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    • Nadia40
      Nigel67 Hi Nadia40. You will require the serial number of the headphones to be able to register them. They will be on a label on the headphones. The serial number begins with a S and ends in 189. Without this, it is not possible to register them. Once you have all the details, please fill in the Product Registration form. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Product Registration tab and submit your registration ticket. Many thanks
      • Nov 16
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    Been banging my head on my desk TRYING to get this to work.
    I gave up :-(
    I am now reaching out to you . . .

    Here is what I am trying to do.

    Play music on the internet Using my mixer

    Control volume of music
    Control volume of XLR Microphone
    Kinda like a radio station, 

    we hear the DJ talking....he plays music....he talks as the music is playing

    The Music is coming from my PC
    I do not want to hold a microphone near a speaker, that would sound horrible. 

    Gosh is hard for me to express what I am trying to do,  but hope you understand.

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    Problem : I don't appear to be able to record a full 'waveform'. Recordings are clipping much earlier than it should when using the Behringer Audio interface

    info: I have an Audio Tehnica 2020 mic going into a U-Phoria UMC204HD going straight into my PC via USB, and into Audacity.


    When I was recording my waveforms weren't that large (or loud). I therefore decided to see what the maximum levels i could record to see how much headroom i was able to play with

    Test1 - Mic levels at 100% on the Behringer: PC record level at 100%, shouting into mic (maxed out/ hot/distortion to be expected)

    Result: Clipping and distortion occours at the 50% mark on the waveform - Image 1

    This makes me wonder my clipping wasn't happening at a much louder level? Should it not clip when the waveform is fatter/louder

    This makes me wonder why when I record normally, things are quiet. I don't appear to have the full headroom to play with. as clipping happens much sooner than expected.


    Test2 - used my BOSE headphone microphone, NOT going through the Uphoria, straight into Audacity - image 2

    Here I seem to have a much bigger dynamic range as the waveform is fatter and almost to the full.

    As this test was not going through my Behringer I am wondering if that is the problem


    The Behringer is only a couple of months old, and hardly used. Could anyone give me some ideas for further testing? or options, or could the Behringer be faulty


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    • kuztardd
      RexBeckett Hi kuztardd, the recording level in the UMC204HD driver may be set to less than 100% so the signal is being attenuated. You can adjust this through Windows Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording -> UMC204HD -> Properties -> Levels.

      You can also adjust the same level control through Audacity as long as the UMC204HD is selected as recording input. See attached screenshot. If you do not see the recording and playback faders, open View -> Toolbars and enable Mixer Toolbar.
      • Jun 22
    • kuztardd
      kuztardd HI rex thanks for taking the time to reply.
      MY settings there (and on the slider on Audacity are set to 100. So feel like the its Audio interface is limiting my output by 0.6db as my audacity records my bluetooth bose fully and that doesnt go via the Behringer?
      do you have any suggestions of any testing i can do before i think about doing a warranty swap with Behringer should i consider it faulty?
      • Jun 23
      • Why does my Behringer output at a quiet level?
        RexBeckett I know that the UMC204HD normally can output a full-scale USB recording level. If you want to be sure that your unit is defective, you could test with different sources and another PC. I have found that some issues are solved by disabling all enhancements on the Advanced or Enhancement tabs of the device properties.

        Other than that, I suggest a warranty return to either your supplier (if purchased less than 30 days ago) or through the Support menu at the top of this screen.
        • Jun 23
    • kuztardd

      Hey I found the fault! I installed my Behringer on another pc along with Audacity and noted that on the fresh PC that I could get full waveforms. The only difference I noted was that my pc 'Audio Host' was set to the default of MMC
      and the other pc was set to WINDOWS WASAPI

      It explains why the sound has always sounded pretty cack too. You can hear the difference here:

      • Jul 7
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    Hey fam,

    I attempted and successfully replaced the battery on my System 6000 MK1/Black. I actually installed an "Upright 3-Tab" CR2032 battery holder that I can pop a new battery in and out of! It worked great and I was able to get my licenses back within an hour of the new battery and holder install and I ws back up and running. I attached a photo of the holder. I actually purchased them on Amazon. I had to purchase a dozen but were less than $7 US. 




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    • guitar012001
      Nigel67 Many thanks for sharing. I have never seen a vertical holder like that before. That will come in useful for some old Klark Teknik products.
      • Feb 8
      • Attempted Battery Replacement on my System 6000 MKI
        guitar012001 You’re welcome Nigel67! Here’s the holder I ordered!
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        • Feb 9
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    When integrating Behringer Wing into Cakewalk my DAW only reads MME devices. When switching to ASIO my DAW is able to see all the channels that I need (32), Tho I am not able to select ANY of them as devices for use. As of now cakewalk only allows up to 8 channels left right and stereo under MME devices...

    I have provided a screenshot of what I am looking at when it comes to having my DAW pick up the asio channels 1-32 tho I am not albe to select or activate them with a checkbox. Everthing else runs smooth as butter when my driver setting is set to MME devices, tho I am limited to 8 channels basically...

    Is there a workaround for this or is this a compatability issue with Cakewalk and the Wing?

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    • lbsmith
      DavidKnighton Hello ibsmith,
      From what I understand, ASIO4ALL is supposed to allow aggregate devices, however the WING does not utilize ASIO4ALL, and instead has it's own dedicated ASIO driver.
      • Feb 3
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    Have a problem with notifications popping up of my Midas DL251 loosening communication.

    There is two New cat6e shielded with shielded ends an ground soldered to the clip

    225 ft of cable.

    replaced all last week but came in this morning for service an still have the same problem. 

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    • Shanog5050
      Nigel67 Hi Shannon, please can you click on the support tab at the top of the page and on the new page that opens submit a Technical support ticket. We will need to know whether you are connected to the surface AES50 ports, or DN9680's. We do only specify that CAT5e should be used, however CAT6e shouldn't make a difference. Have you tried different AES50 ports and the HD96, and also check for bent pins in the AES50 ethercons on the DL251 and HD96. Is the DL251 running HD software, what settings do you have on the front panel of the DL251. If you could include all this information on the ticket then we will be able to help you further. Are the dropouts happening frequently or just this one time? I would also suggest trying different cables as well for test purposes. Many thanks
      • Jan 3
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    We have two venues linked to a single broadcast room via an isolated network that supports both DANTE and NDI traffic.  Despite DANTE Controller not showing any clock errors, we get popping artifacts in the audio stream on the output side of the DANTE network.  The diagram shows the layout of our network. 

    Originally we started using DANTE with a single M32 networked to the MacBook Pro running DVS.  That setup by itself would cause pops to be heard, but again no clock issues showed up in Dante.  

    Anytime we try to set either M32 to sync to external, we start having loud pops in the PA as the clock sync with the DL32's gets messed up.  Enabling sync to external in Dante Controller sorta works for a bit, but will ultimately cause clock failure as well.  THe most stable config seems to be M32's sync internally, X32 producer set to sync to external and letting Dante Controller sort out the clock master.  I should also point out that we are using shielded cable from M32 to DL32.  We even took the DL32 out of the link in venue #2 to see if it made a difference and it did not.  

    I can't seem to find anyone else with similar issues.  Any google-fu with M32/X32 and popping only leads to the STP issue which is not our problem.  Also, the NDI equipment was added, but the popping problems existed prior to the addition of that hardware to our network.  

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    Hi, can anybody please help me find the replacement front side for a pair of B1030A monitors? Look at the photo, they turned sticky and spotty. Thank you!!

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    • JavierBode
      KyleJohnson Hi Javier, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact us directly by clicking on Support at the top of the page, then select Spare Parts.
      • November 13, 2020
  • EA1DDO
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    Most microphones, either studio, bands, broadcast, use to have a number of cascading proccesses;

    Mic preamp -> EQ -> Expander/Gate -> Compressor -> Reverb and so on.

    If we try to do that with the X-Air series (X18, XR18, XR12/16...) we realize there is no way to cascade effects in just one channel, despite there are up to four effects.

    We can get up to four effects, but they need to be assigned to different channels.

    I can´t find the way to get those four effects in line in just one channel.

    Behringer, would be great to get that feature !!

    I had to send IN1 to BUS1 with effect 1 inserted. Then, externally, XLR jumper from AUX1 to IN2.

    IN2 insert effect 2 to BUS 2. External jumper from AUX 2 to IN3.

    IN3 insert effect 3 to BUS 3. External jumper from AUX3 to IN4.

    IN4 insert effect 4.

    I think this is not "the propper" way, would be much better to be able to do that internally, digital jumpers.

    Am I wrong?

    Thank you

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    • EA1DDO
      RexBeckett Hi Maximo, you are not wrong - it is not possible to insert multiple FX processors in one channel on X-Air mixers. In my experience, this is not usually a major issue for live sound. Each channel includes HPF, Gate, EQ and Compressor. R everb and other time-based effects are mostly used in send/return mode rather than as inserts so, if required, all four slots could be used. There are sometimes circumstances where it would be useful to be able to patch processes in particular orders but I find that this is more likely in post-production. In this case, a good DAW can usually handle the requirements.

      I believe that the Wing console has more flexibility in this regard so may be better suited for your application.
      • October 18, 2020
      • X-Air cascading effects in only one channel - X18/XR18 XR12/16
        EA1DDO Hi Rex, thank you for your comments. Well, my point of view is the XR18 device is able to do it, as I am doing it with external jumpers, so there is no a lack of processing power. Hence, the question is if that improvement is doable (in the firmware/software)? I understand it is, easy to implement in the code. If it is done by inserts or send/return is not important, just the result. I need to add that most broadcast setups (bands, home studios, everyone) will welcome this improvement. Wing console is far away from average home studio budgets. My hope is to get it in a future firmware update. Behringer asked for suggestions, here it is mine, for the "wish list". Cheers.
        • October 18, 2020
  • Smiddy
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    Included with this post is a picture of the GOXLR MIC control panel.


    If someone could please help me with these settings so I can hear my MIC when recording that would be great.


    Yes I picked condenser MIC, yes I have the proper CHAT GOXLR selection as my PC choise for MIC in my Logitech recording software.


    I've put the gain right up but you can barely hear it.

    Please help...


    Thank you,


    - Smiddy -

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    • Smiddy
      kalkisb i have sent a number of emails can't seem to get through, am i sending it to wrong email
      • September 25, 2020
      • GOXLR + AT2020 XLR Condenser MIC = NO MIC
        leah Hi kalkisb ,

        It looks like William has reached out and is awaiting your email response. Please make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for any responses.

        • September 29, 2020
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