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    tengo una interfacce umc204 y no la he podido usar desde que actualice a windows11. ya he probado la interface en otras computadoras con windows 7 y 8 y funciona normal. ya instale los ultimos drivers y aun n o funciona. ya he visto que varias personas le pasa lo mismmo. hay alguna solucion?

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    I just received a brand new pair of tannoys, which worked well for a short time. 
    unfortunately a speaker has terminal block problems, 3 positions do not work, the tweeter is cut,
    do you have any idea of ​​the problem?
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    • benjio
      RobbyWingfield Hello benjio, Robby with Music Tribe here, please open a support ticket at the link above and someone will help remedy your situation right away.
      • Mar 30
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    Used this speaker for 2 months. One of the amps fried. It's been at the repair shop for over a year now. They are still waiting on the part and have no idea when it will arrive. This is sad. Bought it for my business and never really used it. Turbosound ip3000s are known to fry - manufacturer defect maybe but the customers are suffering : /. This is the craziest purchase I've ever made. New speaker hanging out in a repair shop with no updates on parts. If that's the case maybe contact turbosound HQ and replace the speaker or give a refund. Waiting over a year with no updates. 

    case number: CAS-409369-Y4T0V0

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    • Vova91
      Nigel67 Hi Vova91. I am very sorry for the delay in the repair of your loudspeaker. If you could find out the repair ticket number from Thermal Relief Design and also the ticket number where they have ordered the replacement part, then I will ask the Service Manager to investigate the delay. Again many apologies for this.
      • Mar 21
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    Hello I love your Helix Phaser Stereo box. I have been using it on my stereo pedal board using the Vintage setting. I've got the sound I want dialed in, but I noticed that if I turn off the guitar input for one of the stereo channels (A/B selector --> preamp), the pedal is still splitting the output across the two channels in the two effects loops. If I were to edit the Helix Default Toneprint, what would I need to set so that the Phaser effect (order left + order right) is applied to each channel individually? So if I switch the A/B selector, the channel that is on, is the one that the phaser routes the signal too (rather than splitting it).


    I've uploaded a screen shot of the Default Toneprint, if you could illustrate on it what I should be doing that woudl be amazing. thank you


    Thank you.


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    • JZimm01
      TC-Mike Hi, you need to disable the MIX Mono parameter, which is enabled in your screenshot to have individual Pole responses (including phase reverse per channel) on left and right output.
      • May 4
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    I live in Brazil and I need to fix my voicelive 2, but here in Brazil it's so difficult to find some parts to repair. I need you help to do that! 

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    • guitalima
      Nigel67 Hi guitalima, For spare parts in Brazil, please contact Proshows and they will be able to help you further. Their details are as follows. Many thanks

      Proshows Comercio de Eletroeletroni

      Rua Anchieta, 48 - Bairro Kurashiki Rua Anchieta, 48 - Bairro Kurashiki

      Sapucaia Do Sul

      Brazil 93212-730

      +55 355 43139
      • Jan 16
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    I've recently purchased the Boss RC-500 loop station and am trying to use my FCB1010 as a midi foot controller. Nothing seems to work. 

    The boss parameters are set to receive CC commands 21-28. I've set each switch (1-8) on the FCB to send CC 21-28 as well, but it's like no communicationm is happening between the two pedals. Has anyone else tried to use these two? It's maddening. It seems like it shouldn't be this diffcult. These are the settings on the FCB1010 I've setup as per the instruction manual for cc 1-8. Have I don't something incorrectly? I've tried all sorts of variations (nopthing in the notes, using PC commands instead, etc) (also ignore value 1 on the first preset, I corrected that)

    I tried making both swtiches active, all MIDI functions are set to channel 6, as is the BOSS unit. I've played around with values 1 and 2... I can't seem to get anything to work.

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    On YouTube, I saw Scott Bynoe explain how to connect a Sentry using 4 cables in an effects loop. Here you can see his method in my diagram (A) and an alternative way (B) Why is A, better than B, and/or what am I missing?

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    Heureux possesseur d'un FCB1010, d'une GODIN (pour piloter mes synthés virtuels (Arturia) et d'un DAW "Studio One Pro 5.

    Quand j'appuie sur le switch "1" du FCB1010, je souhaiteai en plus d'activer "l'écoute" de ma piste sur mon DAW, ouvrir l'éditeur d'instrument. Pour résumer, un appuie sur une pédale du FCB1010, m'ouvre 2 fonctions sur mon DAW. Comment faire ?


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    Hi guys, saturday I bought the "icon series legacy native bundle" but I haven't yet received an activation code or Ilok request.

    I received just the Paypal payment invoice. What should I do to have this code?


    My ilok ID is: Simonetta.Gallaccio



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    • Fabriziodipaola1
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Fabriziodipaola1, I am sorry to hear about this issue. As advised on your post on Software Licenses If you have not yet done so could you please check your spam/junk email folder? Sometimes the Activation Code email will be routed to here.
      If the Activation Code is not in your spam/junk can you please provide submit a technical support ticket with a screenshot of the order and your iLok ID, and I can then manually generate this for you. To do this please go to support at the top of the page and click on the relevant tab, with regards to serial number please enter N/A.

      If you have already submitted a case could you please confirm the case number for me?
      • November 29, 2021
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    Hi! I bought a second hand Voicelive 3 extreme. I tried to restore it to the fabric settings, but I does not pass from the Maintenance settings and stays hours in that display...


    Hope someone here can help me.. 


    Thank you! 

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    • FLOR87
      Nigel67 Hi FLOR87. I think that the switch in the headphone jack may be broken and the unit is always entering System Maintenance Mode when you switch it on. You are going to need to check if the switch is broken. As the unit is out of warranty, you could get a local electronic technician to take a look for you and if it is broken a spare part can be ordered from the spares team. Or we can arrange a repair at a local repair centre to you via our Service Department. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service or Spare Parts tabs and submit a ticket. Its also worth putting something pointed into the headphone jack and seeing if the switch is just stuck in and you may be able to loosen it. Hope this helps
      • November 29, 2021
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