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    I have seen recently that the LA-2A type compressor initially called KT-2A is now named 2A-KT?

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    • albucristian83
      Dale_M Hi this is correct, it's the exact same product they just changed the name around.
      • May 13
    • albucristian83
      Danopiano Any idea when there will be more available?
      • May 30
    • albucristian83

      The team in question do not have a presence on Community, can I ask you send your inquiry via the above support tab/pre-sales many thanks

      • Jun 3
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    Is there any ready to use setting for acoustic guitar?

    What would be the best settings for both fingerstyle and strumming.


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    • PaoloTrulli
      WilliamR Hello PaoloTrulli, William from musictribe here. I would start out by experimenting with the toneprint FullbandComp1. This toneprint has a wider range that works well for acoustic guitar. Tweek it in the toneprint editor to fit your particular needs.
      • Jan 22
      • Hypergravity Toneprint for acoustic guitar
        PaoloTrulli Thanks I will follow your suggestion but I can`t belive that nobody already made a toneprint...
        • Jan 23
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    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased the 76-kt compressor and im absolutely loving it. I am aware of the rear vu meter adjustment pot as stated in the start up guide but there is also a small hidden screw directly underneath the vu meter that i have messed around with (which i regret doing) i dont know why i messed with it, i was just curious what it did. 

    Im worried ive somehow messed up the calibration now as i presume this screw is factory set and shouldnt be altered. I can see that you can turn it clockwise and anticlockwise one turn and then it becomes stiff, you then screw further past that stiffness and it sort of resets to the loose, clockwise/anticlockwise setting as before.

    Am i ruining the screw by turning it over and over to see what it does? is it some sort of spring that i am unwinding?

    Id really appreciate any technical information to settle my mind on how this screw works and what you should do with, if i have perhaps ruined it by over turning it, or if i am just worrying too much?

    Thanks ever so much in advance.

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    • bgbdarby
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi bgbdarby, I can see you have also submitted a case for this inquiry which I have just responded to. Please keep an eye on your spam and junk folder for my response and if you can't find it please let me know.
      • Mar 24
      • 76-KT VU Meter screw directly underneath meter function? help needed.
        bgbdarby Hi Chris, I replied to that email earlier. Did you see my reply? thanks
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        • Mar 24
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    Hi folks.

    Is the KT-2A going to be available again? I'm keen to have one, but if not I will look at other options. Thanks.

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    • willowsam1
      john0121 Unfortunately as we do not directly sell products to end users we are unable to provide any information on pricing and availability of products. You will need to instead directly contact one of our resellers/partners and they will be able to advise you further. You can find the details of our international retailers/partners at the following link:
      • November 1, 2020
  • eddydunlapsteelguitar
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    Is there an A&R person for Klark Teknik or is it all under the Berhinger/Musictribe personel? I've got a KT-2A and EQTP-KT and have made multiple tags in my instagram stories and posts with their gear in use and have tried to contact someone about purchasing more directly from them. If anyone has any info on who to contact, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Last year I bought a Shark FBQ100 from my local vendor. Estimated delivery time were January this year. When January came, the delivery date got moved to April. The month came and went without and update.

    I contacted the vendor this month, and the response was that it isn't on stock in China. Other vendors abroad have either removed it from their sites or has delivery dates many months into the future. No specifics were available regarding production status.

    So, I try to seek an answer, hopefully from a more direct source.

    Has this become a discontinued product? Any status regarding production?

    Some clarification would be appreciated.

    I apologize, had trouble finding an e-mail to contact, or an appropriate channel to direct this question.

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    • samaron
      Paul_Vannatto Good chance that they have been held up due to the chip shortage, like many other electronic devices and automotive vehicles.
      • May 18
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    Hi friends, I'm trying to find the Behringer/EUROCOM SPL3220 but I think this is no longer available... Anyone, please, could explain what happened??

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  • JeffPorrello
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    Glad to see the Community is having normal load times. I was beginning to lose faith. Can't wait for more items under Discover to come online! As an individual, I probably own more Behringer gear than 99% of the Mus!c Tribe faithful. I purchase Behringer products because of the price/performance ratio. I own a small live sound reinforcement company and in order to have a complete package, I had to work under a budget. Have been very happy so far, with few defective units. I wish Behringer would consider making an "upscale" line. The same designs would be fine, but just using internal components of higher quality. I have noticed an improvement over the last 5 years when I began my small business, but would like to see quality continually evolve. I have to say thanks for being there though!
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    • JeffPorrello
      Paul_Vannatto What product line are you referring to that you wish to have "upscale"? If you are asking about upscaled discrete units such as compressors, gates, etc., consider looking into the digital consoles now available, including the X-Air, X32 and Wing consoles. These have compressors, gates, EQ, etc. built in and are definitely "upscaled" quality.
      • July 3, 2020
    • JeffPorrello
      JeffPorrello Hi Paul. Thanks for the reply. I was referring to standalone "boxes"… DI Boxes, Analog Mixing Consoles, Effects and Signal Processors, etc. Think analog. You are absolutely correct re the digital mixers. I own a Midas M-32 and a Behringer X-32 as a backup. Fine stuff. I was thinking more along the lines of the wiggly knobs and such on the signal processors. I have dozens of analog processors in three different racks — a 24 ch, a 16 ch, and an 8 ch (analog rolling rigs). Call me old school. I've been a professional soundman long before "digital" was common, and didn't even think digital when I started to put all the pieces together for my small live sound reinforcement business about 5 years ago (you have to do something when you are retired ; - ). I now have the Midas M-32 rig, but am still getting used to the work flow. With analog, I can see the entire signal chain in front of me at one time and I really like that. It's just a new mindset with digital. I'm getting there!
      • July 4, 2020
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    I have a KT-2A which I use for recording and compression of bass guitar or electric guitar, and for singing ofcourse. The way I do this is:

    - for the bass and guitar via a mic in front of the cabinet, and singing via a voice mic

    - input that into a voice preamp, in this case a Tascam TA-1VP

    - output that to the KT-2A

    and in that case the KT-2A works fine, the meter responds as an indication that the signal is processed.

    HOWEVER, what I also want is to add the KT-2A to the effects loop of my guitar amp, and this is what does not work:

    - send the preamp signal of my guitar amp (Marshall JVM or Fender tube amp) to a DI box input

    - connect the XLR output of the passive DI box to the microphone input of the TACAM TA-1VP

    - output that to the KT-2A and connect the KT-2A output to the return of the effects loop of the guitar amp

    In that case the meter of the KT-2A does not respond no matter how I set the peak reduction knob: the meter stays on zero.

    I suspect the output of the SEND of the guitar amp is too different from the microphone output, even it I have a DI box in between. So how can I get the KT-2A to work in an effects loop of a guitar amp?


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    • vanwinsum
      DaveMorrison Does it work when you directly connect the amp's preamp out to the KT-2A's input? This would be the normal connection method. The pre amp level may be to low to drive the KT-2A since there is no input level control. Maybe a -10 to +4 level box will be needed to bring the instrument level up to the "pro" level that the compressor expects. Or use a compressor that has input gain. The original LA-2A was designed for radio stations which have consistent broadcast levels.
      • Aug 16
  • Kentyn
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    Can I come straight our of my Mojave Mic output to the 2A-K2 or do I have to go through a preamp first.  


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    • Kentyn
      Kentyn Yes, this is me answering my own question. Buy a good preamp and get over it.
      • September 23, 2020
    • Kentyn
      KyleJohnson Hi Kentyn, Kyle here from Music Tribe. Technically you could probably achieve enough gain to make it work, but It's not designed to be a Mic Preamp. You should consider that 1. There is no +48v Phantom Power, and 2. At a a high gain level like you would need for this purpose, the 2A might be a bit noisier than you would want from a Mic Preamp.
      • September 23, 2020
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