue

      If you send over an effect that is already on the VK, meaning Harmony or Reverb or Echo, then that sent effect will occupy the respective button on the VK and you won't get any blue-ness. For example if you send a Reverb style from the app, it'll go into the "Reverb" button on the VK, and that sent style will appear as light blue in the list of reverb styles. However if you send over an effect that is not native to the VK, like Megaphone, then that effect will occupy the current preset button ("1", "2", or "3") and pressing the button will turn it blue and activate the effect - you can even hold that preset button to adjust its amount. Cheers!
      • January 10, 2018
  • DannyG
    Contributor - Level 2
    hey Helicon,
    Could you add detailed descriptions of the Cloud Presets visible in Voicesupport2? In the onscreen view, there is a section called "Details" but it only has the Preset name. Several preset names are vague, e.g. What is the difference between Hardtune Natural, Hardtune Pop, and Hardtune Country? They all sound the same when I loaded/tried them. The Designer's notes might help me hear what was intended. Thanks.
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    • DannyG
      DannyG Hey Board Admins, I posted this question 3 years ago and never got an answer. HELLO? @admin I would appreciate complete details on ALL the cloud presets, not just the 3 examples above. This is a good product, but why is there no documentation on the Cloud Presets? Please get the designer's notes and publish them. The Titles of the presets are not descriptive enough, and many times confusing.

      PVK firmware 1.2.02 build 132
      connected via USB to Windows 10 PC
      • Apr 17
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Hi All-  I have a question which is hopefully an easy one!  I have a TC Helicon Harmony G-XT (in the Voicetone series) which I have running into a mixer.  The mixer has +48V phantom power option which I have not needed to switch on until now, when I am trying to also run a condenser mic cirectly into the mixer.  My question is, will the +48V phantom power at the mixer inputs have any negative effect on the Harmony GX-T which is connected to the mixer via XLR cables?

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    • sry110
      kiskadar69 I tried this with a TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX. There was no problem.
      • Jan 4
    • sry110
      kiskadar69 Although there was someone who had a problem with a Mic Mechanic 2:

      "Mic Mechanic 2 works fine when phantom from mixer or Fishman Loudbox turned off. When phantom power from the mixer/loudbox is on, the volume of the mic drops by about two thirds. Doesn't matter what mic I use, dynamic like SM57 or condenser like AKG C1000s or Shure Beta 87A. Many mixers don't have individual channel control for phantom meaning I can't use the Mic Mechanic 2 unless that channel's phantom power can be turned off. Tried multiple mics, cables, Mic Mechanic 2 with power supply or batteries. Anyone else having this problem?" (Gerald Jones,2017.11.17.)
      • Jan 4
    • sry110
      kiskadar69 This has already been answered in the TC-Helicon FAQ (the question probably concerned a VoiceTone D1):

      "Connecting outputs of TC-Helicon products to phantom power inputs

      Question: Can I connect the outputs of my TC-Helicon product to an input which has phantom power engaged?
      Answer: Yes, its safe to plug the outputs of any TC-Helicon product to an input which has phantom power engaged. As plugging an output into a phantom power input can cause a current spike, the safest way to set this up is to hook up all cables before powering up the PA/amp. Once all cables are hooked up, power up the TC-Helicon product before the PA/amp is powered up."
      • Jan 4
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    It was available for backorder on Guitar Center as of 3/17/2021, however Sweetwater and some others say they no longer have that product.


    If you can find a unit out there, is there software support for it?


    Is there an update or a Touch 3?

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    • MarqueeMusicGroup
      nneptune5 I'm also looking for this on 3/17/21, and I can't find one anywhere! I'm so disappointed. I've been waiting months to buy one. I hope an answer comes soon. I'm in America, and the only sellers are in Japan for an extremely high price. Help!
      • Mar 17
    • MarqueeMusicGroup
      DavidKnighton Hello Marquee,
      The TCH VoiceLive Touch 2 is not discontinued. Production is a bit slow since the beginning of pandemic.
      • Mar 18
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