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  • sandfly
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    Hi - I have been donated a MiniFBQ Graphic EQ and a MiniCOM800 compressor - not sure how to connect them into my PC.

    I use a UMC204HD as my external sound card into a set of 2:1 Logitech speakers. Can anyone tell me how I link the EQ and Compressor into that setup please?

    Many thanks

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    • sandfly
      DavidKnighton Hello Norman Fletcher,
      To connect these devices, you will need to come out of the UMC204HD and into the first device, then out of the first device into the second device, then out of the second device and into your speakers. If you want my professional opinion, the COM800 will probably not do so much for you in this situation. It would be better used in conjunction with an input into your audio mixer/interface. The FBQ however will be useful as it will give you a way to fine tune your speakers for the room. Not to say you can't use the COM800 as well, but the sound coming from your computer is likely going to be already compressed/mastered, so adding more compression can actually make the audio sound worse if you're not careful.
      • October 13, 2020
  • Betterrobots
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    Hi - anyone got problems with the hellbabe Bypass Timer Adjust? 

    How can I adjust it - or shut off the bypass? 

    There's just a hole on the bottomplate of the pedal.

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    • Betterrobots
      JasonB81 Hello Morten - feel free to start a support ticket by clicking the support tab above and we can try to get some video of the issue.
      • October 19, 2020
  • New
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    I have inputted a few times care tickets for a problem with my tube mic Behringer.  However, It has come to my attention that my Hotmail account is not picking up Behringers responses, nor is it showing up in my junk folder. I posted this problem question a few weeks ago, but I could not find the response post, nor did anyone get back to me as far as I know. Suppose I open another behringer account with a new email. Can someone transfer over all my equipment registrations, so they are not lost? I would like confirmation of how my mic tube preamp problem should be handled, please. Thank you. 

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    • tranix
      AliAman A problem occurred after the upgrade ... what is the solution? Mixer x32
      • February 5, 2021
    • tranix
      Paul_Vannatto First of all, you posted in the wrong thread (discussion). So it is a miracle that I (or any X32 user) found it. You updated to 4.02 which is not the latest firmware. It should be 4.04.1 (get from here under Software on the right).

      Once you have the .update file extracted from the .zip file:
      * copy it to the root of the USB stick (make sure there is no other .update file)
      * insert the stick into the USB port (beside the display).
      * Press and hold the USB button and turn on the X32.
      * Release when it shows the DCP Bootloader screen.
      * If it says it is waiting for the USB, unplug the USB stick and plug it back in.
      * When it reboots, unplug the USB stick.
      • February 6, 2021
  • New
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    Hi there,

    This is my first post so please be gentle!

    I have the Behringer preamp above and am having trouble using the gain and level knobs. I don't understand the difference in function and where they should be set in relation to one another to get a decent sound out of my condenser mic.

    I've been experimenting for months now trying to get the settings right to no avail. My main issue is that when the settings are too low, I'm not getting enough volume from my vocal but when the settings are higher, the vocal is clipping. I just can't seem to find the sweet spot. 

    I wonder if anyone could shed any light or suggest anything?

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    • Embo24
      Paul_Vannatto According to the MIC300 product page, the 2 bottom knobs are labeled Gain and Output. The Gain sets the input level and should be adjusted until the level showing in the LED VU meter shows bouncing between the green and orange range. If the Gain knob is low and the level is relatively high, press the 20 db Pad button to decrease the input level so that you can better use the Gain knob. Once the gain is set correctly, use the Output knob to adjust the MIC200 output as desired.
      • November 19, 2021
  • New
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    Got a problem with DSP 8000 tactile push button caps. 

    specifically the A,B,C,D buttons . Stripped down chassis and they are moulded onto a glued in spru, with thin plastic fixed one side only , with a post to prevent pressing too far and stressing the board. This single attachment point has cracked on all four, so not easy to operate . Looking to get replacements hopefully from Behringer . Anyone have a number in the UK?

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