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    Nobody likes it when their assets start to look old and out of date. However, a car's exterior generally loses value over time because the paint may start to look dull. In addition to this, it affects a car's resale value.

    On the other hand, a fresh coat of paint might be an option. However, this solution does give your car a new-car-like feel, but the factory paint is always something to be admired. You might be happy with the appearance of your car, but you'll probably be impressed and pleased by a shiny one.

    But there is a query. Is it possible to maintain your car's exterior paint for a long time? Not only are scratches the primary enemy of your car, but bird droppings and even aggressive car washing also contribute enormously.

    However, there are some ways to maintain your car's paint while keeping it shiny and bright.

    Do Not Wait Too Long To Wash Your Car

    A car wash is as necessary as routine car maintenance, but it should be done more frequently. You should not opt too much for a car wash and be prepared for a thorough cleaning if there is a need. It is recommended to use the shampoo while washing your car, as home-based detergents do not suit the paint due to their acidic nature.

    As a car travels through harsh environments and weather, your car deserves a thorough cleaning. However, if you really want a high level of satisfaction, approach Service My Car and talk to a professional for a car wash.

    Never Try To Escape From Drying

    However, it is myth that your car always dries naturally after some time of wash. But, this is a big mistake as water drops retains on the exterior and contributes in the deterioration of the paint.

    It is recommended that you should never escape the drying. However, if there is lack of time, you can opt for professional cleaning service at any of workshop of Service My Car.

    Never Forget To Wax Your Car

    Waxing works just like nutrients to the exteriors. It safeguards the paint of the car from scratches, dust, and even Ultra Violate rays. The wax application offers the complementary benefits in terms of increased fuel efficiency.

    However, it might be quite marginal because the engine may need some less power to drive the vehicle while limiting the dragging.

    As per records, the wax application preserves the paint for at least six months. However, a wax application should be done as per the process. If it is not applied properly, you should not expect the results.

    Protection with Coating

    Coating makes a great alternative to protect your car’s paint. However, Coating is an expensive method of protecting the paint, but it is quite effective. The first option of PPF (Paint Protection Film) has the capacity to take the beating while providing significantly better defence against foreign objects and road debris.

    Although PPF is more effective than Ceramic Coating at protecting against foreign objects, it typically lasts longer and gives the car a very glossy appearance. However, it is your choice to select a professional that can satisfy you with the service.

    Protective yet Stylish Vinyl Wraps

    They not only offer new appearance for your car in a variety of shades and finishes for a fraction of the price of a paint job, but they also safeguard the car's original paint. Vinyl wraps protect the original paint and prevent it from fading. Vinyl wraps are also sufficiently thick to withstand minor dings and injuries to the vehicle. One is equally simple to remove, and the glue residue has no negative effects on the vehicle. Therefore, even years later, the car's paint will still look brand new.

    You can opt for the car tinting and car battery repalcement at a reliable service centre if wrapping does appears to be a great option.

    Avoid Having Too Much Polishing

    Polishing of a car involves the abrasive chemicals that clear the upper coat of your vehicle. It is entirely different from waxing as wax does not remove any coating.

    Therefore, it is not good to opt for frequent polishing as it is a great solution to bring a shine on your vehicle for a short time while it may affect the exterior of your vehicle in long run. Therefore, it is better not to opt for polishing instead prefers the car wax.

    These are few handy tips to preserve the paint of your car. However, you get a number of inclusive services by opting for car detailing service. It includes the thorough cleaning of exterior with a complement of wax and mere paint fix. It is recommended opting for the detailing once in six months.

    However, the final decision regarding how to preserve the paint on your car is yours. The rest of the advice can be used at your convenience and according to your preferences, with the exception of washing and using a car cover.

    Service My Car brings exclusive services and solutions for all your car needs. You can easily book a car service package or request a car repair quote today on the Service My Car app or website.

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    I really like the flexibility of the unit, to be used as an interface (for recording to DAWs) or as a small mixer (for live performances and streaming). Can you please consider these new enhancements/functionalities for the next firmware/app update. These requests are more from a small mixer perspective (enhancing the workflow on the fly for live performances). I have included screen shot illustrations that describe the high-level asks and requirements.

    1- For the channel settings screen, allow the user to switch between different channels. Eliminating the need to page-out of the screen and go back to the Mixer screen (in order to select a new channel).

    2- For the 4-Band EQ screen (when in Full Range mode), allow the user to also be able to type in a specific frequency (for quicker accurate selection of a frequency).


    3- For the Preferences screen, add the ability to SHOW EFFECTS & MONITORS FADERS (DCA) on the Mixer screen. These faders will display on the Mixer screen and control the levels of FX1/FX2 (linked), and MON1/MON2 (linked) in the overall mix.


    4- For the new EFFECTS & MONITOR FADERS (on the Mixer screen), allow the user to click inside these new faders to open up a new EFFECTS & MONITORS screen (for a quick view of the underlying FX1, FX2, MON1, MON2 levels). Also include MUTE buttons for all faders (for existing and new screens).


    5- Please add a similar "one-knob" gate, to compliment the one-knob compressor (at least on the first 2 mic channels)

    6- Add ability to setup a quick Mix-Minus would be great (I see many folks have requested Mix-Minus)

    Great product for what it is.




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    in my voicelive play, my firmware version is: 1.5.00 B74. when I check on voicesupport2 software, firmware update on 1.4.00 build 70. should I downgrade?

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    That's it. After a decade of perfect service, it happened.

    Really sorry for bringing this one back after several years. The BOOST button simply fell off.
    Since there is no "parameter" to setup at this very one, unit still works great.

    I remember years and years ago, people talking about this issue, but I REALLY can't find it anywhere. A TC forum, where I believe my salvation is, isn't working anymore. I also remember something about a "C" clip os something.
    Please, any help would be great.

    (Inside the button cavity, I can see the PC board and it seems there is a loose wire. Is it supposed to be attached to the button assembly?). 

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    • schizotronic
      WilliamR Please click on the support link above and create a tech support case. On of our agents can get you sorted ASAP.
      • Sep 22
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    problem with Midas stage box. the mute all automatically goes off and on my DL32. Please how do I fix this

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    • Dukegwary1284
      Nigel67 Hi Dukegwary1284. The Mute All button will automatically switch off as soon as the DL32 syncs with the Mixer. The only way to Mute all the inputs is to press the Mute All button again. The QSG advises that MUTE ALL button mutes all inputs for safely connecting and disconnecting cables while the PA system is still on. Keep the button depressed while patching cables on XLR inputs 1-32. The button’s red light will turn off shortly after releasing it, indicating that the inputs are now active again. If the Mute LED is switching on and off without someone pressing it, then this is indicating a bad connection between the DL32 and the console. Try a different CAT5E STP cable (which from the picture your cable isn't and could be causing an issue), try plugging into the AES50 B port on the console and if that doesn't work, I would advise sending in a Tech Support ticket and we will be able to help your further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • Aug 1
    • Dukegwary1284
      Dukegwary1284 Ok thanks. Will try
      • Aug 1
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    Hello, I use the UMC204. 

    I use a bass with a link on the computer. I can hear the bass on the phone and on the main ouput but not on the playback output (small speaker bose).

    On the phone and the main output I hear everything : bass, computer

    On the playback output I have only the sound of the computer.

    I use the driver output 1-2 on windows 10.

    I capture also the midi piano on the computer. It's a real nice appliance.

    Thank you for your help


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    • jeanBiron
      NicJonesMT Hi Jean. Please be aware that the RCA Playback outputs on the back of the UMC will only playback the USB input from your computer. It will not give you any of the direct input from your Bass and will also bypass the main output pot so needs to be controlled from your computer.
      What I would recommend is connecting your speakers to the Main outputs (Not RCA) and set the Mix pot to 12 o'Clock. This way you will hear your direct input and USB audio.
      • Jul 27
    • jeanBiron

      Thank you for the reply.

      • Aug 1
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    Hello to all.

    I am trying to connect a "M-Vave Chocolate" midi footswitch to Ableton Live.  In the "Link Tempo Midi" window of Ableton, there are lots of options to choose from, and I do not know what to do.....!

    Could anyone help please?

    For ease, I attach a picture of the M-Vave Chocolate" footswitch, and a picture of the "Link Tempo Midi" window on Ableton.

    Thank you for your assistance with this issue.



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    • Michel2000
      NicJonesMT Hi there.
      This is the wrong forum for the M-Vave Chocolate.
      For assistance with this product and Ableton you would need to contact the manufacturer of this product or Ableton directly.
      • Jul 27
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    Hi all, 


    I'm using the LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 and it's perfect with the shure SE215.

    But recently i've a little bitte problem. I've a problem with the sound like scratching and distortion. I've never change a setting on it and i d'ont understand. But i've the logo ''ST'' will be on (on the reveiver) when the sound like shit. The frequancy are great for the 2 item. And battery always changed.


    Any body can help me ? 

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    • dd2402
      Nigel67 Hi dd2402. I am afraid that you are posting on the wrong Forum. This is not for LD Systems products. All the best.
      • Jul 16
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    I just purchased the UMC202HD and I get NO sound though Windows.

    Windows Version: Windows 11 Pro x64

    Audio Driver Version Installed: BEHRINGER_UMC_Driver-V5.30.0

    Device Manger shows no errors

    If I enable "Direct Monitor" on device I can hear myself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Phlonk
      Nigel67 Hi Phlonk. Please can you raise a Technical Support ticket so that we may be able to help you further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. We may need to ask you more questions regarding the computer that you are using. Please make sure that the USB port you are using is USB2.0 compatible and remove the USB hub if you are using one. Many thanks
      • Jul 17
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