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    hello guys, can anyone give me the phone number for tc electronics Support department please? Thanks.

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    • mikehende
      KyleJohnson Hello Mike, Kyle here with Music Tribe. For technical support/service please click on the Support link at the top of the page and then submit a Support ticket so that we can assist you. There is not a phone number for support.
      • Apr 12
      • Support phone number for tc electronics?
        mikehende Oh I see, thanks.
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        • Apr 12
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    I own a pair of KT-2As (and 76-KTs) and wanted to ask two questions.


    1) Upon using stereo link and calibrating the two units with a 1khz test tone, using the Stereo Link trimmer at the back to get the same amount of gain reduction, I get different amounts of gain reduction between the two units when I move the Peak Reduction. The test tone is a mono signal sent to two outputs of my soundcard. No faders hhave been touched in my soundcard's mixer, the stereo output pair I am using on my soundcard, shows the same signal between the two outputs I am using for Left and Right that are the inputs to the KT-2As.

    So I am using them unlinked which is fine, but the bottom unit in the photo, needs to have the Peak Reduction pot much more CW than then top unit to show the same amount of gain reduction. How do I go about calibrating the unit so that it behaves like the top one?


    2) My units are running hot. I can put my hand on them, but they are very hot.


    Do other KT-2A owners experience these two behaviiours I am?



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