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    I have two synths connected to the mixer on two different tracks. I'm exporting those two tracks via USB to my Mac Pro. When I open Logic, it sees two tracks, USB 1 and 2, but they are identical having both tracks mixed on them. 

    Is there something I'm not doing so that each track corresponds to a different track in Logic Pro X? 

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    • jackvane007
      RexBeckett Hi Jackvane007, the USB interface in an X1204USB is stereo. It allows recording of the Main mix but not individual channels. You can record two mono inputs separately by panning each to opposite sides and then using the DAW track-split function to break the stereo track into two mono ones.

      If you need true multi-channel recording, you will need to use a different type of mixer.
      • Sat at 2:02 AM
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    Exciting news!

    Wing Dante has been publicly released to the distribution channels today. Distributors should be able to start placing orders now if everything goes as planned.

    After that you need to wait for that slow boat from China before you can get it into your hands ;-)

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    • Roblof
      DavidKnighton This is truly great news Robert. I've had many inquiries on when this would be available.
      • Fri at 3:47 PM
    • Roblof
      GaryHiggins Sign me up!!
      • Fri at 5:12 PM
    • Roblof
      PatrickGMaillot I'll wait for the internal one.... Not giving up the WLive.
      • 1 hour ago
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    i am going bananas  not being able to disable the sequencer from auto syncing with any given source (ableton/TR707/etc), i also own a Crave and in the crave software there is an option called exactly that sequencer auto sync which gives two options activated and deactivated and this prevents the sequencer from playing as soon as i press play in the daw or my drum machine, but i do not see anything that allows me to deactivate the sequencer autosync, is there a different way to do this on this Synth or is this feature going to be added to the software hopefully soon?


    I added a pic that shows the crave menu and the option i mention above.


    Thank you

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    • Meborrh
      JoeRivers96 Hi Meborrh, could you try installing the latest version of SynthTribe? I don't currently have access to a Poly D to check if this option is available, however I will forward this on as a suggestion to implement.
      • Fri at 12:16 AM
      • Poly D Sequencer Auto Sync
        Meborrh Hi Joe thank you for your time, i do have the latest Synth Tribe 2.4.6, Id appreciate it this will be a good feature to have hopefully soon!! thank you so much!!!
        • Fri at 3:55 PM
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    A post in the FB-Group "Behringer Synthesizers User Group" about a Reissue of the Roland RE-201 had over 300 likes in one day.
    Do you hear us? 

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    x air 12 -

    off a kindle 

    signal in Chan 1 - no volume 

    what is it ? 

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    • Delaine1979
      LuukvanKuipers No idea about what you mean.
      • Thu at 11:10 AM
    • Delaine1979
      Paul_Vannatto What app are you using?
      • Thu at 11:19 AM
      • X air 12 no volume
        DavidKnighton Must be the android app from Music Tribe. They're on a Kindle.
        • Thu at 1:39 PM
      • X air 12 no volume
        Paul_Vannatto It looks like version 1.0, which was a port of X32 Mixing Station back in 2015. The reason I asked was because I was wondering if it was the monitor app which does not have full access (gain, etc.)
        • Thu at 3:55 PM
    • Delaine1979
      DavidKnighton Hello Delaine,
      I do see a faint amount of signal on channel 1 & 2, and it looks like your gates are on. You probably need to loosen up the gates, turn them off, maybe even boost the preamp on channel 1 & 2.
      • Thu at 1:38 PM
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    I love my Hall Of Fame 2, but there's one thing that does disappoint me: I can't get it to have a shimmer sound I like!

    A shimmer should be crystal clear, lush, dreamy… and all I get is a choir of Minions! ?

    I'm surprised to see the interval up in the editor is measured in Hz and not as music intervals (5th, octave etc…) or in cents, which would be usable.

    I just can't find how I could make this work. How do I add an octave up with Hz?

    I am using the editor version 4.3.0


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    • CyDia
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi CyDia, are you currently using one of the pre-made templates to base your shimmer reverb off or using a default/blank template? If a pre-made one could you confirm the name of the one being used?

      Thanks in advance.
      • Thu at 3:35 AM
      • HoF2 : Can't create a decent shimmer
        CyDia Hi Chris,

        Well this concerns the default shimmer mode as well as most toneprints. Some are slightly better than others, but they all have that "detune" sound.

        I would happily name the toneprints I tried, but the app won't show them when the pedal is unplugged… That's annoying too!
        • Thu at 3:41 AM
    • CyDia
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi CyDia, thanks for your response.

      Please bear with me while i take a look into this further for you. With regards to viewing the name of the Toneprints it is still possible to do this while the pedal is not connected, however, you just will not be able to enter the edit function on them.
      • Thu at 4:02 AM
      • HoF2 : Can't create a decent shimmer
        CyDia Ha you're right! I thought it was stuck on "getting ready".
        Thanks for your effort.
        • Thu at 5:59 AM
      • HoF2 : Can't create a decent shimmer
        ChrisEdwards1 Hi CyDia, Upon further investigation and after liaising with some colleagues there is no “Interval Up” parameter for the HoF2 within the editor app and the shimmer of Hof2 always uses an octave up by default. Would you be able to provide any additional information or a screenshot of the “Interval up” parameter referred to in your original post?

        Please note it is only possible to use one of the existing Shimmer templates as a starting point as only those have the "routing setup" with the octaver and Mod block feeding back into the wet reverb for the cascading Shimmer effect. The "Angelic Voices" may be a good starting point for you.

        By using the “Octaver section of the Toneprint Editor it is possible to get different tones and restrict frequency range of octave signal feeding back into the Reverb, below is an explanation of the Octaver Parameters:

        Input Filter First – Sets the starting frequency of the first Filter band (20Hz – 1kHz)
        Input Filter Spacing – Sets the spacing of the bandpass filters (50Hz – 200Hz)
        Input Filter Count – Sets the amount of bandpass filters to create the Octave up signal (1 – 80)
        Input Filter Q – Sets the peak/slop of the filter bands
        Input Filter Q Tilt – Sets how the resonance of the filter changes over the frequency range from low to high
        Q Output Rel Up – Sets how the resonance of the filter is distributed relative to the frequency
        Wet Level Up – Sets the output level of the Octaver signal
        Output Up HiCut Freq – Sets the high cut filter for the Octaver signal
        Drive Up – Sets the drive amount for the Octaver (0 – 40dB
        Enable – Toggles the Octaver block on/off
        • Thu at 6:21 AM
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    Salve ho un paio di Tannoy DC8t, e devo dire che le sottupunte su un diffusore da migliaia di euro è stato realizzato veramente male.

    Nel senso che spesso si svitano ( forse per le onde sonore ) e i diffusori non sono stabili al 100% ma basculano.

    Avete delle  basi per sostenerle disponibili come il modello successivo (DC8TI) ??

    Vi allego una foto per farvi capire meglio.


    Grazie Danilo

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    Can somebody please tell me, what is the difference between xenyx X1204usb "2-track/usb" outputs and QX1204usb "2-track" outputs? Attached 2 photos. On xenyx x1204usb it is written "2-track/usb" while on xenyx qx1204 written "2-track" only. My X1204usb does not playback any USB audio from RCA outputs. Tested, only channels inputs are routed to the RCA outputs.

    My other quesion is; I want to record my voice along with a music from the PC via USB while I want to adjust the volume of the background music from the mixer faders

    Might the following setup be a good solution? Pls advise.

    1) Mic to channel 01

    2) 2-TR/USB button is pressed and USB is sent to ctrlrm/headphones. While, 2-TR/USB TO MAIN is depressed. 

    3) From ctrlrm outputs at the back panel of the mixer, I use 1/4" TS cables one for left and one for right plugged into channel 5/6 R&L. Same can be done with Phones output. 

    4) Now I have a volume adjustable USB playback channel.

    This X1204USB mixer does not have any direct 2-TR/USB return channel.

    This is the only way I have found so far. Thanks in advance.

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    • zydrkn
      RexBeckett Hi zydrkn, I don't believe that there is any difference in the behavior of the 2-Track outputs on the two mixer models. I think the labelling is rather confusing. In both cases, the USB Stereo send (recording) and the 2-Track outputs are fed from the Main mix. 2-Track input and USB returns are added together and routed through the same switches. However when the 2-Track/USB input is switched to the Main mix, both the 2-Track output and USB send are muted - to avoid feedback.

      As you have discovered, these mixers do not provide a way to add 2-Track or USB return to the Main mix and record the result through USB. Your connection method is one way around this.
      • Jan 17
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    Hi good day. I have a problem in my flashback 2x4. I bought it last dec. And suddenly the first footswtich which is bank A is broke. The magnet in the footswitch is divided into three pieces :( Now the problem is, it is not activating/triggering the switch when i step on it because it's stuck. Is there any replacement for it? And where i can buy it?

    Hope there's a replacement parts for it :(

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    • RenRen1
      Nigel67 Hi. If you purchased the unit brand new last December, then it will still be under warranty and you should send us a service ticket by going to the Support tab at the top of the page and in the new window that opens scroll down to the Service tab and submit a ticket. If you have opened the unit, then unfortunately this has voided the warranty. You can still send the unit in for non warranty repair, or you could purchase spares by clicking on the spares tab instead of the service tab in the support page.
      • Jan 17
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        RenRen1 Hi. I already send a ticket. How can I purchase the spare parts?
        • Jan 17
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        Nigel67 If you submitted a spares ticket, then one of my colleagues will get back to you with pricing and availability so that you can purchase the part.
        • Mon at 12:32 AM
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        RenRen1 Ok thank you sir. Waiting for their reply because I badly need it..
        • Mon at 5:47 AM
      • Flashback 2x4 footswitch
        Nigel67 what is the ticket number and I can check where it is in the queue.
        • Mon at 7:35 AM
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