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  • MJX57
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    I am searching the forum for an old thread that listed a solution to a freezing/locking and muting problem that the TC Electronic G Major 2 has been having. It appears that musictribe changed their web platform and now it wont list the old URL? Can someone please help either with finding the URL or reposting the solution? Apparently it has a faulty ribbon cable that attaches to the front display, but a user found a DIY soldering solution, if I remember correctly. The original URL was: Thanks!
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    • MJX57
      Nigel67 Hi MJX57. I hope this helps. If you go to this link, the topic you are after is the top one. On the top line, just after 'page', there is a down arrow. Click on this and 'cached' appears. Click on that and a new page appears. This is th ethread you were looking for but it is in a really strange format however the information you require is there if you scroll down. Hope this helps.
      • July 2, 2020
    • MJX57
      Nigel67 Copy and paste the above text into word or similar and you will get all the text. I will contact the web team with regards to
      the text falling off the page
      • July 2, 2020
      • G Major 2 Freeze and locks SOLUTION
        MJX57 Thanks, Nigel. I was able to access the cached version of the page. Any word on why old threads won't show up on the musictribe platform anymore?
        • July 2, 2020
    • MJX57
      Nigel67 I am not fully sure, I think it is because we have had to move to new servers and the links are broken. I will try and find out for you.
      • July 2, 2020
    • MJX57
      guitarplayer83 I have a g major 2 freezing up, but can not find the thread to repair it. Any help would be appreciated.
      • August 21, 2020
      • G Major 2 Freeze and locks SOLUTION
        Nigel67 Hi, I have been taking a look at some reports on the internet with regards this issue and it appears that the fault is normally the ribbon cable from the main board to the front board. I am guessing, that probably the pins are oxidising over time and thus becoming intermittant. With the unit switched off, you could try unplugging the connector and replugging a few times to see if that fixes the issue or try some deoxit on the pins. Unfortunately, if it is oxidisation, then it will re-appear at some time. An option to fix the issue once and for all, if it is the cable, would be to hard solder it to both pcbs or you could purchase replacement cable and mating connectors. Some people have mentioned IC holders, but I think on 99% of the time it has been the cable. Hope this helps.
        • August 24, 2020
  • New
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    Hello; thinking seriously about the Plethora X5 and wondering about expression pedals people have successfully used with it. In particular, I'm wondering if it only supports expression or one of the pedals that has a toe switch as well. If so, can you assign the toe switch to something or, for example, use it to switch between say a volume pedal mode or a wah pedal mode?

    Any thoughts/experience appreciated.


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    • BobO_Donnell
      PedroRodrigues Hi you can effectively use an expression pedal or a toe switch with the PLETHORA X5 and you can connected via EXP as you can see on the picture below.
      Please have in to consideration that you will be able to control some features of a TonePrint App but you will not be able to controlled more than one TonePrint App Pedal
      • November 4, 2020
      • Best Expression Pedal for Plethora X5?
        BobO_Donnell Thanks for the note. Good to know that you can use an expression pedal or a switch, but my question is to confirm whether or not you could use both if an expression pedal has a toe switch built into it (as some of them do) or if it can only do one, in which case it would be cheaper to just buy an expression pedal that doesn't include the toe switch.
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        • November 4, 2020
      • Best Expression Pedal for Plethora X5?
        PedroRodrigues Hi BobO , my reply reflects your question that stated that the following "if it only supports expression or one of the pedals that has a toe switch as well." Never the less the unit was designed to work just with a expression pedal. Thank you
        • November 5, 2020
      • Best Expression Pedal for Plethora X5?
        BobO_Donnell Got it, thanks!
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        • November 5, 2020
  • Zebrapup
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    I have a voodoo lab power supply. The supplies are 500 milliamperes. This plethora unit appears to be a 600 milliamperes draw. Will the voodoo lab voltage supply work with the plethora?

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    • Zebrapup
      Nigel67 Hi Kevin, we do advise using a power supply with the correct specification. Using anything less, could affect the operation of the unit. Standard 5.5 / 2.1 mm 9 VDC, centre negative, > 600 mA (included)
      • October 11, 2020
    • Zebrapup
      betaray Hi You can use a cloks dc7 or the eventide powermax they can supply power up to 660ma that's what I use
      • October 20, 2020
    • Zebrapup

      Anything less the 600ma will cause the unit to overheat and reboot constantly has been my experience.

      • Jan 13
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    This might come across as a dumb question, but can someone please tell me the original actual cabinets that the cab sim options on the X5 are supposed to be simulating?

    I see the list of cab sims, but as a novice, I would love to know what style of cabs these are supposed to be simulating. 

    Jose 30, Vintage, Creamy, 65, Greenery, Bluey, Golden?


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    • ruezz
      PedroRodrigues Hi ruezz please be aware that the new 1.2 firmware offers NEW CAB SIMS.
      This update added 9 new speaker cab simulations using a proprietary method, unique to Plethora X5. These cab sims let you transform your pedalboard into a DI ready rig for connection to a PA or recording interface.

      • Jose 30 4x12
      • Vintage 4x12
      • Creamy 4x12
      • 65 4x12
      • Greenery 4x12
      • Bluey 2x12
      • Creamy 1x12
      • Golden 1x12
      • BASS 1x15

      This is a GLOBAL setting and the CAB SIM will always be on, at the end of Plethora’s signal chain, whilst activated. To select a cab model and activate/deactivate, navigate to SETTINGS > GLOBAL > PRODUCT SETTINGS > CAB SIMULATION
      • January 25, 2021
    • ruezz
      ruezz Pedro, Thanks for the reponse. But I have already located the Cab Sims, i wanted to know what each setting is based off of. Fendder Open back? Marshall? Mesa Boogie? Celsestion Speakers? etc.
      • February 21, 2021
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    Hi friends! We are very excited to anounce GoXLR update 1.3.130.



    Color Wheel

    • Allows for unlimited choices to fully customize the look of your GoXLR.
    • Recently selected colors are saved to make setting up your color profile faster and easier.

    Cough Mute

    • Cough Mute now has its own dedicated mute options.
    • Mute behavior can be set to Hold or Toggle modes.
    • Mic no longer needs to be assigned to a dedicated fader, thus freeing up a fader to mix another audio source.

    Line Out fader

    • The line out level can now be controlled by the application and can be assigned to a physical fader.

    System Tray / Minimized on Startup

    • GoXLR app can now be set to be hidden in Windows System Tray on startup.

    Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Double click an individual band on the EQ to reset gain to 0dB.
    • Reset button now also resets EQ bands to a gain of 0dB.
    • Right-click on device component in app to enter the lighting tab for that component. A left-click will bring you to the settings tab for that component.
      Mic, Chat and Music are now select-able on all channels for Mini.
    • Global settings now contains a checkbox to select whether muting Voice Chat also mutes your Mic channel.
    • Headphone and Lineout should now properly display audio passing when set to meter mode.
    • Profile mute mode and EQ settings now load correctly on start-up.
    • With Line Out or Headphones as the channel source, Mute to All is the only select-able option.
    • Adjusting the mid and high EQ bands on Mini in basic and advanced modes did not have reliable behaviour. This has been corrected but this may have changed your profile EQ settings slightly.
    • Better error checking on updates.
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    I can't even begin to express my huge disappointment for what should have been a very promising product. The Plethora X5 SHOULD have been a great product, and when it was first released it seemed like TC's engineers were hard at work on implementing improvements and features in frequent firmware updates.

    Now - nothing.

    No new firmware updates in over a year.

    No responses to my emails.

    Radio silence on every Plethora thread on the forum.

    No MIDI clock.

    No standalone tap tempo.

    No improvements to subpar Corona Chorus, Viscous Vibe and Flashback Delay sounds.

    At this point the Plethora seems to be abandonware. I'm not expecting we will see any more updates to this product, and that's a real shame.

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    • John-PierreConq
      PedroRodrigues Hi John-PierreConq, thank you for your post, please follow the link below to access the latest FW version 1.2 released on the 16 Sept 2021 .
      Please provide the case numbers where you did not receive any reply so we can analyse what happened.
      Regarding the Plethora X5 or even any other unit we have released over the years, we always kept working hard and depositing the same commitment, the same love and enthusiasm since day one and we will keep developing more tools for all our active units. For last we continuously analyse all the functions request and tools suggested by our customer and after a viability analysis we always try to include them on future updates.
      Thank you
      • November 16, 2021
    • John-PierreConq
      CSurieux PedroRodrigues thanks but the 16 Sept 2021 is only a 'cosmetic' update on a version that was lasting from 18 Dec 2020. The Release notes of this Sept version curiously contains no information on what has been changed, or I can't find it, all concerns the Dec 2020 version !!!
      Sorry but we were expecting more than just a new date on the file and a new subversion.
      • November 16, 2021
    • John-PierreConq
      PedroRodrigues Hi John and CSurieux

      I completely understand what you mean but worry not, we haven’t abandoned the Plethora X5 and we have a new update currently in the works which we hope to release very soon.

      Due to unfortunate challenges during supply chain difficulties that everyone in the industry has been facing over the past year, some of our engineering resources have been tied up on unforeseen emergency tasks which has unfortunately caused delays on the update development and release.

      Thank you for the feedback, new stuff is on the way.
      • November 17, 2021
    • John-PierreConq
      BibsJ Thanks Pedro, looking forward to the new update!
      • December 15, 2021
    • John-PierreConq
      BibsJ Hi Pedro, thanks for the Plethora update! Lots of great features, we will be enjoying them
      • Jan 17
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        Does Plethora X5 have buffer so I can remove my TC tuner which has a buffered pass and use my passive volume pedal?



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    • AdamKeler
      WilliamR Hello Adam, The plethora x5 will run in buffered bypass as well as true bypass mode.
      • July 16, 2021
    • AdamKeler
      Sassy1Nabors Hi,JDN here.I would like to suggest a midi program change in on/off and out on/off for the Plethora x5. Thank You !
      • September 23, 2021
  • dpnelson
    Contributor - Level 2

    Just got the X5 and love it. Can't wait for a looper and phaser. Are there any wah-sounding filtering available on it?

    A few questions:

    1. I am having trouble understanding how to use the Toneprint editor. I have it on my Macbook and my iPhone. It has the basic templates, but I can't figure out how to access their settings and modify parameters. Does it need to be connected to the pedal to edit it?
    2. If I find a Toneprint template I like on a pedal that isn't in the plethora, say the Flashback 4x or even the Helix, can I use it in the Plethora? Or do I need to just use the prints that are in the pedal options under the Plethora library?
    3. Under the delay templates, there are a few that are named with "4+8." Is the period at the end meaning a dotted eighth note, meaning it's a quarter note with a dotted eighth note as well? Stereo? Maybe the quarter going left and the dotted eighth going right? If not, how do I get such a thing. My favorite delay setting on any pedal I ever had was the dotted eighth on the Nova Delay (I was disappointed it wasn't on the Nova System).

    Finally, I play classic country-blues sounding American rock and some funk. Do you have any artists that go in that direction (as opposed to metal or ambient)? If so, can you recommend some tone print artists?

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    • dpnelson
      dpnelson Also, I have a newer Macbook with USB C. I can't connect my Plethroa. I tried to connect using Bluetooth (like I can on my phone), but that doesn't work. I guess I need an adaptor?
      • August 24, 2020
    • dpnelson
      dpnelson Global Tempo. It would be nice to be able to have my modulation in time with my delay. I liked that on the Nova System. Any way to get that here? I liked the division system. So if the beat is in 4, and the delay is in 4, I could have a dotted eighth note tremolo inside that, at the same tempo. Or vice versa. Same with phaser (once it comes in).
      • August 25, 2020
    • dpnelson
      snaarman I'm using a Pixel phone with USB C and it will connect to the Plethora. In my case I have a charger/mem stick adapter in line with the phone, and the plethora connects from an old style USB A.
      • August 25, 2020
    • dpnelson
      KensukeFujita Hi dpnelson,

      I answer your question.

      1. There are two ways to use TonePrint Editor.
      The method using Bluetooth and the method using USB.

      -To connect via Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth on your devicew which connect and press SETTINGS>GROBAL>BLUETOOTH>CONNECT on Plethora.
      After that, open TonePrint App, press the gear mark on the upper right, press Connect to a bluetooth enable pedal, and select the corresponding device.
      This completes the connection and allows you to use countless Artist TonePrint and TonePrint Templates.

      -To connect via USB, connect Plethora to PC/Mac via USB and open TonePrint Editor.
      If it is connected successfully, Plethora in TonePrint Editor will be highlighted with a blue frame.
      In this case, please update Plethora's firmware to the latest version and download and use the new version of TonePrint Editor.

      Once you can connect to ToenPrint Editor, you can edit the detailed parameters by selecting Plethora from Template, selecting the desired Template of the effect you want to use, and selecting the pencil mark in the upper right.

      Here's a quick tutorial video for using toneprints...

      2. Of course you can use it. Some TonePrints may not work with Plethora at now, but basically most artist tone prints work with Plethora.Please take a look at the TonePrint App.

      3. Yes, “8.” means a dotted eighth note. When using the “4+8.” template, if it is Mono connection, both subdivision delays will be mixed and output as “Dual Delay”.
      If you connect a cable to the STEREO output, the first subdivision (quarter note in this case) will be output from STEREO, and the dotted octave delay will be output from the MONO side. This of course can be adjusted with your favorite settings using TonePrint Editor.

      We cannot guide you to a specific TonePrints because TonePrint has many personal favorite for each people, but please check Artist TonePrint of TonePrint App.
      You may have your favorite artist on the list.

      Hope this helps

      • August 25, 2020
      • Toneprint with Plethora
        dpnelson I can't get any of the Helix toneprints onto my Plethora. It seems like I can just do the ones for the pedals on the Plethora.

        What is the difference between choosing "Insert FX Loop" as one of the pedals vs. assigning the "FX loop insert" on the board settings? If it's the same thing, why would I choose to take up one of the five slots as the insert point when I can just insert between?

        Global tap tempo. Can I sync my delay with my tremolo (and other mod FX)? I could do it on the Nova System, it'd be nice to do it here.
        • August 26, 2020
      • Toneprint with Plethora
        KensukeFujita Hi dpnelson,

        Thanks for your reply.
        Please see the answer below.

        1. Unfortunately, Currently FW ver.1.1.52 not include Helix Phaser, so You can't load these TonePrints.
        But next update ver.1.2 will include Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe and It will be available soon.
        please join Plethora X5 FB group for more 1.2 Beta related info.

        2. Insert FX loop and FX Loop Insert has different fertures.

        -Using Insert FX Loop is surcrificed one of FX slot but you can ON and OFF FX loop via footswitch if you like.
        This is so useful when you use one or two pedal in FX loop because you can ON or OFF in FX loop pedal via Plethora's footswitch.

        -Using FX Loop Insert doesn't surcrificed any FX slot and you can use FX Loop between each FX slot if you like. However You can't ON and OFF FX Loop via footswitch in Plethora.You need to turn off or on each Drive Pedal(or something) in the FX loop depending on the situation.
        This useful any situation if you using a lot of pedals in FX Loop and you want to select and on/off each pedal.
        and also this useful when you using Plethora for 4 cable method.

        3. Unfortunately, Pleathora not has grobal Tap tempo at the moment.
        however I will be passing this request to our Dev team.

        All the Best
        • August 26, 2020
  • cstjones
    Newcomer - Level 1

    Does anyone have any experience or idiot-proof instructions on how to pair the FCB1010 pedalboard to control the FX2000 effects processor? The pedalboard seems to be communicating to the FX2000, but I can't seem to program pedals 1-10 to switch between presets (U001 to U100). Any help sould be great. Thanks!!

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    • cstjones
      StephenEvans I'd do a factory reset on the FCB1010 (,complete%20when%200%20is%20reached.), which should mean it sends program changes 1 to 10 on footswitches 1 to 10. Then I would check the midi channel that the FX200 is listening on (see manual page 16 item 3.6.1), and check it is set to midi channel 1 (or whatever the FCB1010 is set to).
      • September 14, 2020
    • cstjones
      cstjones I have both manuals. The FCB1010 manual doesn't have a page 16 and the FX2000 manual has page 16 as the listing of presets. How do I see what midi channel my FX2000 is on. I followed the start up instructions to the FCB and everything seemed to be working, but with 100 factory presets and 100 user presets how do I identify the presets to my FCB1010 pedalboard. I just want to use my FCB1010 like a bunch of stomp boxes with the ability to call up effects from my FX2000 while playing live or recording. There is no computer involved. Please explain it to me like I am a total child. Lol. Thanks!!
      • September 14, 2020
    • cstjones
      StephenEvans Ok so the FCB is working to control the factory presets ok? To change from controlling the factory presets to user it seems you need to do this using midi as well. I would choose a button in a bank on the FCB that you are unlikely to use (like bank 9 button 1 or something). Press this and then hold the down button down until it goes into preset edit mode. Press the UP button until the select light is on. You can now turn on or off functions by holding down one of the 1-10 buttons until the light goes on or off. Turn on 6 and 7 (controller 1 and 2) and turn the others off. Press (not hold) button 6 (the light should flash), and then press up. Press 0, up 0 up. Then press button 7, the light should flash. Press up then 0 then up then 1 then up. Hold down the down button until it is out of programming mode and then try pressing this button. It should alternate whether you are in the user or the factory bank of presets. If that doesn't work, follow the same steps but change the final 1 to 127. Hope this helps!
      • September 14, 2020
  • avantronica
    Newcomer - Level 1

    It concerns the true stereo signal path through the hardware and specific effects .. This is a prospective buyer's question, I understand it would be simple to answer if i had the hardware in front of me. There's no info via google on this that i could find.

    You can't run the toneprint app without the gear, so there was no way to look inside for clues

    I'll break it down into a few sub questions

    1) Send/Return FX Loop, this appears to be Mono, that much seems confirmed and would be most likely, however is there any possibility that the hardware i/o for the loop is secretly running on TRS sockets such that the loop could potentially be configured as stereo in time ?

    2) The path through external mono stomp boxes is obviously summed stereo (assuming a stereo signal ahead of the FX Loop slot - i guess it's a simple series connection, so all stereo panning is lost, i.e. there's no sense that the Loop can be sent a portion of the pre-loop stereo signal and that the rest is passed through - exactly as would happen on a stereo mixer channel with the send level - i assume 100% send only, but want to confirm .. ?

    3) The FX Loop may indeed sum to mono when engaged, does it still do this when the loaded 'effect' is off or does its bypass mode revert to stereo as one would reasonably expect, just want confirmation ?

    4) There are pedals whose toneprints that are available which are physically mono and some which are physically stereo i/o compatible

    Are there any Toneprint pedals which do not preserve hard panned L/R signals - in this scenario i am not enquiring about a reverb which may diffuse the signal across the stereo field and blur the pan, i mean are there any toneprint models where the first step is summing to mono, or put another way, has the Plethora X5 the capability to take , hypothetically for now, let's say a drive (yes, there's none as yet) and run two instances for L/R so that the panned signal is preserved and driven ?

    What's the list of 100& Mono only effect models ?

    5) As a subset of that, are there e.g. reverb models which explicitly preserve the stereo space, say for when a user was running two mono instruments to two amps, can you potentially avoid bleed with any algorithms, the same question with Delay too ? Any dual processing or separate path algorithms from those stereo pedals ?

    6) Are any of the Delay modes Mono only .. e.g. I use the Boss DD20 in a stereo i/o config and there are a few algorithms which are simply summed to mono, whereas some maintain (more of) the stereo width . . so, as someone who favours a specific flavour of delay, e.g. a Tape emulation, do you sacrifice stereo in that or other models 

    Which are most/least stereo 'compatible/friendly' ?

    7) Not a stereo question as such, but wrt the inputs, and to contextualise the questions - i am historically a guitar player, but i would say that a good chunk of the time i am utilising stereo paths/effects as well as running predominantly mono  - so the stereo questions would still apply to me, however, i spend maybe half my music time using synthesiser/drum-machines etc and the main driver i have for enquiring about the X5 is for that gear. Most of it is running fairly hot, certainly above typical line levels and generally below a modular signal level - now it's clear that the device was demoed by TC with a synth or two but was that requiring attenuation .. anyway, the question is, for lack of any declared detailed specs what levels are tolerated before you get issues (i.e. in dBu etc) 

    8) and as a corollary to that is the input sensitivity adjustable on the hardware as a nod to the fact that the unit may be used by either guitarists or e.g. synthesists ? i.e. is this really conceived foremost as a pedal for guitarists ?

    I'll ask some other questions in a separate topic, this one's long enough

    Thanks for reading, detail is everything if replying, so thanks for that in advance




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    • avantronica
      avantronica It may be useful to reply to this still, but failing any reply here to clarify basic specs i have opted for another product so i am no longer in the market for this presently - such details do matter
      • September 4, 2020
      • Plethora X5 and the Stereo signal path
        NicJonesMT Hi Avantronica,
        Sorry for the delay in contacting you.

        Please be aware that as we are working remotely I dont have access to a Plethora to check these, but I have passed your information on to the Development team and as soon as I get a response I will post on here.

        Some information that has been provided by the team is as follows;

        With regard to the 8th question, input sensitivity cannot be adjusted for the Plethora's inputs, but Plethora's converter (like our TP pedals too) are quite robust over for LINE level signals and i use my Plethora mainly with synths.

        As above when the team are able to provide the additional information you require I will post this to you.
        • September 8, 2020
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