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    I have a condenser mic (AKG p220) set up in the front of the room and the X32 Compact sound console is 50 ft away in the back of the room. The room is empty except for me and my helper friend. When we talk loudly in the back of the room the mixer shows -60 db on the channel strip, so it is registering some noise, as we expect. But the spectrum view shows all sorts of stuff going on, much of it above 0db up to +10 or +20db. So we don't know which one to trust or if they maybe not showing the same thing?

    Mixer Screen

    Channel Strip


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    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto The difference is due to the fact that you have the autogain set on the RTA.
      • Nov 5
      • X32 gain settings
        DanielThompson Are you saying the RTA will raise ambient noise to a nominal level for display purposes only?
        • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      DanielThompson Are you saying the RTA will raise ambient noise to a nominal level for display purposes only?
      • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto Yes, if the autogain is set on (on the console - Meters, RTA screen - 4th encoder, on X32-Edit - Utility, RTA). If the autogain is off, you can set the RTA gain (from 0 - 60 db)
      • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      DanielThompson Then the scale to the left of the graph REALLY ought to display the level it's detecting. Showing a level of +10 or +20 db for what is actually ambient noise or perhaps even the noise floor of the system... well you know where I'm going with this.
      • Nov 5
    • DanielThompson
      Paul_Vannatto The RTA is designed to show frequency response, not gain levels. That is what the channel strip meters are designed for.
      • Nov 6
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    Hi guys, I'm using the X32 Editor on my PC. I have initialized the console in order to start a new scene template: setup/initialaize/mixer/ok.

    Channels 23-24 are missing. I've closed the editor, restarted, re initialized and they are still not there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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    WING is greatest console.

    And developer your are great too.

    Best listener from your customers.

    Thanks a lot.


    My own remain wish is here.

    1. DCA SPILL function like M32 X32 latest firmware.

    2. SHOW CONTROL block enable.

    3. PC edit control program like X32-edit with PLUGIN VIEW page. attached image is my wish.

    4. More assignable parameters, example selected channel's parameters.

    5. Right Uper control section make could control like custom control block for more selected channel's parameters.

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    • pilgrims1
      Paul_Vannatto The show control has not yet been developed for the Wing. Currently only the snapshots and presets loading and saving are available.
      • Nov 3
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    The Behringer EUROLINK GOLD Series Patch, Instrument, Loudspeaker, Microphone and Multicore Cables are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast, Musician and Live Portable Sound Customers.

    From: $7.90

    #Behringer #GIC4060SERIES #GICSeries #GLC2Series #GMCSeries #GMXSeries #EUROLINKGOLDSeries #MicrophoneCables

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    I've got my Beringer Sound mixer, that I use for music and microphone in my yoga room, hooked up to a ZoomH4 as an audio interface for my Zoom Virtual meeting. There is an echo and I've tried everything. Turned every knob to the left all the way, switched out cords, shut off, unplugged. Used different outputs, etc. we plugged another microphone for a special workshop and after- there is an echo. Everything is set the same as it was before the workshop but still an echo. Only in the Zoom meeting- not he yoga room, sound is fine. Can't figure it out!!!! Need an expert

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    • Erinpaulsen
      Nigel67 Hi ErinPaulsen. Can I just confirm that you are using the ZoomH4 as the microphone input only, and then you have the USB output of the mixer connected to a computer for your zoom meeting? What are you using the Aux Send for? If you plug a pair of headphones into the mixer and listen to just the Main mix, do you hear the echo. Does the person on the other end of the zoom call hear the echo, or is it just yourself? Do you have either of the red buttons labelled 2-TR/USB pressed in? Are you listening to the zoom meeting on headphones or a speaker?
      • Oct 31
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    Hello. I live in Uruguay and the local official representative don' have the spare part for a power supply for a Behringer Xenix UFX1604 mixer/USB interface (serial number: S1400053AB3). I openned a ticket here in Music Tribe but won't get an answer.


    Can anybody tell me where could I get the spare part, in some other place (with international shipping, no matter the cost)?

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    • subiraudio
      subiraudio I think this guy is the guilty, since the part is covered in the bottom side with an plastic acetate, and it has like a black smoked spot, as if something burned there, right in the place where this chip is set.
      • Oct 30
    • subiraudio
      Dale_M Hi there we do not advise customers probe the power supply as their is a danger of electrocution, can you please advise your ticket number so I can check for you?
      • Oct 31
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    I have an perfectly working one of XR18 mixer and after switching power ON - the "LD2" LED flashing some seconds and "LD1" LED lights up. On not working XR18 mixer the "LD2" LED is flashing but "LD1" LED doesn't power up. And not working mixer doesn't shows up on my computer connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet or USB. I think it is a problem with Firmware but I can't update it or doing something else because mixer can't be connected to the computer. What i have to do in this case to fix this problem?

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    • Snayp
      WilliamR Hello,

      Please click the support link above and create a tech support ticket. Someone will contact you to help you out ASAP.
      • Oct 29
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    Phase 4 WING CoPilot offers valuable control in different types of live or studio work, when the audio engineer is remote from the console or when tasks are split with techs on stage. It offers specific user interface modes for Performance Setup and patching, Personal Monitoring, Metering overviews as well as full SD Recorder control. The Front of House mode provides full remote access to channel processing and mixing, and it now features full graphics UI for all plugin and insert effects. 

    Note that CoPilot 1.10 is designed for WING console firmware 1.12 or higher. Please visit to download and install the latest firmware and enjoy the full potential of your WING. 

    This new WING CoPilot version 1.10 offers: 

    New Features

    • add FW version detection to support different snapshot data models, required for WING FW 1.12 or higher 
    • WING LIVE SD Recorder > improved remote control for Session and Marker list 
    • Front of House >all channel plugin effects support graphic frontplate UI editing in mini-preview and in fullscreen views 
    • Front of House > all 16 FX processors can be edited directly from the channel/bus insert using the mini-preview or the full-screen view 

    Phase 1. Performance Setup: 

    This section is specially tailored to the activities during setup and line-check. Prepare all Sources and Outputs while patching signals to I/O boxes on stage. Sources can be named, tagged, given a color or an icon. Sources also own the head-amp properties such as gain or phantom power. 

    Phase 2. Metering: 

    Additional metering can be displayed on your iPad next to your console touchscreen. It includes levels of all Sources, Channels and Outputs and an RTA that can follow the selected channel or be assigned to a fixed signal path. 

    Phase 3. Monitor Mixing: 

    The Monitor Mixing UI provides the essential parameters of personalized monitoring applications. In addition to individual channel sends, this section also provides an MCA view, where several channel sends can be adjusted by a single Mix Control Association. It also offers a lock function to reduce the risk of accidentally selecting the wrong bus. Up to 4 MCAs can be given a descriptive name for the associated group of channels, and color can be selected for additional clarity. Once the channel assignments are made, the MCA sliders can be used to increase or decrease the level of all associated channels at once. 

    Phase 4. Front of House: 

    The FOH section is designed for mixing from within the audience, essential when placing the console in a less than optimal position. Aside from a good overview of all fader layers, this section also provides access to the processing of channels, buses, mains and matrices. The new SD Recorder page allows full remote control over Recording and Playback functions. 

    Phase 5. Snapshots, Scenes, and Show Management 

    Key Features

    • Patch and Customize all Sources, Channels, and Outputs 
    • Configure all head-amp properties 
    • Patch Sources to Channels and Outputs 
    • Set up and control the Talkback 
    • Metering for single Sources, Channels, and Outputs 
    • Control Monitor-Mixes for IEMs and wedges 
    • Full FOH (front of house) mixing control 
    • Graphics UI for all effects with mini-preview and fullscreen views 
    • Full remote control of WING LIVE SD Recorder 


    * Requires a wireless router connected to the WING Personal Mixing Console 

    * WING CoPilot 1.10 requires WING console firmware V1.12 or higher

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    The console 1.12 firmware update offers some functional improvements, new effects, and new features. NOTE: the changes in this firmware are supported with WING CoPilot mobile app version 1.10.

    It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.

    This new WING Firmware version contains:

    New Processing/Effects

    • all aux channels now using input channel EQ (6 Bd, models)
    • all aux channels feature new combo dynamics (expander/leveler)
    • new channel dynamics plugin PIA2250
    • new channel dynamics plugin LTA100 tube leveler
    • MIX control added to WARMTH plugin
    • new FX selection sub-page featuring all the channel effects
    • 5 new FX plugin Channel Strips: Even, Soul, Vintage, Bus, Mastering

    New Features

    • USB Mouse control allows full remote operation of the WING main screen
    • Setup/General/Preference for switching touch control off, while USB mouse is in use*
    • Channel delay (input channels, post-processing) increased to 500ms/150mtrs for AV applications
    • Increased drive range for warmth plugin
    • Improved indication of pre/post send taps
    • Channel pan/width now post tap (8) to make send tap selection more consistent
    • Additional info message when using post-fader send tap
    • Improved channel strip overview (including fader position/level

    More Features

    • Source edit auto select improved when source solo is active
    • Touch panel test with logfile
    • Activate source solo with SOLO button in source solo channel
    • Allow screenshots of popover pages (CLR_SOLO closes page on release)
    • Routing pages swapped to improve workflow for new users
    • Configurable main link (off, 1/2, 1-3, 1-4)
    • Autocorrect file/directory names that could lead to problems with some operating systems
    • Help when setting DCA names (to control monitor levels)
    • Bus/Main/Matrix EQ with speaker processor crossover filter types on lo/hi band
    • Monitor source mix (add source signal to solo signal)
    • EQ band solo trim preference for monitoring
    • StageConnect indicator now also showing bus error state (off/green/red)
    • Support for alternative DAC for aux outputs added

    Bug Fixes

    • DCA solo fixed for post panorama
    • Fixed VPH icon not updated correctly
    • Cleanup source solo routing entries on the routing page
    • Fixed mute override when in sends on fader mode
    • Fixed pitch correction fx issue, note on/off switches now correctly stored
    • Fixed static noise on mon B issue
    • Update of the upper/lower aux eq band icons


    *) Note: Touch Control Lock can always be disengaged with press + hold on both buttons on the right side of the display, i.e. CLR SOLO and the black button if you need to get control back. For engaging the Touch Control Lock independent of the mouse preference, please press + hold CLR SOLO, SETUP, and the black button until the little cross icon in the top middle section is displayed.

    Firmware Update from USB Stick:

    1. Download any future FW updates from and store them on a FAT formatted USB stick.
    2. Connect the USB stick to the top panel USB port of WING.
    3. Open the SETUP/GENERAL page and tap on the UPDATE icon on the left of the screen.
    4. A file browser will appear on the screen, and you can navigate to where the FW update is located.
    5. Select the correct FW update file and tap on UPDATE.
    6. After installing the update is completed, you will be prompted to reboot the console.
    7. The console can be rebooted by power cycling, or by selecting SETUP/SHUTDOWN and holding the SETUP button while pressing the HOME button.
    8. Verify the update was successful by comparing the firmware version on the left of the SETUP/ GENERAL screen.


    Alternative Update Process without USB Stick:

    1. If you don’t have a USB stick at hand, connect a USB cable to the rear panel USB port and to your computer.
    2. Either hold the blank button on the main display during power-up or open the SETUP/GENERAL Edit page in order to enable WING OS.
    3. A drive icon will appear on your computer, like connecting a flash drive or an external hard drive. Double click the drive to open.
    4. Extract the firmware zip file and drag/copy the new firmware file into the WING OS drive.
    5. After copying is completed, please eject the WING OS drive from your computer.
    6. WING should reboot automatically a few seconds after ejecting the drive. If it doesn’t, please power cycle the console, and verify the correct firmware version on the left of the SETUP/GENERAL screen.

    Note, WING will always boot using the most recent firmware in the OS drive. However, it is recommended to delete older firmware files or move them to a subfolder.

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    I'm a keyboard is MindFree, playing around Los Angeles, and we just released our debut album.

    I'm also a blogger at, where I recently reviewed the virtual synths from Cherry Audio.

    I'm super interested in playing and reviewing Behringer modular synths, including the Crave, Neutron and Model D, as well as the upcoming Edge. I wish Deepmind 6 , a TD-3 and KH 45O amp and the build quality and sounds are amazing.

    I would love to review Behringer synths and make music with them, but need a break on the price.

    How can I get ahold of artist relations? I've only found several outdated contacts on the web.


    Keith Walsh





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    • Synthbeat88
      Nigel67 "Hi Synthbeat88, we appreciate you reaching out to us. If you could please email [email protected] and include links to your social channels, website, example content and a proposal. Should we want to discuss this further, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much!
      • Oct 28
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