• 2020-10-21

    For several weeks I have been attapting to contact Musictribe to have my warranty fufilled on a faulty Turbosound IP3000 I purchased from Musictribe through ebay.

    Upon the first use of this product it was faulty. Very low output, and extremely nasally, as if the tweeters were blown. I have had to cancel multiple gigs and have lost work as a solo acoustic artist as a result of this hassle.

    I attempted to get a response trhough the Musictribe website as suggested by the return message through my ebay purchase. It is not working properly. I have also emailed Musictribe to ask for personbal assistance and have recieved no response in over two weeks. 

    This is extremely frustrating. I have spent well over a thousand dollars on this refurbished speaker system and it is useless. 

    My warranty number is #184170689796

    I need to know what will be done at this point to have the 10 year warranty fufilled as promised when I purchased this product. 


                                                  Greg Erba (323)385-6184



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    • Gregory Erba
      Gregory Erba What do I have to do to get someone from musictribe to contact me back at this point? The website is extremely slow & buggy in trying to follow through with the warranty. I have a useless Turbosound IP3000 and am a working musician losing work because of this.
      • Wed at 2:22 AM
    • Gregory Erba
      Alexander Lane Hi Gregory,

      You need to submit a CARE ticket for this, click SUPPORT at the top of the page, select SERVICE, then fill out the required details and one of the team will respond within 24 hours.

      Apologies for the frustration, rest assured the care team will help you out.

      Any issues with the ticket submission, please let me know and I can investigate.

      My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me directly.
      • Wed at 3:07 AM
  • 2020-10-19
    I have a problem I hope you can help me with.  I am loving jamming with my lead guitarist and when we play live together, I use TC helicon for amazing vocal harmonies.   In JK right now I am plugging my guitar cable and mike xlr cable into TC helicon and then two appropriate cables into my Focusrite audio interface...but it doesn't work while jamming or when we try to record. Can you help?
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    • Thomas Fefer
      Nigel Turner Hi Thomas, please can you advise which TC Helicon device you are using. And are you getting signal into the Focusrite audio interface, it should have some sort of monitoring feature that you can listen to to see if you are getting audio into it.
      • Mon at 10:50 PM
      • JamKazam & TC Helicon
        Thomas Fefer Hi Nigel--Thanks so much for responding to my inquiry I have the TC Helicon Play Acoustic model. I cannot hear the harmonies at all on my end. The monitor dial on my Focusrite is turned all the way up. My guitarist hears the harmonies faintly on his end.
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        • Tue at 12:27 PM
      • JamKazam & TC Helicon
        Nigel Turner Hi Thomas, can I confirm that the TC gain set up has been done per the manual. Is the input signal LED lighting green when you sing and play the guitar through the unit? Are you able to plug the outputs of the TC directly into an amp to check the levels you are getting out the TC device or even plug some headphones into it to check that you can clearly hear the audio? You haven't mentioned which Focusrite you are using, but the ones I have seen, have a direct monitor switch for headphones so that you can hear the audio directly off the gain pots. Can you check this and see what the audio sounds like? What settings do you have the input gain on the focusrite set to? Are you using balanced output XLRs to balanced input XLRs between the two units? Any conversion connectors or if you are using jacks to the input of the focusrite, they are TRA and not TS jacks?
        • Thu at 12:51 AM
  • 2020-10-18

    Most microphones, either studio, bands, broadcast, use to have a number of cascading proccesses;

    Mic preamp -> EQ -> Expander/Gate -> Compressor -> Reverb and so on.

    If we try to do that with the X-Air series (X18, XR18, XR12/16...) we realize there is no way to cascade effects in just one channel, despite there are up to four effects.

    We can get up to four effects, but they need to be assigned to different channels.

    I can´t find the way to get those four effects in line in just one channel.

    Behringer, would be great to get that feature !!

    I had to send IN1 to BUS1 with effect 1 inserted. Then, externally, XLR jumper from AUX1 to IN2.

    IN2 insert effect 2 to BUS 2. External jumper from AUX 2 to IN3.

    IN3 insert effect 3 to BUS 3. External jumper from AUX3 to IN4.

    IN4 insert effect 4.

    I think this is not "the propper" way, would be much better to be able to do that internally, digital jumpers.

    Am I wrong?

    Thank you

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    • Maximo Martin
      Rex Beckett Hi Maximo, you are not wrong - it is not possible to insert multiple FX processors in one channel on X-Air mixers. In my experience, this is not usually a major issue for live sound. Each channel includes HPF, Gate, EQ and Compressor. R everb and other time-based effects are mostly used in send/return mode rather than as inserts so, if required, all four slots could be used. There are sometimes circumstances where it would be useful to be able to patch processes in particular orders but I find that this is more likely in post-production. In this case, a good DAW can usually handle the requirements.

      I believe that the Wing console has more flexibility in this regard so may be better suited for your application.
      • Oct 18
      • X-Air cascading effects in only one channel - X18/XR18 XR12/16
        Maximo Martin Hi Rex, thank you for your comments. Well, my point of view is the XR18 device is able to do it, as I am doing it with external jumpers, so there is no a lack of processing power. Hence, the question is if that improvement is doable (in the firmware/software)? I understand it is, easy to implement in the code. If it is done by inserts or send/return is not important, just the result. I need to add that most broadcast setups (bands, home studios, everyone) will welcome this improvement. Wing console is far away from average home studio budgets. My hope is to get it in a future firmware update. Behringer asked for suggestions, here it is mine, for the "wish list". Cheers.
        • Oct 18
  • 2020-10-12

    Meet our triber Erik Nilsson, who has been working as software developer since he joined us in 2017. He is a part of our team that develop controller software for #LabGruppen #amplifiers. This includes our industry-leading lake Controller software, which is used for touring applications for some of the biggest events around the globe. Erik loves his job because it is challenging yet creative, a perfect match for his interest in music, programming and #technology.

    Like the rest of our tribers, Erik is dedicated to developing the features our #customers want.  

    I've worked in many places during my career, but I think the focus and commitment here is something special.’ Says Erik.

    Erik has been invited backstage as a VIP at recent shows and concerts that run our #software and has already made some fantastic memories. An interesting fact about him is that he plays guitar and piano and used to sing in a vocal group. Erik enjoys listening to #music and learning new things while working in a fast-paced programming environment!

    We are happy that Erik commented he enjoys working at Music Tribe Brands Sweden AB!

    #Meettheteam #musictribe #lakeprocessing #innovation #development #amplification #proaudio #prosound #colleagues #touring #concerts #poweramplifier #lakecontroller #soundsystem #joinus #remoteworking

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  • 2020-10-11


    How do I reset my x32 while it has not boot


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    • Onyeka  Ugbome
      Rex Beckett I would try reinstalling the firmware. Unzip the download and place the firmware file (.update) in the root folder of a USB stick. There should be only one firmware file in the root folder. Plug the USB stick into the console and power it on while holding in the USB button.

      If you don't succeed with V4.03, try installing V4.02 again.
      • Oct 11
  • 2020-10-05

    Hi all, I bought a Midas M32 Live from eBay seller Musictribe with a 10 year warranty. I bought it to donate to a church. The console arrived, and when plugged in the main screen does not turn on. Does anyone have any suggestion on what I should do next please? I am not a musician and have never had equipment like this. Thank you in advance. 

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    • Alexis  Vallejos
      Nic Rossi Quickest fix is connect it to a tablet or comp to see it’s features. There is a display screen brightness control.
      Try a firmware update weather needed or not to see if that resets.
      Last unwanted option is to send to be repaired
      • Oct 4
      • Black screen on Midas M32 Live
        Alexis Vallejos Hi Nic, thank you very much for the prompt response, I am going to try and connect it to see how I can change the brightness setting to see if it’s that. I appreciate it.
        • Oct 4
    • Alexis  Vallejos
      David Knighton Hello Alexis Vallejos,
      I received a similar inquiry via our support system earlier, so I suspect both are related. There is no brightness setting that would dim the screen completely. Even at the lowest setting, the GUI is still visible, so I doubt the iPad method will work. Also, the iPad app does not offer brightness control for the hardware. I would suspect the LCD screen cable is unplugged or damaged. The rest of the console appears to be booting, so it's not a boot problem or PSU problem. Please find my email and reply at your earliest convenience.
      • Oct 5
  • 2020-10-02

    Boa tarde meu nome é Rodrigo Garcia dos Santos falo do Brasil e sou proprietário de em pedal tc delay flashcack, e tenho muita satisfação de ter adquirido, pois pra mim ele é o melhor pedal de delay que ja tive, mais infelizmente ele apresentou um defeito, ele estava funcionando normalmente e acendeu nele uma luz amarela e não liga mais, fiquei muito triste por não ter mais ele no meu set de pedais, gostaria de saber de vcs a possibilidade de concerto com vocês, pois aqui em minha cidade não obtive sucesso.

    Obrigado pela atenção.
    Rodrigo Garcia dos Santos
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  • 2020-09-29

    Reza Fathi, Innovation Development Systems Power Specialist at Music Tribe Brands Sweden led a 3-day component level repair of #LabGruppen #amplifiers for Bo Nielsen founder of Sweet-Sound and Christian Kronborg Højen founder of Kronborg Elektronik.


    The service training of Lab Gruppen products was held at our manufacturing site in #Kungsbacka. The theoretical and practical training workshop was focused on how some of the Lab Gruppen products are constructed and how to service and repair them properly on component level.


    Bo shared that he has done full time repairs on all kind of musical instrument since 2004. His #customers are music instrument shops and musicians, who come directly to his repair-shop. He mentioned he has had service partner agreements with other brands and adding Lab Gruppen to the list, is beneficial for both end-users and sweet-Sound by offering fast local repair-service to his customers.


    ’ We have had some very good days here working together with Reza and having some interesting and deep discussions about the electronic designs involved in building LabGruppen amplifiers, some discussions probably went beyond the scope of the training course, which only gave us even more invaluable knowledge about the products.’ Christian said.


    Both Danish attendees were happy with their experience to see our production facility and meet some of our tribers. They found it interesting to see our older products exhibited in our ‘museum’.

    ‘It is always nice with a company that is proud of it's history and a brilliant thing to see for electronic geeks as Bo and myself.’ Christian said.

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  • 2020-09-28
    Mercedes Me Store Hong Kong - Audio powered by Music Tribe brand partners Lab Gruppen and Tannoy
    Mercedes-Benz created a brand new retail and dining concept in the heart of Hong Kong's Central district. Sound is delivered by Tannoy. Power is provided by brand partner Lab.gruppen
    Precision Control at Your Fingertips.
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  • 2020-09-24


    Included with this post is a picture of the GOXLR MIC control panel.


    If someone could please help me with these settings so I can hear my MIC when recording that would be great.


    Yes I picked condenser MIC, yes I have the proper CHAT GOXLR selection as my PC choise for MIC in my Logitech recording software.


    I've put the gain right up but you can barely hear it.

    Please help...


    Thank you,


    - Smiddy -

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    • Steve Smith
      billy kalkis i have sent a number of emails can't seem to get through, am i sending it to wrong email
      • Sep 25
      • GOXLR + AT2020 XLR Condenser MIC = NO MIC
        Leah from Music Tribe Hi billy kalkis ,

        It looks like William has reached out and is awaiting your email response. Please make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for any responses.

        • Sep 29
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