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    Hi all,

    If someone can answer this would be grateful. Downloaded Finalizer several days ago. When I import an audio file (of known integrated LUFS and dBTP), in the PREPARE Module / Source File / Original the displayed LUFS and dBTP values are always different (by 2 or so dB). There should be no difference certainly of that magnitude for a measured integrated LUFS or dBTP, so I wonder why the discrepancy. My imported files loudness is measured by proper meter in LOGIC, namely the LCAST plugin, set to the proper ITU settings. Any ideas most welcome, because if I dont trust Finalizer loudness measurements I can't master with it!


    PS this querie has no relation to software licences - it wouldnt post unless I chose that, oddly.



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    • BarnabyBass
      PedroRodrigues Hi, BarnabyBass Please consider that the FinalizerApp operates with extended precision in both level (infinite headroom) and time (5 times oversampling).
      The Finalizer PPM level meters and descriptors are upsampled in order to identify intersample and 0 dBFS+ peaks on Source track (A), as well as Processed track (B). Therefore, the meter scales are extended to +3 dBFS because excessive level normally falls between 0 and +3 dBFS, and most consumer equipment already exhibits distortion at +0.5 dBFS.
      When the limiter is turned off, the Finalizer does not protect against 0 dBFS+ peaks from occurring.
      When monitoring and listening one final time to the processing of your track, before Export, make sure that:
      Loudness Compensation is OFF (in Monitor)
      Unity Gain is enabled in Monitor, unless you have setup a calibrated Reference Level.
      Compare is set to “B”, i.e. the processed output
      Focus Mode is disabled such as when the entire processing chain is active.

      The Soft Clip is a bandwidth limited distortion effect, not unlike analogue tape saturation.
      Soft Clipping can add loudness to a signal at the price of distortion.
      The user may want to trade a bit of the limiter’s dynamic gain reduction for a bit of soft clipping, which is instantaneous.
      The Soft Clipper Amount will intelligently set the threshold of the Soft Clipper, corresponding to the selected Soft Clip Type, so you directly define the maximum amount of soft clipping (in dB) across the full track.
      This approach prevents any nasty surprises, such as an unexpected high amount of clipping in the last chorus, because it happened to be a little louder.

      We advise that on the Master Limiter:
      Normal operating procedures involve first setting the Limiter Gain in order to reach the desired Output level.
      On the Loudness Limiter:
      Set the output Loudness Level and let the Finalizer automatically set the limiter threshold.
      Use the Gain Reduction meters in the Limiter Edit View, and your ears, as guidelines to when it is time to stop adding more Limiter Gain, or if the Output Loudness level is maybe set too high.
      For not-previously limited or -compressed signals, as a rule of thumb, please be careful if exceeding 8 dB of gain reduction, if not for artistic reasons, in the case of the signal is already dynamic range compressed, less drastic limiting treatment is indicated.
      It is recommended fine-tuning the limiter parameters, in combination with parameters of any dynamic compressor earlier in the module chain.
      Experiment with different Release times, Limiter Profiles and Soft Clip settings to find the type that best compliments the material.
      When used in combination with the Dynamic Limiter, Soft Clip can produce a louder and denser impression than the dynamic limiter by itself. I hope this clarifies this matter. Thank you
      • Feb 16
    • BarnabyBass
      BarnabyBass Hi PedroRodrigues, Many thanks indeed for this comprehensive information which I've printed off and will study! Much appreciate your trouble. Cheers.
      • Feb 16
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    Hi, I haven't received my software license for TC 6000 Native Bundle yet. 


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    • chrisr25
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Chrisr25,

      Can you please check your spam/junk email folder, as sometimes the Activation Code email will be routed to here.
      If the Activation Code is not in your spam/junk can you please submit a technical support ticket by going to support at the top of the page and scrolling to the relevant field. Please provide a screenshot of the order and your iLok ID in the ticket submission and we can then investigate this further.
      • Apr 1
  • deepho
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    Hi Are the hardware controller included in the price? I'm interessed to buy the Bundle with both plugins, but i don't know if for the price 279$ are the controller included. Best
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    • deepho
      PedroRodrigues Hi Fabio , Please be aware that if you acquire the Master X HD controller on the purchase it will be included the plug in but if you acquire the Master X HD NATIVE version that will not include the controller.
      • July 1, 2020
    • deepho
      deepho Hi Pedro, thank you for the response. But where i can buy with controller. I see only the software bundle but not choice or button for buy the controller. Can you gibe me the link?
      • July 2, 2020
    • deepho
      PedroRodrigues Hi Fabio At this time you will have to contact a partner to acquire the controller or the bundle that includes the controller as our store is exclusively for software.
      • July 2, 2020
        deepho Ahh, ok thank you for the lightning fast response.
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        • July 2, 2020
    • deepho
      yann_ So where can we buy it with the controller???
      • July 5, 2020
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    Who can I contact to check the status of my refund? CAS-441332-L9S2Y3


    Thank you,


    Donald Reynolds

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    • donzellireynolds0904
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Donald, thank you for supplying your case number. I will reach out to the case owner and have them investigate this further for you and reach out.
      • Apr 19
  • heidixwang
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    Just purchased TC2290 and 1210 native, didn't get any confirmation email or registration instructions. And support doesn't work either...
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    • heidixwang
      heidixwang already checked the spam folder too
      • July 2, 2020
    • heidixwang
      KyleJohnson The support link should be back up and running. Please submit a support ticket.
      • July 2, 2020
      • Bought the plugin, but no confirmation email
        heidixwang Sorry it's still not working for me. It keeps asking me fill out required field, but I already filled out everything.
        • July 2, 2020
      • Bought the plugin, but no confirmation email
        KyleJohnson Sorry to hear that. I sent you a message on Facebook, please take a look when you get a chance.
        • July 6, 2020
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    Hi, as mentioned above, is the VSS3 native plug in working with the newest Mac OS?



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    • VStdmnn
      PedroRodrigues Hi VStdmnn at this moment we do not advise any customers to perform any update to OSX Big Sur as we did not officially support the latest OSX release .
      • Mar 7
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    I still haven´t received my MD4 license.

    It´s not in my Spam and I can´t create a support ticket cause there's no MD4 in the support portal.

    Please help.


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    • FrankBuermann
      PedroRodrigues Hi FrankBuermann to be bale to assist you with more resources please follow the link below to submit a support case for this matter and please consider that you can select the most similar one as along as you specify in the case description what license you are referring to and provide your ILOK account and a print screen of your Paypall payment confirmation for this purchase we will be able to resolve this matter rapidly.
      • Apr 10
      • I still haven't received my MD4 license. | Software Licenses
        FrankBuermann Hi Pedro,
        • Apr 13
      • I still haven't received my MD4 license. | Software Licenses
        FrankBuermann I´ve create a ticket with all the information you request immediately but nothing happens. What's wrong ?
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        • Apr 13
      • I still haven't received my MD4 license. | Software Licenses
        PedroRodrigues Please consider that I just sent you and E-mail form the case you have opened. Thank you
        • Apr 14
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    plug-in song load.  I do not want to use the key.  Easier to delete from Logic. Tried to delete from Nax but it's still registered in Logic 10.6... Catalina thanks. I'm typing from mobile.  

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    • swross
      PedroRodrigues Hi SWROSS, Please confirm that you have the 64 bit version for the VSS3, for that please follow the link below Thank you
      • December 15, 2020
      • Remove VS233 plugin  from Logic / Mac ?
        swross Pedro-- Thanks. It's 64-bit. I found several version is PLUGINS folders. Plus, XML exec files. and some are NKI files (Kontakt). Can / Should I delete them all. Thanks!!
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        • December 15, 2020
      • Remove VS233 plugin  from Logic / Mac ?
        PedroRodrigues Hi SWROSS if you wish to remove the VSS3 form your computer yes I would advise you to proceed as you mentioned.
        • December 16, 2020
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    Hi team,
    I have migrated to an iMac from a MacMini but I did not deactivate the license of my Finalizer on previous device and I do not have access to my previous device.
    Order number: 80331
    Time of purchase: 30/09/2019 21:50:48 (Central European Summer Time).
    I have sent an email to [email protected] 5 days ago but nobody replied?
    iLok says I need to contact you for this issue.
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    • aminor
      NicJonesMT Hi Aminor.
      Please be aware that [email protected] is no longer an active email address.
      You need to submit a technical support ticket (Click support above and scroll down the page) and we can then assist you.
      Please ensure you provide your iLok user ID.
      • Apr 23
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    I made an misstake, buying the wrong version of the SYSTEM 6000 Native Bundle.  (my bad)

    I bought SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE BUNDLE, UPGRADED FROM VSS3 NATIVE for $ 599 but made a mistake, I have no previous version of SYSTEM 6000!

    Now I want that refund so I can buy the right version of the SYSTEM 6000 Native Bundle.
    I contacted Musictribe the same day I bought the wrong version, just hours after buying the product.

    I have been contaced by [email protected] saying; Hello Peter, You can file a claim on your PayPal account for refund. Then you can avail/purchase the item you want. I hope this helps. Thank you

    The problem is that PayPal says that the seller has to do the refund. I have given them all the information but they has not coming back. 

    The information from PayPal is:

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, have sent a double payment by mistake or want to cancel your transaction for any other reason, you can request a refund by sending an email to the seller. Ask the seller to go to the 'Transaction Details' page for your transaction and click on Issue a Refund. You can request a refund up to 180 days after you have paid for the item.

    Here's how to find the seller's contact information:

    1.Click History.

    2.Click on the transaction for which you want a refund.

    3.Use the contact information to send an email to the seller.

    I can not reach your website today due to issues with your site. I have tested Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge and they all say the same.

    Cannot access this pageIt appears that the web page at is having problems, or it may have been permanently moved to a new URL.

    So I have tried to contact them thru [email protected] but they have not responded to me.

    So what shall I do now, any suggestions? 

    All the best and stay safe!

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    • PeterStedt
      NicJonesMT Hi PeterStadt.
      The only way to process a refund would be to raise a dispute through Paypal. This will then trigger an email with our AR team to deal with the request.
      • Apr 6
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