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    I've got the UMC204HD.

    I have a good mic going into input1 and it works fine with live monitoring with my headphones.

    BUT, if I place my phone/mp3 player/iPad into input 2 via the 3/4" jack, the audio coming from there sounds massively watery/wobbly/cuts out/mid range is missing/voice frequencies are totally lost, YET the mic works as it should.

    If I unplug the mic, it sounds fine. but when the mic goes back in, the sound from the mp3/ipad player goes bad again after a second. Almost like something flicks a switch

    Any suggestions? or should the DAW not be used this way?

    Essentially I want to play music via an external source(iPad), hear it over my headphones, and also record myself playing the sax, via the mic with live monitoring.

    Any ideas or help with this?


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    • kuztardd
      PedroRodrigues Hi kuztardd, that effectively will not work as the INPUTS on the UMC204HD are exclusively for Mono uncompressed signals. The MP3 is an effectively a stereo compressed file.
      I would suggest just use your UMC204HD and your DAW and to set an extra track on your DAW where you will have the audio file present on your phone/mp3 player/iPad playing.
      This would allow you to control all your creative process on your DAW.
      You will not be able to play music via an external source (iPad) but you will have the same files being played on your DAW and all your reaming required will be possible such as hear it over your headphones, and record yourself playing the sax, via the mic with live monitoring.
      It is important to take under account that the configuration will depend on the features available on your DAW, but if you are using a DAW LIKE Reaper that will be possible.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you
      • Tue at 12:48 AM
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    I have bought the Swing Midi controller and I noticed that trying to record a sequence the TAP (to enter a rest/tie/legato) as described in the guide, seems not working.

    So I decided to upgrade to firmware v1.1.38 but same thing.

    Also the app Control Tribe is stuck on this screenshot and I can not access to all the inner parameters of the Swing.

    Is anybody there to help me out?


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    • owsley66
      owsley66 I have solved the issue to access to the inner parameters of the Swing, but the Tap functions as described on the manual (rest/tie/legato) are stil NOT working. Why?????
      • Wed at 5:20 AM
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    Good evening, support me please I have a CMD STUDIO 4A controller and the system does not detect it I get an error please help me it is very urgent

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    Hello friends, I have a Behringer UMX490 but my pc running on windows 11 can't detect it. Please help me...

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      ChrisEdwards1 Hi BAROENTERTAINMENT001, please note the UMX490 is now considered a Legacy product, with this in mind we cannot fully confirm its compatibility with newer operating systems, however, I have included some troubleshooting steps for you below:

      Replace your USB Cable.
      Try an alternative USB Port.
      Where possible use USB 2.0.
      If you are connecting via a USB Hub please connect directly to your computer.
      Ensure you have the correct drivers installed.
      Upgrade your USB Drivers and BIOS.
      Ensure no USB Power saving settings are enabled.
      If the UMX does not seem to be powering on when using USB power please try one of the alternative power methods.
      Lastly, please try a computer running an older OS.
      • Sep 7
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    You guys remember?

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    Hello everyone, I'm in dire need to find a replacement power supply for my S16 stage box. I tried using the Behringer's portal and raised a care ticket, but it seems that nowadays it is difficult to ship parts to the Seychelles and i've been asked to try alternative ways and try to contact other service centres. So far, the centres i've contacted don't have the spare. Any help please will be very much appreciated. Thanks

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    Hello All!

    I hope everyone is doing great!

    In setting up my X32 (still very new to it) I came across an issue I would appreciate some help on.

    Scenario is as follows:

    Bass cabinet with 1/4 TRS OUT is going into DI BOX. DI BOX with 1/4 TRS OUT is going into X32 1/4 TRS AUX IN port 2.

    I have setup X32 routing as follows:

    #1) USER IN: Mapping Aux In 1-6 to Inputs 17-22 (screenshot 1)
    #2) INPUTS: Channel 17-24 > User In (17-24) (screenshot 2)

    My question is around #2. For the last gig I had NOT selected User In (17-24), but left it at the default, which was just AES50-A 1-8, I believe. Everything worked fine and I adjusted levels, EQ, etc. in the AUX FX section (screenshot 3). When looking at the mixer channels 1-32 view, there was no signal registered at Input 18, I only saw the signal in the AUX FX section on Aux 2 (as expected based on the routing selection in #1.

    After selecting User In (17-24) in #2 I now can see the bass signal register in the 1-32 mixer view on Ch 18 (screenshot 4).


    A) Is this the correct way to do AUX routing at all?
    B) If #2 is selected, I now have the option to change MIC pre input sensitivity (or EQ) either in the AUX section (Aux 2) or in the 1-32 mixer view on CH 18, or both. What is the recommended way?

    Thank you!



    Screenshot 1)

    Screenshot 2)

    Screenshot 3)

    Screenshot 4)

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    Hi everyone, as a beginner I just bought 1 set of Behringer Europort PPA500BT, so may I ask where should i get a Effect Table as guide to use Klark Teknik Multi-FX Processor preset?

    Sorry for asking, because I can’t find anywhere.

    Here i'm attached pic as example.

    Thank you very much for any help.

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    • saifzack
      Dale_M Thank you for your inquiry, I have checked the QSG documentation and it appears to have been missed, I will see if this can be corrected.
      • Aug 23
    • saifzack
      saifzack Thank you for your where should i get the effect table
      • Aug 27
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    Alguém já teve um problema semelhante e poderia me dar apenas uma direção por onde iniciar testes?

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    • Edu1980ardo
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Please check the buy link on the product page. There is a service center link with all of the available authorized service centers.
      • Aug 16
      • Pedal de efeito V-AMP  LX1-X
      • Pedal de efeito V-AMP  LX1-X
        Edu1980ardo Na verdade eu não tenho intenção de enviar meu equipamento para uma autorizada...pretendo fazer o serviço eu mesmo...só imaginei que este modo como os leds estão acesos fosse um erro padrão pois já vi no YouTube alguém com este mesmo defeito porém o vídeo apresenta apenas esta falha...e como para dar um reset é indicado pressionar duas teclas específicas e ligar a fonte de alimentação do equipamento, imaginei que houvesse um padrão para reverter este problema também...mas agradeço pela boa vontade?
        • Sep 9
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    Hello, I purchased the UCA202 interface FEW months ago. I used it for playing my digital music on my stereo system and it worked very well. I tried to convert some music from vinyl records using the input jacks but Audacity keeps reporting an error. I also noticed that the driver installation is done in the (x86) folder even though I have an x64 system and in the Device Manager it appears as the standard USB audio codec (Audio Endpoint) provided by Microsoft. Even if I use my laptop to listen to vinyls in its speakers it doesn't work.
    So what could I do in this case?

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    • dorinh60
      dorinh60 Nobody? Something, anything...?
      • Aug 17
    • dorinh60
      Paul_Vannatto Windows can only work with one soundcard at a time. The UCA202 via SB is a soundcard. If you select it for the inputs, the outputs will go to the UCA202. That's the limitations of Windoze (spelled intentionally). If you want more versatility, switch to linux. I did that when they abandoned Win7 and glad I did.
      • Aug 17
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