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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Behringer x32 Compact mixer with two SD16 units but have always been a bit overwhelmed by it's possibilities. The x32 mixer is connected to my PC running Ableton live via the X-USB interface.

    When making music in Ableton, in order to achieve a tight synchronisation between the software & the hardware part of my home studio I have purchased the E-RM Multiclock.
    The multiclock uses audio sync that is being generated by a VST/UA plugin that comes with the Multiclock and is loaded in Ableton on a midi channel. The audio signal being generated in Ableton needs to be routed through my X32 compact mixer and into the audio input on the E-RM Mulitclock itself.

    On my x32 I have the Aux Out 3 available that I would like to use to send the audio from Ableton out to the E-RM MUlticlock. I have several channels that are not in use on the x32, for instance channel 30 that I selected for the VST to send it's audio signal to (see below - screenshot 1).

    So what I'm trying to achieve: send the audio signal generated by the VST in Ableton out to channel 30 of the x32 and forward that to the Aux Output #3. From there I will pick-up the signal with a jack cable and connect it physically to the E-RM Multiclock input.

    I tried to configure the aux out 3 as pictured (see below - screenshot 2) to achieve this but the audio signal is not reaching aux out #3.

    Can anyone help me to figure out which setting I need to change to route the audio signal successfully?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


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    • Patrick Esch
      Kyle Johnson Hi Patrick, Kyle with Music Tribe here. The Aux Out routing you have set will work as long as the signal is actually getting to Channel 30 on the mixer. Are you seeing the signal on channel 30? It could be input routing that is giving you trouble. On the Routing>Home menu, make sure the 4th column is set to Card 25-32 in order to get the signal from USB Out 30 from Ableton into Channel 30 on the X32. Then Select channel 30, and open the Home>Config page to ensure the Channel source is Card 30.
      • 8 minutes ago
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    I can't find my original topic (I suppose it has been deleted since you replied to my ticket) but I want this to be public and visible and get traction


    I've purchased a UMC 1820 from Received it on tuseday 27

    When I've tried it all channels have a lot of signal passing through even with the main knob turned to zero. Both in direct monitoring as weel as in USB connection (see attachment). And not a little signal. That's a LOT (in the picture you see the signal getting from a moog Sub Phatty at max volume while the channel gain on the UMC 1820 is at zero)

    I've opened a ticket as I've never seen this in my life in any audio interfaces in 15 years and it's not an acceptable behaviour for an audio interface as it's very limiting 

    This is not documented anywhere (forum, Manual, etc) and there is no firmware . The Customer Service confirmed this should not be the behaviour and I've probably got a Faulty unit

    I've sent it back the unit to (Attaching MT customer service email) and asked for a reimbursment. In the meanwhile I went in a local italian shop to get another one as I need it urgently for a recording session on Saturday (paying it more than Thomann)

    I've just tested it and it has the EXACT SAME BEHAVIOUR


    I want an official clarification from Behringer as I cannot think I got two faulty unit in a row from 2 different vendors with the same issue and I'm losing a lot of time (and money) around this




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    • ROBERTO Rizzi
      Rex Beckett Hello Roberto, this is not an official response but I don't think you got two defective units. It is quite common on preamps, interfaces and mixing consoles that the Gain controls do not have an Off setting. They usually have a range from minimum to maximum gain. If the minimum gain is too high for your source, reduce its output level or press in the UMC1820's Pad button. The gain controls on other UMC products (202HD, 204HD, 404HD) have the same behavior.
      • 11 hours ago
      • UMC 1820 ISSUE - Gain knob to zero but still getting a lot of signal from all channels - 2 new faulty units in a row?
        ROBERTO Rizzi Hi Rex. Thanks for your prompt reply.
        I'm pretty baffled to be honest
        First: I got an official ticket response from Lea saying a gain to zero should let no signal in (and I've move accordingly by returning the Interface and purchasing a new one)
        Second: it's not quite common. Actually is the opposite. Any single Audio Interface and Mixer I had in 15 years doesn't behave like this. Zero on a gain is zero.
        Third: there's A LOT of signal passing in. Too much. I'm getting signal with PAD on, Gain knob on zero from my Moog Sub Phatty with volume at 1 out of 10
        Fourth: It's so not common that the latest reseller told me that he's never seen something like this, that it is unacceptable. He already opened me the procedure for a free return and it's going to remove this and other audio interfaces of Behringer from his catalogue, as it is not documented anywhere on your manual that your preamp don't go to zero
        • 10 hours ago
      • UMC 1820 ISSUE - Gain knob to zero but still getting a lot of signal from all channels - 2 new faulty units in a row?
        Rex Beckett Hi Roberto, I don't represent Music Tribe. I am a user - like you. My experience is different to yours, though. The Gain controls on every mixer and almost every preamp that I have ever used did not have an off setting. Mixer Level controls, on the other hand, usually do have an off position. If you need to be able to turn a source off, you may be better using a mixer rather than a preamp/interface.
        • 10 hours ago
      • UMC 1820 ISSUE - Gain knob to zero but still getting a lot of signal from all channels - 2 new faulty units in a row?
        ROBERTO Rizzi Sorry Rex, I thought you were a staff since I see you responding a lot around I'm waiting for an official answer. I've had and tried focusrite, UA, Arturia as audio interfaces. All of them, if the gain is to 0, let no signal passing through (you can see a clear 0 on the gain if you google it)

        This is the first time it happens to me on an audio interface honestly. and the problem is not only they don't go to zero, is that there is so much preamp, even with the PAD turn on that the level they let pass through is really huge. This makes harder in live set to do manual automation on the volume as there is a huge multiplier on the gain itself.

        And I cannot go for a mixer (I already have a mixer, luckily not behringer ). I was looking forward for a cheap solution to do live set while sending 8 different audio channel to ableton live, in order to apply real time effects or record 8 track at the same time (dawless). The UMC 1820 looked perfect on paper to do that

        The things that bothers me is that this is not written anywhere

        • 9 hours ago
  • 2020-10-26
    We got some really good news. The firmware for the is now completed and we're moving closer to delivering this beautiful synth. However, to be clear, we're still many months away from delivery.
    Our next step is to build 50 pre-production samples and start an extensive test program with internal and external beta testers to ensure the synth will have undergone the most stringent quality testing. If you like to participate in the testing of the UB-Xa, come join the beta tester team. However, please note that there a critical requirements associated with this program.
    1. You do own an original Oberheim OB-Xa in order to do extensive comparisons.
    2. You have deep technical understanding and knowledge related to professional testing procedures and sound analysis
    3. You do own a video channel and you're willing to create several comparison videos.
    4. You're willing to create great sound patches with your name attached.
    If you meet these criteria, please contact us at [email protected] and provide us with detailed information related to the above 4 points. We will select max 20 beta testers and reward them with a free unit in return for their extensive efforts.
    We're super excited about this flagship synth. We know that it has taken much time, but we're very proud of our Manchester engineering team who have done an amazing job by creating a complete new technology platform, which will allow us to develop the next analog poly-synths in record time.
    We're just warming up:-)
    And one more thing. We have recently launched our Music Tribe market place where you can buy and sell equipment - all for free. Unlike eBay or Reverb, we take zero commission. Check out
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  • 2020-10-26
    A lot of you asked us for a USB/MIDI to CV/Gate interface for our Eurorack modular system.
    Not only did we listen but also we designed it with a high-resolution 16-bit Texas Instruments converter so you get extremely accurate control voltages. We plan to deliver this module before end of year - of course as always at a very reasonable price.
    We’re excited to see our Eurorack family is grow:-)
    And one more thing. We have recently launched our Music Tribe market place where you can buy and sell equipment - all for free. Unlike eBay or Reverb, we take zero commission. Check out
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  • 2020-10-20



    A heavy-duty foot pedal that works equally well as either a volume or keyboard modulation control pedal, without tying up your hands – or slowing down your performance.

    #Behringer #FC600 #Pedal #Guitar #Bass #Keyboard #ModulationControl

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  • 2020-10-19


    Gives you first-class DI channels in a single rack space. Each channel is equipped with one input (XLR or ¼” TRS) and two XLR Outputs at the front and back to connect to your amp or monitor console allowing for 8 outputs in all.

    #Behringer #DI4800A #Active #DIBox #DirectInjection #Booster #LineIsolator

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  • 2020-10-17

    Can someone explain how I assign FX to a channel? For example say I want this FX assigned to channel 2 preamp.  Thanks 

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    • Mike Reinstein
      Dave Morrison In most cases, you would send a signal on bus 14 from channel 2. Busses 13-16 are setup to send signal to FX 1-4 by default. The returns (from these four effects) are sent back to the main (LR) bus. If you want to add reverb to channel 2, push the "FX 2" button (as shown in the picture. Now Raise channel 2 fader until it sounds good to you. If you raise channel 3 fader, that channels signal will be send to the reverb as well. Press the FX 2 button again and you're now back to the Main (LR) mix.
      If you want to insert an effect in the channel, that's a different procedure but I wouldn't do that for reverb.
      • Oct 17
    • Mike Reinstein
      Mike Reinstein I have the FX2 selected as seen in pic and raised channel 2 fader but not hearing it. Am I missing something?
      • Oct 17
      • Help with FX
        Dave Morrison Yes. You are missing something. I forgot to attach the picture : ( . This will make a lot more sense now. If you mixer is mostly in it's default state, pushing the "FX 2" button (shown in the screenshot) and raising channel 2 fader will work. [NOTE: the button maybe labeled something else—push the button that is the same location] But the Bus 14's Send and Return fader must be up for this to work.
        Pushing the "FX 2) button puts you into a Send-On-Fader mode. This will enable you to send varying amounts of signal from any of the channels to Bus 14 (which then feeds FX2).
        If you have a problem, you can post your current scene file on Dropbox (or equivalent) and we can look at it for you (just post the link).
        • Oct 18
    • Mike Reinstein
      Mike Reinstein Does this look right? I pressed “sends on faders” then went to 14 which is FX2 and turned up volume on channel 2 which I want the reverb on. Still not hearing the reverb but I think this is at least part of the way there?
      • Oct 18
    • Mike Reinstein
      Mike Reinstein Ok so I was able to get the reverb onto the channel I wanted however there is a loss of volume so I may have inserted instead of side chained but not sure. I followed this article to do it.
      • Oct 18
      • Help with FX
        Dave Morrison Check the Channel 2's Details tab. As long as the "Insert" button is not active, you haven't inserted anything. Go to the "FX 1L-2R" bank and ensure that FX2's fader is at 0 dB.
        • Oct 18
      • Help with FX
        Dave Morrison You look at the FX's main page and see if it has been inserted. FYI, X32-Edit hasn't been updated for a long while. It can still function as a mixer, but the routing portion doesn't match firmware 4. I won't use X32-Mix for routing. Only X32-Edit (for computers) or Mixing Station.
        • Oct 18
  • 2020-10-17


    I have contacted Ableton support about this too, but it's a glorious threeway I believe: Windows, Behringer drivers and Ableton.

    Here's my problem:

    I have a setup with a UMC1820+adat expander. I also have a Yocto 808 drum machine, from which I route a couple of individual instruments into a rack, using Ableton External Instrument.

    Windows, upon boot and completely unpredicatbly sometimes adds a number to UMC1820 midi inputs. It is listed as either 'UMC1820 Midi Out', but sometimes '1 - UMC1820 Midi Out' and I have seen it go as high as 3.

    It makes older tracks that reference External Instrument midi channels with a different (or no) number not send out midi until I manually fix them. I have now made presets for no, 1, 2, 3 et cetera, but it's pain in the ass. Other external instruments wired with Extternal Instrument all suffer the same fate.

    I understand it is partly Windows being weird and more importantly the sound card drivers. I have a Korg machine that sometimes gets a number added, but the driver makes sure it doesn't show in Ableton. I would love to have Ableton be agnostic to those digit changes, but I would rather that the UMC1820 stops randomly switching numbers.

    There is ZERO logic to the changes. I could work for weeks with no issue and (like this week) it's like a lottery.

    So, I've told Ableton about my predicament, now I'm doing it here. Hopefully someone at Behringer has some insight.

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  • 2020-10-14

    i'm using X32 digital console.

    I set Bus out as a Pre fader. But when i mute channels, the BUS OUT also has been muted.


    Can I use BUS OUT always ON-AIR whether the channel mute or not?



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    • Samuel Yang
      Rex Beckett Hi Samuel. When you mute a channel, it also mutes the sends to Mixbuses. So using a Pre-fader tap from the Mixbus to the output does not help. One solution is to assign the channels to a DCA Group and mute that. This will mute the channels in the Main mix but does not mute the channel sends to Mixbuses -provided DCA Groups is not checked on Setup -> Mixer -> Mute System.
      • Oct 14
  • 2020-10-14

    I just bought X32 Producer and download the latest firmware (4.03) also download X32 App and I can't connect the app with my mixer. I tried to restart my Mac and didn't work. I restart my mixer and anything happens. It only says that I need to get the latest firmware for my mixer which I already did. (Firmware 4.03)

    Really need help!!!!

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    • Christian Frausto
      KendellWelchII I notice that your X32 Edit software indicates that you have two IP addresses on your client machine. The first is an invalid address (didn't get DHCP correctly is the usual cause.) You might try disabling the network adapter on your client that has the invalid address.
      • Oct 13
    • Christian Frausto
      Paul Vannatto The app you are using is version 3.2 (Setup, Connection screen, bottom right corner). For firmware 4.03 you need to use version 4.1 of the app.
      • Oct 13
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