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  • tibung
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    Hi. I'm WING user in Korea.

    Drum trigger is simple signal for sidechain trigging and do not need to be assigned to a channel.
    In the case of MIDAS PRO series, trigger  for drum gate sidechain can be selected directly from the patch rather than from routing.
    I hope so in WING

    Thank you. Have a nice day

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  • ashox
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    Hi, i tried to open a support ticket but it kept giving me error. Anyways i need help about HLC 660M.

    Product page says it has 3.5mm connection for headphone and XLR connection for microphone.

    Do i need a sound card that supports 48v for the microphone. If not will xlr female to 3.5mm male connector do the work? and can using microphone with 48v enabled sound card, damage the microphone or headphone?


    What's the empedance of the HLC 660M. Do i need an amplifier? Will it work well with pc onboard audio?


    What's the exact ear cup and ear pad size so i can buy another earpads?


    And are which one is the real one between these two pictures. 1 of them looks leather earpad the other one look like nylon





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  • robinkle
    Contributor - Level 3

    So I've decided to make another FM Synth mockup. This time not a clone. Behringer is free to use this for their convenience. I'm not a designer and this is not what I do for work. This is made on my own spare time, driven by my interest for FM synthesis. But also the urge to inspire a manufacturer to make something like this. There has never before been released an FM Synth with Control-per-function, and FM needs it more than anything.

    This is based on the idea of making FM synthesis as approachable as possible. There are some limitations compared to a DX7, but there are some advantages as well. It's a different machine.

    Voice structure:
    Technology: FPGA-based, with oversampling at MHz-rates for minimum aliasing, and maximum sweetspot.
    Polyphony: 64-128 voices.
    Operators: 4 Operators per algorithm.
    Algorithms: 5 algorithms per part. (20 Operators per part)
    Parts: 5-part Multitimbral. (Performance mode is the only mode), (100 operators in a performance)

    All operators can be freely assigned to modulate each other in any combination.
    All operators can be both modulators and carriers simultanously.
    All operators has their own dedicated feedback knob.
    Each of the five Algorithms are separate from eachother and their outputs are mixed together before the effects stage in the audio path.

    Multiple waveforms suitable for FM.
    Coarse: Multiplies the frequency through the harmonic series.
    Fine: Linear frequency control suited for inharmonic sonic content.
    Detune: Suited for making thicker sounds and movement.
    Fixed Frequency: Removes keyboard tracking. Suitable for Enharmonics.
    SYNC-OFF: Turns off phase-lock. Make random phase position each time you press a key.
    Modulation: Velocity, Aftertouch and modwheel have dedicated controls for modulation depth.
    Envelope: Standard ADSR dedicated to control amplitude over time.
    LEVEL: Controls the maximum amplitude of the Operator.
    Key-Follow: Allows the keyboard to control the amplitude.
    OPERATOR SELECT: Select one or multiple operators to edit them. You can also copy Operator settings.

    AUX - Envelopes:
    Both envelopes are identical.
    Standard ADSR.

    MOD-Assign: Press and hold down, and turn any knob for mod depth for the corresponding parameter.
    Or press once to select more destinations on the display.

    Both LFO's are identical.
    Wave: Select standard waveform for the LFO. Wave name is shown on the display when you change the value.
    Speed: Change the speed of the LFO by value or musical divisions depending on the Sync setting.
    Delay: Change the time it takes for the LFO mod depth to fade in.
    MOD-Assign: Identical to the AUX-Envelope.

    To transpose the keyboard, use the OCT - and OCT + buttons.
    Activate Chord Memory with the CHORD button.
    Press the ARP button for ARP menu on the display.
    Press the HOLD button to sustain the sound when you let go of the keys.

    Turn off operators. Handy for programming, but also for live performance.

    Display Menus:
    The display area complements the rest of the synth by giving you additional info and settings.
    Press the SETUP button to access common settings such as midi, audio routing etc.
    Use the VALUE knob to change the value of the currently selected parameter.
    Use the navigation buttons to navigate and change values on the display.

    Access each effects-processor menu by using the FX 1 and FX 2 buttons.
    Both effects-processors are identical.


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    • robinkle

      Better than Korg’s crappy UI

      • February 18, 2020
    • robinkle

      The one from Korg is 6-OP [like DX-7], this model above is only 4-OP so you wont be able to use DX-7 patches.

      • February 18, 2020
  • Cirdnek
    Contributor - Level 3

    The church I attend has an X32 in the media room that is synced to S32 stagebox in the sanctuary via ethernet cable (S32 AES50 B port to the B port of the X32 in the media room), but we are not getting any signals from the inputs.  The X32 in the sanctuary is synced to the same stage box going from AES50 port A of the mixer to the AES50 port A of the stagebox with no issues. Our media team who mixes the audio for streaming and put up images can't hear what's going on in the sanctuary with no signal getting to mixer in the media room.  Does anyone have any suggestions?Resized_20200204_202555.jpegResized_20200204_202757.jpeg

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    • Cirdnek

      Hi Kendric @Cirdnek 

      Are you certain you have sync on the media X32? The B light in the photo does not show it green. Check the S32 itself. That may be the issue. If it is sync'd, what is assigned to the Routing, home (Inputs)? Are they banks of AES50 B?


      Even though the S32 can have its inputs pulled from both AES50 ports, I would still recommend connecting the media console to the FOH console and redirecting inputs and outputs through FOH console. 

      • February 5, 2020
    • Cirdnek

      @Cirdnek For one thing the 2 mixers are on different firmware versions, not sure if that would cause it but it probably should be the same and can't be helping. I would suggest at least 3.12 on both. (They are now up to 4.02 but I would wait on that for now.) 3.12 is stable. The second thing is what firmware is the S32 on?...there have been a few updates to accommodate newer options. If working properly you should get the S32 inputs using aes50b 1-32 on the home routing page slots on the media room X32. Seems like it should show up listed too and I don't see it? A visual of it would show up on the routing page tho if correctly set. I would try firmware, esp the S32.


      edit: I've managed to do it again, sorry Paul! No responses existed when I was writing this....

      • February 5, 2020
    • Cirdnek

      @Paul_Vannatto  Yes I'm certain we have the board in the media room synced.  We've been streaming services with the same board since October.  We didn't have any issues Sunday.  I come in Tuesday evening before service to power everything up and realize I couldn't hear the musicians playing while they were rehearsing nor could we get a signal from any input from the stagebox.

      • February 5, 2020
    • Cirdnek

      @Cirdnek Maybe post your scene? Could be something slightly off. Do you see a visual representation of an S32 when you are on the routing page?

      • February 5, 2020
    • Cirdnek

      @GaryHiggins ...I'm attaching a picture of the routing home tab.

      [email protected]
      • February 5, 2020
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  • bbow73
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    I have two of these.  Amazing synth that no one has ever heard of. Unfortunately it’s really old, bad MIDI implementation, no memory... and weak UI.  But if any company can take the engine an put it in a modern body then its Behringer.  Check it out:

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