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  • Sphere
    Contributor - Level 2

    I need to talk to some one about upgrade liscense's. It is frustrating not getting to talk to a human. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    • Sphere

      Hi Duncan ( @Sphere ), 


      Welcome to the community.  The only way to contact Support is through the CARE portal. I'd recommend you open a support ticket, explain to them your situation, and in that ticket ask them to call you.  



      Hope this helps,



      • December 4, 2019
    • Sphere

      Yes, tried that. It seems to be down right now for new tickets. Does anybody have a number they know of I could call. I have had the run around for 2 weeks. 

      • December 4, 2019
    • Sphere

      @Sphere Thank you for your contact.

      Im sorry for any inconvinience,we are here to help and assit on anything you require.

      In regard to your question there are two separted points regarding licenses when you update System 6000 to the MKII version

      1-Any active licenses present on the  MKI Frame will be also present on the MKII upgraded version

      2- Upon update we offer two new licenses to our customers:

             first we offer the Integrator license to allow our customer to integrate the MKII unit with a DAW 

            second we offer a license that the customer can choose from the following list:


      1. Stereo Mastering

      2. Multichannel Mastering

      3. Stereo Reverb:

      4. Multichannel Reverb

      5. LM6

      6. AM6

      7. Reverb 8

      8. Engage

      9. Unwrap

      10. Back Drop

      11. Live AID

      12. VP8 Vari Pitch

      If you efectively decide to go foward with your upgarde request the next step would be to open a new ticket via for that just press SUPPORT on the top part of the page and Log-in or Register.

      I would also sugest to view the  "How to create a care ticket" to have an overview on the matter.

      I hope this would help you answering yoru questions and you if you any more queries please feel free to contact us via the ticket system mentioned above 

      Thank you very much for your contact.

      Wish you all the best


      TC Electronic




      • December 4, 2019
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Help! I've owned the TC Flashback II for a few months now and am loving it. Earlier this year I updated the firmware to use the tap tempo function and that was working fine. I came back to my pedal after a month off or so, and now for some reason, when engaged, I can only hear the delay output, and not the attack of the note itself. What I've done so far to troubleshoot: 


    - Pulled the pedal off the pedal board and isolated it as the only pedal in the signal chain between the guitar and the amp

    - Tried multiple different amps

    - Tried multiple different guitars

    - Verified that input is going into the pedal through MONO and exiting through MONO

    - Verified that true bypass and kill/dry dipswitches are set correctly (set to true bypass and off respectively, both oriented left)

    What are suggestions for next steps? Thank you!


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    • davenov41
      NicJonesMT Hi Dave.
      I'm Nic from the UK tech support team.
      Just to let you know I have picked up your Tech Support ticket and will be contacting you shortly.
      • December 23, 2020
      • TC Flashback II- only hearing delay, no dry?
        davenov41 Hi Nic- thanks so much for your reply. I received your email regarding my support ticket... I wasn't able to find a way to reply to the ticket from within the care portal, so I simply replied to the email. Please let me know if there's a better way to contact you! Thanks again for your help. Dave
        • December 23, 2020
    • davenov41
      TC-Mike Please check that the Kill dry switch is not set to "ON" . the dip switches can be reached by removing the back cover and more info on the positions /settings can be found in the manual. the second dip switch switches between "true-and buffered bypass" -Buffered bypass will retain the Delay repeats when pedal is bypassed
      • January 4, 2021
  • New
    Newcomer - Level 1


    I have a TC Electronic M-ONE XL effects unit that is missing the round rotary encoder (Control) knob/wheel.  The shaft is there and works fine, but I'd like to get another black knob/wheel to slide on to the shaft again.  Any ideas where I can obtain one of those?

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  • Rob66
    Contributor - Level 1

    I'm using the x4 with expression pedal, setup to go from short feedback high feedback amount. I has been fine, but now I'm having a problem where it seems to bet setup ok, with a low mimimum and high max setting but...
    When I start on the minimum setting of the exp pedal its good, when I move the pedal to max for high feedback it's good, but on return back to the minimum position it doesn't not seem to have recorded the original minimum feedback a amount. It's minumum after the first use seems to give more feedback than I set it with. Does not return to the original minimum setting. Anyone have any tips?  I'd do a factory reset if I could find how to?

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    • Rob66

      it could be an accidental "re-mapping" of the Parameter. Please note that if you move Expression pedal and turn knobs, youwill update the mapping.  Please try to clear the Expression mapping for the preset in question and program it again. Make sure you set min position then turn the parameter pot to the desired min position- now switch pedal to max position (heel up) and set max potmeter position an then save the Preset. Switch and reload preset and try out the mapping you just programmed. Is it working? 


      • October 16, 2019
  • pvautour
    Contributor - Level 2

    I am not getting any sound out of user preset 3, and as a result am unable to upload/BEAM my chosen TonePrint to it.

    What am I missing?



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    • pvautour

      Hi pvautour

      The TonePrint in TonePrint Slot 3 is a volume swell effect, you need to MASH to get any sound out of the pedal. You can see it used right here:

      As for loading TonePrints, if you have a newer phone than iPhone 6, you need to use the top speaker in your phone, or hook the pedal up to a computer and use the TonePrint app. Here's a video on how to beam toneprints with newer phones:

      Hope this helps

      • December 29, 2019
  • markflip
    Contributor - Level 3

    Hello, I've seen this topic come up a bit with similar requests for nova system but I don't see a current thread so I'm starting a new one. I bought a G system about 6 or more years ago and found it pretty deep to fully understand and at the time I just set it in a box and opted for my analog pedal rig that I had built. I recently joined a new band playing all original music and I felt it was time for a change of my tone and pulled out the G system again. 

    I have to say thank you to Laird and his incredibly useful and way overachieved (in a good way) unofficial manual, I now feel I have a pretty good grasp of whats going on in that thing. I have it connected the 4 cable method through the preamp loop on my fender blues deville 4x10 amp and it sounds really fricken good.

    Here's the problem, the band I play in has a drummer with an electronic kit and he keeps pushing for total volume control of our entire band so he is anti amps on stage. I tried to push back as much as possible but I am seeing the merit of not having to lug that amp from show to show. There is also a lot of new equipment out there and I was wondering if anybody has a good combination of a preamp and amp/cab simulators that could be wired in the 4 cable manor on the G so that the final output goes straight to a PA with no actual amp producing sound on stage?

    The way I would see this happening is that I would have a preamp pedal running through the insert loop on the G, then the out of the G would go into an amp/cab simulator that would go to the PA. Ideally the simulator would have XLR outputs? Does such a thing exist? And to take it one more step, I would like to go stereo out so I may have to have 2 identical amp/cab simulators.

    Does anyone have any successful experience with a setup like this and any hardware recommendations would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!



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    • markflip

      Don't everybody rush in all at once here! Take turns please?

      • September 22, 2019
    • markflip


      The Sansamp's amp simulation is pretty good. I've used one forever.

      • September 22, 2019
    • markflip

      Well I was hoping to have more feedback from the community but I spent a lot of time researching preamps and I found one that I think will be ideal. I wanted to share my find incase this question comes up again.

      I purchased a preamp today and once I get it in and hooked up and tweaked I will report back. I have high hopes that this will be the ultimate solution.

      Two-notes makes several preamp models, I went with the le-clean because it's said to mimic American style tube amps and I am trying to replace a Fender Blues Deville 4x10 combo.

      What sold me on the two-notes is a couple things;

      • There is an effects loop that is inserted after the preamp

        • I plan to connect the send on the G to the input on the Pre, the out on the Pre to the return on the G, the out on the G to the return on the Pre, then go XLR out of the Pre into the mixer, Viola the 4 cable method!

      • There is a cabinet simulator (preset for the model, no adjustment) after the fx loop return

        • this is a good starting point to have amp like sound with only one device

        • They also have a software driven cabinet simulator that can be inserted after the le-clean as an upgrade down the line (if needed)

      • The preamp is 2 channel and it can be selected through MIDI commands

        • both channels are true tube circuitry!

      I also looked at the but the price is a bit more than I was willing to dish out at this time. I would also need more hardware to get the cabinet emulation and DI to the mixer. If you have the cash though this is an awesome unit. It is also 2 channel and there is a channel select jack that you could wire into the relays on the G...



      • September 23, 2019
  • New
    Contributor - Level 1

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue where if you change the value of an effect in the Tone Print editor (say the delay time), when you save it (with the Plethora connected via USB), it reverts back to the original settings for the effect?

    However, if you change it on the Plethora (and watch it change in the Tone Print editor) and save it, it is saved.

    I am using the latest Tone Print software (4.4.03) and Plethora X5 Firmware (1.2.18) to the best of my knowledge.

    It does this for every effect, change something, tweak away on the Tone Print editor and then BAM all your changes and tweaks gone.  Angry! :-)




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    • pwmcmaho
      TC-Mike when you store the TonePrint in your Plethora and load it without the app the potmeter positions on the board will set the parameters and NOT the value you set in the app at the time of saving unless you used the pots on the pedal to adjust the modifiers , so app and pedal are in sync at the time of saving. Please remember that you are not making a preset , but customize the functions of the pedal including value arnges.... With regards to delay time there are some strategies you can use when you want to have your delay tonePrint use a specific tempo in ms :
      1) eg map delaytime value to 12 o'clock (mid) postion of the potmeter (mapping page) and consider setting curve point 2 + 4 to same value , so it is easy to dial in this specific tempo by roughly setting pot to 12 o'clock possition
      2) Once you stored your TonePrint on the board, set the potmeters on pedal to correct values in EDIT mode before switching board or diting other slot TonePrints and it will be auto-stored on the board (FB2 slot)

      Best regards; Mike
      • February 4, 2021
      • Issues saving TonePrint changes from computer (Mac) to the Plethora X5
        pwmcmaho Thanks TC-Mike for the response... I am totally confused by something.

        Two questions:

        1. How can I create and audition Toneprints with my X5? Whenever I pick a pedal in the Tone Print Editor, with my X5 connected via USB and in edit mode, so I can audition the changes, when I go to save the tone print, it is always reverted to the settings on the X5....

        2. When I pick a stored Tone Print in the Editor, for example a User Tone Print, and select store in board, the Tone Print in the Editor is updated with whatever the settings are in the board... that seems completely backwards! Again in that scenario, the board is in edit mode and connected via USB.

        Something in my understanding of the workflow just does not make sense.

        In a nutshell, I just simply want to dial in my exact settings in the Tone Print editor, while auditioning them to make sure they sound correct and then store them in the Tone Print Editor and put them into a specific slot on a board. However that seems completely not possible with the basic workflow that I am using....


        • February 7, 2021
    • pwmcmaho

      I think you have to click [save to device] and then [Overwrite]

      • October 4, 2021
  • PeterStedt
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi.  I am using the Limiter -14 for Spotify but in the prepare section its Another specification, its -17 How can that be? At the same time down in the lower right of the Windows it says Output Loudnes -14
    What does Prepared mean, i do not quite follow. I tried  to upload a pic but the file was to big.  All the best! Peter Stedt


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    • PeterStedt

      hi is there anyone here who is working with Finalizer var could lead me to someone who do? all the best! Peter 2029-02-08

      • February 8, 2020
    • PeterStedt

      Hi I have got an reply in my mailbox BUT , the links do not go to the Soarer (Contributor - Level 1) or the other one, why is that? This community is very hard to understand, really! Hi PeterStedt, Soarer (Contributor - Level 1) posted a new reply in Effects and Signal Processors on 2020-02-09 11:33 AM: Re: Finalizer loudness I use the Finalizer every day in my hardware setup so more like a master bus compressor and not as a mastering unit. But I'm wondering why you set the limiter so low? There's no auto gain

      • February 9, 2020
  • Nightfishing141
    Contributor - Level 2

    Anyone have some details on how the stereo input work on the mimiq?


    Are they summed and then a new stereo field created or is there a different signal path. 


    Thanks for the help! Any info would be appreciated

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    • Nightfishing141

      Hi @Nightfishing141 
      I'm trying to do some research on this, but I'm not really understanding it. Dry seems to control the mono input only and wet seems to control both channels. I'm guessing it sums both channels and creates a new stereofield. Then depending on the number of dubs it will placed differently. Basically, I seems to make no difference whether you feed it with a stereo signal or a mono signal.

      • December 5, 2019
    • Nightfishing141

      I'll ask around the HQ and see if anyone knows more about this

      • December 5, 2019
  • rbndr
    Newcomer - Level 1
    Hi, I would like to try out the latest ditto x4 firmware build. Could I get a link to it, along with a link to the original versions (should I need to revert it) thanks
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    • rbndr
      WilliamR Hello, There are currently no links to previous Ditto X4 firmware. If you need the previous versions, please create a care ticket and someone can track it down for you if you need it. Here is a link to the latest firmware.|en)
      • June 16, 2020
      • latest Ditto X4 firmware
        rbndr thanks, I was hoping to get the newer beta build 91
        • June 17, 2020
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