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    That's it. After a decade of perfect service, it happened.

    Really sorry for bringing this one back after several years. The BOOST button simply fell off.
    Since there is no "parameter" to setup at this very one, unit still works great.

    I remember years and years ago, people talking about this issue, but I REALLY can't find it anywhere. A TC forum, where I believe my salvation is, isn't working anymore. I also remember something about a "C" clip os something.
    Please, any help would be great.

    (Inside the button cavity, I can see the PC board and it seems there is a loose wire. Is it supposed to be attached to the button assembly?). 

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    • schizotronic
      WilliamR Please click on the support link above and create a tech support case. On of our agents can get you sorted ASAP.
      • Sep 22
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    problem with Midas stage box. the mute all automatically goes off and on my DL32. Please how do I fix this

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    • Dukegwary1284
      Nigel67 Hi Dukegwary1284. The Mute All button will automatically switch off as soon as the DL32 syncs with the Mixer. The only way to Mute all the inputs is to press the Mute All button again. The QSG advises that MUTE ALL button mutes all inputs for safely connecting and disconnecting cables while the PA system is still on. Keep the button depressed while patching cables on XLR inputs 1-32. The button’s red light will turn off shortly after releasing it, indicating that the inputs are now active again. If the Mute LED is switching on and off without someone pressing it, then this is indicating a bad connection between the DL32 and the console. Try a different CAT5E STP cable (which from the picture your cable isn't and could be causing an issue), try plugging into the AES50 B port on the console and if that doesn't work, I would advise sending in a Tech Support ticket and we will be able to help your further. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket.
      • Aug 1
    • Dukegwary1284
      Dukegwary1284 Ok thanks. Will try
      • Aug 1
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    Hello, I use the UMC204. 

    I use a bass with a link on the computer. I can hear the bass on the phone and on the main ouput but not on the playback output (small speaker bose).

    On the phone and the main output I hear everything : bass, computer

    On the playback output I have only the sound of the computer.

    I use the driver output 1-2 on windows 10.

    I capture also the midi piano on the computer. It's a real nice appliance.

    Thank you for your help


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    • jeanBiron
      NicJonesMT Hi Jean. Please be aware that the RCA Playback outputs on the back of the UMC will only playback the USB input from your computer. It will not give you any of the direct input from your Bass and will also bypass the main output pot so needs to be controlled from your computer.
      What I would recommend is connecting your speakers to the Main outputs (Not RCA) and set the Mix pot to 12 o'Clock. This way you will hear your direct input and USB audio.
      • Jul 27
    • jeanBiron

      Thank you for the reply.

      • Aug 1
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    Hello to all.

    I am trying to connect a "M-Vave Chocolate" midi footswitch to Ableton Live.  In the "Link Tempo Midi" window of Ableton, there are lots of options to choose from, and I do not know what to do.....!

    Could anyone help please?

    For ease, I attach a picture of the M-Vave Chocolate" footswitch, and a picture of the "Link Tempo Midi" window on Ableton.

    Thank you for your assistance with this issue.



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    • Michel2000
      NicJonesMT Hi there.
      This is the wrong forum for the M-Vave Chocolate.
      For assistance with this product and Ableton you would need to contact the manufacturer of this product or Ableton directly.
      • Jul 27
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    tengo una interfacce umc204 y no la he podido usar desde que actualice a windows11. ya he probado la interface en otras computadoras con windows 7 y 8 y funciona normal. ya instale los ultimos drivers y aun n o funciona. ya he visto que varias personas le pasa lo mismmo. hay alguna solucion?

     Ver las imágenes de origen

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    I just received a brand new pair of tannoys, which worked well for a short time. 
    unfortunately a speaker has terminal block problems, 3 positions do not work, the tweeter is cut,
    do you have any idea of ​​the problem?
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    • benjio
      RobbyWingfield Hello benjio, Robby with Music Tribe here, please open a support ticket at the link above and someone will help remedy your situation right away.
      • Mar 30
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    Used this speaker for 2 months. One of the amps fried. It's been at the repair shop for over a year now. They are still waiting on the part and have no idea when it will arrive. This is sad. Bought it for my business and never really used it. Turbosound ip3000s are known to fry - manufacturer defect maybe but the customers are suffering : /. This is the craziest purchase I've ever made. New speaker hanging out in a repair shop with no updates on parts. If that's the case maybe contact turbosound HQ and replace the speaker or give a refund. Waiting over a year with no updates. 

    case number: CAS-409369-Y4T0V0

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    • Vova91
      Nigel67 Hi Vova91. I am very sorry for the delay in the repair of your loudspeaker. If you could find out the repair ticket number from Thermal Relief Design and also the ticket number where they have ordered the replacement part, then I will ask the Service Manager to investigate the delay. Again many apologies for this.
      • Mar 21
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    Not much of a back story - I've played with VCV Rack and understand the basics so wanted to try some hardware and purchased the Neutron. Followed the first patch on page 22 of hte manual and theres no sound. Volume for headphones is up. The patch is identical (and I'm fairly good at following patches after 3 months of following Omri Cohen regarding the VCV Rack). If I turn up the VCA Bias, then I get a pulsating bass sound. But the patch itself does not make sound. 

    I tried the next patch and I can hear way in the background something happening - a kind of bubbling that speeds up and slows down, but waaaaay in the back - no volume at all. 

    For S&G I tried the next patch - I accidently patched the S&H into the VCA CV and got some meh bass sound that moved around but when I put it where it showed (freq mod) it did nothing. Pic attached of the last patch. Blue LED on the LFO is blinking slowly. on the Sample and Hold its blipping faster. 

    I've downloaded the Nuetron app but it does not see the Neutron - says it's not connected. I swapped USB cable with my Novation Impulse which works fine but this does nothing. I see Neutron in Ableton but it's RED in the midiports so it's not connecting. 



    I'm running a Lenovo Think Station, Intel Xeon E5-2670 with 48GB RAM - 64bit x64, Quadro M4000 - 8 GB Graphics card, Windows 10 Pro, 1TB SSD & dual 2TB HHD in RAID

    Ableton 11 Suite and Reaper are my primary DAWs


    Novation Impulse 25

    Novation Launch Control XL

    Akai MPD 218

    Akai MIDImix

    Yamaha DGX Digital Grand

    Alesis Sample Pad Pro

    Focusrite 214 and (2) 18i20's

    Behringer XR18

    Other assorted peripherals


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    Hello I love your Helix Phaser Stereo box. I have been using it on my stereo pedal board using the Vintage setting. I've got the sound I want dialed in, but I noticed that if I turn off the guitar input for one of the stereo channels (A/B selector --> preamp), the pedal is still splitting the output across the two channels in the two effects loops. If I were to edit the Helix Default Toneprint, what would I need to set so that the Phaser effect (order left + order right) is applied to each channel individually? So if I switch the A/B selector, the channel that is on, is the one that the phaser routes the signal too (rather than splitting it).


    I've uploaded a screen shot of the Default Toneprint, if you could illustrate on it what I should be doing that woudl be amazing. thank you


    Thank you.


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    • JZimm01
      TC-Mike Hi, you need to disable the MIX Mono parameter, which is enabled in your screenshot to have individual Pole responses (including phase reverse per channel) on left and right output.
      • May 4
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    I live in Brazil and I need to fix my voicelive 2, but here in Brazil it's so difficult to find some parts to repair. I need you help to do that! 

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    • guitalima
      Nigel67 Hi guitalima, For spare parts in Brazil, please contact Proshows and they will be able to help you further. Their details are as follows. Many thanks

      Proshows Comercio de Eletroeletroni

      Rua Anchieta, 48 - Bairro Kurashiki Rua Anchieta, 48 - Bairro Kurashiki

      Sapucaia Do Sul

      Brazil 93212-730

      +55 355 43139
      • Jan 16
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