• 2020-08-05

    Hi all

    My question is how to set up my Q502USB mixer to record both a voice on channel 1 and a guitar on channel 2 and using Garageband or audacity.

    My second problem is the phones are giving me audio only for one channel even If I have a stereo jack plugged in, see photo attached

    I tried youtube videos but not working for me, I get in one channel my voice which is ok but in the other channel my voice and guitar together

    thanks in advance for detailed instructions and help


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    • marizmendi
      Rex Beckett Try this: set the Pan control for channel 1 (mic) fully to the left. Plug your guitar into the R socket of channels 2/3. This should give you voice on the left and guitar on the right of the stereo recording.

      Those 3.5mm/6.35mm adapters can give problems. I would try a different one. Do the headphones work on both channels when connected to a PC or phone? If not the cable could have gone bad.
      • Wed at 1:15 PM
  • 2020-08-01


    first of all BIG thank you to Alexander Lane for his previous answer!

    I Went Through manual 5 Times and dont GET IT ... and I'm still a roookie :)

    Lab gruppen C20:8X has vpl Settings... Which one to ure for regular 8ohms speakers and not 100v speakers? 45 V (out of 100, 63, 45 and 32 V setting)?

    thank you very much!

    best regards form Slovenia!


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    • gtcore
      Alexander Lane Hi and welcome to the community, just to be sure we get this setting correct, can you tell me the RMS power of the speaker you are driving so I can check the correct setting for you?

      The VPL sets the power output, this will change depending on the impedance of the speaker. Once you know the watts and impedance, then you can figure out the required VPL value. 8 Ohms could be any of them except 100v depending on the RMS power of the speaker.

      There is actually a handy calculator in the device control software for this which will give you an image of how to set the switches for the required voltage. You can download the software from the Lab.gruppen website. Once open, click "create a new configuration" then "add device" and choose the amplifier.

      Once you add the device, you can double click it on the device list to bring up a "mockup" of the rear panel.

      At the bottom, you can select the impedance, in this case 8 Ohms, then use the VPL number box to select a voltage, when you do this, the power output in watts will show in the box under where you input the impedance.

      You then just need to set the switches on the rear of the amp to what is shown in the software mockup.

      On the rear of the amp, (left red circle) The various combinations of dip switch settings to set VPL values are shown, these correspond to the two switches under the "VPL" marked part of each amplifier channel.

      So for 100v both switches are in the "down" position

      For 45V, the first switch is in the "up" position and the second is in the "down" position.

      You can set different VPL values for each channel.
      • Mon at 2:23 AM
    • gtcore
      Alexander Lane Here is what it looks like in the device control software I mention in my other comment...
      • Mon at 2:24 AM
    • gtcore
      Alexander Lane This may also be helpful to understand Ohms law, and how it relates to limiters...
      • Mon at 2:36 AM
    • gtcore
      gtcore Wow thank you very much! I have speakers with specifications: Enclosure Type: 2 way bass reflex hfdb.co/4148.php
      Recommended Amplifier: 10 - 100 Watts
      Frequency Response: 55Hz - 20kHz
      Sensitivity: 87dB
      Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
      • Mon at 2:50 AM
      • Which VPL Setting for LG C20:8X amplifier
        Alexander Lane Is that Tannoy Mercury mX1's?
        • Mon at 2:55 AM
      • Which VPL Setting for LG C20:8X amplifier
        Alexander Lane If they are indeed Tannoy Mercury MX1's, then the VPL limiter should be set to 32Vpk, this will output 70 Watts RMS.

        So on each channel you are using on the C20:8X you should have the two switches under VPL set to the "UP" position.
        • Mon at 2:59 AM
  • 2020-07-31

    Hi guys!

    I have a problem with the g sytem (2010) after an update to 4.05, means that only burning flash is shown on the display and no longer works. I can no longer connect to the g system with the Vyzor Software.

    Does anyone know the problem or has a solution to it?

    thanks in advance for your feedback & metal greetings greg

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    • greg17
      William Reichling Hello, Please be sure to install the version 3.0 firmware first before installing version 4.05
      • Jul 31
    • greg17
      William Reichling Question: How do I update the firmware on the G-SYSTEM?

      Users with an earlier G-system software version need to update to 3.0 prior to using this firmware updater. You can find the firmware updater on the G-System product page on our website here:
      In order to upgrade your G-System to the latest software you need the following:

      G-System with minimum software version 3.0 installed
      a PC with USB port running Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 (32 or 64 bit)
      a Mac with USB port running OSX 10.4.1; 10.5; 10.6 or 10.7
      a standard USB cable
      G-System - Application software load procedure. 
      The software update procedure requires a PC or Mac with a USB port. Your existing user presets should not be affected by the update, but we suggest that you make a safety backup (of global settings and user presets) using the G-system Editor.

      Connect the PC or Mac to the G-System USB port.  
      (Re)start the G-system software updater application. 
      Select an output device: G-System is shown as "USB Audio device". 
      Select an input device: G-System is shown as "USB Audio device."
      Click the UPDATE button. G-System will now receive the firmware update...
      Wait until G-System restarts automatically.
      IMPORTANT: After successful firmware update, G-system will show the software version in the startup splash screen. If it doesn't restart, then please have patience and wait up to 1 minute before powering off G-System.
      • Jul 31
    • greg17
      William Reichling https://www.tcelectronic.com/tcelectronic/product?modelCode=P0CKX
      • Jul 31
    • greg17
      greg17 Hi William!

      Thanks for your quick answer! I did it. Firmware 4.02. R1737 is synced again, but there is no output signal although you can see it on the input on the floorboard and on the tuner.

      Furthermore, I can no longer operate the floorboard without a computer, i.e. only on the floorboard. After each attempt, the system hangs up again and freezes.

      Do you also have a good idea? THX lot & greetz greg
      • Aug 2
    • greg17
      William Reichling Greg, could you create a support ticket on the link above and put it to attention William Reichling? I'm going to have to go a little deeper on this for you.
      • Mon at 5:38 PM
  • 2020-07-26

    Hey, noob wants to know best starting path for reducing vocal feedback.  Does this make sense:  balanced TRS output from pre send jack outputs of the yamie > to the input of the BFD then output from that back into the unbalanced LINE mono phone jacks of channel 5 and 6 selecting the aux buttons so that they go to the monitor feed of the yamie?  OK to use TRS plugs bringing them back to the mixer, which mono inputs are unbalanced?

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    • Bluechaperon
      Alexander Lane This is best placed on the main outputs of the mixer, then to the speakers as shown on the "monitors" part of the attached image.
      • Jul 28
  • 2020-07-19
    Any solutions? DCP bootloader 2.05 failed thanks :-/
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    • Freeeedoms
      Alexander Lane Hi, could you submit this as a support ticket please? Use the support button at the top of the page, thanks!
      • Jul 20
    • Freeeedoms
      Freeeedoms done ;-)
      • Jul 21
  • 2020-07-18
    Use only 3 times the product. And in the last one, it was no longer recognized on any computer. I tried it on Windows and Mac. I need help please.
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    • Betoguitar43
      AbrahamGuzman i have the same problem , is the umc 4040hd ?
      • Jul 19
    • Betoguitar43
      AbrahamGuzman tell me please if you view a solution
      • Jul 19
    • Betoguitar43
      Betoguitar43 Yes is the 404hd. No solution.
      • Jul 19
    • Betoguitar43
      Alexander Lane Hi guys, our support team will be able to help with this. Please use the support button at the top of the page to create a ticket. thanks!
      • Jul 20
      • No USB signal
        Betoguitar43 Hi, I have tried 4 times to create the ticket, as I fill in all the required fields for support and at the end it says "Fill in the required fields".
        ** If I have the serial number, only for protection I deleted it.
        • Jul 20
      • No USB signal
        Alexander Lane Ok, thanks for the report. I will have this investigated and fixed immediately. Will post an update here ASAP
        • Jul 20
      • No USB signal
        Alexander Lane Hi, we have run some tests our end and it seems to be OK, could you confirm if you are able to select country on the first part of the form please?
        • Jul 20
      • No USB signal
        AbrahamGuzman I create the ticket sucfefully the ticket number is
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        • Jul 20
  • 2020-07-15
    Volume & selector knobs not working... the selection knob is smooth with no clicks meaning that it cannot change anything. Pretty much usless. How can i fix it?
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    • Lolijnik
      Alexander Lane Hi there, could you please use the support button at the top of the page to contact our service department for repair? Thanks!
      • Jul 16
  • 2020-07-12
    Finally got my TD-3 on the 9th of july and its a bit unusual but no output on the device works with bluetooth? I've filled in a support ticket but had no response,has anyone else had a simular issue? Please let me know so i can get a new one or find out whats wrong with my TD-3
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    • StuartJ1210
      Alexander Lane Hi Stuart, support will be able to help you with this. Please email me your ticket number and I can check progress for you, in the meantime check you junk / spam folder in case the reply is in there.

      [email protected]
      • Jul 14
  • 2020-07-11
    Hi Tannoy’s supporting team, This is Andrew, I am leaving in Hong Kong. The friend of my Have a pair of vintage Tannoy Westminster Royal, the series #321808 & #343680. Unfortunately the whole pair of tweeters part was damaged by using the new amplifier (the lower part driver are normal), please advise would it be possible to sent it back to factory for repair of tweeter drivers part ? How would be the cost and where is the mailing address I can sent it to ? I am really appreciate in advance and looking forward to hear your reply soon. Many thanks and have a nice weekend ! Andrew
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    • AndrewChan
      Alexander Lane Hi Andrew, can you please use the support button at the top of the page to book in for service? Thanks!
      • Jul 14
  • 2020-07-04
    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if anyone can help with this internet connection problem? Obviously I have connection on my PC, and I'm trying to connect a Voicelive Play Electric Thanks!
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    • enric2020
      davidmck I have same problem and same error messages with Voicelive 3. Tried on 3 separate computers and multiple downloads/removals of voicesupport 2, and factory reset of VL3. Don't know if its anything to do with TC Helicon updating servers recently and Voicesupport still looking for files in an old location. If I find a solution I will post it here
      • Jul 5
      • Voicesupport 2 internet connection problem
        Nigel Turner Hi enric2020 and davidmck. We are very sorry for the issues you are experiencing. This is due to a recent server migration. We're working on getting things back online and the application back to full function. In the meantime, we may be able to help with firmware updates or other device-related support. If you need assistance, please submit a Care Ticket at the Support link above. Many thanks
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        • Jul 7